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The Sex Table

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I plugged in the computer and booted it up, I waited patiently for it to boot up. Finally I logged on to my favorite social network and found my friend there. I was happy to see him, I had waited all day and was just exceptionally horny. We started chatting and as usual he asked if I would like to show him my tits. I obliged I pulled them from my low cut dress and held them in front of the webcam for him to look. He smiled that devilish smile that he always had when he was pleased with me. I slowly rose and pulled my dress up over my head and sat in my push up bra and little thong and waited for his next instructions.

We chatted for a while, when he asked me to move my cam so he could see my tight little slick pussy. I moved the camera between my legs, and spread my legs wide. I started to rub my long red nails over my panties along my lips. I began to feel a throbbing feeling. I asked him to wait and I went to the bedroom and pulled my big pink dildo out of the drawer. I came back in front of my little cam, he sat patient waiting for me. I gently pulled my panties off so he could see my slick little hot pussy. I had shaved and was so wet it glistened. I put my feet up on the sofa so my knees were bent and he could see every little bit of my pussy. I took the pink dildo and rubbed it against my clit. He pulled his cock from his pants and held his big dick in his hand. My pussy throbbed and became wetter and I watched him, and wanted to feel that big throbbing cock inside my tight little hole. I took the vibrator and rubbed it gently across my clit making it stick out hard. He watched Edirne Escort and stroked his cock and he watched my pussy with interest.

I moved my pussy closer the webcam so he could get a better look, I began to move the dildo in and out of my tight little hole, I got wetter and wetter. I could feel myself getting close to cumming. All at once he said I’ll be back and he left. There I sat with a dildo shoved deep in my cunt waiting to cum and he walks off. I sat for what must have been 20 minutes waiting, wanting him to see me squirt the cam, he loved it when I squirted on him. So I sat still not moving the dildo when I hear a knock at my door, I jump up shove the dildo under a pillow grab my dress throw it on, straighten my hair and I go to the door. I swing the door open, and there he was.

He never said anything at all, he walked in pulled my dress over my head and pushed me to the floor, he reached into my sofa as if he saw me stash that dildo in there, and he plunged it into my pussy hard. It took my breath he was so rough, my pussy was always tight but it was good and wet from the last 45 minutes of fucking myself. He fucked it over and over just as I would get ready to cum he would stop and make me wait. I begged him to let me cum, he smiled at me, he instructed me to hold my pussy open. I took both hands and opened it up for him. I felt his breath on my clit, I felt his tongue begin to flick my clit harder and harder, until he was sucking it between his teeth, I finally came hard in his mouth. He smiled at me again and pulled his hard cock out of his pants and shoved it into my Edirne Escort Bayan pussy. He pulled my legs up and spread them very far apart so far it hurt, but I didn’t dare complain. He began to fuck me so hard his balls hit my ass, when I was close to cumming, he flipped me over and pulled me up on my knees. He spread my ass apart I knew then that I was in trouble I tried to protest and he smacked my mouth. I knew to shut up immediately or be smacked again. He spread the cheeks of my ass apart and without breaking my tight little brown hole in he crammed his huge cock into my ass. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain of his cock in my asshole. He fucked my ass until I came and squirted all over my living room floor.

He continue to fuck my ass, and then would go from my tight asshole to my tight little pussy over and over until I came so many times I could no longer catch my breath. He stopped pulled his rock hard cock out and pulled my by the hair up off the floor, he shoved his cock covered in my pussy juice into his hot mouth. I sucked his cock first just the big head, then the entire shaft until I shoved it all into my mouth. I knew it felt good because he fucked my mouth harder and harder. He suddenly stopped again and told me to get up, and take off the rest of my clothes and to bend over the coffee table. He took my panty hose and put them around my eyes so I couldn’t see. He went outside I heard the door open .

I patiently waited for the him to come back, I heard clicking behind his foot steps. I felt something furry rubbing against my leg, I asked him what Escort Edirne he was doing he told me to shut the fuck up. He spread my legs roughly I was laying on the table on my stomach, he pulled my ass up so it was in the air. I waited patiently to see what was going on before I spoke again, he spanked my ass, harder and harder until I begged him to stop. Suddenly I felt a cold wet nose on my asshole. I realized what he had done, he had brought in Rex my dog. I felt him nose my asshole, and he licked, I could feel his wet hot tongue on my pussy and my asshole, I became more and more excited, when he moved to my face and shoved his cock in. The dog continued to lick between my legs concentrating on my cunt. I felt the dog shift he was a huge dog I had had for years. He mounted me, I knew I was going to get fucked by the dog. He continued to plunge his cock into my mouth his dick was harder than ever I knew he was turned on by the dog. I felt the dogs hard cock push into my wet cunt, he fucked me hard and I rocked and moved along the table.

I came all over Rex, over and over until my legs trembled. The dog wouldn’t stop his fucking my cunt was constant and with a mission, I knew he was getting close to dropping his big hot load into my little tight cunt. My friend was getting close to, I came and squirted all over the table yet again. The dog came in my tight cunt and it squirted out the sides of my pussy, he came in mouth and I couldn’t swallow it all there was so much. The dog pulled out and went back to licking my quivering mound, I couldn’t stand it and I came again and again. Until finally my friend led the dog out, he helped me up and kissed me on the mouth, he smiled at me pulled up his pants and walked out the door. It wouldn’t be the last time we started on a cam and he came over to fuck me with the dog.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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