The Reunion

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As Richard and Sue entered her kitchen, they could both feel the electricity in the air. They stood there a moment, each with a sappy grin on their faces, then Sue walked a few steps into Richard’s arms and they embraced. Within a few seconds they were kissing, at first tentatively, then with more force and passion. Their tongues began darting in and out of each other’s mouths, across teeth and lips. Sue moaned from deep within her chest. Rick pressed his chest firmly against hers putting pressure on her breasts, moving his chest from side to side and pushing then pulling back. Their hips started to press against the others, and hands began to wander from backs to fronts. He grasped and squeezed her breasts, she held his butt and pulled him into her.

Sue broke the kiss, and with a gleam in her eye, and a smile on her face began kissing his neck and throat. She started unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest, her tongue darting around his nipples, then moving lower and kissing his stomach. Then her hands were on his belt and pants, unbuckling and unbuttoning, then pulling his pants and boxers down to his knees. His erection sprang from his boxers, full of life and pulsing. She took it into her hand and with that same gleam in her eye, and smile on her face wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked it slowly into her mouth. They hadn’t been in her kitchen for more than 5 minutes and she was already giving him the blow job of a lifetime. Ricks eyes rolled back in his head and he thought about how he had come to be here.

It all started with an email. I was dated October 18, and he found it several days after it arrived. It said simply, “I think about you often, and wonder how you are.” When he saw the name on the email he was startled. Sue Olds, was this really from her or was this just a coincidence, one of those spam emails that have computer generated names. Once he clicked on the email and read it, he knew it was real.

He answered with a polite, “I am well” and filled in some information about his life in the years since he had seen her. She answered back and filled in some information about her life. The emails continued, they tried instant messaging but their schedules were so different that it was hit or miss. Then they tried phone calls. The first was polite and tentative, then they became more frequent.

The emails continued and they began to share more and more of their lives, and their memories. There were some that began to push the boundaries of polite conversation and became suggestive. From suggestive they became intimate, and from intimate they progressed to pornographic. They shared memories of their past relationship. The firsts they had shared. Did she remember the illegal bahis first time he touched her breasts? Oh, yes. I was wearing the red striped shirt and deputy sheriff interrupted us. Did he remember the first time she touched his penis? Sure, behind the peach orchard and deputy interrupted that time too. On and on the stories and memories went.

Then they turned to fantasies. Have you ever? Would you like to try? Pages and pages of descriptions of the things they enjoyed or turned them on. Pages and pages of suggestions and ideas.

They felt so connected, even though it had been years since they had seen each other. Nothing was too embarrassing or taboo. They talked about masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, games, toys, videos, the list went on. One letter really stood out to him, he had basically run down the list of topics and talked about his opinion on each; he enjoyed both giving and receiving oral sex, the positions he enjoyed the most, etc. And then she responded in kind, listing her favorites. They had so much knowledge of each other’s desires and fantasies and likes and dislikes, but it was all on a computer screen, read on a word processor.

Then after several months he arranged to meet her in the city where she lived. They agreed to meet in the morning outside the convention center, downtown, and she would take them back to her house. As he walked up to the appointed spot at the appointed hour, he was so nervous. He hadn’t sleep well the night before, so many fantasies and worries were spinning through his head. She saw him walking up and got out of her pickup to greet him with a hug. As his arms surrounded her and her head rested on his chest, a sense of relief overcame him. He was here, with her in his arms and it felt incredibly right. She took his hand and led him to the pickup, they loaded up and off they went.

And now here they were, standing in her kitchen, with his dick in her mouth and her eyes beaming with delight as they looked up at him. Then she released him and leaned back and said, “Your eyes just rolled back in your head, maybe we better sit down.” He pulled his pants back up and they walked across her living room to the couch. They sat down and started kissing again. There was little time wasted this time before they were rubbing and touching each other. He began kneading her breasts through her clothes, then reached between her legs to rub there too. Her hands grabbed his crotch and squeezed and rubbed and then reached into his pants to touch his skin.

