The Professor’s Women Ch. 08

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This is the eighth installment of my story about a family with an interesting dynamic. In this chapter, we see how Karma plays a role in rewarding and punishing those who deserve each.


Chapter Eight: Justice, Retribution, and Reward

He drove back to the campus and parked in the visitor lot again. He walked to his new office to put his papers away, change back into his business casual clothes, and put away his coat, tie, and dress shirt.

As he walked into the building, Chuck handed him his parking sticker and said “Here Doc, they have you all moved in upstairs.”

“Thanks Chuck.” Jackson said as he walked into the building. When he got to the top of the stairs, he saw the sign painter working on the door at the end of the hall, and as he walked past his ‘old’ office, he saw that his name has already been removed from the opaque glass panel of the door. He walked quietly down the hall, so he would not disturb the ‘artist’ at work on the door of his ‘new’ office.

He stopped six feet away from the painter and stood silently, waiting for Henri’ Trudeau, the University’s official sign painter to finish. When he was done with the last “L” on Powell, the old man stepped back to admire his work and smiled as he said quietly aloud, “It’s about time.” When he turned around and saw Jackson standing behind him he gasped.

Jackson stepped forward, touched the old man’s shoulder and said “You do beautiful work Henri’, thank you, and yes, it is about time.”

“I am so glad I got to do this before I retired.” Henri’ said, as he tipped his black beret and walked down the hallway.

Jackson walked into the huge office for the first time as its occupant and not a subordinate. He walked over to the closet and found the stripped polo shirt he had worn to when he arrived in town the previous Friday. He took off his jacket, tie, and dress shirt and hung them up in the closet. Just as he was getting ready to put on his casual shirt, he heard a familiar voice behind him saying, “Looking good Jackson.”

As turned around putting on his shirt he saw an old friend, and said “Hi Leslie, what are you doing up here?”

“I’m your secretary.” she said, “When Abe quit, ‘Old Lady’ Johnson put in her papers as well, so I was the next one up in the secretarial pool. If you don’t want me I can get you someone younger or prettier.”

Jackson walked over to the short chubby forty year old brunette and gave her a big hug telling her, “Leslie, you are one person I was hoping to run into today. I’m glad you were available because, if I had been given my choice I would have asked for you anyway. We’ve known each other since I first came here for grad school, so I know we’ll make a good team.”

“Alright then,” she said, “since you are now my boss, how should I address you, Dr. Powell, Jackson, or something else?”

“I think that we should be Dr. Powell and Ms. Becker in public, and Jackson and Leslie when we are alone, if that’s alright with you.” He said.

“What about when we are in bed?” she asked.

“What?” he said, turning pale.

“Oh come on Jackson, lighten up. I was just messing with you.” she said and continued, “I thought you knew that I was gay, not that I haven’t been curious about what everyone says about you.”

“Ms. Becker, would you please lock my office door,” he said in a calm stern voice. Leslie walked over to the office door, locked it, and walked over to Jackson. “Do you want to see him?” he asked her.

She nodded. He undid his trousers and pushed them and his boxers down past his knees. She let out a gasp as she looked at the immense flaccid hunk of man meat hanging in front of her.

“Holy Fuck, they weren’t exaggerating, were they!” she exclaimed when she finally found her voice.

Without saying another word, she dropped to her knees and when she touched him with her index finger, it twitched. Grasping him with both hands and gently stroking, she watched as it grew, nearly doubling in length and girth.

She pulled back his foreskin and licked the juices oozing from the slit on the end, smacking her lips and saying “Yummy!”

“I thought you said you were gay?” he asked.

“I told you I was curious,” she said, and then let go of the ‘Monster’, standing up and sobbing, “I am so sorry Jackson, this is so inappropriate, I have stepped over a line and you should fire me.”

Jackson pulled up his pants, and wrapped his arms around her saying, “Leslie, you have nothing to be sorry for. We have been friends for more than twenty years, and if anyone stepped over a line it was me. Please forgive me for being so forward.” They walked over to the leather couch in the office and sat down together.

When she finally pulled herself together, she looked up at him and said, “Are we alright?”

