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The Skylark Solution Pt. 01

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This is part one of a longer story. If you’ve read any of my other stories you might be familiar with my husband Carter and myself. This story will involve the two of us, and Carter’s cousin Skylark who is pregnant.

If pregnancy or the incest angle isn’t to your liking check out some of my other stories and keep checking back because I have plans to write in a lot of categories.

It begins with just Skylark and myself, but the rest of the story is already written and will be published here shortly. Thanks for reading!



Skylark showed up on our doorstep on a cold rainy night. She was soaking wet, crying, and almost three months pregnant.

Skylark is my husband Carter’s cousin. She’s twenty-nine years old, a porcelain skinned, red headed beauty with striking blue eyes, an intelligent mind, a shapely body, and a sense of humor that favored sarcasm and sexual innuendo.

Skylark’s parents had died when she was young, and she’d been raised by Carter’s family. Despite him being ten years older than her they’d always gotten along, and he absolutely adored her. They’d drifted apart a bit when she moved out west to go to college and we moved down south, but when things got bad for her, she’d turned up on our doorstep knowing he would help her.

Her parents had left her a considerable trust fund when they died, and she would never have a financial worry for the rest of her life. After college she’d found work as an artist. It didn’t pay well, but she was talented, enjoyed the work, and didn’t need an income.

However, on the weekend that she discovered that she was pregnant, she also learned that her boyfriend and the father of her child was married. Since she knew she could afford the baby she knew she would keep it. But getting over the heartbreak of being in love with a man who turned out to be a liar was tougher than she thought it would be.

She cried for two weeks and then decided she needed a change of scenery. She’d thrown a change of clothes in the car and drove more than twenty-four hours straight through to get to her cousin Carter, the one man she’d always been able to count on.

By the time she pulled into our driveway she’d convinced herself she’d made a mistake by showing up unannounced. So we found her on the front porch, crying, embarrassed, wet, cold, single, pregnant, and feeling all alone and foolish.

Carter and I immediately put her in a hot shower, and then a warm bed. The next afternoon she told us the whole story and we insisted she move in with us for as long as she needed to.

And so she did. Her pregnancy progressed healthily along, and her outlook on life returned to one of optimism and hope. She and I spent time in our heated pool every morning, took long walks around our property, and were getting along fabulously. I was making a great new friend, and she and Carter were re-bonding.

The only downside was the dent that having her with us put in our sex life. Before her arrival Carter and I walked around our house and secluded property mostly naked. We’d grown accustomed to fucking anywhere and everywhere that the mood struck us, and to say we were noisy about it would be an understatement.

We also swing a bit and have regular pool parties with a few other couples where everyone ends up naked and playing.

Now we were sexually confined to our bedroom, and I especially was having a hard time orgasming without yelling and screaming. As much as we loved having Skylark with us, we were both anxious for the day when we could resume our pursuit of perversion and kink right out in the open. Even though we were fucking almost every night, we were both feeling a bit stifled.

One afternoon when Skylark was out with her realtor looking at houses and Carter was at work I settled in with an erotic novel and a cup of coffee. One thing led to another, causing Skylark to get home earlier than she’d expected to and finding me on the couch fantasizing about Carter and his best friend having their way with me. I had a vibrator buzzing between my legs, beads in my anus, and a vibrator in my mouth while I moaned my way towards a desperately needed orgasm.

She was embarrassed.

I was embarrassed.

She apologized.

I apologized.

She made a filthy joke about me being a degenerate. I told her she had only scratched the surface of my degeneracy.

“I am sincerely sorry though.” she said again. “You have every right to play, especially in your own living room.”

“Well if you’re around long enough eventually you’re going to catch me in every room of the fucking house.” I said with a grin.

“Maybe if you let me know which day you plan to be in which part of the house I can better time my entrances.” She stated.

Her formal tone made me start to laugh, and before long the two of us were giggling like idiots. I finished pulling the robe on and put both vibrators on the coffee table, next to my butt plug and the lube.

“I istanbul escort hate to break this to you,” I said, “but this is usually a daily thing for me. And if I’m alone I tend to do it all over the house.”

