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The Shower

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“Give me ten minutes. I want to get something ready for you.” he had said. So she had ordered another cup of coffee and lingered with her recollection of the last time she had seen Ed. It had been the first time, in fact, though they had met for coffee a few times before that. In every love there is a first time that ignores the times before it and resets the calendar.

That first time had been one of slowness and a thousand kisses – an afternoon of languid lips and soft, slow hands. Of hair entwined in all ten fingers at once and smiles seen through shuttered eyes. It was an afternoon of seeing him against the backlit drapes as he kissed his way from the soles of her feet to the root of her soul, stopping again and again to lick or kiss her thighs on his way teasingly there. It had been an afternoon of arched back and clenched fists, of moans and cries she’d not heard or uttered in who-knows-how long. It had been an afternoon of peace lying in his arms, feeling his pulse inside her. Peace, comfort, and joy. Together they had made a hymn to hidden love.

Now, with the key card in her hand, Susan stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the ninth floor. Just before the doors closed a room-service waiter rolled his cart into the elevator. He smiled briefly at her and pressed a floor button. She smelled scrambled eggs and thought of waking up in Ed’s protective arms. The doors came together and the elevator lurched slightly to begin its climb. A drop of moisture broke free onto Susan’s thigh and began to trail downward.

As soon as Susan opened the door to room 926 she noticed the soft quality of the light. The scent of candles – pine, lilac, musk – drew her further into the room. On the nightstand, on the armoire, on the side chair and the small desk – candles were everywhere lighting the room. Twenty at least. She saw his laptop on the desk and heard Norah Jones singing, “I had to see you again.” But where was Ed? Then she heard the water.

Of course. How many times had they fantasized about this in those long late-night calls? How many times had she watched him in her mind while her hands took her to the brink and beyond?

Susan knew what he expected. She took off her shoes, removed her skirt and blouse, slipped out of her bra, and then put her blouse back on. When she opened the door to the bathroom, she saw him soaping himself in the shower. Though over 50, Ed was trim and slightly muscular. He smiled easily at her and continued to spread soap on his chest. Susan closed the door and leaned against the edge of the vanity.

She watched him. Her hands gripped Göztepe travesti the edge of the vanity behind her while he slowly stroked his soapy cock and balls for her, his eyes fixed on hers. No more than four feet from him, she could hear the slick sounds of his hands on himself and the catch in his breath every time he let his fingers dwell on the head. Every time she’d masturbated to this image, she’d told herself that she would fight the need to touch herself when watching him shower, would fight that urge for as long as she could bear it. Now though, so close she could reach out and touch him, she tensed her leg muscles and bit her lip.

Ed turned his back to her, spread his legs a little, placed one hand high on the wall for balance, and continued his slow, rhythmic stroking. As she watched his elbow move up and down, she could feel that familiar lightened feeling in her thighs spreading upward and into her core. The room smelled of lilac and warm towels. Over her shoulder she could see the vanity mirror was nearly fogged over.

Susan shifted on her feet. She took a stronger grip on the edge of the vanity, and pressed back against it, hard. Did she moan, too? Was the sound real or imagined? Was she staying in control, as she had always told herself she’d do?

Ed turned toward her, his hands on his chest and belly now.

“It’s okay, he said. Go ahead. Touch yourself now: your nipple, your thighs. I want to see the pleasure on your face. I need to see the hunger show in your eyes.”

Susan’s right hand slid into her blouse and she quickly spread her fingers around her left breast. She traced circles around the nipple and then began to tease it between her thumb and forefinger. Ed smiled and started stroking his cock again. She pinched the nipple and moaned – aloud for certain this time.

He smiled and opened his stroking hand as if to say, see: this is yours. All the while he kept stroking his cock slowly and smiling into her eyes.

Susan shifted her weight against the vanity and put her left hand between her thighs. Ed’s smile broadened and her fingers dropped lower. She could feel the dampness on her knuckles as she started to stroke her smooth outer lips. Up and down, trying to match Ed’s rhythm. Her breathing began to catch and she could hear herself saying his name under her breath. Each time her fingers ventured in between the lips, she heard his name escape.

Ed’s eyes were on her hands now, and she began to make them dance for him. Her eyes closed and soon she was lost in her memory. Feeling his weight upon her, feeling his chest Küçükyalı travesti hair brushing her nipples, feeling the pressure of his lips against her breast. Feeling him enter her.. And she wanted it. Needed it. Needed him. Her fingers were frenzied now, thrusting in and pulling out in a quick and forceful rhythm. She opened her eyes and saw Ed was under the water now, rinsing off.

