The Proposition Ch. 02

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Once Jenny flew out of my house like a bird, with the money that I gave her, I felt empty inside. At times, I regretted allowing Jenny to take an advantage of me, but deep inside, I looked forward to have another encounter with her, as my experience with her was unforgettable and the best ever sexual experience that I ever had in my life. From the same time, I worried that others would come to find out about what happened, especially my sister. Then I was relieved of that burden when my sister called to check on my wellbeing and thank me for helping out Jenny financially. “You always spoil Jenny” she remarked.

I didn’t get to see Jenny in the following week, even though she had come to clean the house when I was at work. On the second week, Nora returned for five days and left again to work on Friday morning to Narita. Much as I wanted to call Jenny just to hear her voice, I refrained from doing so partly because of the guilty feelings that occupied my mind, but my heart desired nothing more than to have her again.

Jenny finally called me at work on Friday afternoon to tell me that she was going to stop by at my house. She apologist for not calling and said that she wanted to show me the dress and shoes that she bough and wanted to borrow matching jewelry for the dress from Nora’s collection. As it was not a busy day, I left early from work to be home when she got there and she arrived soon after.

“Hi Uncle Jim, I want to show you the dress I am going to wear tomorrow with the shoes you bought for me?” she said with her lovely smile.

Giving me kiss on the cheek by the doorway, she ordered, “Ok then, sit here and wait for me. I’ll give you a little cat walk in this dress to see if you like it” and ran into our bedroom. I sat on the couch and patiently waited.

Few minutes later, Jenny announced her appearance in front of me with, “Tada…” She looked absolutely marvelous and stunning in her red dress and red shoes. She reminded me of Madonna, when she was twenty years or so younger.

“What do you think, Uncle Jim?” Jenny asked again with her sweet smile, raising her hands above her head and turning a full circle slowly to display her beauty. The dress revealed most of her back and good part of her front and dropped down just a bit below her knees.

“Honey, you look gorgeous” I complimented in disbelief how beautiful this little creature was. I ran my hungry eyes up and down hear body to absorb every detail and to register every little bit of her beauty in my mind. I noted that she had removed her bra and underpants, leaving no pantylines.

“I already found matching jewelry in Aunt Nora’s jewelry box that she said I can borrow. I am going to have my manicure and pedicure done later today and then I am all set for tomorrow”

“Honey, again I am speechless. You look so beautiful without that dress. Men will die to pick you up and run home with you. If you like, I can give you a manicure and a pedicure” I said hoping to keep her around for little longer.

“Oh really?” Jenny asked surprised by my offer. “Can you really give me a Manicure and Pedicure?”

“Sure. I used to do Aunt Nora’s toe and finger nails. I haven’t done that for a while since she gets it done in Bangkok now for pennies. I love to do your. Why don’t find Aunt Nora’s nail polish and stuff”

When Jenny started to walk back to our bedroom, I stopped her by holding her hand and guided her to stand by the couch and slowly removed her dress. Jenny smiled, as she knew what was coming. escort ataşehir I let her dress drop to the floor, and she stepped out of it. I didn’t need any more get provoked. Just by looking at this babe standing there naked with her high heel shoes had me tenting inside my shorts, but I decided to take slow.

I picked up her dress and folded it neatly taking my time. Then I assisted Jenny to sit on the couch, creased her creamy legs from knees to her feet, then removed her shoes and helped her to her feet. Jenny just stood there to find what I was going to do next and I gave her a warm bear hug, then lifted her off and carried her to the kitchen. She didn’t resist. She wrapped her hands around my neck and held me till I placed her on the island kitchen counter, with her feet in the sink.

When I looked at her stunning body, I realized that she hadn’t shaven her pussy maybe for several days and hair was beginning to grow and bit noticeable.

I said, “Uncle Jim is going to shave you down there before the pedicure” and kissed her lower abdomen and Jenny responded by saying, “You are a very sweet man, Uncle Jim”

I quickly grabbed Nora’s razor and shaving cream and returned to the kitchen. After moving Jenny over the kitchen sink with legs opened out over the sink, I slowly spayed lukewarm water on her pubic area and applied shaving cream with my fingers, softly massaging the area, but being careful not to touch her sensitive lips. Then when I started to shave, stretching her skin, she let out a small moan and shivered her body, letting me know that she enjoyed the action.