She grinned again. “Daily? Not only am I impressed, but I’m also downright jealous.”

“What can I say?” I replied. “I have a really high sex drive and I crave a lot of different kinds of release.”

“That certainly makes me feel a bit better about my own weird cravings.” She replied. She moved to one end of the couch and sat down.

“Weird?” I asked.

She laughed again, and I could see her make her mind up to share something with me.

“Let’s just say that my current condition, combined with my regular urges, has left me fairly unsatisfied in that department.” She answered, while patting her considerable baby bump.

“Well Skylark I might have a solution for you. But please know right up front that I’m a pervert.” I told her. “Any advice I can come up with won’t be very vanilla. And please know you’re welcome in our home whether you take my advice or not. You are family and nothing is going to change that!”

“You have no idea how much I appreciate you both.” She said.

“Well, for better or worse, here’s my advice,” I began.

“As long as you’re not about to suggest masturbation.” She interrupted, “I’ve had my fingers inside my panties practically every night since I’ve been here, and I’ve had to replace my vibrator because I wore it out. I’m having plenty of orgasms, if that’s even possible.”

“Okay,” I laughed, “we’ll skip my lecture on the merits of vibrators. Why don’t you tell me a bit about what you’re craving? What isn’t satisfying about the orgasms you’re having?”

She blushed, turning a deep crimson which highlighted her natural pale features. With her red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and embarrassed flush she looked positively exotic. Without thought I reached out and took her hands in my own.

“I’ve always liked sex.” She continued. “A lot. Hell, I had multiple orgasms the night I lost my virginity, and that frat boy had zero clue what he was doing. Just the feeling of being fucked did it. I’ve had orgasms with every man I’ve ever been with. Some were talented lovers, but even the ones that weren’t got me off over and over.”

She took a deep breath and then went on, “My body just responds really well to being fucked. When I started dating that fucking sperm donor, he and I did everything two people can do to each other. And I miss that so much. Not him though. Just, well, it’s hard to put into words. Fuck, this is hard to talk about.”

“It’s okay,” I squeezed her hands and gave her what I hoped was a reassuring smile. “there’s nothing you can tell me that will shock or offend me.”

“Fine. I’ll just say it.” She looked me straight in the eyes and held my gaze. “I miss being fucked. I miss real cock. The feel of a real, live man pushing a real, live, throbbing cock into my body is not just something I miss, it’s something I need.”

She looked like she was about to die of shame, as if she’d admitted that there was something wrong with her. I pulled her to me and gave her a hug, holding her close to let her know that I valued her honesty.

“First of all, Carter and I have no judgements to make about anyone else’s sex life, or their desires, or their kinks or fetishes or inclinations or orgasmic needs.” I told her.

I continued, “We are far from vanilla ourselves. In fact, when it’s just the two of us here we usually run around the house naked and are very openly sexual and kinky with each other.” I gestured at the sex toys on the coffee table “In fact I’d like to show you something.”

I took her hand and pulled her to her feet and led her down the hall to the master bedroom. I took her to the foot of the bed and opened the large hope chest that sits there. Her mouth opened in shock, and she looked at me and then back to the contents of the hope chest.

It was filled with vibrators, dildos, cock sleeves, wands, and some restraints. It is also stuffed with some old comforters and blankets that we use as sexual drop cloths, to keep lube, and other bodily fluids off the bed. Sitting on top of the pile of folded blankets was a double ended dildo that was about two feet long, two different floggers, and a ball gag.

While she was staring at our collection in awe I went and opened our middle set of closet doors. The first thing she noticed was the leather whip hanging on the inside of the first door. And then her eyes took in the rest of the closet.

Hanging inside were several outfits that I use for roleplaying with him, or if I just want to dress sexy while I play online. Sexy skirts, shirts, bras, nylons, and thigh high socks paired together in clear garment bags to assemble outfits as varied as superhero, sexy librarian, slutty nurse, prim teacher, skimpily dressed country girl, and even a horny mom.

