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The Sauna

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It had been a frantic week, one of those crazy weeks that suck every drop of energy from your soul, leaving you totally exhausted and empty, and making you wish only one thing: running away, as far as you can, running away from what you live everyday.

And that was exactly my plan.

I wanted to spend a weekend of relaxation and nature, as far as possible from my daily monotony, joining my family that was already waiting for me in a simple but cute hotel, in the middle of a little mountain paradise.

I had left the office in the mid-afternoon, and kept driving without stopping, arriving at my destination just as the sun was disappearing behind the high cliffs and rocks of the surrounding mountains, letting the evening wrap everything in its dark coat.

Yes. I made it.

First of all, to release the tiredness of the trip and the tensions of the working week, I decided to take a nice sauna. Just the idea was making me feel better…

I went directly upstairs, to the room we had booked. There I found a note from my wife, telling me that they were already downstairs, for dinner. “Never mind,” I thought, “that means I’ll see you all later …”. So I took off my clothes, and got into a comfortable tracksuit, worn directly over my skin, and I eagerly walked to the wellness area. As soon as I entered the door, the smell of hot steam mixed with wood wrapped me giving me a warm welcome embrace, and when I closed the door behind me, I clearly had the impression that time had suddenly slowed down.

The whole world was out, and I was free.

I noticed with great pleasure that there was no one else in the room, I was perfectly alone. “Great!”, I thought with a grin, “let’s start my regeneration process right away!”. First of all I took a nice, warm shower. I let the jet of water massage my shoulders, neck and face for a couple of minutes, and imagined that the water was washing away all my thoughts, all my fatigue and stress of the previous days, drop by drop, and when I exited the shower, I was already feeling great. I headed for the sauna, patting gently on my body with a clean towel. I stopped at the door, peeking inside to see if there was already someone inside. It was completely empty. Perfect.

I entered the sauna, and the sudden heat wave left me breathless for a moment: I headed towards the farthest corner from the door, spread my towel on the bench, and laid down in the silence Bağdat Caddesi Travesti of the sauna. Time stopped at once. Keeping my eyes closed, I focused on the almost imperceptible crackling of the hot stones, and felt the heat of my skin rise, until the first droplets of sweat began forming on my body. It felt good.

A sudden noise disrupted my concentration, and I opened my eyes in search of the source of that sound. Someone had opened the door and was entering the sauna. It was a lady, wrapped in her white towel. She probably had just about my age. She had a slender figure, nice tanned skin, and her black curly hair reached just over her shoulders. As soon as our eyes met, her face opened in a wonderful, broad and sincere smile. I automatically smiled back, turning slightly my body in order to avoid exposing my privates to her direct sight. I then closed my eyes and returned to my relax. “What a nonsense,” I thought to myself, “we are in a sauna, it’s absolutely normal to be naked, and I’m worrying she might look at me… how stupid of me…”

Over time I grew a bit uncomfortable. Lying on the bench was not that comfortable, so I decided to sit up, leaning my back against the wall and stretching out my legs on the bench. Doing so, my eyes fell on the woman. Her eyes were closed, and a smile was curving her lips. “Who knows what you’re thinking” I thought, while my look lingered on the line of her neck, sliding along her shoulders, descending on the curves of her breasts, wonderfully shaped, and then down, along her side, following the hips, her legs, until I reached her feet. “That’s quite a nice body, well groomed” I thought, and then I looked away. I didn’t want to get caught staring at her, who knows what she might think of me. “Stupid prude” I scolded myself.

However, I soon turned to watch her again. Following the lines of the wooden wall, my eyes slowly returned to her body, now completely naked, and this time I was seduced by the fact that her skin was completely beaded with tiny droplets of water and sweat, all almost equally sized. It looked as if her whole body was covered by a precious dress made of transparent pearls. I was literally enchanted by this sight and I continued to stare and admire the perfect combination of the two elements, water and skin. Gradually, everything else disappeared: the heat, the benches, the walls… everything had faded and eventually Bostancı travesti disappeared. All I could see was her skin. I watched as the droplets grew, combined with other drops, and then slowly began to slide towards the ground. I followed one in particular: from her cheek, the tiny drop slid slowly down the line of her jaw, as if it was caressing her. Then it fell down the neck, and stopped just by the hollow of her neck. Slowly, it started moving again, including all the droplets it would find along the path, swelling and slowly speeding up, in a languishing and sensual movement, leaving a narrow wet trail on her silky skin. It moved down her décolleté, in a slow and erotic lingering, as if it was conscious of the preciousness and beauty of that skin. I lost its sight when it disappeared in the delicious valley, between her breasts, hidden by those near-perfect curves.