“We are fine, do you still want to work for me?” he asked. She nodded. Then he said, “Good, go get my schedule from the business office and work up a calendar for next week in your office downstairs. g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri I know nothing important will be going on here until next Monday. Things are going to change around here and one of those is to have your desk moved into this office. I will need you close by my side while we turn this department around.”

As she was walking toward the door he told her, “I know that ‘fraternization’ is common in many offices on campus, but it won’t be happening here on my watch. However, what goes on outside of work hours and off campus is not my concern, as long as it does not affect anyone’s job performance. So if you were to invite me over for dinner, I would accept.” Leslie noddrd, smiled, and walked out of her new boss’s office with her head spinning.

‘He is such a wonderful and very sexy man, and that cock! What’s the matter with me, I’ve been a lesbian since I was seventeen. I love my partner Brenda, but that cock! I can’t stop thinking about that cock. Would it actually fit inside of me, and what would it feel like?’ she thought as she walked past the steno pool door. She cleared her head and went to the main business office to get the information Jackson had requested.

Later that day, when she walked in the door of the house she shared with her partner and lover, Brenda met her with a hug and kiss, saying “You’re home early darling, is something wrong?” Leslie nodded and they sat down on their couch together. “O. K. spill it.” Brenda said.

Leslie went through her day, starting with the news that she was going to be the secretary of the new Department Head, and it would be a permanent position. She told Brenda that her new boss was Dr. Jackson Powell, and because they were old friends, and she was very excited.

“That sounds fantastic, a permanent job working for someone you really like, so what is bothering you?” Brenda asked.

Leslie broke down and told the woman she loved with all her heart about what happened in his office when they met today. She talked about the sexual tension between them, about him dropping his pants, about her dropping to her knees, stroking his huge cock till it was erect, and sucking on it and tasting his pre-cum. She apologized profusely to her lover for ‘cheating’.

“Wait a minute, you held the ‘Monster Cock’ in your hands, watched it get hard, sucked on it, and tasted his cum?” Brenda asked in an excited voice.

“You’re not mad at me, you’re not jealous?” Leslie asked, puzzled.

“Lover, I’m not jealous, I’m envious. You held a legendary cock in your hands, watched it get hard, and tasted it. You have done something most of the women in the Twin Cities, gay or straight, would give their left tit to do. How big was it, really, and how did it taste?”

Leslie described it, using her hands to estimate the length and girth, described how it felt, what the foreskin was like, and how much it grew when she stroked it, and what his pre-cum tasted like.

Then she told her lover how aroused it made her feel to hold it, and how she longed to have it inside her. She said she felt like she was cheating, but her lover stopped her and explained to her, “A cock like that only happens once in a lifetime, and if you ever get a chance to experience a marvel like that, you should go for it, no matter what your relationship status is!”

“You’re serious? You would let me fuck him, and you wouldn’t be jealous?” Leslie asked.

“Hell sweetie, I would love to watch it happen.” Brenda said.

“What if we could share him?” Leslie asked.

“Oh God, lover, that would be a dream come true!” Brenda answered.

Leslie told her lover about what Jackson had said about his prohibition of sex in the workplace, and what he said about accepting an invitation to ‘dinner’. The two women started giggling and made plans for inviting ‘Professor Monster Cock’ to dinner and to their bed. As they were planning, they undressed and went into their bedroom where they looked through their collection of toys. Brenda took the largest double ended dildo out of the toy box and held it up.

Leslie said “He’s bigger than that!” and they fell onto their Queen sized bed and fucked each other with the toy until they fell asleep.

The next morning over breakfast, the two women discussed how they would lure Leslie’s new boss to their house for dinner and seduce him into having sex with the two of them. Brenda told her lover that any man would be powerless to turn down a three-way with two women. They decided to fix him a nice dinner and pamper him but dress somewhat conservatively, until dinner was finished.

Then they would change into something sexy and let nature take her course. She told Leslie to pick her up after work so they could go to the bookstore and sex shop on Market St. to find a toy that was the same size as Jackson’s ‘Monster’ so they could get themselves accustomed to his length and girth.

