Ağu 31

The Piece de Resistance

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As Barbara left her office that day, she was more than ready for the weekend.

Her boss, the dumb ass, had been even more of a prick than usual. He was so demanding, nothing was ever right, it all had to go his way and, he was a stupid bastard as well.

He was one of those administrators who, because he had a university degree, thought he knew everything. He was bright, Barbara could actually admit to herself, but he had absolutely no people skills and either pissed off or turned away too many clients. But, because he was the boss’s son, he was there for good.

Barbara couldn’t even remember how many of the stupid things he did that she had related to Wayne over the past year. She had come close to quitting so many times it was laughable.

Fortunately, the half-hour drive home usually worked to release some of the tension that Barbara always left the office with. Her old Daytona still ran like a charm and as she shifted through the gears and listened to the throaty exhaust, she popped in a Metallica CD and simply enjoyed the drive.

She parked her baby in the driveway of the condo she shared with Wayne, next to his truck, and went inside. The place was completely dark and she wondered if Wayne had walked down to the pub at the end of the street. It was his favourite watering hole and they often went there to relax after a week’s work.

“Wayne,” she called out to the dark interior. “Wayne, are you here?” When he didn’t answer, Barbara cursed under her breath. She had hoped he might have whipped up one of his culinary delicacies for dinner. The beauty of living with a chef was that he did all the cooking – and could he cook. He was constantly surprising her some exotic dish or another. Better yet, he was quite a dish himself, she always thought.

She tossed her briefcase in the front closet, kicked off her shoes, threw her coat on a hook and, feeling like a little something to eat, walked down the hall to the dining area. Thinking as she walked that she might scramble some eggs, she noticed a lone candle burning on their dining table. So, Wayne was home.

Barbara turned to look into the living area and noticed he wasn’t watching TV. But, as she turned back to the kitchen, some Verdi began quietly playing. A match flared as Wayne lit a candle he was holding in the living room.

“Hey babe,” he called as he walked toward her. “How was your day?”

“Like crap, as usual,” replied Barbara, noticing that Wayne was wearing his white chef’s hat and apron. As he moved toward her, she noticed that that was all Wayne seemed to be wearing. How interesting, she thought, as he handed her a cool glass of Riesling.

“What’s this all about?” she asked as she took the glass of wine. “Aren’t you a little underdressed for cooking?” As she looked at him, the candle he held illuminated his square shoulders and threw the face she loved into a sidelit relief and glinted off his glasses.

“Not really. I got off work a little early because I wanted to fix you something special. I’ve been home for a couple of hours.” Taking her hand, Wayne directed her to a chair at the dining table, then pulled out a chair for her. “Take a load off and relax, I thought you might have had a lousy day.”

Sitting, Barbara sipped her wine as Wayne walked into the kitchen. She couldn’t help but Afyon Escort notice that the hat and apron were indeed all Wayne was wearing and she gazed appreciatively at his ass and muscular legs as he walked away from her. From this view, other than his hat, the only clothing that covered him was the tie of his apron. Well, well, she thought, as she ran her fingers through her long brunette hair, maybe this day won’t turn out so bad after all.

With Wayne in the kitchen making kitchen noises, Barbara downed her wine and poured another from the bottle on the table. Slouching back, she put her feet up on the chair opposite her, under the table and relaxed. Eyes closed and picturing Wayne’s bum cheeks walking away from her, Barbara found herself becoming a little turned on.

“Ready for something special?” Wayne called from the kitchen.

Barbara sat up and said, “sure, bring it on.” As she took another drink of her wine, Wayne walked in, carrying a platter which she could see had another couple of candles burning on it.

Now standing beside her at the table, Wayne bent to place the platter in front of her with a flourish. “And voila,” he said.

“Oh, my God,” cried Barbara, who then burst into laughter. In front of her on the platter was a cake and whipped cream concoction shaped like a huge penis and balls. The balls were about the size of grapefruit and were covered with thinly shaved chocolate, which looked like fine hairs.

