The Rendezvous Ch. 2

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He awoke not realizing he had drifted off. He looked around and saw the room was empty.

He heard water running in the bathroom and guessed she was freshening up, so he decided to relax and wait.

He heard the water stop and the door opening. He opened his eyes just a sliver to see her standing there smiling at him.

He smiled in spite of himself and opened his eyes fully. She was standing there in a beautiful Oriental robe. She smiled down at him and said nothing.

She beckoned for him to get up. As he did, he reached for her but she silently backed away. Not wanting to spoil her game he quietly followed.

She led the way into the bathroom. He had not toured the suite before and was astonished to see a full jacuzzi in the bathroom. Candles provided the only light as the steam rose from the full tub. There were rose petals sprinkled on the water making the whole scene beautiful and flagrant.

She began to slowly help him off with his robe and guided him to the hot water. He eased his way in and settled back to await the remainder…

She turned and brought out a tray. On it were a glass of cracked ice, a bottle of his favorite scotch, and what looked to be a Cuban cigar. He reached for the cigar and saw that it was not only a Cuban but also his favorite brand. He started smiling to himself at her ingenuity and the sheer pleasure that was soon to be his.

She deftly cut the cigar and lit it for him then began to pour his drink.

He took a drag of the cigar and exhaled as all of the tension of his work and the events leading up to this moment began to hurry out of his body. He settled down further. He looked around at the scene she had created. It fit his fantasy completely down to the Motown playing softly in the background.

He took another drink and bahis firmalar─▒ a drag as she moved behind him. Her hands caressed his shoulders as warm oil (soap?) or something was rubbed into his shoulders. She deftly performed the Shiatsu maneuvers that brought pain and release intertwined to provide the ultimate relaxation. As she removed the knots from his back and shoulders he began to feel another tension arise.

Her back rubbing began to move from his shoulders to his arms and now much gentler, caressing, tingling. He began to feel his passion beginning to build. He soon finished his drink as she worked her way around his body. Caressing and massaging every part except one.

His cock began to poke out of the water and the cool air made it even more excited. Now it began to throb as she massaged each toe and rubbed his calves with the oil.

As if on command, one by one the candles began to burn out. Soon all that remained was the faint glow of his cigar as she continued to massage his body. Her touch began to get closer to his now fully erect penis. But each time she would move around or away as she massaged his thighs and stomach.

He heard the water start to drain and the level began to ease its way down until his throbbing manhood was completely out of the water. Then he felt her enter the water between his legs. She gently set his heels in position on either side of her. The water stopped draining and she began to massaging his balls with her hands.

Her hands, warm and slick circled the base of his cock and back to his balls. Each movement of her hands brought new pleasure and longing from the one spot on his body that had yet to feel her touch. He longed for it as his pulsing cock shouted his desire.

Suddenly he felt her hot breath on the tip of his dick and ka├žak iddaa he waited for the first touch. Her hands continued to massage his balls while he waited for it. He could feel her hot breath but longed for the touch.

When suddenly her tongue flicked across the tip, it was like electricity. He nearly jumped up. Certainly his manhood did.

Finally, she took him hungrily inside her. She tasted his desire as the pre cum flavored his cock for her. His cock filled her mouth as she took it deeper and deeper to the back of the throat.

He felt the desire welling up inside him as she expertly sucked and taking more and more of his cock inside her mouth. In the first few moments he felt himself draw near the edge.

“Incredible”, he thought. As wave after wave of pleasure swept over his body bringing him to the brink.

She felt his desire and new he was close. She also knew this was a gamble. He had told her before that he was unable to cum this way. Yet her pride refused to believe it. The newness of the event, all the staging led to this moment. She was in control. She would bring him over the edge.

With an almost fierce resolve, she began to work her hands to the base of his cock and time her actions to his dick moving in and out of her mouth.

He closed his eyes and felt himself being brought rapidly to the edge. Still something held him there. As marvelous as it felt, as close as he was. He began to doubt that she would be able to succeed where others had failed.

She new he was close, she could feel him throbbing, yet she also felt the building passion slow. It was time for special action, she decided. As she continued working with her mouth, her hands encircled the base of his cock and massaged beneath his balls. Slowly one finger found its target.

He ka├žak bahis nearly jumped again as she touched his anus. One finger circling it and playing there while the other hand rubbed below his balls. He began to feel a heat rising from somewhere.

She inserted the finger slowly and he jumped again as he tightened around it. Slowly he relaxed and she moved deeper.

Still on the edge of orgasm he was surprised at how wonderful this new sensation was. “Would it be enough?” he wondered.

She waited until precisely this moment to spring into renewed action. Her tongue and mouth doubled their efforts while one hand massaged beneath his balls and the finger inside him found the prostate. She massaged it inside and out while taking him fully inside her mouth.

It took him totally by surprise. The ecstasy flooded over him as he felt himself explode inside her mouth. It seemed as if he would never stop as he came in floods and she drank it all with greed.

As the ecstasy gave way to hyper sensitivity he quickly realized she had not stopped. He began to struggle and he was not far too sensitive to touch, let alone do THAT. Still she continued. He had not softened yet and she knew it was possible. She continued.

he struggled but was unable to move as he felt overcome by the sensations. Then he felt it. Heat began to well up from somewhere deep inside him as the sensitivity gave way to a deeper feeling. She continued and picked up the pace another notch. He finger moved in and out of his ass while her other hand kept milking him and her mouth took him completely.

Before either of them expected it, it happened. He came again, this time it was enormous. He thrashed in abandon screamed and flooded her with a second wave of cum.

She was barely able to keep up with the flood and ride his thrashing body, but she managed, and loved every moment. She realized her complete victory. She owned him now.

As the ecstasy of the died down, his thoughts cleared and he began to plan, “her turn”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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