Along with a variety of boots istanbul escort bayan on the floor, there were also several leather items that run the gamut from sexy to downright intimidating. On the shelf above the hanging clothes were clear plastic bags filled with dozens of pairs of sexy panties. Some cost good money, and I wear those to the club, or in a cam show, or just to drive him crazy. Some are inexpensive and those are the ones I wear to swinger parties where I might want to give a particularly attentive partner a souvenir, or if I suspect that they’ll end up saturated in cum or other bodily fluids, or if I think they’ll get torn.

“Go to the headboard and open those drawers.” I told her.

With a disbelieving smile she walked around the bed and pulled open the first drawer. She found it filled with every kind of lube you can imagine, and the drawer under that was stuffed with blindfolds, cuffs, gags, and even some domino masks for when we bring the camera out. The last drawer contains batteries, wipes, hand towels, nipple clamps, cock rings, ticklers, and ping pong paddle.

“In the second drawer,” I gestured “you see those masks? We use those when we bring the camera out. If you know where to look there are videos of us online, although the masks would keep you from recognizing us. But you’d recognize the bedroom. And the living room. And the back deck and even the guest room you’re living in.”

I reached out and took her hand, before jerking my head at her and guiding us back to the living room.

“As you clearly saw, this was just the tip of the iceberg.” I said while pointing at the toys on the coffee table.

“I guess so.” She marveled.

“Not only do we enjoy sex, but we also love to fuck in a variety of places and environments, and while we do have limits, they are pretty far away from what most people consider normal.”

I sat back down on the couch and folded my legs underneath myself. She sat down next to me, biting her bottom lip as if searching for a particular way to say what was on her mind.

I had an idea of what she wanted to ask for, so I decided to help her out. First, I’d start with something easy to discuss though.

“How long has it been since you’ve cum the way you really need to? With a real cock inside you?” I asked.

She hesitated for just a moment before replying.

“The weekend before I found out I was pregnant. The relationship was over within an hour of me finding out I was pregnant.”

“If I was a magic genie who could grant you a sexual wish right now, with no repercussions and no limits, what would it be?” I asked.

“That’s easy. I want a real man to fuck me. Not fast, and not just once either. I want to really experience full on sex. As much as I can being this pregnant anyway.” She sighed.

“You wouldn’t have to worry about safe sex at least.” I stated.

“That’s part of the wish.” She said shyly. “I love feeling a man cum inside me. Not just how he throbs, but the feeling of his cum pumping into me all hot and slippery. That’s a huge part of what I need.”

“So if I were a genie, I’d have to arrange someone who you knew was clean, so he could fill you up with absolutely no worries.” I said

She nodded at me.

“I’m not a genie Skylark, but I do have a solution to suggest to you. Two of them actually, if you’d like to hear them.” I said.

“I would.” She answered.

I leaned over and put an arm around her, pulling her close to me and letting her rest her head on my shoulder as we sat side by side.

“Thank you Skylark. We love you. I love you, and I’d never hurt you. And that’s my first solution for you, and I just want you to think about it.”

“Sure.” She said.

“I’d be very willing to help you. Sexually. I don’t have a cock of course, but if you want to orgasm with a human touch, I would be more than happy to do anything you need to give you that. I even have a strap on that I’d be happy to wear. It will still feel like a toy of course, but a toy with real human hands and fingers and lips and a tongue attached to the person using it.”

It was probably my imagination, but it felt like her body had gotten hotter as I was talking. It was very possible that it had, although I had no way to know whether it was sexual arousal or embarrassment.

I continued “It would be just between us of course, no one would ever know. And even though I’m a very touchy-feely type I’d be incredibly careful to not cross any lines with you. It wouldn’t have to be romantic with hand holding and kissing and cuddling. If it’s something you need, I would certainly be willing to provide some comfort, just like if I were massaging a pulled muscle or helping you scratch an itch.”

“What would Carter think?” she asked with a slight tremor in her voice.

“Carter and I have an agreement about sharing orgasms with other people. We don’t play without the others consent, so I’d tell him I was going to help escort istanbul a female friend with a bit of sexual frustration, but I’d explain that she needed total secrecy. He trusts me and wouldn’t push for details.”

