The Office Watcher

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In your office I might think of you in an above the knee Khaki skirt, white blouse, white thong, white lace bra, hair tied back. The lights in your office might need to be dim and it might need to be late, after all your local coworkers have left for the day but you.

I am thinking about someone associated with your work, someone you find attractive, someone you may even have a small crush on, sitting in your office, in a chair, facing you, waiting. I’m thinking about them allowing you to see their eyes walk up and down you, their eyes lingering on your crossed legs and then on the buttons of your blouse. Maybe when you cross your legs the other way you would glance up and still see them watching you. You might not even cross your legs, uncomfortable under their scrutiny, instead sitting with your legs close together, or even open a little. They might enjoy seeing you reacting under their stare. They might enjoy the recognition when you don’t cross your legs. They might wait to see if something appears in your eyes or speaks in your body language.

You might stand up and walk across your office to get something. They might reach out their hand and stop you, putting it on your leg, just at the edge of your skirt. You might hesitate, not sure what to do. You might hesitate still as their hand squeezes, uncertain more as it slowly moves up a few inches, rolling to the inside of your thigh. Hesitant and feeling butterflies appear, you might stay there waiting. Nervous of acknowledging the touch and making it real. Nervous of not having already slapped the hand away. Nervous of the next few minutes no matter what you do.

The watcher wouldn’t know your thoughts, but he would read your reaction. He would read your hesitation. He would feel you trembling under his touch and know of some conflict inside your head. He would decide to move forward gently and slowly. He would take his time rubbing your thigh, edging his hand consistently up, but doing so millimeters at a time. He would squeeze, feeling the nerves inside you building. He would read your muscle tension and at the right moment he would start back down your thigh just as slowly. His hand moving down easing tension in your mind. The need to react fading with each gentle stroke lower. Finally your breathing coming again. The imminent danger past.

For him slow would be smart. Slow would ease the pressure of uncertainty. It would ease the pressure of reality, giving time to build anticipation. Giving time for your thoughts to shift away from how this could happen. Thinking about the warmth of his touch and not the strangeness. Thinking about the contact on your skin. Not looking at him or his hand. Not noticing your other leg moving to give room. Not noticing your skin feeling warmer. Not noticing your breathing getting deeper.

But he would notice your breathing. He would notice the tension draining from your muscles. He would notice your warm skin under his hand. Even changing directions again. He would sense you waiting. He would sense you anticipating. He would sense your thoughts focused on his hand. Lightly gripping the inside of your knee, fingers stroking while moving upward. Gripping and releasing, walking lightly up and under the edge of your skirt. Tracking little circles over warmer skin now. Back of his hand brushing the inside of your other thigh, moving that leg out further canl─▒ bahis again. You breathing going from deep to nothing.

Eyes closing and you don’t notice, the thing on your mind most the feeling of his hand massaging you. Getting closer and closer. Also the biggest thing on his mind, especially looking at you, admiring you, turned on seeing you breathe like that. Maybe he would decide it was time to move his hand all the way up. Your breathing released finally. Your mouth slightly open, toung resting just inside your lips, your feet moving apart a third time for him. Gingerly and for the first time he would feel how soft you are. He would feel how he was affecting you; His fingers touching you through cloth like a whisper. Gently floating over your contours and mapping them out. Your hips moving unconsciously pressing to his touch. Your feet bringing you closer to him. Your body swaying in for him. Your thoughts moving to him.

His other hand pulling on your waist now. Without opening your eyes your back slowly turns to him and you sit on his lap. Leaning back, feeling him pressing his massage on your barely covered lips more and more. And against you from behind, between your skin and the skin of his leg you feel him long and thick and growing for you. You rotate you hips, grinding on him a little for you, but mostly for him. Mostly to to help him grow under your cheeks but also to feel his thickness. To feel him lengthen. To feel his body breath deeper under you. Finally to encourage his touch on you.

He guides your legs apart with his other hand then he rubs it up your stomach to your blouse. First the lowest button, then the next, then the next. You, feeling goose flesh rise as the material falls to the side and cool air touches your torso. Feeling his fingers on you. Feeling them slide over your belly. Feeling his hand cup your breast. Soft pressure there. Your thoughts moving from between your legs to your chest. Feeling his fingers sliding over the top of your bra and then across your nipple. Slowly teasing you, hard and sensitive. Making you shake. Making you shiver. Making your lips swell quicker under his other hand.

Hearing a visceral moan he knows that you belong to him now. A whimper pushes him to draw aside the damp cloth between your legs and you feel cool air. You barely register the sensation because you are soo warm. Soo wet. Soo swollen. Your lips, open, soft, eager, you feel his fingers slide over you bare the first time. Erotic is the word. You feel like he immediately knows you down there, like you are familiar to him, like he pets you to reassure you that you are still his. Pushing your hips into his hand and opening your legs, you let him know that he is right. Feeling his fingers slipping down. Feeling them open you. Feeling them working their way confidently inside you, you shake. You experience a first little orgasm, squeezing your muscles around his hand. He knows, he touches you in the right spot and he allows you to enjoy it.

Now you feel yourself dripping out around his fingers. You feel him teasing your nipple. You feel him kissing your neck and nibbling on your ear. Most erotic of all though is the slow rotation of his hips as he grinds himself against you. It makes you more and more eager to feel him inside. More and more eager to turn around and mount him.