From between the testicular orbs rose a massive cake penis, hard in its 16-inch majesty and veined with some kind of icing. The crowning glory was a beautifully formed head, from which the pee hole looked back at Barbara.

Looking at the incredible creation, Barbara couldn’t help but giggle at the magnitude of the member. As she giggled and turned the platter to get a full view of Wayne’s creation, he produced a bottle of chocolate syrup and squirted a little into the pee hole so that it began running down the length of the mighty member. On the plate sat a small bowl of whipped cream.

“This is fantastic,” gasped Barbara, who gazed in rapt attention at the creation. “It really is. How did you think up something like this?” Feeling a strong stirring of sexual heat from within, she reached out and ran a hand up the back of Wayne’s thigh, then squeezed a bum cheek. “If you sell these in the restaurant, you’d have women lining up down the block.”

“Actually, this is only for you,” said Wayne, enjoying the feeling of Barbara’s hand stroking his leg and ass. “When I got out of the shower this morning I kind of looked in the mirror and the idea struck me. I decided to make you something special – in my own image.”

Squeezing Wayne’s cheek again, Barbara then ran a finger up the crack of his ass. “I hate to tell you this,” she giggled, “but, although I’ve always thought you were well-hung, I think steam on the mirror must have obscured your view.” Looking at Wayne, she saw that her caressing of his behind was having an effect. A definite bulge was now showing at the front of his apron.

Looking at the bulge and feeling the heat of Wayne’s ass on her hand, Barbara now found herself definitely turned on. In fact, she realized, her pussy was getting a little on the wet side and she was feeling pretty horny. She moved her hand around Afyon Escort Bayan to stroke the bulge under Wayne’s apron, but he pushed her hand away.

“Ah, ah, ah. I didn’t go to all the work of creating something in my own image for you to just ignore it. I’d like to see you go down on it. . . I mean, see you enjoy it. I sweated in the kitchen for hours to create this.”

“All right then,” said Barbara as she took another sip of her wine. “But I don’t see any cutlery here to eat it with.”

“Well,” said Wayne. “Unfortunately, all the cutlery is in the dishwasher and none of it’s clean. You’ll just have to make do.”

“Okay, but if I get this all over my clothes, you’ll have to pick up the tab for my dry cleaning,” said Barbara. Putting down her glass of wine, Barbara made a move to push up the sleeves of her blouse.

“I have a better idea,” said Wayne as he moved behind her chair. “It would be a shame to get your clothes messed up, especially since I doubt this would ever come out.” He pulled her back to him, then reached around and began unbuttoning her blouse. With it undone, he caressed one firm breast with each hand and could feel her nipples hardening under his touch.

Barbara sighed with pleasure as Wayne pulled the blouse away from her. She leaned forward and he undid her bra and removed it. Leaning over her, he gazed down at her beautiful, firm breasts and, as always, admired the spray of freckles between and around them.

“Now, stand up,” he whispered in her ear. As Barbara rose, Wayne pulled her chair away and, standing behind her, slowly unzipped her skirt. As the garment fell to the floor, Wayne moved closer and pushed his now nearly erect penis against her ass. She kicked the skirt away as Wayne reached under her arms to caress her breasts once again. Reaching up, Barbara stroked the side of Wayne’s face with one hand, and, pushing slightly away from him, reached behind her to caress his penis through the thin fabric of his apron.

They both moaned lightly as he pushed her to sit down once again. “Go ahead, now, enjoy,” he whispered. As Wayne took a drink of wine from Barbara’s glass, he crouched down and watched as she bent to the creation and began kissing the cake testicles. Watching her kiss and then lick the balls, Wayne was incredibly horny.

