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The One that Got Away…

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I work a job that requires me to be on the road locally. I am assigned an area and I do not stray from that. Three years ago, I was put in the area that my school crush lives in. Now when I say school crush, I am not just talking about the high school years. No, I was always a grade ahead of Amanda and I first laid eyes on her when I was in first grade and her in K-5. I had an instant rush. Growing up together, that crush never went away. Sometime around middle school, I tried to be middle school cute and get her to like me but we were both shy.

Fast forward to High School and I got involved with cheering so that I could be near her but was always too chicken shit to say something. In my senior year we were part of the chorus together and for one of our performances, I was able to dance with her as we sang. Let me tell you up till that point, there had been few hotter moments in my life. Yes, I waited until I found my wife to have sex, so I was still a virgin.

Our college years saw us go separate ways and she found a boyfriend, who she married. I started working and found my wife. I watched her family grow on Facebook. When my wife and I had our second daughter, she was having her first and she came to our shower. The beans were spilled about my longtime crush and I even have a photo of us together and my dream which is me with her and my wife.

So that brings me to today, working her neighborhood, she has gotten used to seeing me and waves this excited sweet wave. This has been going on for a while. Then one day she came through a bit early and stopped for a while and talked. That talk turned into a trip to Starbucks for coffee. She started coming through earlier and the talks got Afyon Escort longer.

Today, I was waiting and I had the coffee already in my car. She showed up and I handed her favorite drink to her. She thanked me and it took me a few minutes to respond. She asked if everything was alright to which I responded I was just I had something on my mind.

“Well shoot, maybe I can help you with it!” Amanda said.

“I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t” I responded.

“Go ahead!” she prodded.

“You see the problem is if I do it could change everything and ruin so much and I don’t want to do that” I answered.

There was a long pause, too long! I had fucked up and she knew what I was thinking. Then I felt something as I sat there with my eyes closed waiting for the worst. Her hand touched my thigh and rubbed up, reaching my now aching throbbing cock through my pants. As I opened my eyes, she was face to face with me and we began to kiss. I took the back of her head in my hand and pulled her closer. I rubbed her cheek as I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth. She moaned lightly into my mouth and began to rub my cock furiously. It was now my turn to moan and I grabbed her hair and told her we needed to get somewhere so that we could fuck.

I got into her car and we rode to her house. I stayed in the car as she made sure her husband was gone. When I made it in, she was calling the school she worked for and she told them that she was ill. As soon as she hung up, we were stripping and ascending the stairs to her bedroom. She paused and took me instead to her spare bedroom.

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my legs. I placed her on the bed and straddled Afyon Escort Bayan one of her legs. I did not want to accidentally start fucking her yet, I had waited too long. I began by biting and sucking on her neck, making my way to her breast. I started at the bottom of her left breast and made my way to the top where I worshipped her nipple. I held her arms down over her head and began to suck on the other tit! She was squirming and humping my thigh. My cock was hard and leaking pre-cum all over her thigh.

As I kissed and nibbled my way down to her pussy, she moaned and laughed as the experience was both pleasurable and ticklish. I settled between her thighs and was looking at a beautiful pussy. The lips were symmetrical and the clit protruded just a bit. Her pubic bone pushed out a bit and her inner lips were tucked into her pussy. When opened, the pussy was the most beautiful pink you could imagine. The taste and smell were divine, with a floral note and a spicy flavor and smell to it. It was perfect.

I don’t know how long I was between her legs worshipping her pussy, but I do know that she was begging to have my cock put inside of her. I came up her body, spread her legs a bit more and slid my cock all the way into her slowly. I could feel each inch of pussy, every inner fold and how wet she was. Her pussy accommodated me perfectly and when I was all the way inside her, I could just feel the back wall of her pussy. I adjusted and slid my cock into the top portion just above her cervix and she nearly came right there. The feeling of her pussy contracting and becoming wetter was amazing.

I began to fuck her a bit harder and with more rhythm. She was Escort Afyon panting yes and begging for more. I sped up my tempo and was now fucking her pretty hard. I looked at her sweet face and noticed that her face and chest had flushed and she was breathing pretty heavy. I kept up what I was doing and as I saw she was about to orgasm, I wrapped my hand lightly around her throat. At first, she was nervous and then she really started to get into it. I did not cut off any air and only blood on one side. She began to cum hard and she was screaming as I felt a gush of fluid come from her. I pulled my hand away quickened my pace and between that and the contractions that her pussy was doing to my cock, I exploded in my orgasm. I was so caught up in the moment that I did not think to warn her and pull out. My cum was currently being sucked up into her cervix. I laid there for a few minutes recovering with my limp cock still inside of her pussy, still spewing a bit of cum.

I rubbed her face, gave her a kiss and apologized. She assured me not to worry. She was smiling at me and the next thing she said shocked the hell out of me.

“We should have done that years ago”

“Yes, we should have” I agreed. “What do we do now though?”

She answered, “I don’t know. I have not loved Keith in a while now and we have not been able to have a second child. Now I will get to see if it is me or him.”

“Cleo and I have often talked about having another person in our relationship and that if we did it would have to be like a permanent thing and live in” I answered. “I would want it to be a situation where we could fuck together as three or just two at a time, to include you and Cleo if you wanted.”

“I would be ok with that” Amanda answered.

“Yeah, I’m just not certain how Cleo will feel especially with this happening first” I responded.

Amanda said, “Let me handle that I think I have a plan.”

Part two will contain the plan if this is enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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