The Ring Of Magic

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One day stars out pretty much like any other but this can change in a flash and there is little you or anyone can do about it. Call it fate; call it coincidence or simply good or bad luck. In this case as I walked slowly to work on a Friday morning I’ll call it good luck.

It was a nice sunny morning the heat of the day had not yet built up and it was a pleasure to get out and just walk. My office is on Calhoun Street right behind City Hall. My business is small and I only have three employees. Three very pretty employees they are too. Karen is the tall one up at the first desk. Her dark hair and broad smile makes her the ideal one to meet anyone coming into our little office. Her near six foot size also makes her the one to block anyone that may want to transgress to far into the office without an invite. Karen is also a true joy to look at. Tall slim, breast like ripe melons in season. A killer smile and that special something that can send out signals to both men and women that she is one very sexy lady.

The second desk is centered behind the low wood rail fence that runs across the office. The gate is just to the left of Mary’s desk. Mary is also very pretty with a somewhat rounder and softer figure than Karen. She is blonde where it shows with bright blue eyes and cute little pinched mouth. You can see behind that blonde hair that she is intelligent and a hard worker. She is also rather sexy with a round rump and legs to match. Mary is older by nearly ten years than Karen’s twenty eight youthful years.

Last but not least is Sweet little Elizabeth. Beth to us is over sixty small in stature with perky proud little breasts that even at her age need no artificial support. A cute little face that can turn many man’s head. She sits close to my desk because I rely on her more than the others even though every one has a job to do and they all do a great job. Beth has seen a few hard days in her life and every once in a while she can be a fierce adversary. At times she has no bonds if she thinks I am about to go down a wrong road. I also listen to her and even do change my ways because of her. She also has a very sexy body and I am proud to have her with me when we go out as a group for lunch or drinks after work. We all do enjoy happy hour every now and again. Like every day at five.

Behind the office is a parking lot where each one of “My Girls” can park if they so choose. However this day I choose to walk the girls had driven and I saw all three cars in the lot as I turned up the alley toward the parking lot. I also saw a small dirty man in ragged clothing squatting in a recess between our building and the much larger bank next door.

At first I thought he was using the space as a private privy. When I got closer I saw he was not. He looked up at me giving me a stained tooth grin. I don’t often stop for the homeless that frequent out fair city during this time of the year. But this morning I took time to stop and face the old gentleman.

“Good morning Sir” I said in a clear even voice. “Is there something I might do for you this fine morning?” I went on.

He blinked at me as he place an unsteady hand on the side wall and rose to his feet. I had no idea he was so tall. I was looking up at him from my six foot frame. I felt not fear or apprehension in his presents. Surprisingly I was looking into bright steady eyes that were not drug or wine blinded. But there was pain and that lost hound dog look. I repeated my words of an offer to help him. He opened his mouth but no words came out. He clutched at his chest and slumped against the brick wall. He mouth ground into a twisted painful moan. I grabbed his dirty cloths and help him as he started to slip down. I only slowed his fall. I said “Take it easy I’ll get help. You hang on I’ll be right back.”

Taking my keys from my belt I open the back door and rushed through the store room and burst into the office. Beth turned to look at me. “Call 911 there is a homeless man out back and I believe he is having a heart attack.” Beth did not move. I saw there was something in her face that screamed at me to stop in my tracks. I froze quickly looking around. Mary was frozen in place but looking over her shoulder at me. I saw Karen standing but off to the side of her desk. She was not looking at me. Then I saw him a small man all in black, a black sweat shirt, black jeans a black ball cap pulled low over his brow. He was standing in the corner back out of sight of the front window. He had a small gun in his hand. But if you are scared any gun is a very large cannon. Karen was scared, Mary was scared and Beth was just pissed off.

The man turned as I burst into the room turning the gun toward me. I saw that it was a very large cannon. I looked at him and repeated my self to Beth. “Call 911 and tell them there is a man out back having a heart attack.” Beth reached for the phone.

