Ağu 31

The Show

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As soon as we get inside the venue, you head to the ladies room to tidy up. Your blouse is untucked and ruffled, your skirt is creased where I had pushed it up around your waist.

While you’re away, I go to the bar and buy us some drinks. You come back just as my friend spots us from the stage. He gives a subtle wave and winks at me once he’s seen you. He loves sexy women, and I can tell that he approves.

We stand by the bar listening to the band. Your arm is around my waist and my arm is around your shoulders. You sway in time to the music, and I can feel your thigh rub against mine as you keep time. Most of the songs are quite slow, but when a faster song comes on you pull me away and we join the crowd on the dance floor. You press yourself against me, and we dance closely.

I am still hard, and you feel me dig into you as we dance. All I can think about now is fucking you. The bar and the taxi ride have driven me crazy, and my desire for you distracts me from everything else. As no one can see on the darkened dance floor, you carefully put your hand down the waist of my jeans, and your fingers meet the tip of my cock, still wet with the pre-cum you drew from me in the taxi. We dance for a while, and you gentle caress my cock with your fingertips. I’m holding you close and in such a way as no one can see what your doing, so I don’t stop you when you start to circle your thumb around the head of my cock, using my pre-cum to lubricate your strokes and caresses.

After a few songs, the band stops to take a break. You slowly pull your hand from my jeans just as my friend comes over to say hello. He shakes my hand, and I introduce him to you. He winks at you and then kisses you on both cheeks. You blush, but I can tell you’re Alanya Escort enjoying the attention.

The three of us go and sit at a table and order more drinks. A few other people join us, and by this stage everyone is starting to feel a bit drunk, including us. Everyone is very relaxed, and as a few of the other couples are kissing. As no one seems to care, I lean forward and kiss you deeply on the mouth, pushing my tongue against yours. I’m still so turned on that I can feel my cock harden further, and you rest your hand on the bulge in my jeans. I twitch at your touch and the feeling of desire rises in my throat again.

My friend comes back to the table with a few shots, and we each knock back some vodka. My friend says that he needs to get ready for the second set, and invites us to the dressing room so we can talk whilst he gets ready. It’s quite full of people, but the atmosphere is exciting. I can hear the emcee on stage getting the crowd’s attention. Most of the people in the room leave to find a place near the stage. It’s just us and the band left. My friend tells us that we can leave our bags and coats in the dressing room if we like, so we take off our coats and leave them on one of the sofas. He then says that it’s time to go on stage, so he and the rest of the band leave ahead of us. You go to follow them to watch the next set, but I grab your hand and hold you back. My friend is too focussed on getting ready to play to notice, and no one looks back as the dressing room door shuts behind them. We are alone in the dressing room.

I hear the band start playing as I pull you towards me and kiss you again. This time there is no holding us back. I hold the back of your head with my hand, and pull Alanya Escort Bayan your mouth tight against mine as we explore each other with our tongues. You then open my shirt and start to kiss my neck and chest. I undo the buttons of your blouse. I reach around and flip open the clasp of your bra, and I feel your hot, heavy tits fall against my chest.

I push you back onto one of the large sofas in the dressing room, and find one of your nipples with my tongue. I suck, kiss and gently bite your tits while I hitch up your skirt and search out your pussy. I pull your panties down slightly by tugging on the gusset, and I can feel your hot, wet flesh against the backs of my fingers. I kiss down your belly and then move so that I can kiss the skin at the top of your stockings. I kiss up your inner thigh until I am gently licking the soft skin just between your pussy and the top of your thigh. You gasp and almost instinctively pull my head forward so that my mouth clamps over your pussy.

I bury my tongue in you, then drag it up until I find your clitoris. You shudder and moan, and I again lick down until my tongue is inside you. I lick, kiss and suck your pussy until I can tell you are going to cum again. I stand up and you grab at my jeans, tearing open my belt and pulling down my fly. You grab my cock, and suck it deep into your mouth. You moan, and the vibrations make me even harder so that it feels as if my cock is straining against the roof of your mouth. I feel pre-cum flow from me, and feel the pressure on the head of my cock as you swallow, your throat tightening around me. You push me away, grab my hips, and then pull me down between your legs. We both know now that we are going to fuck. There is Escort Alanya nothing that could stop us.

The head of my cock finds your hot, wet, open pussy. You are so wet now that the full length of my dick slides straight into you until I can feel your thighs and pelvis pressed hard against mine. You groan loudly, and, almost yelling, you say, “Oh, Fuck. You’re fucking me, my god, fuck my pussy.” The music is so loud that there is no way anyone will hear us. I want to take it slowly, but all I can do by now is fuck into you hard, pushing my cock as far inside you as I can, dragging it back, then plunging again into your warm, wet, swollen vagina.

I feel you tense in a way that I now know means you are going to cum. You bite my neck and start a long moaning groan that starts deep in your chest. You then start to pant, and you gasp as your eyes widen and look deep into mine whilst an orgasm tightens your pussy around my cock.

The tingling itch in my cock starts, and I feel my whole body start to feel heavy and hard. I start to tremble uncontrollably as I feel my balls tighten a little, and feel the cum rising up in my cock. I kiss you hard again, and reach around to cup your ass in my hands. I thrust deep into you once more, and I can no longer hold back. I try to stop it, but a guttural moan escapes my throat and suddenly it feels as if a shock of electricity passes through me from my cock, up my chest and throat, and then down my back. I feel my cum spray into you, and you start to pant, groan and gasp again as you cum with me. I cum so hard that my body jolts. I pull my cock out of you and spray the last of my cum onto your belly and tits.

We fall back on the sofa and hold each other, too blown away by our fuck to talk. We kiss as you put your bra back on, letting my cum soak into the soft fabric. I pull up my underpants and jeans, zipping my still throbbing cock back into them. You don’t put your panties back on, just your skirt. Without speaking we head out into the crowd to watch the band.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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