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The Prince of Puruvardhana

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are inspired by the reverie of the author and thus bear no resemblance to an actual historical figure.


It is the Iron Age (c. 1200—c. 900 BCE). Society as we know today was just born. Tribes throughout the world had finally settled down and small principalities had emerged every where. These chieftains were in constant mutual wars and internal troubles. But life was existing.

While the world was still understanding the benefits of farming and governance, in India doctors had performed the world’s first brain surgery. The small kingdom of Puruvardhana was going to be the most powerful the world had ever seen at that point of time. The Indian society was governed by Hinduism. A dense but awe inspiring web of values. It projected a way of life. It gave life a purpose. It asked fundamental and spiritual questions about human existence and happiness. In the kingdom of Puruvardhana lay the future. If it thrives it can alter the course of history and scientific discovery. But not everything goes the right way.

King Paru rules Hastinapura, the capital of Puruvardhana. A dignified general in the erstwhile Bharata dynasty’s army, Paru had made his name as a fierce warrior. He was an ambitious man, known among his compatriots as Sher Paru after he saved a woman from a Leopard by using his bare hands. That day changed his destiny. The woman he saved was the daughter of the King of the Bharata empire. The king asked, “Ask what you want and I’ll make sure its yours!”

Paru asked the hand of his daughter Radha. The king was angry but inspired by his confidence. He saw ambition in his eyes. He allowed him to marry his daughter.

They were wed pompously in a grand wedding ceremony. He became the general in the army. And within years was promoted to the post of Pradhan Mantri, the Prime Minister. After the king died Puru succeeded him and coronated the clan of Puruvardhana. Under Puru this small principality of Hastinapura grew into a massive empire stretching from the Himalayas to the Deccan plains and from Karakoram to the eastern Garo hills known for its rainfall.

The empire was stable and functioned as a republic. Although the King was the highest position but the ministers as a body kept a check on his powers. No law could be passed without the approval of a majority of the ministers. Further down these ministers were elected by local bodies of Sabha and Samiti which were two independent houses. Within decades the empire grew prosperous and people had a successful life, of sorts. There was poverty at some areas and corruption among the ministers but all in all society wasn’t rotting away, rather it was progressing.

King Paru fought four wars, and won all of them. At last, reaching 50 he knew his time was up. He had 2 sons. Either of them could be successful by themselves. They were trained and well educated. They were the most desirable princes in all of the subcontinent. Paru nominated his elder son Manu as his heir. The Councils and the ministers supported him in this venture. So it was decided, Manu was to be the new king of Puruvardhana.

Manu was well renowned for his bravery and intellect. He was a shy kid, didn’t talk much but whenever he did everyone listened. He carried a heavy aura of dignity wherever he went. Once a neighboring warrior tribe threatened the borders of the empire. King Puru sent Manu to deal with them. Manu made sure that his enemies got the right message. When the enemy informer arrived he proclaimed in front of the whole Sabha, “If our great lord, the king of kings, Xinyou breaks the barriers of this palace, he will kill everyone of you. If he manages to hold on to any women they will be taken as slaves and their houses will be burnt to the ground. Your society and polity will vanish from the face of history.”

When the messenger finally concluded and asked Manu for a reply he received only a single word, “If.” Neither Xinyou nor any other enemy ever managed to breach through the borders of Puruvardhana again. The war with Xinyou ended with so much humiliation for the enemy that he and his clan vowed to protect Manu whenever he asked for it.

So it was pretty logical to nominate him as King.

Manu became king after his father’s death in 1150 BCE. He continued in his father’s footsteps. He wanted his people to prosper and to help them he built roads and schools. Although he was kind to all he showed no mercy for those who looted and murdered. One day he was reported of the rising number of dacoities in major highways. He blinded all of the dacoits to set an example to those who wanted to become one in the future.