“Don’t move bitch.” The little guy in black yelled. Something in me sent my blood pressure over the bahis firmaları top and I got very excited very quickly.

I yelled back at him “Listen; your fucking ass hole. I don’t know what kind trouble you’re in but if the guy out back dies you’ll be charged with murder. Is that what you want? Do you want a lethal injection because you would not let us call for an ambulance?”

He looked at me then back at the front window and with out another word he dashed out he door and was gone.

Before I could turn back to Beth she had the phone in her hand.

I reached down and lifted the guys head offered him a drink. He took it and smiled. I could still see the pain in his eyes. He took my hand in his and held it tight. I said “You just hang on the ambulance is on its way. Now you hang in there OK.” His eyes rolled back into to his head as he went limp in my arms. I did not think and I have not had any medical training but with out thinking I smashed my fist into his chest again and again. I lifted him up by the collar of his coat. I put my face right down into his and screamed “Don’t you die on me you bastard don’t you die on me.”

He gasped and blinked his eyes opened and he sucked air deep into his lungs. He coughed, once and then again. He choked and sat up and said in a raspy voice “Son you sure hit hard.” I started to laugh. He was not having a heart attack he had been chocking to death. My beating on his chest force the obstruction up out of his throat. I hugged the dirty old guy and helped him to his feet.

A couple of paramedics came up behind me. I got out of the way and let them work. A few minutes later they pronounced him ok and were gone on to better surrounding. I said “Now are you Ok and is there anything I can do for you?”

He said “You saved my life. I think that is enough for one day.” He hugged me and without a word more stepped around me and shuffled off out of the parking lot. I did not know what to do. I felt I should do something more but he was gone in a flash.

I returned to the office when I remember what had gone on in there. I took time to lock the back door and entered the office. All three girls were gathered around Beth’s desk all jabbering likeMagpies. The racket stopped as they rushed into my arms. We four hugged and they cried all speaking at once again. Then dear Beth pushed back looked up at me and let me have one right across the face. It did not hurt me, only my ego as I asked “What the hell was that for”

Beth said “You dumb twit don’t you know you could gotten us all killed.” Karen echoed her with a remark I’ll not repeat. It was Mary that came to my rescue. She stepped defensively between me and the other two. It was funny to me so I held Mary by the shoulders and cowered behind her.

Karen said “Fuck this shit I need a drink.” She moved to pull out my desk drawer where everyone knew I kept a bottle of rye whiskey. Beth disappeared into the bathroom and returned with four paper cups. Drinks were poured all around and after a second round Karen said “Man; I was so scared I think I would have pissed my panties if I had any on.”

Beth rolled her eyes as if to say “That is more than we wanted to know.” I started to get the shakes and had to sit down.

What had really gone on just came to me. Beth was right I could have gotten them and myself killed if the little guy was really desperate. I had not used my head again as is I am sorry to say is usually the case. I all to often don’t think under pressure I just react. Most of the time like today it works out but it could have just as easily gone bad. I looked up at Karen and pointed to the front door and ran a finger across my throat. She smiled walked to the front put out the closed sign and pulled down the shade.

I sat back held my cup out to Beth for another snort. Mary settled into the big chair next to my desk. Beth planted a hip and one cheek on the corner of my desk and left a pretty leg to dangle in front of me for my pleasure. Karen returned to sit on the arm of the big chair next to Mary. They once again started to shatter. I waved a hand as I picked up the phone and called a friend down at the police station. The three charmers sat looking at me and listening to one half of the conversation. It turned out the little guy was no more harmful than a two time looser not wanting to return to jail. The gun was not even real it was just a very real looking plastic one.

I hung up and Beth slipped into my lap. Hugged me around the neck and said “Let me call the Bessy Blue Inn and make reservation for dinner tonight.” Smiling I nodded my approval.

Karen said “Glen; do you know what you said to that little shit. You called him a Fucking ass hole. Now that was not very nice. You should not say such thing in front of us fine ladies.” I laughed and for that ingratiating act I got hit again by Beth. This little bitch was beginning to bother me. I slipped my hand up under her sweater took a rigid little nipple kaçak iddaa between my fingers and pinched it not too hard but hard enough to let her know I was done getting hit for today.

