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The Secret Room (His)

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The couple kissed eagerly outside the apartment door. It was past midnight, and they had met a few hours earlier at one of the city’s Goth clubs. He was tall and slender and had a longish a-line, dyed black, which was just beginning to curl at the tips. He wore a tail-coat jacket, adorned with chains on the left shoulder and skull studs in place of cuff buttons, a black shirt with a small lace ruff, a black brocade waistcoat and black pinstripe bondage trousers. On his feet he had soft leather boots with a short lacing at the top. She was half a head shorter than him, curvaceous but not overly so, with shoulder-length bright purple hair in a high undercut. She wore a black vest top with a lot of zippers and small metal d-rings, and a matching short skirt. Studded bracelets adorned her wrists, and her boots were knee-high with five buckles in the back and a zipper along the side.

Suddenly the lights in the hallway went out, and they both let out a startled laugh. In the dark, they kissed again, and he felt her press her body against his. He lifted her off her feet, pressed her back against the wall, and for a short while they were both kissing and grinding their hips together in the dark of the hallway. He could feel her breath quickening, and a brief moan escaped her lips. He let her down, and fumbled out his keys.

“Wait. Inside…” he said.

With a practiced hand he unlocked the door without bothering to turn the lights back on, and as they stepped inside soft lights came on automatically in the hallway. A short beep reminded him to switch off the alarm, and as she bent to pull off her boots he closed the door and sealed it with another code.

“Rich neighborhood, this is. Can’t be too careful,” he explained. “Go inside, make yourself comfortable”.

As she walked into the living room he busied himself with pulling off his boots and hanging up his jacket. The night lights came on automatically to give off just enough light to navigate the room without having to turn on the main lights. His eyes followed her into the room as she walked, trailing the lines of her body and savouring the way the light shone off her pale skin. He could see her looking appreciatively at his bookshelves, and then walk over to one of the large windows, next to the wooden folding screen that separated the lounge suite from his work area. She looked out the windows, down at the view that had caused him to love the apartment and eventually buy it, a view of the city lights and the trees on the street. He discarded his waistcoat, unbuttoned his shirt down to the waist and followed her into the room.

“Would you like a drink?” he said, as he emerged from the hallway. He watched her reflection in the window, meeting her gaze, and noted how the studs on her collar caught the light briefly.

“Sure,” she said. “What have you got?”

He ended up mixing them both a “tap-water mojito” , and soon Ian Curtis was mourning his way through ‘Atmosphere’. Before they were halfway through the drinks they were kissing again, and his shirt magically disappeared along with her top.

She was straddling him on the sofa, his hands cupping her buttocks Ağrı Escort through her skirt, when their lips parted for a moment and their eyes met. Without a word they left the sofa, and as he guided her up the stairs to the bedroom she deftly shed the skirt. He brought her into the bedroom to stand between his double bed in black ‘wrought iron’ and the dresser made from some dark wood. The door to one side was closed, suggesting a walk-in closet, just as he had intended. He barely gave her time to register all this, as he was again pressing her up against the wall, supporting her legs on his own thighs leaving her feet dangling a few inches in the air. He cupped her breasts, still covered by the black lace bra, with his hands, finding them to be perfect handfuls. He could feel her grinding herself against the bulge in his trousers, separated from her only by a few layers of silky, damp cloth.

Suddenly he drew back, and met her gaze with a shrewd look in his eyes.

“Do you want me?” he said.

“Yes! Yes…”

“Then, you must trust me,” he replied, and let her down on the floor.

He saw a brief puzzled look in her eyes as he led her to stand in the middle of the floor, just in front of the bed, but she seemed to let it go as he softly grasped her breasts from behind and kissed the back of her neck.

“Hold still,” he said, and opened the top drawer of the dresser.

He felt her stiffen with alarm as he put the soft satin blindfold over her eyes, but he told her to relax. He then unclasped her bra, and her nipples that were already straining against the fabric seemed to swell when he slid off the bra and stroked them with the palms of his hands. He moved in front of her, and let his tongue begin moving across her right nipple, over to the left and draw a line up to her collarbone, before he moved in to kiss her until he felt her sway in his arms. Before she could recover he attached a wide leather bracelet to each of her wrists.

“What…” she tried.

“Sshh,” he said, “don’t worry”.

He moved in behind her and his hands cradled her breasts again, but didn’t linger long. Instead, they started moving down along her body, until they found the hem of her black lace panties. They dwelled briefly there, as he kissed her neck, and then one hand moved around to cup her buttock while the other cupped her vulva. He felt her shudder instinctively.

As he began to slowly move his fingers around in a circling motion at the front of her panties, he lifted his other hand and slowly slid his nails across her back. This led her to shiver with pleasure again, and she reached her hand blindly behind her to find him. Her hand eventually found the bulge in his trousers, and while he stroked her she worked her fingers around it until he could feel the bulge becoming even more pronounced than before. Finally, he slid his fingers inside her panties, and pulled them down to her feet. As he knelt down to help her step out of them, he kissed her nether lips like he had previously kissed her mouth, savouring her taste, and she nearly lost her balance from the pleasure. Before she recovered, he had put bracelets Ağrı Escort Bayan like the ones on her wrists around her ankles as well.