You reach for the zipper at the side of your bahis siteleri skirt. It takes both hands to get it down as you are careful not to interrupt him stroking you. Then you realize you will be unable to slip the skirt under you without stopping him, so you glance back and give a meaningful look. He nods and you lean forward and stand up. Your skirt falls followed by your blouse and bra. You bend at the waist as you slide your thong down your legs. With one thumb he strokes your wet lips, with the other he reaches down the front of his pants and pulls his erection up. It pushes past the waist of his Khakis and you see his head and more than a couple inches of what you want inside you for the first time. It makes you nervous but it also makes you feel basic needs, animal needs, you want to make him cum.

Turning to face him you place your hands on his thighs, lean forward and kiss him. You kiss his lips. You kiss his cheek. You kiss his neck. You unbutton his shirt and kiss his chest. You keep kissing lower and lower. Just before his pants your lips kiss his head. You do it with more care than anything else. Your lips and toung deliver soft, gentle, passionate whispers barely touching him. Teasing him. Finally you look up and into his eyes. He is watching you. You turn your gaze back down and slide your mouth over his head again. You taste the saltiness of his arousal and gently suckle while your hand opens the button and zipper of his pants. He pulls them down with your help, watching your closed eyes and the work of your tongue as you hold him inside. He can’t help twitching at the site of it and you taste a little more of him before your suckling swallows it down. You allow him to hold your head for a moment without protest and he briefly fucks your mouth. He explores it, both its depths and capability to hold him. He tests your throat and cuts off your breath. You allow him to take your throat and use it as he intends to use your pussy in a few moments. Then his hands are gone and you can breathe again. You have his taste in your mouth strongly now.

You switch him from your mouth to your hand and kiss up and up until you find find his lips. You have to straddle him and the chair. He feels hard and large in your hand. You feel nervous but eager. You want him inside you badly. You want him touching you where his fingers couldn’t. Lowering yourself you brush his head along the wetness of your lips. You do it again and he twitches in your hand. You moan and squeeze him, feeling a wetness from him against your fingers. Looking into his eyes you slide your hand up an down his shaft, spreading the wetness over it. It feels wonderful for him and he moans as you go back to fitting him inside the opening of your lips. He wants to push up soo badly. He can already feel your heat. He can already feel your wetness. Above all he can sense your eagerness. On either side he feels your legs shaking. He look into your eyes and reaches his hands up to your breasts. Then he gives a look that commands you and you guide him inside.

He feels his head pushing against you, as if he has gone in as far as your body is going to allow. But he wants more. He wants to go further. His hands go to your waist. Holding you down on him he pushes up with his hips, moving inside you deeper, feeling you giving way, feeling your muscles twitch as they stretch around his size. bahis ┼čirketleri He moans with you, feeling his head slide through you, against your cervix, pushing you, stroking you, making you shiver and squeeze him. His head finding your cervix takes your breath away. Your mouth opens with the catch of your breath and a wimper follows. He repeats his hip thrust, again pulling you down on him and stroking the right spot inside. You respond with another wimper then cover his mouth with yours. He does not need to help you a third time. You grind down on him with need and use him to stroke that spot again. And with the swollen head of his cock, deep inside you, he does.

As you ride him your breathing gets deeper and deeper, matched by his. The stroking that your motion gives his head makes him harder and harder. He can also feel your lips, hot, wet and swollen sliding against him at the base of his cock. He looks down and enjoys the visual of seeing you wide open. You don’t ride up so much as rock back and forth on him, sliding his head across your cervix. The touch, his touch, is a touch that makes you want to fuck. Your body gets hotter and hotter and the wetness between you both increases. He grab your ass to help you rock back and forth, panting against your chest, taking time to suckle on one nipple before moving to the other. The sensation of his toung sliding over your nipple adds a shiver to the other feelings coursing through your body. You are panting now. Almost grunting as your rocking pushes the head of his cock across you inside. It won’t take long. He is too thick for that. You feel yourself tightening. You feel yourself building from the spot he strokes inside you to the rest of your body. Your moans get louder and faster as you speed up on him. That pushes him to the edge, feeling your muscles and your cervix carressing him like another pair of lips inside. Suckling over the top of him every time you move and urging him to release what he already drips inside you.

You suddenly have to fuck; Rocking on him as quickly as you can because your body needs it. In moments you start to cum. Spreading out from between your legs and washing over your body in a hot wave. You embrace him as you let out little screams and whimpers; Shaking against him. Shaking down on him and driving the long rigid shaft of his cock as deep as you can inside you. Squeezing around it tight to make him cum as well. Hot and wet and thick he shoots. Down on him, tight, pressed hard, you feel his swell and release. His head against your cervix you feel the heat of his load. You feel it flooding inside, deep, somewhere new. You haven’t experienced a cock soo deep. Not against your cervix like this. Not while you were cumming. Open, swollen, stretched, the tip of his cock having coaxed your cervix open for him. You feel tingling and hot his load flooding inside there, pooling in you. Making you twitch, making your insides tighten once more. You shake and orgasm again, your cervix swallowing, your body submitting to him. The lip-like sensation of your muscles squeezing and relaxing, milking him into your womb. Drinking in more of him. Nearly full already. It feels like you try to draw and suck all the cum out of him that you can. He tries to give it; Holding you down on him, shuddering under you. Filling you. Emptying himself inside you. Making you his.

Stillness. Then kissing you. Feeling hot inside. Feeling him deep. Feeling him hard. Yourself soft and wet around him. You stay on top. Your breasts and body naked against his. Your legs wrapped around him. His warm cum running down your thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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