Then when I started to shave, stretching her skin, she let out a small moan and shivered her body, letting me know that she enjoyed the action.

Once I was done shaving, I sprayed warm water over her pubic, then with a towel I softly dried the area and around her upper thighs making her body tremble. We didn’t speak, but made eye contacts and Jenny seemed to be very appreciative of the special care that I gave her.

Then again, I moved her up, leaving her feet still in the sink. I filled the sink with warm water and potion of baby oil to soak her very pretty feet in. I was hard by then and had difficulty leaning against the counter to massage her feet. I clean her feet, massaged and then washed them in soap water. Once I was done, I let her sit on the counter top and kneeled below her to towel dry her feet. Once I her feet were dry, I took each toe in my mouth, sucked, and kissed them softly. Then moved to the other foot and ran my tongue from her heel to the ball of her foot. Kissed and sucked each toe that made Jenny moan and cry.

“Ohhh…Uncle Jim…Ohh that feels soooo goood…” she cried.

When I looked up, Jenny had her eyes closed and two fingers on her clit, massaging it frantically and I was sure that she was more than ready for action. Her pussy was opened like a flower; its pink pedaled lips were glistering with wetness and well greased to expose the entire creased recess of her hole to me, right down to the small erect hood of her stiff clit.

My cock has throbbing and wanted nothing less than to mount her and fuck her silly at that moment, but I refrained from doing so. Instead, I ran my tongue up on her legs, switching between them and slowly buried my face between her glorious creamy thighs and kissed and licked them. Jenny moaned in ecstasy. When I looked again, Jenny pulled her cunt lips wider apart, gleefully showing me the snug wet depths of kadıköy escort her pussy gash in her most blatant display yet. What is man to do when his little girl is need of attention? As a true gentleman, I placed my tongue on her very swollen clit, ran around it softly and sucked it making her cry and call my name. This girl had wanted my cock inside of her twenty minutes ago and I am not ready to give it to her yet.

Jenny got impatient. Her pussy was juicing, apparently seems to be aching to be filled with my cock. I reached down and massaged it, feeling cunt cream spurt onto my fingers, while still playing my tongue over her clit. “OHhh….” She yelled and her body shook violently as she came, tightening her pussy walls around my finger.

Once she regained her serenity, I positioned her on the countertop, placed my head between her thighs and lifted her up from her thighs and wrapped them around my neck. Her mouth was directly in front of my steal cock. Jenny quickly sensed my intent and grabbed hold of my legs to prevent her head from swinging and swallowed my thick cock head, bringing me instant pleasure. As if of its own accord, my cock eased into her warm mouth as I continued to lick her pussy, stopping every now and then to stick my tongue in between her adorable ass cheeks into her brown hole, making her softly bite my cock.

Suddenly, Jenny held on to my legs tighter and murmured with my cock still half way in her mouth. Her pussy became so wet and slippery, and made slurping noises as her body trembled again, filling my mouth with hot and sweat magma. I knew I wasn’t too far behind, with my cock still in her mouth.

I put her down as soon as she became calm, guided her to the kitchen counter and quickly mounted her from behind. Her moist cunt lips suck in my cock as a vacuum sending strong pleasure thought my body. She moaned as I entered the full length, practically sniveling as fresh floods of juice poured over my cock shaft until it was slippery and smooth. Man, this is heaven! I thought. How often does a man my age get to fuck a young and wild beauty like this?