But the King was a bachelor. His mother Radha had been looking for a bride. She selected 14 from India and abroad. There was one from the Fjords of the West. “Her hair was bright as gold and her eyes shone bright like a gemstone”, the people used to describe her as heavenly. But the King did istanbul escort not like any of them. He even told his mother that he did not need a wife. When she failed to persuade him for months, she ordered the audience of the Pandits. These Pandits who had mastered the Vedas and were all knowing creatures, with every word they uttered was regarded as holy. They together looked at the Hindu calendar and tried to explain the cause of Manu’s denial to marry. They were shocked to know the cause. The King was born on an inauspicious day. To break the curse someone related by blood will have to marry him otherwise he will remain heirless. Radha was in deep confusion. Manu had no sisters related to him by blood. He asked his advisors for answers but no one had any. The Pandits were recalled to solve the anomaly. This time they had come with a solution. “You’ll have to marry Manu, my Queen.” This was their reply. Radha was angry and confused at the same time, “But I’m his mother. The Gods would be angry if I committed this sin.”

“But this is the only way out. The Gods wouldn’t mind if it was consensual. Many of the Gods themselves have married their maithers and even have children with them. So the Gods might even be happy and bless this communion.”

The Queen needed time. This didn’t make any sense to her. How could a mother marry his own son? There must be another choice. She locked herself up in her room for a week, thinking. Finally she decided the more important choice was to marry his son. He wouldn’t have an heir without a wife. She didn’t want the kingdom to be taken over by some bigot. As it is the empire had started to face a lot of external aggression. “I shall do it!” Said the Queen.

But this was just the beginning. Incest marriages between blood relatives was illegal in the empire. The Queen Mother Radha had to get a consensus for a new law to be framed which would legalize incestous relationship between blood members. But the King wouldn’t accept it any case, it had to look like as if the people want this and the only way to prove that would be to convince either of the two chambers, i.e. Sabha or Samiti.

The Queen summoned 18 of the most charismatic and influential men and women of the chambers. She warned them that a huge bad omen was about to fall on the empire. The Pandits, her allies, supported this claim stating that if incest stayed illegal then it would upset the Gods, chiefly the eldest of all the Gods who himself had married his daughter. It’s fascinating what fear can do in the face of danger. All 18 of the individuals accepted to convince the Chambers to pass a law which would legalize incest.

With this sorted there was only a single hurdle left; the King himself. If he refuses to give his royal signature, the law is killed. Radha had plans for this too. ‘It is getting dark’, she said to herself as she watched the sinking sun, her eyes glistening with passion.

Night fell upon the earth dwellers soon enough. The Queen Mother Radha had asked for an audience with the King. “It is urgent”, she said to his chief courtier. She was nervous her mind was drifting towards and away to many topics and outcomes that this proposal might bring. She had never talked to her son about any topic even remotly connected to the one she was going to now.

The doors swung open and she saw her son sitting on a chair beside his bed. It was after all his private time.

” You asked to see me mother.”

“Ahh yes. There has been a report which has come to me related to a new trend which has emerged in society. Marriage among blood relatives.” Manu was uneasy and he was about to dismiss the whole idea as nonsense but Radha hadn’t finished, ” I know, it sounds ridiculous. It did to me as well in the beginning but there is a huge cause behind it. Yesterday I summoned the Pandits and they pointed out that the position of the planets had aligned in such a way that if we failed to help this cause our rule will come to a catastrophic halt. A situation like this is very rare, it comes every 4000 years. The last time it had come was when the Gods walked this earth.

The Vedas talk about Gods being compelled to marry their blood relatives in order to survive and defeat the Rakshas(Demons). And such a time has befallen us as well. The proof is their in the society itself. If we fail now we lose this position we hold and take for granted. There is a reason why you didn’t accept any of the brides I chose for you. This is a message Manu, from the Gods. We must act and we must act now.” She thought she had put her case very elegantly. She was now a little more confident but she did not see an answer in the King’s face. He had an unpredictable personality which separated him from everyone else. It made him difficult to tackle and defeat. But why would this act save him and humanity and what relation did it have with his marriage?