The sex shop had a toy that was named ‘The Monster’ and they took it to g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri the counter. Brenda asked if they could open the box to verify the size. Once open, Leslie told the owner that he was using false advertising because the real live human ‘Monster Cock’ was much larger. “Oh,” the owner said, “you want the ‘Magnum Monster’.” the owner said.

“No,” Leslie said, “I want the ‘Professor Jackson Powell Monster’ size!”

The owner nodded and disappeared into the back room. When he returned he was holding a plain white box. When he opened it he said, “I only have the circumcised model but I have been told that this is the same size as Dr. Powell.”

Leslie held it in her hands, feeling its heft and texture and said, “Yes, this seems about right, how much is it?”

“It is $49.50, but you must sign a form releasing me from fault if you are injured or die from using this device.” the owner said, sliding the paper in front of her, “My insurance company will not allow me to sell these without your signature on this document.”

Leslie read the legal document, signed it, and she paid for it along with a large bottle of lubricant. The two women went home, ate dinner, and split a bottle of wine. Sufficiently relaxed they undressed and started orally pleasing each other to prepare themselves for the ‘main event’.

They started with their medium sized toys and worked up to the largest one they previously owned before today, and when Leslie said she was ready, Brenda lubed up the ‘Jackson’, and started working it into her lover. At first, Leslie was only able to take half of ‘him’. And Brenda was able to take two thirds. By early the next morning, both ladies were able to accept every bit of the monstrosity with only slight discomfort.

Leslie went into work Tuesday morning and was not surprised to see Jackson slaving away at his desk at the rear of the office, since he had always been an overachiever. She was happy that Maintenance had already moved ‘her’ desk into the office, to the left of the door. Its placement created a buffer and made her the focus of anyone entering the office. She realized the significance of the furniture placement and how it gave her a position of ‘power’ by making her the focus of everyone entering the office. She also noticed that they had installed a second telephone on her desk, so she could answer and ‘screen all of Jackson’s incoming calls.

She had already retrieved the few things she kept in her desk downstairs, and placed them in a cardboard ‘banker’s box’, so she placed it on ‘her’ desk. As she emptied the box and arranged her personal items, photos, a vase with plastic flowers, a desk protector with a large monthly paper calendar, and various pencils, pens, scissors, etc. He said nothing to her until she walked across the office to his desk, after putting her desk in order. She handed him a stack of papers and told him “Here is your tentative schedule for this week, Dr. Powell. As you asked, I have set up a staff meeting for next Tuesday at 10 AM. By the way, Brenda and I would like to invite you to dinner Saturday evening. It won’t be anything special, just a small congratulatory get-together among friends.”

He looked up from what appeared to be an organizational chart for the college with some names crossed out and their replacements penciled in above, and said, “Thank you Leslie, and please, just call me Jackson when we are alone in the office. I would be honored to join the two of you for dinner Saturday evening, what time will you be expecting me, and should I bring the wine?”

“Six will be perfect, and just bring yourself, we have everything else handled.” she answered, and added, “If you are finished with the new organizational chart, would you like me to have some copies printed up?”

“No thank you Leslie, I still have some tweaking to do. I will give it to you first thing Monday morning.” he said, and asked her, “By the way, how do you like the changes I had them do to the office?”

“I like it,” she said, “It makes any person entering the office feel that you are the one in charge while not being aloof. I also like the way it places me as a buffer, and disarms any animosity the older staff might have to you being promoted over them.” she answered.

“That was my intention, to make them understand that I am their superior, without being overbearing. I got the inspiration to rearrange the furniture after visiting the Chancellor’s office yesterday. I always felt that this office was cold and foreboding when Dr. Palmer was ensconced here. It always seemed more like a throne room than a chief executive’s office.” He said.

She agreed with him and went back to her business, finishing her paper work and running errands. When she realized that they were the only two in the building, she went through all of the offices in the building, ‘appropriating’ items that would not be missed, to help to make her new boss’s office look more ‘intimate’.

She placed g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri a potted plant from the steno pool by the window, and the framed Picasso print from his old office to cover up the space where Palmer’s family portrait used to hang. She found a painted portrait of Dr. Willoughby in storage and hung it in the space that it occupied before Dr. Palmer had it replaced with his own portrait.

