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The Power of a Stamp

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It wasn’t uncommon for me to be out on a Friday night. I enjoyed a beer, dance and handful of ass as much as any other guy. I am short, 5’3″ with a small, not beefy but muscular build. I frequent the gym and try to keep a regular diet. I have short, wavy blonde hair with hazel blue eyes. That night I was wearing a tight blue button up shirt and skinny jeans.

What was uncommon for me was being out in the middle of Miami, talking to a beautiful woman.

“Oh Jay can we go somewhere else? This place is getting boring”

“Yeah sure let me just pay the tab and we can go.”

I walked back over to the bar to pay the bartender. As I waited I looked back at Myra and saw her talking to a well dressed, dark skinned man. I could see him hand her a card and point toward me. She smiled and shook her head up and down as if in agreement and understanding. The bartender came back right then and it took my attention away from them.

As I walked back to Myra I asked “What was that all about?”

“Oh he was just telling me about this new club that opened up and he said I should grab my guy and come in”

“Your guy? We just met a few hours ago” I said jokingly.

Myra laughed and grabbed my arm to pull me along. “Come on its right around the corner. I’m sure it will be fun, if it isn’t we can leave.”

“Ok I guess” I flirted. I would go anywhere this woman wanted me to go. She was wearing a skin tight, super short blue dress. I don’t know how many times she gave me an eyeful. She has perfect breasts and such a nice, tight looking ass. I just had to play it cool and I would be sliding into that before the night was over. “What’s this place called, anyway?”


That’s a weird name for a bar. I shrugged and smiled and went right with her.

We arrived at the bar and there was a line of all black men in very expensive looking suits. “Jamal said if we show them this card at the door they will let us pass the line.”

Judging by the size of the line, there was no way the people waiting would be happy about this at all. We had to walk down the entire line. As we passed the men, some whistled under their breath, some were more forward.

“Hey lil’ white girl.”

“Need me some Bolu Escort of that lil ass”

“I bet she’s a dirty little white girl”

It was weird that they were calling Myra white because she was definitely Latino. Maybe it the dark they couldn’t tell. We approached the front of the line and amidst the car calls I asked Myra “Are you sure you want to go here, it seems like a rough crowd. Those men were not very nice”

“I’m sure we will be fine. Plus Jamal gave me a card for a $100 tab. We might as well use that.”

Myra asked me to stay back for a second while she dealt with the bouncers. She handed him the referral card and chatted for a moment before ushering me over. He asked for ID and they both obliged. He took our phone numbers which I though was odd but who knows. I was able to store Myras number as she read it off, under the guise of looking up my number. A hand stamp, which oddly stung for a moment, later and we were inside. It was a club atmosphere, very Smokey from fog machines.

The place was crowded. Almost a sardine can. From what I could see, a lot of men were sitting at tables with women dancing for them. Myra ran off to the bar and got the drinks and as she wriggled through to the bar, I tried my best to follow her. I stepped through the group sometimes touching people to move around them. From out of no where someone put their hand my my ass and squeezed. I turned quickly but couldn’t make out what had happened. I saw a white girl giggling with a black man. I was about to turn around to continue toward the bar when I felt another squeeze. As I turned around, Myra was standing there holding two girlie looking drinks, one in each hand.

I was pretty thirsty so I gulped mine right down. I joined Myra at the bar for the next round and we bought two each, which killed the card.

By the end of the third one, I was feeling good. The music was flowing. I was dancing with Myra and we were having a good time. It was hard to say I was dancing with Myra though, we were in a group and my eyes were closed so really I had no idea who I was grinding on most of the time.

When I opened my eyes Myra and I were both out of breath and moved off to the side. As we stood there Bolu Escort Bayan a moment, a bartender walked up to us with two drinks.

“Hey girl. We made you another of your drink. And we made your guy something as well. We call it the Spade Special.”

We thanked her and eagerly drank. That is when things got a little crazy for me. Myra coerced me back out to the dance floor as I was feeling great everything felt great. I wasn’t out of control, I just was feeling amazing. Myra was grinding on but I felt her pull away. I was too into the zone to even care. Next thing I knew she came up from behind me and placed their hands in the front of my pelvic region, not quite touching my penis. I felt her pull me in close and start working her crotch against my ass.

I was feeling something good. Life never felt this good before. The hands pulled me tighter. She bent over my neck and started kissing me, then licking me, then nuzzling my neck. One thing was for certain, Myra was a lot stronger than she looked. She held me firm as the song got a little more intense and the grinding a bit harder. She must have slid her purse between us, didn’t want me to feel her getting wet I suppose.

I felt her purse grinding hard against my ass. She was really trying to work it in there. It felt amazing. How did she ever think of that? She used her foot to widen my stance a bit and bent me over some. I just kept grinding to the music. Everything just felt so good. I felt her hands stabilize me so I could bend over further. She was grinding really hard now. Somehow she got the purse to slide between my ass cheeks and rub my ass through my jeans. I’m not gay, but for some reason that just felt like the best thing ever. My brain was a bit foggy, but I realized I was hard as a rock with my 3″ dick. I was praying that she didn’t reach around to it. If women see my dick before we get to the bed my chances of scoring go down to near zero. And Myra was so hot. I pulled back up, eyes still closed. One of her hands pulled from my hip and slid up my body. She reached my chin and lightly turned my head. Her hand was stronger, more calluses than I thought she would have.

Her lips and my lips met for the first time. Escort Bolu She still had her purse jammed in my ass crack. We made out for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a few minutes. These club songs seemed to last forever. She was a lot more aggressive than I though she would be. Kept me pressed against her body, making out very hard. The music faded out. She slowly released me and her purse pulled away at the same time. I was in the most pleasure I had ever experienced. The kissing, the ass grinding, everything was just wonderful. Myra was going to be a nice fuck tonight.

Right before the purse pulled away, I opened my eyes. Her hands still gripped me a bit and it felt so nice but the feeling of pulling away left me with a sense of loss. The lights at the club had come on, Myra was standing in front of me… gripping me from behind?

I stared at Myra, who looked shocked. The hand on my hip turned me around and before I could do anything, pulled me close and started kissing me, full tongue. The purse snugly between us. I felt it pulse and my ass was squeezed and a tongue proved my mouth. Adrenaline shot in and I was able to pull away. He had his hands securely gripping my ass. I pushed away. For the last probably 45 minutes, I was grinding my ass into the erect penis of a very large black man. We were making out and he sucked on my neck very hard for quite. A while. My ass twitched at remembering the grind. He let me go. I was horrified at what was happening. Myra wouldn’t talk to me. She stormed off. I was in the middle of the club by myself.

“Little white boy sure loved that song”

“Look at that white boy, he was in heaven”

“His little white clitty is still rock hard poking his jeans, look at that wetness”

I was mortified. Surrounded by black men, degrading me and wanting to do crazy things with me. I looked down, the front of my pants was drenched. I looked for the exit and started toward it. I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t breathe. I made my way for the door and everything was getting foggy. I tripped and fell into the arms of a very large black man. He grabbed me so that I didn’t fall and then picked me up with both hands planted on my ass. One planted with a very firm grip, and one slowly massaging my ass cheek, moving slowly toward my asshole. My brain was swimming. What the fuck happened? What is happening? What is going to happen? My arms went around his neck and I blacked out, a very strong hand rubbing my asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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