Eki 27

The Scholarship Pt. 02

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To the sounds to clanking plates and pans and the pitter-patter of naked feet in the kitchen, Cassandra and Vanessa made their way into the longue. Two lush, red, high-back chairs nestled to either side of a stone fire place in a cozy room ensconced in a cool green damask.

“I don’t know if it’s the wine or if it’s everything you’re throwing at me, but things are feeling pretty darn surreal” Vanessa bashfully admitted.

Cassandra guided her to the chairs at the far end of the room urging the freshman to sit down.

“Like I said, it hit me kind of the same way when this was all told to me two years ago. But you’ll find you could get quite used to this very quickly” said Cassandra as she tried to comfort her new friend. As naturally as taking a sip of her wine, Cassandra reached into her pocket again to retrieve the same small device from earlier. And, just like before, shortly after she pressed the button, in walked her dutiful servant.

“Fire, Wallet” Cassandra commanded pointing at the fireplace between the two seated women.

“Yes, Miss” said Wallet obediently as he dropped to his knees, crawled between the chairs, and started to setting some wood and kindling the fireplace.

“Such a good, wallet” praised Cassandra as she swatted Wallet’s naked and prone ass “coffee is on?”

“Thank you! Yes, Miss” cried Wallet as he continue working on the fire.

Vanessa, letting the whole tableau sink in – the two, conservatively and casually dressed young women sitting in their chairs while a naked collared man was toiling on his hands and knees – had to admit to herself… this was an incredibly exciting offer. Her education, her future, her leisure… she could literally have it all. All at no cost to her?

“You said this was a service agreement” probed Vanessa; “what exactly is the service?”

“Well, let’s just say you’re already doing it. That’s how easy it is. But I should stop being so vague” Cassandra expounded bringing her hand down hard on Wallet’s reddening ass again. “Coffee. Now”

Fire just having caught, Wallet jumped to his feet, his still hard cock now right about at the eye level for the two women. Vanessa tried to pretend she wasn’t looking directly at his turgid member. Thankfully that distraction was quickly removed as within a second bursa escort of standing, Wallet trotted back into the kitchen to retrieve the ladies their postprandial beverage.

“Does that thing ever rest?” asked Vanessa not sure of what she wanted her answer to really be. She liked boys and all their bits. But this was assuredly the most time that she’s spent with a naked man. And, only now did she realize, this was probably the only time she’s spent with one she wasn’t fighting off advances from.

“I think it means he likes you” winked Cassandra. “But we have ways of controlling that, too, if we need to. But again, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.”

Presently, Wallet returned with their coffee. And, having served the women, he took his place standing to Cassandra’s side awaiting his next command.

Cassandra, sipping her coffee, pointed to a spot on the rug in front of her and Vanessa. Without even an utterance, Cassandra had issued a command. And, obediently, her wallet knew what to do. Wallet dropped to his knees and crawled to the spot facing the ladies.

“So… the service…” Cassandra began, crossing one leg over the other, bouncing her foot in front of Wallet. “This little sack of money here is paying for all of this… for you… for me… for about a half dozen women now… to completely and utterly humiliate, demean, and otherwise take absolute, complete advantage of his… Helplessly. Naked. Ass” a wicked grin forming on her face as she stared directly into her wallet’s mind.

Vanessa saw Wallet’s entire body start blushing “So… I have to be mean to him?”

Cassandra, a little tipsy on the wine but very drunk on power “no… well yes… but no… hmmm… You don’t HAVE to be mean. BUT there a few basic rules in the contract.”

“CONTRACT?!” Vanessa interrupted.

“Yep. All legal. All above board. All documented. And if this is something you decide to continue with, we’ll set up an appointment with the lawyer to make it all official. Don’t worry, she’ll come here.” Cassandra said quite matter-of-factly.

Addressing the silent bare man kneeling in front of them, “Wallet, what are the basic rules?”

