Ağu 21

The Remedy Ch. 02

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Two weeks had passed since Nanny left the household to look after her ailing mother. I had received no word yet on the improvement or decline of the illness, but that was to be expected, as the post from outlying villages was often notoriously slow. We did as always and made do without the trusted servant in hopes that she would return as promptly as circumstances allowed.

Frederick remained in good health and good spirits as long as I administered Nanny’s remedy with my hands and mouth, or offered my own more vigorous form of release to my inexperienced eighteen year old boy. I visited his room nightly in my bedclothes, often returning to my own room with my nightcap askew and my dressing gown loose at my shoulders. I prayed nightly that no staff would see me in such an unseemly state.

These bedtime visits seemed, at first, enough to keep Frederick strengthened, but soon he was requiring more of my attention.

Frederick and I were sitting down to a light lunch one afternoon, side by side as to enjoy the view of the summer garden afforded by a large window, when my boy, quite suddenly, took my free hand from off my lap and placed it on a considerable bulge in his trousers. I swallowed hard and attempted to keep my composure. “Molly,” I turned to the maid standing patiently in the corner, “you may go help Missus Cooper with her work. We will ring if we have need of you.” I said as calmly as I was able.

“Yes Madam.” Molly replied, dipping a small curtsy and quietly seeing herself out.

Frederick turned in his chair to face me, his legs spread, the swelling in his trousers stretching and testing the fabric in a most extraordinary way – perfectly outlining the shape of his manhood. Frederick looked up at me, his eyes wide and child-like. “Please Mama,” he whined, “it has been like this since you came in the room.”

“Oh Frederick, you are such a silly boy.” I teased as I rubbed his stiff member through the fabric of his trousers, pressing it lightly into his thigh. “You need Mama’s special attention, don’t you dear?” Frederick nodded as he squirmed against my hand, letting out a sad and strained moan. Frederick’s situation was having an effect on me as I felt the now all-too-familiar tingling between my legs. I wanted to tease him though, as he had been much too spoiled the past two weeks with my ardent attention. “You will have to ask Mama properly Frederick.” I said sternly, removing my hand from his lap.

My now rather forlorn son knelt down before me, wrapped his arms around my legs and placed his head on my knees. “Please Mama, please give me the release? My manhood is so swollen with my weakness wanting to get out.” Frederick practically whimpered.

I considered his plea for a moment before taking his head in my hands. “First you will need to do something istanbul escort for Mama.” I said with a kind smile. I had been wondering since that very first night when I used my mouth and hands on my son what it would feel like to have him use those very personal tools on my own sensitive nether regions. I spread my legs underneath my skirts and moved forward to the very edge of the chair. “Lift my skirts please, dear.” I requested and Frederick did as he was told. My various skirts and undergarments now piled up around my waist, only my split bloomers were left covering my soft thighs. My pink, wet sex with its crop of tightly curled hair was on full display to my son kneeling down between my legs.

My cheeks darkened as Frederick stared at my nether lips, unsure of how to proceed. “You must touch it Frederick, explore Mama and she will tell you when you are doing a good job.” My son licked his lips as he placed one hand on my thigh and began to investigate my sex with the other. A thrill went through me the moment his fingers met my hot skin and a gasp escaped my lips.

I held my skirts out of the way as Frederick used his fingers on me. First he touched all around the outer lips, remarking how soft my pubic hair was before moving inward to my pink wetness. His fingers travelled all up and down my sex, spreading my wetness and increasing my pleasure. Soon he found the small protrusion that so often was the source of my personal releases and he rubbed it back and forth lightly, eliciting a moan from me. “Oh yes dear that spot especially feels very good for Mama. Why don’t you stroke it and perhaps pinch it lightly?” I asked, starting to breathe heavily.

Frederick did as I requested and rubbed that spot with vigour. “Oh Frederick, yes!” I murmured, my breathing quick and my hips moving in tandem with my son’s fingers. “Don’t stop! Yes, oh yes!” I moaned loudly as pleasure washed over me and the wetness between my legs increased conspicuously.

“Mama you’re dripping!” Frederick exclaimed as he scooped up some of my juices with a finger before taking in its odour and eventually licking his wet digit. He let out a brief “mmm,” and then leaned in to take some straight from the source.

The feel of my son’s tongue on my sex took me by surprise — it was so warm and moist and explored me like some wriggling creature. I could barely contain my pleasure and gripped tightly to my skirts as Frederick enthusiastically licked between my legs like an over-zealous puppy for some time. “Ahh! Ohh! Good boy!” I gasped before gripping Frederick’s hair and pulling his head away to catch my breath.

“Dear, that is very enjoyable, but I would like you to try something different now.” Frederick did not respond, but licked his lips and looked up at me expectantly. I took istanbul escort bayan his one hand in mine and guided two of his fingers into my dripping wet opening, moving them in and out while pressing them against the upper wall of my sex. “Now,” I said, “keep doing that while you use your mouth on that spot from before.” My son did as I said and started to lick and suck on that most wonderful spot while plunging his fingers in and out of me.