Jackson had stepped out while she was doing her ‘redecorating’, and when he returned, he scanned the room, smiling when he saw the portrait of his mentor, hanging on the wall behind his desk, and said, “I like what you’ve done with the place, now I understand what the old saying ‘It takes a woman’s touch’ means. Where did you find the Old Man’s portrait?”

“In storage,” she answered, and continued “I loved Dr. Willoughby, and felt he disserved a place of honor in this building.”

“It will help to keep me humble knowing he will always be looking over my shoulder.” he said, and added, “We’ve done enough for today, let’s go home,” and the two left the building, going their separate ways.

They took the rest of the week getting used to their ‘working’ arrangement. She spent her time ‘collecting’ items to make her job easier, and Jackson spent the week talking to his ‘subordinates’.

When she got home Friday night, she found that Brenda had been to Krogers and bought a prime rib roast, fresh green beans, potatoes, salad makings, and a couple bottles of a nice cabernet sauvignon. Leslie and Brenda had spent every evening that week practicing with the ‘Monster’ toy, taking breaks to let their vaginas heal, and finally going to bed Friday night in each other’s arms with their double ended dildo buried in their vaginas. They spent Saturday continuing to ‘prepare their vaginas for Jackson’s ‘Monster’ and preparing dinner. At a quarter to six, they were dressed in their best cocktail dresses and the dinner was ready to be served.

Jackson spent Saturday morning and afternoon going over his notes and the list of the supporting references to the points he intended to make, he pondered one of his favorite quotes. Attributed to the Chinese General Sun Tsu, and used by Mario Puzo, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” seemed to ring truer to him than anything else he had ever read at this moment. He took his pen and wrote it across the top of the first page of the outline for his first ‘Weekly Staff Meeting’ on Tuesday morning.

After a while, he noticed that it was after five, so he put everything into his briefcase. He walked to his meager apartment, where he showered, dressed in his grey suit and tie, and left his temporary abode. On the way out of the door, he remembered his parking pass, and stuck it on the Mercedes before he left for his dinner, and while driving to the ladies’ home, he stopped at a flower shop and bought a bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase.

When Leslie opened the door, what he saw nearly took his breath away. She was dressed to show off her curves, not hide them as she usually did. The ‘little black dress’ she was wearing was low cut enough to show off plenty of cleavage. Their height difference allowed him a great view of her ample double D’s as she escorted him into the living room of their small ranch home in West Normal, and he thought to himself ‘How on earth has she been able to hide those from me all these years?’

She took the flowers into the dining room as he admired hew amazing ass and shapely legs and thought ‘Damn, she’s the whole package, how did I miss that?’ The aroma of the beef roast gave him a warm nostalgic feeling of Sunday dinners as a child. Before long, Leslie and her partner Brenda, a short haired blonde of s similar build, but taller than Leslie, started bringing dinner out of the kitchen, and placed everything on the dining room table.

The three sat down and enjoyed a sumptuous meal of fresh garden salad, prime rib, medium rare, green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy made from the roast, and the cabernet. When they were finished, Leslie poured Jackson another glass of the wine and told him, “Take off your jacket and tie and ‘make yourself comfortable’ in the living room while we clear the table and get ready to serve desert.” Jackson retired to the couch and waited as he was told.

About fifteen minutes later, the kitchen door opened and the two ladies walked into the living room wearing only whipped cream covering their nipples and vulvas. Leslie walked up to him first and offered her new boss his ‘treat’. He leaned forward and feasted on her decorated nipples, and when they were cleaned, she raised her leg and he finished his feasting on her vulva. As Brenda was offering her ‘treats to him, Leslie was busy taking off his pants and shirt. As he was feasting on Brenda’s vulva, Leslie managed to remove his shoes and his boxers, freeing his ‘Monster’, much to the delight of all concerned. Both ladies took turns stroking, licking, and sucking it until he pulled them off and started kissing his two hosts.

He was led into their bedroom and told to lie on their queen-sized bed. They crawled in next to him, one on either side. Leslie climbed on his face and Jackson started licking and fingering her while Brenda started rubbing her leaking pussy on his now rock hard ‘Monster’.

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