Her throat felt dry and she was breathing quickly. She was almost there, almost there. And he held his cock out to her again, an offering. Yes, she wanted it. Wanted it so much. With her fingers still inside her she stepped forward two steps and reached around his head. His mouth opened for her and they came together in fire and water.

He reached around her waist and pulled her into the tub next to him. Her white cotton blouse was darkening in the spray and up against his chest. He held her tightly against him and took her kiss into him as a sponge takes in water. The warm shower beat against her back.

The kiss lasted a long time. Then Susan broke the kiss and began kissing his neck, his chest, his belly. He gripped the towel bar as she dropped further, the back of her head now in the shower spray, her face at his thighs.

“You know what I want for you now, don’t you?” Susan smiled up at him.

“Of course. I’ve needed you for so long. I’m yours, sweetheart.”

She started licking the underside of his shaft and twirled her tongue around the head, grinning as Ed sighed and leaned back further. More grins, more twirling and soon Susan had him fully in her mouth and was rhythmically sliding her mouth deeply along his shaft and back up again. Her fingers began tracing patterns on his thighs, moving upward each time she slid her mouth down his length.

“Oh my. Oh my. Yes, that’s the place. Please, yes, that’s it. More, please.” Ed’s desires were as clear as Susan’s intentions. Her own desire, which moments ago had been nearly overpowering, settled underneath as a well-laid bass line. She fed on it as she played him.

“You’ll get more. I promise.” And then Susan slid her tongue down his shaft and kissed first one ball and then the other. She ran her finger from the base of his cock downward. Soon it was at his most private place, that entrance to which she had the only key.

Ed squeezed just a little to draw in her finger and then caught himself as his knees began to bend. She felt him pull her finger in and then she began to twist the finger left and right, pulling it slightly out and pushing it in a little more. When she took his cock back into her mouth, she Avrupa yakası travesti moved the finger all the way inside and began to probe.

Ed was moaning in synch with her movements as Susan built a syncopation of mouth and finger movements. Soon she felt his cock harden even more as she found that spot she knew would make him see angels. She pulled him through her lips again and again until Ed’s moans rang off the tub, the tiled walls, and the mirror. She smelled the lilac of the soap and the woodsy candles and savored his taste. It was good. God, it was good.

Susan felt Ed’s legs grow tense and the head of his cock began to bulge. Her finger never stopped in its motion inside him and her mouth kept up its glide as she sensed he was losing control. Maybe he didn’t want any control right now, she thought, and swirled her tongue around his cock head to see what effect it would have. She pulled on it hard.

He began to plead.

“Don’t stop, Susan, please” he was saying. He was bucking and thrusting himself into her mouth. His breathing became guttural.

Susan quickened the pace of her inner massage and pulled his shaft deeper into her mouth. Again Ed tensed his legs. His balls were pulled up close now and still Susan pulled on him repeatedly.

Then, as she knew he would, he exploded in a rough, virile cry.

The explosion of sound and semen filled Susan’s world. She pulled him into her as far as she could and swallowed. Ed kept grunting over and over. Surely the desk clerk could hear him nine floors below. It seemed like a minute or more that Ed shouted his pleasure and Susan held him inside her. She was pleased. She smiled around his cock and slowly pulled her finger free from inside him.

How she loved the sounds he made as he came. For months she had been content to recall those sounds in between the precious phone calls. Now he was in her arms, in her mouth, and his hands were in her hair.

“Come here. It’s my turn to taste,” he said.

Susan rose as he pulled her up. He brought her face to his and kissed her hard, prying her lips open with his tongue. He sucked her tongue deeply into his mouth and licked it with his own.

“We taste good together, don’t we?”

She smiled. Oh, God yes we do, she thought.



“Is it my turn now?”

Ed reached around her, helped her step out of the tub and led her into the bedroom. He began to remove her soaked blouse, all the while kissing her tenderly and deeply in turn. He laid her on the bed, kissed her between her breasts, and then at her belly, and then once just at the top of her mound.

He looked up at her and smiled. “Soon, sweetheart, soon,” she heard him say.

Susan smiled. She closed her eyes, felt the first press of his lips at her entrance, then his tongue as it slowly entered her, and gave herself up to him.

Soon had arrived.

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