Looking over at him, Barbara could see that he was turned on by her movements. Wanting to torture him a little, she cupped one of the balls in one hand while with the other she grasped the massive shaft. Knowing Wayne was starting intently at her, she closed her eyes and began to lick the shaft of the penis, from the balls to the tip, enjoying the sweet taste as she went. At the pee hole of Wayne’s creation, she licked the chocolate syrup out of the indentation there.

Barbara herself was now incredibly aroused and was getting into making love to this massive treat. As Wayne watched closely, she dipped her fingers into the whipped cream and smeared it around the head. Standing now, Barbara slowly licked the cream from around the head. As she did, small warm rivulets of it ran down the shaft and, as Wayne glanced at Barbara’s breasts hanging free near his face, she licked the white cream from the shaft.

She then bit a piece of the cake from the head and sat back, chewing Escort Afyon as a little chocolate and cream ran down her chin. “Feed some to me,” she whispered.

Freed from the scene of Barbara orally enjoying his creation, Wayne scooped some of the whipped cream and chocolate covered cake with his fingers and knelt on the floor beside her as held it to her. Barbara took a piece of cake into her mouth, then licked and sucked the gooey mess off his fingers. Wayne watched as the syrup and cream dripped down onto Barbara’s breasts and he couldn’t resist leaning forward to lick them.

As he licked, Barbara moaned and Wayne sucked on her nipples one at a time. With Wayne now enjoying the extra sweetness of Barbara’s breasts, she reached down under his apron and wrapped her fingers around his penis. Stroking his eight inches as Wayne licked her, Barbara badly wanted to fuck him.

But first, she thought. “Stand up,” she said.

“Why babe, this is incredible and I’m enjoying myself right here,” he replied from between her breasts.

“Look, this is my treat, right?” she said, letting go of him. “For my treat I want you to stand up.”

Sighing, Wayne then did as she asked. Still sitting, Barbara lifted Wayne’s apron to expose the penis she so loved to love. “Beautiful,” she said, eyeing his length. “But it needs a little something.” Reaching to the creation on the table, Barbara scooped up some of the cake, chocolate and whipped cream and then smeared it over the penis in front of her.

Looking into Wayne’s eyes, Barbara smiled, then bent to lick him. Running her tongue up and down his shaft, Wayne moaned softly as she enjoyed the added taste. Wayne clasped his hands behind his back and pushed his penis out as she continued licking her treat. With most of the dessert licked off, she then took him into her mouth, slowly moving her lips over the head of his penis, then sliding along his length as she deep throated him.

Popping off the end of his penis, Barbara gasped, “I need you to fuck me, right now.” Saying that, she pushed the penis creation across the table and sat on the edge. “Come on, baby, I need you right now.”

With her legs spread and Barbara leaning back on her elbows, Wayne moved between her legs and pushed his penis against her lips. As Barbara gasped, he pushed his way full length into her wet pussy. As he began a smooth fucking motion, Barbara helped pull him in with her legs.

Eyes closed, Wayne concentrated on going full length into her, building speed as he did so. Barbara, now with her eyes closed, continued to lean back and enjoy the feeling of Wayne pumping in and out of her. With Barbara pulling him into her harder with her legs, Wayne knew Barbara was about ready to cum. A few more seconds of fucking and he was ready to explode as well.

Finally, as they both moaned, they came together, with Wayne shooting his cum into her. Sated now, they slowed their pace to a more gentle fuck rhythm and, slowing further, Wayne finally pulled out of her pussy. Leaning over her, he kissed her on the lips and she responded with her tongue.

“God,” Barbara panted, “that was incredible.”

“It sure was, babe. If I had known I could turn you on like that with my creations, I’d have cooked some up a long time ago.”

Sitting up on the edge of the table, Barbara kept her legs hooked around Wayne’s body. Kissing him, she took his penis, covered with her cum and cake and fondled him. “We’re both a mess,” she whispered into his ear, “let’s take a shower and get cleaned up. I have this little treat I can do for you in the shower.”

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