The Saint is the Sinner Ch. 06

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The Saint is the Sinner

By Servemist

Chapter 6

Welcome friends. If you joined me for the journey from the beginning, thank you. If you are just coming to the party now, you will need to read the first five chapters, otherwise the story will not make sense. Go ahead and read, my friends and I will wait till your all caught up.

There is a short, but significant, part of this chapter that is non-consent. It is an important part of the story. I want to give you all a heads up.

I open our story during the fall of 2001, which was also the period of September 11,2001. I touch on this subject briefly. I do not mean to dismiss the significance this tragedy had on New York they are welcome here to our party for the weekend?” He had a rather disturbed look on his face.

I hesitated trying to figure out where this was going but said rather innocently “They always come to our parties,” and I added “They are the only two people that I talk too at these parties”.

Defensively, I add “Everyone else treats me like I have the plague!”

Michael seemed rather agitated “That is not true. My family has not done anything other then welcome you.”

I look at him like he has three heads. “Do you not hear any conversation between me and your family?”

I wait a second to provide an answer. “No!” then I continue, “The reason you do not hear any conversation between me and your family, is that they haven’t said one word to me since you and I met.”

Now it’s Michael’s turn to be agitated “That is not true!”

He is now standing in the middle of the main room “I have seen my own mother and father talk with you.”

Now I am smiling, knowing that is not true. “Hello and goodbye is not a conversation”

Michael knew his family wasn’t very receptive to me since we had been seeing each other. In the middle of August, this is one frosty room when his family is here.

Michael folded his arms over his chest “This is my house, and no one should be coming through those doors,” pointing to the front door, “unless I know about it before.”

I was just shocked by what was transpiring between us. Its almost an out of body experience. “Where is this kocaeli escort coming from?” and I add “Where is Michael, because you are an imposter?”

Now his anger was showing, and he raised his voice “Fucking my house, you are a guest, you do not invite anyone to my house without me knowing first!”

Normally, I let a conversation like this go. I really would not let it bubble over. Michael and I had some issues in the past, but nothing that a few kisses and a “I’m sorry” wouldn’t fix. This was something else.

“Michael, Honey, where is this coming from?” being more responsive to his anger.

“You heard me!” yelling and walking away from me.

This had all the earmarks of his brother or father. Someone put a notion in his head, that I was creating a business issue and he’s mad because he is being pushed into making this decision. I walk after him. I found him in the bedroom. He was lying on his back on the bed. He had his right forearm across his eyes and forehead. I lay down next to him, lean in and lightly kiss his neck.

As I kissed his neck, I whispered “Baby, what is really going on?”

I continued kissing his neck, I lowered my hand caressing his cock, giving his it light squeezes, and found him already erect.

Michael doesn’t react just keeps his forearm over his eyes. He speaks softly “Maybe we need a break.”

I stop kissing his neck and removed my hand from his cock. I raise my head and looked in his direction.

“A break?” I asked raising my voice. I wasn’t letting this one slide.

“I invited my two best friends, who I have invited to your house,” I emphasize “your house.”

I continue, “So many times, I lost count.”

I got up from the bed, but Michael doesn’t move from his spot.

I speak in a low monotone voice “When you decide you want to really talk with me, and really tell me what is going on,” walking towards the bedroom door and turning around, “I will be at my place.”

I retrieved my gym bag, went the dresser and removed the clothes I just put in there, and put them in my bag. I walked back toward the bedroom door, turn around and see that Michael hasn’t moved. kocaeli escort bayan I walk out the door, I walked out of the house. I drove home in a fog.

I was trying to figure out, what I did wrong that could have triggered this. How this was my fault somehow? During that one-hour drive, I thought of about a thousand different scenarios.

The one scenario that kept coming back over and over, was that his family was never going to accept me. Maybe his family was never going to accept him. It really didn’t matter anymore. I drove home thinking that, this would be the last time I would ever see Michael, or step foot in that house.


Fall of 2002

“Trip, would you get your ass out here, you are going to miss The Sopranos.”

This was our night, me, Trip, and Trixie watched the Sopranos every Sunday night. It would be beer, popcorn, and watching dancers at the Bada Bing Club.

Trip would always ask us if we missed the “good old days”, and both Trixie and I would laugh and say, “hell no”.

I would look at Trixie, give her a suggestive smile, “I only want one person grabbing my ass,” reaching for Trixie’s hand, intertwining her fingers with mine, “and she is right here.”

I raised Trixie’s hand and mine at the same time, bring her’s to my lips and kiss it. We both look into each other eyes and smile.

We can have a real shitty day, a real shitty week, or month, but she is able to set me on fire and I will never be able to get enough of her. I knew my place would always be by her side, she brought a calmness to me that I never thought I’d ever have.

Trip walked into our living room and plopped between us. Took a nice long drink of his beer, swallows and says, “I can’t believe Johnny almost bought it last week.”

His eyes were wide and a nice smile on his face, he says “I hate Johnny Sack.”

We were all in agreement. We watched our favorite show, after the show was over, we continued to give a play by play of every minute. That was our Sunday night.

Trip was different, where I thought he would be a mess after the breakup, he wasn’t. He was actually happy for a change. He escort kocaeli didn’t see this as an obstacle he couldn’t get past. Maybe he just assumed it would happen and had accepted it long before.

Hard to say, but I was relieved that Trixie and I wouldn’t have to be on 24/7 watch.

I get up and go to the kitchen to get another beer for myself. I yell out to the others “Beer?”

Trixie, as usual “None for me, I’m getting fat.”

Trip is gets up from his spot and walks towards the front door to put on his jacket, “Nope, got a date.”

Trixie gives me the knowing look “You mean, you’re going to fuck him?”

I shake my head in agreement and adds “Where did you find this one?”

Trip squinted his eyes in a condescending way “For one thing, not everyone has sex all the time.”

Pointing a finger at both of us, “For the other thing, I met him on dudesnude.”

I gave Trip a disgusted look and shook my head back and forth. “Do you even have a picture?”

Trip said “Sure, fire up your fancy Apple.”

I walked over to the desk in the corner of our living room and turned on our MacOS X 10.2. Our computer guy gave us a recommendation and said, “Apple is the wave of the future”. So, we got it.

Trip walked over and typed in his website and searched for his date. A guy came up and he called himself “big Bob”.

I started laughing. “So, is Big Bob, big?”

Trip scrolled down to pictures and clicked on a picture of big Bob naked, and big Bob was in fact big, really big!

I could swear Trip was drooling. I mean he was looking at big Bob’s cock and could not look at anything else. I don’t think that even Trixie had a toy that big, and Trixie had a lot of toys.

Nudging Trip “Is it safe?” I asked.

Trip finally came out of his trance, looked at me. “Most of these guys are married, they cum and run.”

Trip was now looking back at the computer, “Just what I need after Michael.”

Trip gave us a kiss and started walking towards our front door. He stopped and turned back toward me and said sadly “It’s just what I need, no attachments.”

Then he walked out.


Fall of 2002

“I remember the warmth that flushed over me as I was about to close my eyes. I was ok with that.”

Big Bob — Bill/Trip

I always gave myself extra time before I would meet someone. I wanted to be clean inside and out. It was such a big deal to me to make sure I was properly ready for my one-hour date.

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