“Yes, Frederick. Oh, that’s good!” I moaned as I held back my skirts and watched my son hard at work between my legs. “You’re making Mama feel … oh! … you’re making Mama feel so … ah! .. so in — INCREDIBLE!” I cried as a tremor of pleasure shook my entire body. “Oh Frederick! Oh goodness that was extraordinary.” I sighed as I struggled to regain control over my breath and limbs.

“Stand up now dear.” I instructed, and when Frederick rose, his bulging trousers were nearly at face level. A small, dark spot had appeared on his trouser leg. “Tsk, you have made a stain on your trousers you naughty boy.” I scolded as I unclasped the slacks and pulled out his throbbing hard manhood. Frederick moaned as I held him and licked his member up and down before starting to suck gently on it.

“Please Mama, I want the other one today.” Frederick begged, and I smiled up at him, feeling that he had waited long enough for his own release. I indicated my still lifted skirts and bare sex with a small nod and my son received the hint. “Oh thank you Mama!” he grinned.

Frederick eagerly entered my wet opening, his stiff manhood filling me up inside. I gasped as my son wrapped one arm tenderly around me, supporting me in a more horizontal position, while his other hand gripped the edge of the still laden table. His face came in so close to mine I could not help but kiss his sweet mouth. He returned the kiss with enthusiasm, our lips pressing eagerly against each other in an even more intimate display than we had ever engaged in.

My son broke our kiss and buried his face in the nape of my neck as he began to thrust his hips furiously between my legs. The china rattled on the table, glasses tipped their contents over the cloth, but Frederick and I were locked in our forbidden embrace.

His thick member pistoned in and out of me as he panted into my neck, “Oh Mama, Mama this is the remedy for me I just know it!”

“Yes, son, Mama will get you well again no matter how much work it takes!” I moaned as I wrapped my legs around Frederick, bringing him even deeper inside of me. “Give all of your weakness to Mama my precious boy, she can take it!” Frederick moaned and ground himself inside of me, rubbing against my insides in a wonderful way.

“Oh yes Mama!” he murmured, clutching me and pulling me into him as he began escort istanbul to pump himself in and out with renewed vigour. “Mama it’s coming soon!” he whined.

“Not just yet dear!” I commanded, “Mama isn’t done.” I pushed Frederick off of me and back onto his own chair. His swollen manhood, sticking straight out of the opening in his trousers, was slick and shining with my juices. I kept my skirts hitched up and mounted Frederick’s lap as if he were a stallion. I guided his member back inside of me and Frederick put his hands on my hips to steady me and help hold up my considerable skirts.

I sat on my sons lap for a moment, savouring the feeling of having his thick manhood inside of me. I grasped the back of the chair and leaned in to kiss him on the mouth. Our lips opened and we explored each other with our tongues in a deep and passionate kiss that no mother and son were meant to share. I felt Frederick’s member throb inside of me as we kissed.

I moaned as I began to move up and down, setting the right pace for my own release, using my son’s body for my pleasure. Frederick moaned and sighed as he stared up at me, visibly struggling to hold in his own release before I gave him permission to. “Just … oh! A little longer dear. Hold on for Mama!” I breathed as I bounced in his lap with more force, as if I really were riding a stallion. “Good boy Frederick, so patient for Mama.” I moaned and Frederick let out a long groan in response, gripping my hips tighter and burying his face in my chest. “Ohh go ahead.” I whispered as I felt my body tighten up. “Now my good boy, do it now!” I shouted as my sex spasmed around my son’s member. I looked into his eyes as his mouth gaped wide in a soundless moan and I felt his own release deep inside of me.

“Mama, Mama!” He eventually groaned, “that was the best yet. Nanny’s remedy is good but yours is so much better.” Frederick continued to hold my hips and raised his face to mine to give me another kiss on the mouth. “I will have to try this method with Nanny when she returns!” He grinned.

A spark of jealousy awoke inside of me and my mind worked quickly to come up with some way to dissuade Frederick from attempting something with another woman — and a servant no less! I put my hand on Frederick’s cheek and looked into his eyes, “Oh dear, didn’t I tell you?” I said kindly, “This particular remedy only works with another member of your family, and works best with a very close blood relation. I’m afraid it would be ineffective with your dear Nanny.”

“Oh.” said Frederick, looking rather disappointed.

“Don’t worry dear, Mama will work very hard to keep you healthy. You will be a good boy for me, won’t you?”

“Of course Mama, I’m happy that you’ll be giving me my release from now on.” Frederick smiled and gave me another kiss.

“That’s my good boy.” I said as I removed myself from my son. We both did our best to tidy ourselves from our exertions, though the table was a sorry sight and beyond help. I rang the bell for a maid as Frederick and I made our exits back to our own tasks for the afternoon.

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