“Mother I understand all what you said but there has to be another option. Also there istanbul escort bayan is another problem. Which blood relative would I marry to save my throne. All my sisters and aunts are married.” Radha saw that her son had understood the underlying cause; his marriage.

” You will have to marry me son, your mother. You have no other choice but to make me your wife.”

” What! No way mother. I cannot do that, it is a sin. The unholiest of them all. Even if I do marry you how does that guarantee us offsprings. It would be very awkward if it happened. I don’t think I shall let this happen. It is alright if I lose my throne. Someone deserving will succeed me. After all you always said to me that a King is the reflection of the people he leads. I know the people of my kingdom are good and I trust them in electing someone better than me to govern them.”

” If that is what you’ve decided than I shall not contradict you any further. But think, what if this calamity brings destruction to not just us but the people of this kingdom as well. Will you manage to take responsibility for the lives that might be destroyed if the Gods punish the people and their reflection, you. I had not come to convince you for anything, you have enough wisdom to make the best choices yourself. But think tonight what these actions might turn into in the future, a future which may not even exist for that matter.”

With this the Queen finished her naration and got up. She had given all that she could to convince him to accept. But the final decision lay on his hand.

Now she planned to coerce those 18 individuals to convey a strong message in favor of the argument to the King tomorrow. ‘He’ll accept. He has to!’ The queen thought to herself and went to bed. She had sown the seed of fear in his mind. Fear always makes us think twice before taking any action however obvious it may seem. It is that feeling of uncertainty that ripples the thought process.

The King lay on his bed, shifting side to side, thinking about the issue, blinking not even once as he stared at the wall. He thought of his mother. But this time in a sexual way.

His mom was only eighteen years older than him but she was slim and toned. She did not have an ounce of fat in her body. She could and at times did easily pass as his sister. He would love to have a wife like her but have her as a wife would be a different situation altogether. He knew that she could still bear children as she was still young enough. How would the society react though? He knows that he truly has no other choice than to marry his mom. He imagined his Suhagrat with her.

How blissful it would feel to make love to her. He had thought sexually of her but only rarely. Now if he accepts he could have his mother as his wife. He remembered the first time he had sex. It was with a maiden. He still remembers how shocked and excited she became when she saw his size. It was impressive. Now he could be a father or brother whatever one may call to his children. He knew that if he marries his mother lust might consume his daily reverie and might even affect his governance but he was ready to make that sacrifice.

The Queen Mother Radha had a toned milky physique. Her face glowed and her hazel eyes continued to mesmerize all the men in the kingdom. Everyone dreamt of taking her to bed but nobody could. At the time of her marriage she was regarded as the daughter of the Gods.

Her heavenly beauty was matched by no one else in the kingdom. Her dark hair when untangled reached her knees. She truly represented an angel dropped straight from heaven. Her skin was white as milk and even after being 37 years old there wasn’t even a single sign of aging in her body. Her beauty matched only by her wit and her wit only matched by her devotion to his son. No one could separate the two. As a child she had always protected him from harm and as he grew older she had trained him on politics and warfare and had warned him of the whims of the ministers. It was due to her efforts that Manu had grown into such a man, almost a God to many.

And now Manu was to marry his own mother and have children with her in order to save his dynasty. He was hesitant but knew that if his mother had to come herself to inform her then it must be very important. Manu for the first time that night masturbated thinking of his mother and how soon he could be her husband and protector and a father to their children. It all seemed too childish to him but his devotion and now lust towards his mother was far superior than the silliness of the proposal. He was ready.

He will marry his mother in order to safeguard his kingdom and they will bear a child together. But for now it was a long way forward and he had just taken the first step forward. That night he did not require a concubine to please him, his thoughts were enough.

The next day King Manu decided to go ahead with the proposal and the ministers created awareness escort istanbul about this scheme and its benefits. Each minister was instructed to let the people reply to the King themselves.