Jenny wiggled her hips and wedged her ass to assure she didn’t prevent tiny bit of my cock from her sweet pussy. I started meeting each of her movements with one of my own, thrusting to meet each of her strokes. “Yeah,” Jenny murmured as she reached back and squeezed my ass. I let out a growl involuntary, as it was too late to hold back. My prick was being sucked right up her tight cunt sluice, aided by the twists of her hips as she tried to give me more pleasure. I withdrew my cock almost out and banged it home with a shudder, and Jenny wept as her cunt split wide and filled with hard pulsing cock. I felt the muscles of her pussy clamp down on my cock and spasm in little waves against it. Shoving hard up inside her, burying my shaft to its base, I exploded and sent blast after blast of hot sperm inside her. She rested her head on the kitchen counter and shivered, tremors of pleasure moving through her.

Minute later, my cock became limb and slowly dislodged from her wetness, causing her juice mixed with mine to run down her legs. I held her breasts and kissed her back and whispered to her ears “That was wonderful princess. Thank you”

“Thank you Uncle Jim, for making me feels as a princess. But I want to taste you, can I”

“You don’t have to get my permission dear. It is yours as long as you want it.” I said and watched with amusement when she started kissing her way down my maltepe escort bayan chest towards my eager cock. Once there she gently guided my half erect cock into her mouth and started to take me deeply with slow but steady strokes, then she quickly got to her knees and swallowed my dick. I gently ran my fingers through her hair and rested my back on the kitchen counter.

The sight of my little niece with my cock buried up to the balls in her throat was too much for me and several loud moans escaped from my mouth. My cock was on fire and this little beauty was sucking it, while her wet saliva ran down the shaft with her slippery mouth to keep it cool. Instead of exploding in her mouth, I decided to divert my attention elsewhere to keep my dick in her mouth long as possible. I bent down and picked her up from her waist and turned her upside down while her silk thighs wrapped around my neck, still giving my cock what it desired, her wonderfully slippery mouth. For the first time in my life, I tasted a wet pussy filled with my own cum.

Jenny held on to my thighs to balance and continued her skillful work with her mouth on my cock as I stuck my tongue in her pinkness. I stroked her legs, softly, kissing her clit and ass-cheeks and all over, the most beautiful pussy that I have ever had, making her moan. Her swollen pussy lips enveloped my tongue a vice, and the pink inner flesh was shimmed with moisture. I kissed her softly, all over again, flicking my tongue out to taste her sweetness, dipping my tongue just inside her pussy to make her squirm even more.

“Ohhh GOD….” She exclaimed.

I was past due for another round of fucking. I slowly put her down to the ground and turned her around facing the kitchen sink and placed my hard-on between her thighs. Instead of thrusting home, I rubbed my dick-head all over her pussy and one point in time, I purposely placed it at her butthole and gently pushed it, but did not force my way in to her rear.

“That’s a one way Uncle…no man has gone there…” she said with a smile, grabbed my cock between her legs and placed it pointing at her pussy entrance. Jenny was extremely wet again and my cock slid right up to the balls almost immediately and felt the walls of her vagina tightly wrapping around my cock. I started fucking her hard this time. Our rhythms become wilder by the minute and I was madly thrusting away inside Jenny’s juicy pussy. She was impaling herself on my swollen rod on every down stroke and moaning softly. My mind was spinning and the sensation of such a tight little pussy made my balls ache with a gallon of sperm. Jenny must have felt that I was nearing the edge of my ejaculation so lowered her body towards the kitchen counter, giving me more access to drive down to my balls at a vigorously.

“Ohhh my god…Ohh my dear princes…” I yelled loudly as wave after wave of exquisite pleasure ripped through my body like jolts of electricity. I felt another load of cum shooting way inside my niece’s pussy and then collapsed to her back with my dick still inside of her. Jenny wiggled her ass and tightened her pussy walls around my cock to milk every single drop of cum as I tried to catch my breath and moaned helplessly.

Once I regained my strength, I took Jenny into the bathroom and washed her cleaned and completed the manicure that I promised her.

“I feel like a princes Uncle..” she said as she walked off my house.

“Jenny, you are my princes and you should be treated as one” I complimented her and gave her a passionate kiss.

“Thank you Uncle. I want to tell you that I would work my butt off to get two tickets to the Coldplay concert”

“Well Jenny, I know your butt worth two front row tickets to that concert. Why don’t you tell me about it tomorrow” I said with a grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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