Ağu 21

The Simple Truth Ch. 03

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We stared at the note.

“Dear Kids, Running to Costco for supplies. Found the camera on the couch and saw that it was used up, so I’ll get it processed for you. Be back with prints and dinner in an hour or so. Love, Dad.”

I felt like I was going to faint. Jessica looked white. Maggie was blushing a deep red.

“I am so sorry…”

“We have to think!” Jessica was trembling as she spoke.

Slipping my hand into the pocket of my pants, I pulled out my cel phone and dialed my father’s number.

“Hey, Dad! Um… Listen, that camera you grabbed actually isn’t ours. It’s Maggie’s. Just bring it back and we’ll get it to her. Thanks! See you soon!” I clicked off.

“I left a message.”

We stood there, wondering what would happen. The minutes crawled by. Every car that drove down the street sent us leaping to our feet, pressing our faces to the front window. Finally, right on time, our father eased his Volvo wagon into the driveway. We all tried to act cool, tried not to reveal our worry. He came in, still dressed in his corporate business attire, toting a number of bags. We all leapt up, taking them from him and bringing them to the table.

“Chris, I got your message but I’d already dropped the camera off.” Jessica looked pale, and I could feel myself blushing. istanbul escort Reaching into a bag, he pulled out an envelope of prints and tossed it to Maggie. “Here you go. I hope I didn’t screw anything up for you!”

“Oh, no, sir. Thanks. I appreciate it.” Maggie stood, moving toward the door. “Sorry I can’t stay for dinner, but I’ll call you later Jessie!”

“Ok. Say hi to your Mom!”

I could tell that Jessica was relieved to see the pictures were leaving, safe with Maggie. Dinner was uneventful, and we chatted happily with dad, asking about his day, him asking about ours. Of course, we didn’t mention any of the torrid goings on. Finally, when dinner was done and everything was put away, we went down to the basement to call Maggie. She answered right away.

“I looked at the pictures. Some of them are really hot! There’s one where Chris is all blurry because he’s fucking you so hard.”

“What about the one of you, Maggie?”

“I look like such a horny slut, shoving my fingers into my snatch like that! Wait a minute, ok?”

There was a long pause.

“I think we have a problem, guys.”

At that moment, our world came crashing down around us. Turns out that the package had the negatives, and one set of prints. The writing on the istanbul escort bayan outside of the envelope showed an order for one set of prints. The cash register receipt, taped to the outside, showed that Dad had paid for two sets of prints.

“We’re totally fucked.” I said this matter-of-factly. “The only thing I can’t figure out is why he’s not busted us yet.”

Days dragged on, and Jessie and I were nervous wrecks. Both of us, having had a taste of the pleasures we could share, ached for more but, given the current circumstances, we both were too scared to try anything.

The following Tuesday Jessie and I met with Maggie and, for the first time, saw the pictures. Most of them were blurry, or at least suffered from window reflections. The last few, when Maggie had stood mere feet from our naked rutting, were crystal clear.

Driving home, I felt flushed and almost sick. Neither of us spoke until we were back home, sitting on the couch where, just a few days before, we shared such pleasure.

“What’s he thinking,” mused Jessica. “Why would he keep a set of prints and not bust us?”

“Maybe he’s waiting until you run for president, Jessie,” I joked. She didn’t look at all amused.

“Chris! Seriously! What is he doing with those pictures?”

We escort istanbul decided to snoop. We were raised to respect the privacy of others and it was with no small measure of discomfort that I eased my father’s desk drawer open. His basement office, once completely out of bounds for both of us, was his private haven, his place to escape from the frenzy of sleep-overs, parties, and other noisy goings on.

The room had all the usual office necessities: A screaming computer with all the peripherals, a shredder, and a small bar. I carefully peered into each desk drawer, even checking out the contents of every hanging file folder. Nothing. Somewhat dejected, I hung my head. Looking down, I saw a Costco photo envelope in the trash can.

“Jessie! Come Quick! I found something!”

She came bounding down the stairs, her chestnut hair fanning out around her head. She’d dressed for work, teaching a step class at the local gym. Her body was gripped by lycra and spandex and, but for a thin layer of material, looked all but naked. She walked around the desk, leaning over me to look where I was pointing.

“Shit, Chris. That’s it.”

She reached down and plucked it up. It was empty.

“He had them here. What would he do with them?”

Our eyes began darting around the room. I went to the bar and looked in the fridge. Nothing notable there.

“Chris! Check this out!”

Jessie was kneeling down next to the shredder.

“Look there.”

I followed her finger and, sure enough, there were the remains of the second set of prints.

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