Mary said “Ok let us get out of here, go home rest up so we can have some fun tonight at the Inn.

I said “I second that motion but don’t you girls drive your all too shit face to drive. So either walk or call a taxi. On me of course.”

Karen said she had to stop by the drug store and would see us later at home. Beth told her to wait up she would walk with her. Mary said “Oh what the shit I may as well go too. “

I was alone having one more for the road and thinking of my good deed for the day. I was a little drunk but I could walk Ok. I checked everything and went out the back. I reached for my keys and felt something in my pocket. I pulled out a lovely gold ring with a single red ruby set in a clever raised engraved eye on the top of the ring. I had never seen it before and the only way it could have gotten in my pocket was when the old homeless guy hugged me before he walked off. He must have thought it some kind of payment for services rendered.

I though it was not gold at all after all. Where would a homeless guy get a ring like this? I slipped it on my finger and it looked pretty good. Yes I liked it; it really did look kind of nice. Moon’s jewelry store was on the way home so I stopped and let old man Moon take a quick look. He was impressed by the workmanship and quality of the gold. He said the ruby was a very fine cut of a style he had never seen before. He could not give me a value without doing some kind of research on it. But them he said he had no idea were to go looking for information on some thing like this. But he would ask around and see what he could find out for me.

I arrived home still a little on the drunk side. No one else was there yet so I retired to my bed and was soon sound asleep.

Ever since I can remember I have had this built in alarm clock. I can go to sleep and if I know I need to get up in two hours or one and a half or any number I wake up automatically in time to do what ever needs to be done. Today was no different. The dinner reservation was for seven and I woke just after six. I let one eye spy upon the clock and the other eye was blocked by a tossed head of dark hair. Karen lay next to me her lovely naked body warming me from thigh to shoulder. To pull back and allow her to continue to rest would be the gentlemanly thing to do. However my retreat was blocked by another soft body that I knew was my dear grandmother Elizabeth who was spooning her oldest daughter Mary. All were naked and lovely as always.

I do dearly love them all equally but it was time to get up get dressed and go feed our selves. Karen and Mary are my aunts. Darling Grandma was married several times and gave birth to three girls along the way. My mother God rest her soul was the oldest then came Mary followed by Karen. I fell between the cracks twenty six years ago. After my mother died each of my dear lovers to be came to take care of the poor little orphan.

As I came of age each of these nymphomaniacs took turns teaching me all about love and how it was to be done properly. First was Karen she is the oral sex expert and she quickly taught me how to perform this delicate act of love to give the greatest pleasure while also gaining the favors tenfold in return. Karen has become my greatest joy in this the most personal of ways to make love.

Mary is the quite slow refined lover that in her own way can leave you limp, drawn and well spent. Mary is soft and round with no outwardly sign of muscle. Yet she can cause a man to reach deep within himself and give, give, give. Till he is beat down to a lifeless heap of useless flesh. Her beauty demand the very best from whom ever comes to her aid. My strength is also my weakness when it comes to making love to Mary. I try so hard to make her respond to my drive before I know what has happened I am spent beyond repair and dear Mary is pleasantly satisfied to sleep her in my arms as I shamefully hang my head and once more concede defeat.

My dear Grandmother refused to believe she is in her sixty, and she refuses to act any age but what she wants to be. She is so full of life and lust. With her there is no limit to what two people can do for and to one another. She can scream louder and wiggle faster than any one I have ever known. She is willing to do any thing to make the act of love seem more like rape and degradation of a person than any one I have ever known.

At times she is the little girl who is about to give her self up for the first time to a lover of her choice. It starts out meek and submissive which quickly changes to a wild cat in rut ripping and tearing at its lover more for revenge than for the sake of sexual enjoyment.

The words that can come out of her mouth are unbelievable. A drunken sailor could do no better than she. She can enjoy every act of kaçak bahis love known to man or beast. Nothing is to degrading, nothing is to outlandish too bizarre nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. God I do love her and her many ways of passion.