Having committed them to heart, Wallet recited “Wallet isn’t allowed clothes. Wallet doesn’t have a name. Wallet isn’t allowed escort bursa privacy. Wallet isn’t allowed possessions; wallet IS a possession. Wallet isn’t allowed orgasms” his cock hardening with each sentence. Vanessa wondered if it was as painful as it looked it was so hard at the end of his mantra.

“Cheers to that!” said Cassandra raising her coffee and taking a sip.

“Five basic rules. Those are the only one’s you will be required to uphold. Oh… AND your GPA. But that’s it. Uphold those and this is all yours – the home, the tuition, and this obedient little servant here.” Cassandra punctuating the last statement by booping Wallet’s nose with her big toe.

“Beyond those core rules, as part of the contract, you will also have the absolute right to impose any other new rule on him that you wish. And whenever you wish.” Cassandra finished as she blew a kiss at the prone figure before her. Wallet was observably straining to not touch his cock.

Vanessa could see that Cassandra was positively glowing describing all of this. The power was radiating off of her host. She had to admit she was also a little turned on by all of this. She just wasn’t sure if she was turned on by the power she could have over Wallet, the power Cassandra clearly held, or both.

“Seems simple enough” Vanessa said contemplatively, her curious and academic mind kicking into gear.

“It is. And, as someone who has been exactly where you are, I know how strange this can all seem. It took me about a month to get used to it, to be honest.” Cassandra empathized.

“Now… you said I didn’t HAVE to mean. What exactly did you mean by that?” Vanessa inquired noting that Wallet’s cock was still painfully hard and was actually twitching as she and Cassandra chatted. It was begging to be touched.

“Now this is how you will really start getting quite used to this. So, the tuition, the home, the food… that’s all that’s guaranteed. But there is some incentive compensation, so to speak. The clothes, the shoes, the dates, the vacations, the cars… are all dependent on the degree to which you humiliate and degrade him. So, really, what you get out of this deal is wholly up to you. The lawyer will explain it all. But, I’ll warn you, once you start reaping the full benefit of this arrangement, bursa escort bayan it will be kinda hard to stop.” Cassandra mused, sighing as she idly played with her hair.

Wallet, still kneeling in front of the two women who were becoming fast friends, bit his lip and took several deep breaths trying desperately to resist the urge to touch his aching cock. Being ignored like this just heightened his arousal.

There was no end to the number of questions Vanessa had so she pressed on. If the woman of the house was content to ignore Wallet, she was to, too. “So…. What other kinds of rules have you imposed on him?”

Coffee freshly done, Cassandra could see she had Vanessa hooked and firmly on the line. “I think THAT is something I will have to keep to myself pending your acceptance. Should you choose to move forward with this, we’ll meet with the lawyer and you’ll get the rest of the details. I suggest you take the weekend to think on it and let me know first thing Monday morning.”

Not giving Vanessa a chance to object, Cassandra stood up signaling their evening was coming to a close. Vanessa followed Cassandra’s lead, noticing that Wallet stayed down on his knees. She also noticed his cock was literally dripping with disregarded desire.

The two walked to the front door together, leaving Wallet alone right where he was. They shared a quick embrace and a kiss on the cheek.

“Talk to you soon, cutie” Cassandra said as she opened the door. Vanessa made her way to her car noticing Cassandra was reaching back into the pocket containing the collar remote. Wallet was in for an interesting night, she thought as she pulled away.

* * * * * * *

A twenty minute drive later plus a ten minute walk from the far, dark end of the parking lot, Vanessa walked into the small on-campus dorm room she shared with two other women. There was a message on the white board for her from her boss. She loathed waiting tables; loathed her boss even more.

There was dirty laundry all over the floor. There was half-eaten food on the desks. The only space she had to herself was the small single mattress… which was covered in one of her roommates books. She was horny and really wanted to cum. But it looked like that was not going to happen tonight. A deep breath in… A slow exhale. “Yeah… I think this will be the easiest decision I’ve ever made” she thought to herself.

Vanessa picked up her phone and texted Cassandra “I’m in. I am SO in. Can’t start this soon enough. Let me know what I need to do. XOXO Nessa”

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