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The Park

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It’s a sunny and warm spring day. I’m lying on the couch under an open window, waiting for you to get home from the gym.

I’ve placed myself there very deliberately. I’ve put on the skirt and t-shirt you like so much. The skirt because it’s short and not too tight, and is the type that will blow up easily in a strong wind. You like the shirt for the opposite reason, because it’s too tight.

For various and frustrating reasons, it’s been several days since we’ve had sex. I’m determined we’re not going to wait another day.

I can hear you on the stairs, so I pick up a book and pretend to read. Really, I just want to see your reaction when you see me but not be obvious about it.

As you walk into the room, I peek over the top of the book. I see your stride hitch just a little when you see me. Unfortunately, the effect I’m looking for doesn’t seem to materialize.

“C’mon babes, it’s beautiful out. Let’s go to the park.” You walk over to the couch, grab my hand and start to pull me up. “I’ve got some drinks and some snacks, and we can have ourselves a little picnic.”

I look at you, a little bit baffled. “Okay, I guess I’ll just go change then.”

You tug me towards the door. “No, just grab some shoes, you’re fine.”

I put on my sandals and you head towards the stairs, me in tow.

After getting to the park, you set up a blanket on a shaded area of ground. We sit for a while, having our snacks and talking.

At some point, I realize that the wind has increased a little bit, and there are gray clouds on the horizon. When I point this out, you say, “Oh, it should pass us by, don’t worry.”

You lean over and give me a soft, slow kiss. You nuzzle along my cheek over to my neck and whisper into my ear, “Babes, I want you to go into that stand of trees, take off your panties and bring them back to me.”

I look at Afyon Escort you with surprise. And curiosity. “What about all this wind? It may be a bit more exposure than I care to have.”

“You’ll be fine. Please, go.”

I get up and walk into the thick stand of trees. I look around rather self-consciously for a few moments, then lift my skirt and remove my panties. I ball them up in my hand, and walk back to the blanket, all the while trying to make sure my skirt doesn’t go flying up.

When I get back to the blanket, I sit down carefully with my legs folded underneath me and hand you my panties. You put them into your pocket and thank me.

We carry on with our picnic. Although I’m somewhat aroused, I’m also feeling a bit nervous. I keep looking around us, sure that everyone can tell what I just did.

You lean close again and kiss me as your hand sneaks its way beneath the skirt to lightly run your hand between my legs.

For a second time, you whisper to me. “I have another task for you. I want you to go back into the trees and start touching yourself.” You hold out a scarf and continue, “But I want you to put this over your eyes, so you can’t tell if anyone can see you.”

I’m a little started at the request. But I’m also excited at the thought. Without saying anything, I take the scarf and stand up, again being careful with my skirt. I head into the middle of the group of trees and stand with my back against one of them.

I tie the scarf around my eyes, and then run my hands down my front, stopping at my breasts to squeeze and tease my nipples. I reach my skirt and pull it up to hold with one hand while the other starts playing with my clit.

After a few moments, I think I hear something. I stop and try to listen. But I cannot hear anything except the distant sounds of the park, so I go back to playing.

My Afyon Escort Bayan fingers are now dipping into my pussy while the palm presses against my clit. I hear another sound. This time I’m pretty sure it is you, coming to watch me. The thought of this turns me on even more and my hands start moving faster.

Suddenly, I feel hands running along my thighs and then moving my hand out of the way. Without speaking, a tongue flicks out against my clit while hard fingers push up into me. I can tell it is you by your touch and scent.

Not being able to see you heightens the sensations radiating from my core. Your lips clamp down on my clit while your tongue rubs against it. My body jumps against your mouth, my hands gripping the tree, my legs trembling.

You give a fierce suck, pulling on my clit, and my body goes off. I tighten around your fingers, crying out at the feelings racing through my body.

I can feel you stand up in front of me and then your lips against mine. You tug the blindfold off and I see the arousal in your face. “Come on babes, let’s get home and continue this.”

You grab my hand and we start to walk back to the blanket. Once we get to the edge of the trees, we see that it has begun to rain heavily. With all that had been going on, we hadn’t heard it start.

You turn to me and say, “Guess we’ll have to run for it.” Once we move out into the rain, I can tell it’s quite warm. We get close to the blanket and an idea sparks.

I suddenly stop and look around, seeing that the park has emptied due to the rain. Wondering why I’ve stopped, you turn to look at me curiously.

I give a half-smile and say, “There’s no one here….”

You look at me for a moment and abruptly pull me against you. Your hands go to my face and you kiss me deeply. “You’re right, no need to go all Escort Afyon that way.”

We start to undress, fighting to pull the soaked clothes off, stopping to kiss and touch the newly exposed bits of skin. Finally, we’re both completely naked, arms around each other, skin slickly rubbing together.

I run my hands over your chest and stomach as I crouch down and sit on my heels. I run my hands across your drenched cock. My tongue licks across you, tasting the rainwater mixed with the pre-cum. My mouth closes around you, sucking and stroking.

I pull back to look up at you. “I need to feel you inside. Please come down here.”

I lay back onto the blanket with my legs spread, and reach up to you. You come down onto your knees and then over me. Your hand goes to a breast and start sucking one of my nipples into your mouth as you position yourself.

The head of your cock nudges and teases against me. I put my legs around you and raise my hips. “Now, please.”

You look at me as you slowly start to slide inside, filling the emptiness. You pull out slowly and repeat the torturous entry, over and over. The languid pace slowly builds the tension inside until it isn’t enough.

My hands grip your arms, the nails digging in. My legs press against you frantically. “Oh god, harder, now!”

You rear back and start a frenzied thrusting, your cock swells more and stretches me. One of your hands reaches between us, a finger presses against my clit. My body goes rigid and I begin to cum.

My spasms squeeze your cock as you continue to thrust, stretching the orgasm into forever. You let out a shout as you explode, bursting inside of me.

After a few more thrusts, you collapse on top of me. The rain has started to lighten, just covering us in a fine mist.

I turn my head to give you a kiss. “The rain is stopping. We should go before people start coming back.”

We struggle to get our wet clothes back on. I ask you for my panties back.

“No. I want to know there’s nothing beneath that wet skirt and that any part of my body has access at any time the whole way home.

To be continued…

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