But right now I must get a shower, fine suitable clothing for the evening and get these three drunks on their feet. The room was laced with moans and garbled undertones of unrest. As I bellowed lovingly for then to rise and shine.

Never the less as I pulled the Silver Cloud around front I was met by three of the most gorgeous creatures that ever graced the eyes of man.

I do not care for valet parking but I do it at the Bessy Blue Inn because I know darling Bessie Blue very well and I know she has spoken to her staff about my Silver Cloud and the pride I take in it. Enough said.

The maitre d’ met us and with only a smile and nod then escorted the ladies to a choice table by the large plate glass window over looking the valley some thousand feet below. I took the chair with my back to the view while the ladies could enjoy the sun setting in the west. I had the view of the bar, dance floor and band stand. Every head in the room turned as my three lovers moved across the room. That is every head both male and female. Three dressed to kill beautiful women with a tall broad shouldered male with reasonable good looks can cause a room to light up.

The girls were in rare form this evening. They laughed took equal turns dancing with me and a few guys that ventured over from the bar. One older gentleman took the time to ask me if he could ask the ladies for a dance. I of coursed gave my permission and over the next thirty minutes he danced with each. This gave me a time out as I was once again beginning to feel my liquor. I don’t know where the girls get there stamina but they seemed to be holding the flow of alcohol better than I. I was wondering about this when Karen said they were ready to leave if I was. I said I was and off we went.

The wind had picked up and the air had chilled a couple of degrees as we left the Inn. The valet saw me and went to get the car with out asking. We huddled together and I tried to block the breeze from my escorts. One of the guys that the girls had turned down as a dance partner came out and staggered toward us.

“Hay you” Indicating me I believe as I was the only male standing there. “How much did you pay for three whores for the night?” He said as he stood his ground ready for a fight.

“Please Sir; don’t go there I don’t think you want to really follow this line of conversation.” I said a pleasantly as I could yet letting him know I meant what I said.

He bellowed back at me “Well Sonny boy I’ll say any god-damn thing I want to. To you or the Bitches.” I moved to intercept him before he could approach the girls.

As I got clear of the girls he rolled his shoulders as if he was going to through a punch. I started to side step but instead my feet remained solidly in place. I thought “Move or he will punch your lights out.” But I could not move. The big right arm came up and started to straighten out coming right for my face when my hand came up caught his fist in mid-air twisting it forcing him to the ground with a loud moan as his shoulder came apart.

My reactions have always been petty good but not that good. Nor have I ever had the strength to stop a blow in mid-air. The car came to a stop in front of us. I hustled the girls into the back seat, handed the young man a twenty and told him to call this guy on the ground an ambulance.

“Wow, you sure know how to put on a show.” Karen said laughingly.

“Your going to get sued you know that.” Beth said sarcastically.

“Thank you Darling for protecting us and our honor from that rough-hewn.” Mary said in a soft sexy voice.

I was wondering what the hell happened back there as I drove smartly away into the night.

The girls were all over me as we entered the house. Kissing and hugging me all trying to show me favor for the way I stood my ground in the face of danger. I had faced the man and put him in his place for his bad manners. I had protected the ladies and now I was about to reap my rewards. Each took a turn removing an article of my clothing as I stood next to the big king size bed.

Once naked I slipped between the sheets. Sitting up with a large pillow behind my back I was smiling from ear to ear. I was about to get an eye full and a show worth dieing for. We had not played this game in a long time and I could not think of a better time for it. What was about to happen was each lovely was going to do a little dance for me as she removed her clothing until she was completely naked. I will applaud she will join me in bed after which the next lovely will do the same. The last to slip into bed will turn out the lights.

Now they figure out who starts is there decision alone. Tonight it was beautiful Elizabeth. She is the most energetic even if she is the oldest. Her dress went flying followed by her bra and shoes. She did not ware panties. Naked very quickly she jumped on the bed crawled up and slithered under the sheets warming my side as she did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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