“Wouldn’t that make him jealous though? Like he was being left out?” she asked in a tentative whisper. I felt like I knew where this line of questioning was leading.

“It would definitely make him horny because he thinks about sex as much as I do and wants it as often as I do. But he wouldn’t feel left out. He and I give each other orgasms all the time, and he has seen me play with other women before. He’d know he wasn’t being denied any part of me.”

“Would it be different though if it was me? If it was family?”

“For me it wouldn’t be different in a way that would make it uncomfortable. How it would be different though, is that I love you and want you to have every chance to experience all the good things you want in life.”

She sat up and looked at me with her big blue eyes, biting her lower lip again and I could see in her eyes the simultaneous desire to take this conversation further, and to run and hide in shame.

“And if you did decide we should include Carter in this decision it wouldn’t be different for him either. He loves you too and would want you to enjoy every bit of life you can.” I was whispering now, not just because we were close but because I was trying to keep a lustful tremor out of my voice.

“I’m not sure. I’ve never really tried anything with a woman and I’m not sure if I’d be able to give you any enjoyment.” She said, her voice thick with both lust and hope. I could tell this conversation was physically influencing her.

“You wouldn’t be under any obligation to reciprocate for me. I’d be very willing to give you anything you needed to feel what you need to feel. I’d adore giving you an orgasm, or two. Or even five or six. And if touching me is outside of your comfort zone I can respect that. As long as you wouldn’t be freaked out if I retreated to my bedroom afterwards for a few loud orgasms.” I told her.

“I’d really like to, because just the thought of fingers that aren’t mine touching me is making me crazy. But I think what’s causing me to feel so frustrated is that I need cock. I mean, I really NEED a cock inside me when I orgasm. What if your help just makes that need worse? I can’t stand it as it is.”

I pulled her in front of me, so she was laying on the couch with her head in my lap.

“There’s only one way to find out what sort of orgasms I can give you.” I whispered.

I resisted the urge to kiss her, wanting to give her the option of keeping this on the level of one friend helping another without any of the romantic entanglements that can come with sharing anything physical.

I reached down and put my fingers on her stomach. I began tracing them gently around her protruding baby bump. She closed her eyes and drew in a deep shuddering breath. I poked my fingers between the buttons of her blouse and caressed her belly flesh to flesh.

She snuggled a bit closer to me and I used both hands to unbutton her blouse and untuck it from her pants. Keeping one hand tracing lightly along her warm flesh I used my other to unclasp her belt, undo the snap of her pants and drag the zipper down.

“Oh wow…” She murmured softly, as I pushed my fingers through the opening of her undone pants and felt the heat of her through her panties.

I used my fingers to massage her there, back and forth as she began to rock her hips up and down on the couch. I purposely went slow, wanting to savor this moment, but her hips were rising and falling with need.

I moved my fingers to the elastic waistband of her panties and hesitated just a moment, wanting to give her time to resist or change her mind. Her hand went to my forearm, but instead of pulling my arm away she tugged it down.

“Please…” She begged, and her trembling voice made me wet.

I pushed my fingers into her panties and through the thatch of pubic hair there. She spread her legs as wide as she could and I wished I’d taken her pants off, but by the urgency of her writhing body I knew she needed my fingers in her immediately.

I pushed them further down towards her pussy lips and my heart thumped when I felt her pubic hair drenched with her arousal. I rubbed my middle finger up and down her lips and she grabbed my hand that was on her belly and squeezed. I moved our hands to her chest and pushed my finger into her molten hole.

“Oh fuck yes…please…do it…” she moaned.

I moved my finger in and out and then pushed another inside. Continuing to hold my hand she released my forearm with her other hand and moved it along my arm and then shoulder, up to my head to tangle in a fistful of my hair.

I closed my own eyes and felt my entire body respond lustfully to what was happening. I twisted my hand in her panties so that I could move my thumb over her clit while my fingers continued to slide in and out of her.

At first contact with her clit, she let out a low moan and began to push herself against my fingers. I opened my eyes to watch her face, and felt my own vagina clench at the sight of her eyes staring up at me.

“I’m so close,” she told me.

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