He started to pull the bottom of her shirt up and over her head. He as in awe, her large, full breasts were encased in a peach colored lacy bra. It and they were beautiful. In spite of the desire to illegal bahis siteleri just be still and look, he couldn’t wait to see her without the bra, so he reached and around and after a bit of fumbling and some giggles on both their parts, the clasp came undone. He pulled her bra forward releasing her breasts to his view. They were magnificent. Full, round, heavy enough to fill your hand, with large hard nipples and large pink aureole. He brushed the backs of his fingers against her nipples, making them harder and causing her draw in a breath. His mouth descended on her breasts, sucking a nipple into his mouth, kissing them, licking them, flicking his tongue across her stiff nipples. Her moans were enough to let him know he was on the right track.

While this was going on, their hands were not idle. She was pushing his pants and boxers down to get hold of his dick again. Stroking it, pulling, cupping his balls in her hand and gently squeezing. He was unbuttoning her pants and began pulling them off also. He pulled back and took in the view. She was reclined on the couch, in a pair of maroon colored lacy panties, her cheeks were flushed and her breath was a bit ragged.

He reached up and took the elastic band of her panties in his fingers and pulled them off. In one smooth motion he pushed her knees apart and buried his face in her pussy. It caused her to cry out in surprise, and then she said, “I can’t believe you are licking me there, without even touching me there first.” He didn’t stop to reply, his tongue kept pushing in and out, licking her clit and then sucking as much of the delicate skin as he could into his mouth, using his lips to massage and push. He was intoxicated by the smell and taste, it was exactly as he remembered. Exactly as he thought a pussy should taste and smell, since she was the first, all others were measured by this one, and none came close. To his mind this was perfection. He could have stayed there for hours, licking and sucking, but she pulled his head up and told him to kiss her.

He was afraid that the taste of her was still on his mustache and goatee, and he tried to wipe his mouth on his hand, but she stopped him. She hungrily pulled him up and kissed him deeply, obviously enjoying the taste that was still on him.

They stayed like that for long minutes, kissing, and touching. The urgency seemed to have faded a bit and they were content to just relax and enjoy each other. They eventually shifted to the carpeted floor, and their whole bodies were in contact. Face to face, chest to chest, groin to groin, thigh to thigh; they pushed against each other, relishing the feel of their skin in such close contact.

They began to slow down, stopping canl─▒ bahis siteleri the kissing to reassure each other, ask a few questions, talk and laugh. She asked him if he wanted some lunch, that she would fix something. He said sure and she started to get up. Then it hit him, he wanted her, right now. He wanted to be inside her, to make love to her. It was such a strong desire that he grabbed her and pulled her back down to floor, kissing her passionately again then moving down her body to her breasts then her pussy. He licked and played there until he was sure she was really wet and ready, then he moved back up her body and pushed his dick against her pussy. They went very still and looked into each other’s faces, she could see his passion and need. It was a need that matched her own. She reached down and spread her labia for him, then he pushed and entered her.

He had thought that the taste and smell of her was heaven but this was better. She was so warm and tight, their connection was complete now. They were connected physically with his cock inside her but they were connected spiritually also. They were one being now, filled with a need and desire.

He began moving in and out of her. Slowly at first, then faster. Moving his hips up and down and then side to side. She began to whimper and then cry out. At first he was afraid he was hurting her, but she said no, don’t stop. He moved faster and her cries increased also. He was amazed he could keep up this rhythm and pace for so long but he was filled with adrenaline and it was keeping him going. She reached orgasm and her cries and moans got louder, then became sobs of pleasure. She may have come a second or third time, it was hard to tell, her body was moving and shuddering and pushing against his. He thought that maybe he would not be able to come, there were so many different sensations that he was having trouble focusing on his own orgasm; but then he felt. It was beginning to grow down deep inside him. He had slowed his rhythm a bit but now increased it again. Pushing deeper and harder into her. He told he was close to coming and she increased her movements too. Pulling him closer and grasping him with her legs, pulling him deeper.

Then it happened, he came. He shuddered and pumped and cried out, still the orgasm continued to rack his body, then came the aftershocks. Those little orgasm’s that follow, and there were so many of them. Finally they both slowed and then stopped moving, gasping for air. Suddenly, her eyes went wide and she exclaimed, “You filled me up” She jumped up and raced to the kitchen for a cup towel and stuffed it between her legs.

She returned to the floor and him and they embraced again, kissing and smiling.

The reunion had just begun. The rest of that day and the next was filled with so many positions and orgasms that they both lost count, but that is a story for another time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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