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The Perfect Anniversary Gift Ch. 03

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Exhausted and overheated I fall back across the bed. You stretch out embracing me and pull me close. The rise and fall of your body echoes my own labored breaths. I can feel your sticky semi-hard cock pressing against the bare flesh of my thigh. Lacing my fingers through yours I bring your hand to my lips and kiss it gently.

“I love you, honey.”

“I love you too, baby. What got into you tonight, darling?” you ask.

As our labored breaths becomes abated I turn to you and kiss you on the lips. I tell you about my afternoon of watching the movie and masturbating. Your cock grows turgid against my thigh as you rub your hand over my latex corset.

“Caroline, I don’t have to tell you how exciting tonight was or how much I enjoyed it, but I do want to tell you that you are extremely sexy in this outfit.”

“Thank you, darling. I’m so glad you enjoyed tonight. But as sexy as I may look, this is hot as hell baby. I bet I lost ten pounds just sweating. Will you undress me?”

“Yes Mistress,” you reply as you get off the bed and move between my legs, your hard cock bobbing up and down with each movement.

I reach down and stroke the hard 9-inch cock protruding from my sex.

“That’s right, my little anal slut, if you ever want to feel my cock in your pussy again you will take care of me, now.”

You ignore my taunt, but I had seen your cock jerk when I called you my anal slut.

“Lie back Mistress and relax.”

I reach for a pillow and put it under my head as you lift my left leg and slide my boot off, dropping it to the floor. Cradling my foot in the palm of one hand you use the other to massage it. The combination of your tender caresses and the cool air on my hot sweaty foot are intensely arousing sending tingling sensations up my body. Gently dropping that foot you lift my right leg and remove that boot. I wiggle my toes as you massage my right foot. You move up to the edge of the bed between my thighs and start to undo the harness that is strapped around my waist. I watch as you slowly bend down and take the head into your mouth and start sucking on it. You bob your head up and down on it taking at least half of it into your mouth before you come back to the crown. My nipples harden and the walls of my vagina clinch around the dildo that is still inside me. My pussy is getting slick with the burning desire that is building. I reach for the laces of my corset and begin to undo them, my nipples, şişli escort as hard as the cock in your mouth, long for human contact.

Sliding your mouth off the dildo with an audible pop you stop me from undoing any more laces.

“Patience darling, that is my job,” you say as you take my hands and push them over my head and flat against the bed.

With your face just inches from mine you tell me that I will have to teach you how to deep throat a cock, so that we can fulfill a fantasy of mine. I moan and push my pussy against your thigh, ramming the dildo in my pussy deeper. My fantasy is to see you sucking a real cock and then getting fucked by it. The thing that makes it so hot is that I know you want it also.

Without looking directly at me you move away from me and continue to undo the harness that holds the dildo and butt plug in place. You detach them and slide it down my leg and let it drop onto the floor. You deftly undo the garters and slowly slide my fishnet stockings down my legs. They join the rest of the items on the floor. I finally feel your fingers working at unlacing my corset. For such large hands and fingers, your touch is soft and tender.

Finally my hot, sweaty mounds of flesh are free. The sensation caused by the cool air of the overhead-ceiling fan blowing across them makes my nipples harden more. I reach to touch them. You look at me and shake your head no…I place my hands back above my head and wait. You tell me to rise up and you pull the corset out from under me, letting it hit the floor. I watch you standing between my thighs, your cock hard now and leaking and I wait, wondering what is coming next. You take my legs and bending and spreading them by placing my feet on the edge of the bed.

“Spread them wider,” you tell me as you stroke up and down my shins.

Just the touch of your hand on my leg is almost more than I can handle. Spreading my thighs as wide as I can I know that I am fully exposed to you. I watch as your eyes rove over my shaved cunt and asshole filled with the dildo and butt plug. You move your hand slowly toward my pussy and trace the outline of my swollen lips.

“Oh baby, touch me,” I moan as goose bumps settle over my skin.

As if on automation my hips thrust up to meet your touch.

“Play with your nipples wench,” you say as you take the base of the dildo and slide it all the way out of my dripping pussy mköy escort and thrust it back in.