The King set a week long period to hear debates against the proposals and he was suprised to see that only a few spoke against the bills. The Queen Mother Radha grinned slightly as she saw it all unfold. Her 18 jewels had done the job well. Finally her kingdom would remain intact. The questioning period passed and both the houses of all the states accepted the proposal and the King gave his blessing. Now was the time for the Royal marriage to be announced. It was heartening for the King to see that thousands in his kingdom were able to marry people whom they truly loved. Finally barriers of the society were broken. He was excited for his own marriage now. He could not wait to have sex with his soon to be mother/wife. But he was unaware of a conspiracy growing right behind his back. His younger brother was hatching a plan to take the throne for himself. The marriage festivities could soon be spoiled if he succeeds.

The evening sky was bright. It was as if humans wanted to change the law of nature. Thousands of candles were lit. It looked as bright as day. The people of the country were happy that finally their King is marrying. His marriage would serve as an example to those who too were planning an incestuous marriage. The festivities were in full roll as night came close. The King waited for his bride to arrive. Everyone was happy and the King wanted the people to celebrate with him so he had opened the gates of his palace for the commoners. They were in constant awe when they saw the celebration decorations. Gold was all around them and it shone brightly when light struck it. There was no dark corner in the palace. Soon everyone became quiet. The Queen was about to arrive. She sat on top of an elephant dressed in a red and gold lehnga. She looked like a goddess herself. The people threw flowers at her as she passed them.

The marriage ceremony lasted for 2 hours until Manu tied the sacred necklace; the mangalsutra around her neck. They were then announced husband and wife. Radha touched his husband’s feet to receive his blessing which he gave. The festivities stretched for another 3 hours. It was midnight when they were finally left alone. ” Eh Manu finally you’re married. Just don’t be too rough on your wife though”, his friends joked.

Manu sat on his honeymoon bed for his first night as a husband. Radha arrived soon with a glass of milk which he gulped down in excitement. “Now I have the energy, give me the prize!”

She laughed looking at his childness.

“Manu now you’re my husband. I know I’m you’re mother but now I wear your mangalsutra in my neck and put sindoor on my forehead as a sign of my devotion to you. I will fulfill my duty as a wife and now we are no longer mother and son so you shall call me by my name. Now as you wanted, you can have me husband, whenever you like, however you like.”

He made her sit down on his lap. He then kissed her passionately on her lips. He tread slowly kissing her cheek in between and then slowly she opened her mouth for his tongue to devour.

Manu started to kiss her more aggressively. His hand guided her head according to his wishes and she complied to all his wishes submissively. He looked at his mother’s eyes. They were a hazel grey and for the first time he saw submission in her as she lowered them. She had set that mindset that she was his wife all in all and staring at his husband’s eyes would be an act of defiance. But Manu lifted her chin and started to kiss her again.

This time she too was passionate and both of their heads moved in constant approval to each other. Manu to prove his dominance bit her lower lip. “Hmff”, she exclaimed with pain. He had cut her lip slightly and it was bleeding. Watching this Manu again kissed her shifting his saliva to her mouth which she accepted without hesitation.

He then got up and said, “Get on the bed and let me have some more milk.” She understood what he meant. He then stripped himself and lay down. She did the same.

Manu made Radha sit on top of him. Her curvy milky body had fat at the right places, her butt and tits. She had a slim waist, noticed Manu as he stroked his hand around her waist. Then he started to suck her boobs like a little baby. He sucked them passionately. Radha moaned quietly as he bit her nipple. She started to bite her lips and caressed his head with her hands. She knew of his fondness for breasts. He would suckle it for long periods even when he was a baby.

After a while she climbed down and kissed his uncut penis. Her massive nose ring looked really sexy to Manu as she sucked his dick with enthusiasm. She slurped and gagged on his penis. She had never sucked such a long dick before in her life and Manu was twice the size of his father with a humungous 9 inch monster.

She felt lucky to have such a well hung husband. Manu tied her head into a ponytale and rough fucked her face until her face grew red and she couldn’t go furthur. Half an hour of rough face fucking had exhausted her and she was gasping for breath by the end of it. But Manu was just getting started.

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