The Parking Garage

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Today was a perfect day to indulge in a little sexy fun in my parking garage. The garage was sparsely populated leaving virtually no one parking on the lowest level which is where I normally park on any given work day of the week.

I parked in the usual spot on the lowest level and headed into the office. On my way I was joined by one of the attorneys of my firm. Not just any attorney of my firm, but a special attorney that I’ve had a sexual relationship going for about 3-years. We’ve managed to enjoy ourselves from time to time in various places in the office, like his office, the women’s restroom located in the stairwell between floors.

I was thinking today might be the perfect day to indulge in some naughty, nasty fun in the parking garage. My friend is always game if he’s not rushing off to a meeting or seeing clients. We were alone as we walked into the building.

I asked him if he was busy today and he said not really. I smiled and he knew something was illegal bahis up. I asked him what time he was going to lunch today. He said about 12:30 p.m. Perfect! I go to lunch at 12:30.

“How about we meet on the lowest level of the parking garage at 12:35 down at my car. You can drive your car down there or just walk down. Meet me down there and let me suck your cock,” I suggested.

He smiled really big and said it was a date. We got off on the same floor and headed in opposite directions to get our work day underway.

I begged off my usual lunch buddy. I told her I had to run an errand. She didn’t think anything of it. I gathered my purse and headed down to my car right at 12:30 p.m. I got down to my car and there still wasn’t anyone parking down there. It was virtually deserted. And there was my friend, he drove his jeep down and parked right next to my car. His windows are tinted so he suggested I come over and join him in his vehicle.

I was so hot and illegal bahis siteleri wet just thinking of being nasty at the office gets me so turned on. I quickly joined him in his vehicle. I wasted no time in unzipping his trousers and releasing his already hard cock meat. I very slowly placed my mouth over the head of his cock and then slowly took as much of him into my mouth and throat as I could.

It didn’t take my friend long to pull up the hem of my skirt and find the hole in the crotch of my pantyhose. He started fingering my pussy as I worked on his cock with my mouth and hands.

He knew just how to finger me to make me even more juicy and I knew exactly how to work my tongue around the rim of the head of his cock, increasing the pressure of my sucking every now and then, licking, sucking, working his taint with my finger, cupping his balls.

It wasn’t long till we were both lost in our nastiness. I could taste his pre-cum and feel his balls tightening, canl─▒ bahis siteleri he was getting close, I had his fingers soaked with my juices and suddenly, I was there, he made me cum! I moaned and groaned, squealing to some extent with my mouth full of his cock!

My sounds of my orgasm by his fingers brought him to his own shuddering orgasm as his hot, jism filled my mouth. He came and came in my mouth. I made sure I took every drop.

He pulled my mouth off of his wilting cock and pulled me up to kiss me full on the mouth.

“Do you like how you taste?” I asked as our tongues tangoed. I let him suck my tongue, tasting his cum on my tongue and breath.

I pulled back to try and compose myself. He took his hand and began to lick and suck his fingers.

“You taste so damned incredible!” He exclaimed and leaned over to kiss me again. We sat there and chatted a bit, regaining our composure and straightening up our clothes. When the color in our faces had toned down, we kissed one more time and I got out of his jeep and back into my car.

He drove off and I fixed my makeup. I couldn’t help but smile at how good he tasted. What a delightful lunch treat!! Naughty, nasty fun in the parking garage!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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