Finally my aching nipples will get some relief. You start fucking my pussy with the dildo faster as my fingers grasp the hard nubs, darkened now with the desire that is consuming my body. Watching you I roll them between my thumb and forefinger, twisting them and pulling them into elongated peaks. I pull on them until the pressure on my titties becomes too much and I let them go. They spring back into perfect mounds. Repeating this process over and over as you fuck my pussy with the dildo, is more than my sexually heightened body can stand. My hips move to meet your thrusts but with your other hand you hold me flat against the bed. Oh god, this is agony I need release from the sweet torture that is circulating through me. Bending down you kiss the insides of my upper thighs.

“Don’t move,” you say as you turn around and walk to the closet.

I watch as you get our toy chest out wondering what you are searching for. You turn around and I see that you have my butterfly in your hands. I watch your cock bobbing up and down as you walk back to the bed. Without saying anything you lift each of my feet up and slide the strap up my legs and place the vibrating butterfly on my clit. You hand the controller to me, and you start twisting and pushing the dildo once again in and out of my cunt. I start with a gentle buzz but it feels like a thousand fingers are rubbing my clit.

“Ohhh honey,” I mummer as you take your cock in your other hand and start stroking it.

I increase the tempo of the butterfly and also the twisting of my hard nips. I pinch them between my fingers until they are flat like pancakes and then release them. Licking my fingers to moisten my nipples I pinch, pull and twist them as the pace of our sexual play increases. I watch as you arch your body back and thrust your cock into your fist, precum coating your curled fingers. My hips are rocking against the hand that is thrusting the dildo in and out of my pussy. I can feel my walls clinching as my orgasm builds. Taking the final plunge I turn the butterfly on high and the first wave of spasms coarse through my pussy.

“Oh Dave, baby, I’m cumming!” I cry as I give into the delicious sensations running up and down my body. My hips fly up off the bed as you ram the dildo in as far as it will go. Moving closer to the bed and you pump your cock harder güngören escort and faster.

“Bitch, I’m cumming! Take my cum, wench!” you cry as the first stream shoots out and crests in midair before landing on my titties.

Your moans match mine as two; three, four more volleys of hot sticky cum land on my tits and stomach. I feel your cum dripping off your fingers onto my shaved mound as both of our orgasms gradually subside. For a second or two the only sound is the ceiling fan and our labored breaths. I look at my abused nipples softer now that my desire has been abated but bruised by the torment my fingers applied to them. I feel the juices flowing out of my pussy and gathering underneath me and I feel your cum cooling on my stomach. I quietly wonder what I love the most about sex, the build-up, the actual orgasm, or the heightened sensations my body feels afterwards. You push me up further onto the bed and climb on top of me, bending down for a kiss, spreading your cum even more on my body. I gladly open my mouth and take your tongue. Like two magnets they connect causing me to shiver. I realize that this is the best part of making love…feeling you on top of me, your lips pressed to mine as our tongues dual in a passionate kiss.

We break our kiss and just stare into each other’s eyes. You grab the sides of my head with both your hands and move the damp strands off my face.

“I love you, Caroline,” you whisper against my cheek.

“Oh Dave, I love you too, baby,” I tell you as I smile at the tenderness of your touches.

Returning my smile you get a naughty gleam in your eye.

“Now my cum covered wench, how about we take a shower together and get some sleep.”

“Will you wash my hair?”

“Yes, baby, I will wash your hair and every inch of your body.”

“Let’s go then, but first I think we need to remove a few items from various orifices, don’t you,” I say as I reach down and slap you on the ass. “Now move off me you big ox and get busy! You’re still my bitch!”

To be continued…

Thank you for all the great emails I have received. I’m sorry that it has taken a little longer than usual to post this third chapter. The fourth won’t be so long in coming. I appreciate all the votes and encouraging comments that I have received. I just hope that my stories will always bring you the kind of (erotic) joy that it brings me to write them. If I haven’t answered your email, I apologize. I will! Please take time to vote if you read and enjoy this story. That is practically what keeps me motivated to write. The other is your emails. Thanks for all your support. And love to my Dave for pushing me to submit that first story.



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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