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The Setup 01

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My first story for a VERY long time. A lot is written at work, so I apologise for any small errors that may crop up. That said, please do not hesitate to leave any feedback.

All characters are over 18.

* * * * *

“Sorry I’m late, Jess.” Kate said to her friend as she walked into the spa changing room.

Jess, already in her towel looked at her friend. She seemed different. She tried not to stare as Kate undressed. It was nothing new, changing in front of each other, more curiosity.

“You OK, Kate?” Jess asked her friend. “You seem… I don’t know.”

Kate blushed terribly. Not just on her cheeks. Already down to her bra, Jess could see her friend’s breasts flush red also. She gasped, “You’ve had sex!” She grinned.

Kate went even more red, “Shhh! No I didn’t…!”

“You have! Tell me about him, why have you been keeping him a secret?”

“Can I please get changed first?” Kate said, smiling at her friend.

“Fine, you have until the steam room!”

As Kate and Jess walked to the steam room they turned heads. Jess with her pale skin and jet black hair was a contrast to Kate’s more olive colouring and bright frizzy red hair. The single curl falling across her face seemed to drive men wild. Both women were slender, but Kate’s breasts looked simply huge on her small frame. Something Jess had always secretly been jealous of.

In the steam room both women dropped their towels and sat back.

“Are you going to tell me about him?” Jess asked her friend, letting the warm moist air relax her.

“He’s just a guy…”

“Just a guy? A guy worth almost missing your spa appointment for!” Jess grinned back. “C’mon, please tell me the juicy details. Does he have a big cock?”

“Jess!” Kate gasped, “You shouldn’t be asking that, you’re a married woman!” Kate hit her friend playfully on the arm.

“A girl can still fantasise though can’t she?” Jess replied coyly. “Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I’m Alanya Escort not a woman with needs.”

“And you need to know about my sex life?”

“Well mine has gone a bit… stale.” Jess admitted.

“Oh…” Kate replied, not sure what else to say.

“In reality, Kate, I think Jake is having an affair.”

Kate almost slipped off the bench, “What makes you think that?”

“He doesn’t seem that interested in me at the moment. True I guess I’ve stopped putting in some effort, work is stressful, but, well, I know how much Jake likes sex and to go off me means he must be getting it elsewhere.”

“Jess, really? Jake?” Kate asked her friend, pouring some more water on the coals.

“I know, I know, it sounds crazy, it has to be the only option though. But I need to find out for sure, else I’ll never stop worrying about it.”

“How will you know? You’re surely not going to come out and ask him? What if you’re wrong?”

“Well I’ve been thinking of a plan.” Jess said, biting her lip.

“Go on…” Kate replied.

“Why don’t I hire a girl to come onto him? Someone that would make it easy. If he sleeps with her, then I’ll know he’s having an affair.”

“That’s insane!” Kate almost shouted. “You’re going to hire a woman to try and sleep with your husband to prove that he is already having an affair?”

“Well if he’s not, then he won’t want to sleep with this girl either.” Rationalised Jess.

“But, Jess, think about it. You’re hiring another woman to come onto your husband.”

“It won’t be that hard, Kate. He’s still very attractive and he does have a thick-“

“I really do not think that is the point, Jess.” Kate cut her friend off.

“I need to know, Kate.” Jess almost pleaded with her friend. “But I also need some sort of resolution. He has gone TOTALLY off me, and I still have some needs…”

Kate began to blush again. “How long has it been?”

“Oh, Kate, too long! Just the Alanya Escort Bayan thought of you hooking up with your new guy has me… well… if you weren’t here…” Jess didn’t realise it, but her hand had be circling her breast.

“Oh my.” Kate replied. “The thought of me hey?” she smiled to her friend.

“Behave!” Jess replied, hitting her friend. “No, not you, just the thought of someone getting some cock!”

Kate grinned at her friend, “Well if you need to that badly, I won’t stop you!”

Jess bit her bottom lip. “God I was hoping you would say that.”

“Really? You need to that badly?!”

“Kate you have no idea! Oh, God!” Jess moaned as she allowed her hand to drift down between her legs. The other cupping her breast, pinching her nipple.

Kate tried not to look through the steam at her friend, but there was something intoxicating about the heat of the room. She saw her friend’s hand moving in swift motions between her legs, saw her eyes rolling back in her head. Kate started to feel that warm sensation in the pit of her stomach just as Jess squealed out, biting her bottom lip again.

“Oh GOD!” Jess panted as she came quickly over her hand, still strumming her sensitive clit. “Thank you for letting me…” She started to say to her friend, but Jess noticed Kate’s eyes were closed, her hand also between her legs.

Jess found herself sliding closer to her friend, still very turned on, the heat affecting her as much as her lack of sex. She couldn’t stop staring at her friend’s large breasts, glistening with sweat and heaving with each of Kate’s pants. It was almost as if someone else had taken control when Jess found her hand reaching forward, cupping her friend’s breast, feeling her hard nipple pressing against her palm.

Kate almost leapt from the bench at her friend’s touch, “Oh, Jess, what are you?”

“Sorry, Kate. I don’t know what came over me, I’m just so horny and they just Escort Alanya looked amazing…” Jess started to panic.

“You really think they’re that good?” Kate asked, holding her breasts in her hands, her pussy was still on fire after being interrupted. “I’ve always prefered yours.”

“These little things?” Jess asked, holding her own breasts now, both women sitting so close their thighs were touching. Kate leaned forward a little and took her friend’s breasts in her own hands.Jess let out a sigh at the touch.

“Yes, the perfect handful…” Kate breathed, her hands lingering, feeling Jess’ hard nipples swell as she cupped her friend’s breasts.

“We should stop…” Jess said, pain in her voice. “I can’t accuse my husband of cheating if I’m about to do the same…”

Kate just nodded. “Good point.” But both women were now more turned on than ever. “But I still need to…” She blushed again.

“Please do.” Jess almost panted. And as she watched her friend bring herself to orgasm Jess brought on another herself. The two friends sat there, panting. “I think we need a cold shower.” she smiled after a minute or two.

Kate just nodded. “Plunge pool?”

“That should do it!”

Both women jumped in and screamed at the sudden change in temperature then started to laugh. The rest of their spa treatment felt wonderful to Jess, the masseuses hands on her body did get her going again, but that was normal recently. She managed to focus on her plan enough to stop herself from pulling the man on top of her and screaming at him to fuck her.

As the two got dressed Jess turned to her friend. “What about you?”

“I’m sorry what?” Kate asked.

“You could come onto Jake for me. You said it probably wouldn’t work if it was a stranger…”

“You want me to come onto your husband and see if he’ll have sex with me? Jess, that’s crazy!”

“No, it’s perfect. He already knows you,Kate so most of the ground work is done!”


“Please, Kate.” Jess begged. “I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t really worried…”

Kate thought about it, “I don’t actually sleep with him?”

“No, just see if he would…”

“How do you plan on going about it?”

“I’ve thought it all through. Thank you Kate.”

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