Eyl 30

The Ride

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The day had been great so far, the sun had been shining, bike running great and the road was just twisty enough to keep me on my toes. This was a challenge as your hands had been stroking my thighs all day and I could feel your breasts pushing against my back as you leaned against me. All of this was leading my mind to things to come.

I pulled the bike into the covered space in front of the hotel and came to a stop. As you swung off I could see just how hard your nipples were as they peaked out from your very low cut tank top. I smiled as you caught me looking and slowly you licked your lips as a sign of your desire. Mmmm tonight would sure be a night to remember. I stood the bike on its side stand and slide off, did a quick side to side twist to loosen my back a bit and we walked into the hotel. The air conditioning felt great after the days ride but a shower would feel even better. The young kid behind the front about popped his eyes out when he saw your hard firm nipples pocking out against the thin fabric of your shirt. I had to tell him my name twice before he could find the room reservation.

He stammered as he said he was sorry but a mistake had been made and our room had been given to someone else. I told him that the room had been paid for in advanced and he had better find us another. He said the only one was a suite but there would be an extra charge for it. Just as I was about to get in his face I saw his eyes bug out and his jaw drop. I heard you purr, “If you want to see more of these I don’t think so”. You had slid up to the desk and laid out your nice firm titties with your hard nipples for him to see. He quickly said there would be no extra charge and that he would be happy to show us to the room. I asked the room number and told you to head there and I would grab the gear and lock up the bike.

When I entered the room I was surprised at its size, a huge room with a king size four poster bed, lots of windows with a killer view of the mountains outside. I saw that you had the clerk pinned in a wing back chair as you were doing a down and dirty bump and grind in his face. I know how much you like showing off your titties and teasing other folks. I quickly ran off the clerk by asking him who was running the desk. You came to me and I took you in my arms; our mouths came together in a crush as we kissed Antalya Travesti deeply. I can feel your heat as you press against me, taste your hunger in your kisses and feel your hard nipples pressing against my chest. I moved my mouth down along your check to your neck gently biting and sucking as I go, your breathing is faster now and a slight moan escapes from your lips. Your hands are tugging at my belt and jeans pulling them down.

I remove your hands and quickly pull off my boots, jeans and tee shirt. You sit in the chair and grab my hard cock and begin licking up and down it and then slide it deep into your hot wet mouth. Your hands are stroking it as your mouth slides up and down my cock and then you run your tongue along the length of it and down around and over my balls. I moan out your name as you gently suck each ball into your mouth and slather it with your tongue. You have been driving me crazy all day and it will not be long before you make me cum. I can feel my balls swelling and tell you so, your mouth begins to suck faster and harder as you fuck me with your mouth, I moan out as my hot cum jets out into your mouth, you suck and stroke my cock to get the last drop out and then slowly rub my still hard cock across your face, spreading my cum on it. You look up and I can see the fire in your eyes know how much you enjoy sucking my cock.

I lead you to the bath room and strip off your cloths and holding your hand we step into the huge shower and turn on the water. Soon we are in a tight embrace as the warm water flows over us. We wash off the road dust and my cum from your face and then I slowly start to lather you up with a soft soap and wash cloth. I gently scrub your back and ass and then slide my hands up over your breasts, cupping them in both hands as I kiss and bite your neck and shoulders. You press your ass back against me and soon feel my cock getting hard again. I rub it up and down the tight crack of your ass as I knead and squeeze your breasts and thumb your nipples. I slide one hand down across your belly to slip between the outer folds of your pussy. You are so hot and slippery with your juices I know you are ready. You lean forward and place your arms against the wall as I slide my cock into you from behind, slowly, ever so slowly it parts the folds of your tight hot pussy. You Konya Travesti moan and pant as I slide deeper and deeper into you.

When I am all the way in my balls are pressed up against your ass checks. One hand continues to cup and fondle your breasts as the other holds onto your waist as I slide out and then back inside you, slowly again and again. My cock fills your pussy as you moan in delight, our pace builds faster and then faster as my cock slams into you and my balls slap against your ass. You are starting to moan and purr as the heat builds between us. My hands are kneading your firm breasts as I roll your hard nipples between my thumb and fingers. I can feel your wetness flowing out of your pussy to cover my balls. As we both build toward our climax you begin to moan louder and louder. As we cum together I grunt as I shoot thick gobs of my cum deep inside your pussy. Feeling your pussy constricting around my cock you milk it dry. I begin to slow down my thrusting as we both gasp for air, the warm water of the shower flowing over our bodies. Finally I slip out of you and turn you around to kiss you deeply, our tongues dancing together. I lead you out of the shower and dry you off with a big fluffy towel. We walk to the bed and collapse on it and with our arms around each other we soon drift off to sleep.

I feel something warm and wet on my cock, a soft wet feeling of intense pleasure, am I dreaming or are you softly licking my cock and balls? I am lying on my back and it seems you have slide down between my legs to gently begin bathing my cock and balls with your tongue. You are softly sliding your tongue around my balls, gently sucking on each one. Then you are sliding your tongue up and down my cock making it hard, the veins standing out as the blood flows to it. Your mouth soon slides over the head and I feel your tongue circling around it as you slip in deep into your mouth. I lay back totally relaxed as you work my cock deeper and deeper into your mouth till you have all of it deep in your throat. Then you slowly slide your mouth up back to the tip where you gently suck on it. I moan with pleasure as you do this. You then move your mouth back down to glide over my balls, over and under them, down along the inside of my thighs and back up my rigid cock.

Your hand circles my cock and İzmir Travesti begins to stroke it as you bath my balls with your mouth, suck and licking one then the other then running your tongue between them. When you have covered my balls with your mouth, sucked on them till they grew nice and hard, filling with cum you return your mouth to my cock, sucking and licking, sucking and licking as you drive me crazy with your mouth. Your head begins to bob up and down and you slide your mouth up and down on my hard cock, your fingers lightly stroking my balls. I can feel the affects you are having and moan out that you are going to make me cum soon. I hear a moan escape from your mouth and you increase your frenzy. Your mouth is sucking and fucking my cock, your fingers are stroking and gently rubbing my balls, feeling them growing firming and filling with cum. You gently squeeze them as you feel my cock erupt in your mouth. My cum is hot and sticky as it fills your mouth, you swallow what you can and the rest drips out of your mouth onto my cock and balls. You grin at me and then say, Can’t waste any of this and use your fingers to scoop up the drips and then you suck your fingers clean.

I pull up to me and softly kiss your mouth. Then I move my lips down to your neck and shoulders as my fingers search out the wetness of your pussy, I lightly stroke the outer lips of your warm pussy and feel the wetness that is running from it, I run my finger into you and then lick your pussy juice off my fingers. Then I slide them back down to circle your hot hard clit and feel it pulse under my touch. I slide two fingers into you and slowly begin to finger fuck your pussy as my mouth sucks and bites your hard nipples. Soon you begin to moan and purr as your hips buck to meet my fingers sliding in and out of your hot wet pussy. My thumb rubs across your clit and your moans become louder. When I bite around your nipples you arch your back off the bed and your hips grind against my hand.

You start to pant and then say, I am going to cum. My fingers are sliding in and out of you at a rapid pace; your hot wet pussy is making squishy sounds as I finger you. Again your back arches off the bad and I feel your pussy running with juices and you say” Oh God I am cumming” Your clit is throbbing under my thumb and you clamp your thighs tight against my hand as you roll your hips and thrust against my hand. My mouth is sucking hard on your nipple as I feel you cum again. Mmmmm you are now totally relaxed and pant Wow, wow, wow over and over again. Again we snuggle and lay together on the big bed for a while longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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