“Now,” he said, “it’s time. I’ll show you the way.”

With those words, he began walking her, blindfolded still, through the room. He opened the door in the wall, and it did indeed conceal a walk-in closet. Set in the other end, however, was another door, and behind it lay his secret room. The floor was covered with soft carpet, and around the walls was built a low bench, padded and covered in dark red satin. A small refrigerator held some choice morsels and… playthings, and at the center of the room was a sort of table, also padded and covered in satin, with a satin curtain around the edges.

“Hold out your arms,” he commanded, and as she obliged he fastened her bracelets to the chains hanging from the ceiling. He tightened the chains, and her arms were brought high until she stood like a “Y” before him. Next, he told her to spread her legs, and bent down to fasten clasps to her ankle bracelets, that prevented her from moving her feet more than a few inches.

She turned her head in confusion when he opened the small refrigerator and brought out a bucket of ice cubes. The cold breath from the icebox made her skin break out in goose bumps.

“Are you afraid?” he asked. “Don’t be. You will see…”

Again he moved close, and kissed her passionately. He then moved his attention to her breasts until he thought she would collapse from arousal, but the chains on her wrists kept her upright. He then picked up an ice cube and held it briefly against one of her nipples. She gasped, and at first flinched away, but as he started to move it in tiny circles she relaxed and smiled. Without a word, he circled her breast with the ice, and then moved to the other until she moaned with lust. His fingers began exploring her wet fold, softly first but then more insistent, until her legs were shaking. She felt like he was running his fingers across wet satin.

When he thought she was just about ready, he slid the melting ice cube down across her chest, over her stomach, until it met her burning cave. She gave out a hoarse cry, and grabbed the chains at her wrists for support. He let it circle her clit, once, twice, and just as she seemed ready to burst he slid the little sliver of ice that remained into her. The orgasm hit her so hard that she screamed. As she came out of it, he had to support her weight with one arm to keep her from toppling.

She was still gasping, when he gently reached up and undid the fastenings to the chains, only to bend her forward at the waist and lay her down onto the padded table. He then proceeded to fasten her arms to another set of chains built into the table, making her resume the “Y” shape. His eyes caressed her back and hips, his hands quickly following suit stroking her softly across the back, giving her buttocks a good squeeze in the process.

He proceeded to fondle her gently from behind, as her private area was now fully exposed to him. Each time his fingers touched her labia she shivered. He felt that this was the time to spring the Escort Ağrı final surprise on her, and so began using his fingers on her anus, very carefully at first but soon he had inserted a finger.

Finally he couldn’t wait any longer, his trousers now feeling several sizes too small, and let her go. He quickly pulled off the trousers, and picked up a bottle of lubricant.

Again his finger found her anus, but this time he also produced a small, transparent butt plug, which he gently inserted to the sound of her surprised gasp. The butt plug sank all the way to its hilt, and its shape made it stay snugly in place. The he unwrapped a condom and slid it onto his now almost painfully erect member.

She seemed to have realized what was going on.

“Oh god, yes…,” she moaned aloud. “Please…”

“As my lady commands,” he said, with a hint of laughter in his voice.

He positioned himself directly behind her, the table and chains putting her at a perfect height for him. He grabbed her by the hips and let the tip of his member caress her wet fold a few times, and then finally sank into her. Slowly, inch by inch, he entered, until he had sunk all the way in. He rested there for a moment, enjoying the sensation of her vulva squeezing him, and then slowly moved back out. Just as he was about to slide out of her, he thrust gently back in again. By this time, she was emitting small, moaning noises, and grabbed the soft cloth cover of the table hard. It took all of his concentration to keep from spending himself right there and then, but as he kept thrusting he regained his composure.

From the living room he could hear Nick Cave hoarsely begging God to save Tupelo, and the insistent rhythm of the song urged him to continue.

Slowly, he increased the pace, until she writhed with combined pleasure and agony and pleaded with him to go faster, faster. Just as he was about to come, he stopped, and waited until the feeling passed just out of reach. He repeated this three times, and by this time she was gibbering incoherently. His penis felt like it was on fire, a sweet, sweet agony. Finally, he raised the speed of his thrusts like she had begged him to. He pounded into her so hard that he thought he would turn the table over, and just as she cried out and convulsed in a powerful orgasm, he could no longer hold it in but let himself go with a hoarse groan, shooting what felt like pints of semen into the condom, into her.

He stayed inside her for a brief moment, before his legs gave out and he sank to his knees behind her, his face only inches from her now swollen and dripping vulva. The scent of her intoxicated him, and he kissed her buttocks before getting back to his feet. He was reminded why the French called the orgasm ‘la Petite Mort’, as she had actually passed out on the table. He softly stroked her back before discarding the condom, and then started to clean them both up with the napkins he kept in a concealed drawer under the table.

He laid her naked form in the bed, pulling the black satin sheets up to her breasts, before stepping back to admire this beautiful creature, now sleeping soundly. She had not even made a sound as he carried her out of the secret room and into the bedroom. As he slid naked into the bed from the other side, he realized that her perfume blended perfectly with the incense he used to burn, and as he went to sleep beside her, he smiled contentedly.

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