My attention was captured by another drop. It was hesitating on the very tip of a nipple. I saw it grow slowly, as other droplets would combine, until it was big enough to start sliding on the lower curve of her breast, following it all the way to her stomach.

A slight movement of her head made me look upwards, and I realized she was looking at me, with a gentle smile. “I noticed the same thing on your body,” she said softly. “Interesting, isn’t it?” Her skin was now covered by dozens and dozens of drops that were sliding along her body. “They feel like many fingers playing with our skin, fondling, caressing… very erotic” and while she was whispering these words, she slowly stretched towards me. When her hand touched my ankle, my body was crossed by a quiver. Her fingers slowly caressed my calf, moving up my thigh, and then jumped on my forearm ending their run on my shoulder. Then she moved away and went back to her place. I was deeply aroused by her touch, and felt a surge of excitement warming my lower abdomen.

I stretched my hands towards her, and, moving beside her, I started massaging her feet, her ankles, her calves. Her skin was smooth as silk, hot as fire, wet and slippery. She closed her eyes and arched back, bending her head slightly backward. Doing so, her breast seemed to grow towards me. My hands slipped along the outside of her thighs, followed her hips, while I moved neare and nearer to her, until my mouth was just a few millimeters from her neck. The inevitable contact was like an explosion Kartal travesti of the senses. Her scent, the heat of my lips, the whole situation… it was like being struck by lightning, and I shivered with pure passion.

She hissed out an almost imperceptible “yes”.

The erotic tension exploded, my hands ran all over her shoulders, and then cupped over her breasts, squeezing them firmly, feeling her hard nipples in my palms. She moved a hand behind my neck, holding me, kissing and sucking my lips, my cheeks, my earlobe.

Her other hand moved down between my legs, in search of my perfectly erected manhood, hard and ready. With calculated slowness and skillful decision, she firmly pulled my skin downwards until the head of my cock was fully exposed and taut. My hand moved naturally down to reach her pubic hair, until I slipped two fingers between her labia, pressing while sliding, and then widened them, stretching and opening her pussy lips, that were wet and moist with her pleasure.

We moaned, sighed, kissed, explored, licked, pushed, stroked, bit… our bodies arched rhythmically with pleasure, enjoying every burning contact of our hot skins.

A loud “clack” startled me.

All of a sudden, everything became blurry and indistinct. I looked around, bewildered, trying to focus what was swirling around me. I could see the walls of the sauna, the benches, the hot stones, and there was someone at the partially opened door of the sauna. “So are you here?” That voice had the effect of a icy shower. Suddenly, the fog vanished, like a soap bubble, and I realized I was alone in the sauna, and that voice was my wife’s.

“Uhmmm, I see you are pretty happy to see me,” she said with a grin full of malice, nodding her head towards the bulge of the towel, between his legs. “And you’re extremely lucky! What if someone else came in, instead of me? For example the lady who’s now doing the massage out here… huh? What a show you would have offered her… Come on, I’ll wait outside,” and she winked at me, disappearing from my sight.

Still stunned, I got up and went to take a cold shower, being extra careful that no one could notice my high state of arousal. The cold water worked perfectly, and in less than a minute I was perfectly awake, and my hardon disappeared. I wiped my body, rubbing vigorously, then got dressed, and walked to the exit.

As I passed near the tub, I threw a quick glance, and I almost stopped dead on my steps seeing the figure that was coming out of the water … that skin, those curves, that face … but it was… her?!?!?!?!

The lady grabbed a towel and without covering her naked body greeted him with a broad, sincere, wonderful smile… and a wink.

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