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The Office

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“Mrs. Barnes, will you come to my office.” I announced over the speaker. A few minutes later, she entered…Tall, slim, and lovely. She came through the door.

“You wanted to see me boss?” I pointed to the chair opposite me at the desk… She sat down, slowly crossing her legs. Her skirt: sliding up slightly. My cock: starting to move towards an erection. I quickly sat back down.

“Yes, I wanted to tell you, how happy I have been with your work. Top notch!” She blushed! “Now you must not be embarrassed,” I told her. “Your work has been done promptly, and efficiently, since day one!” Again she blushed. “How long has it been now?” I asked…

“Four months!” she stated. I moved around my desk and walked the length of the room, over to the door. Slowly closing it. I walked back to the desk and sat on the edge facing her.

“How do you like it here?” I asked looking in her eyes. Oh, those pools of darkness. Pulling at me, making me want to dive in and lose myself in them…

“I love it here.” “Everyone is so nice and friendly,” she said. A twinkle: in here eye. “And you are such a wonderful boss to work for!” She said with a smile. Those eyes boring holes thru me! I could feel a slight stirring in my groin, so I moved around my desk and sat down.

Looking up I noticed her eyes were following my crotch as I sat down. “I am glad you like it here.” I told her…our eyes locking. A knowing Afyon Escort smile across her lips…a slight twinkle in her eye…her breathing a little quicker.

I recognized that look…have seen it many a time. Wanton. Needing: a desire there. Her eyes were betraying her. I quickly walked over behind her. I leaned over and asked her in a whisper…”What is it you want?”

“You sir!” She blushed. “I need you to take me!” “It has been so long, and I have been watching you since I started working here.” “I knew I had to have you on my first interview.” She looked down…tears starting to form.

“You know that would be dangerous!” And she just shook her head…”I would like that very much, but it could cause some problems if we were found out.” Again she shook her head.

“I’m sorry sir, if I have caused you any embarrassment.” She said. “I only wanted to tell you my needs, and hoped they might be yours also…” She looked down, again embarrassed. So shy, so fearful, that maybe she caused me some harm.

Again I leaned down close to her ear and said, “Do not worry, we will find a way…” “But for now I want you to remove your panties and give them to me!” She looked at me wide-eyed…smiled demurely and started to pull her panties off….

Before she handed them to me she held them up to her nose and breathed in deeply. “I was thinking about you all morning,” Afyon Escort Bayan she said. “Feel how wet they are…” And she handed them to me.

I placed them close to my nose…taking in her scent: smelling her arousal, I looked in her eyes as I told her…”So intoxicating, so very moist!” “You must have been doing nothing else but thinking of me!” Her eyes dropped, and she blushed…then I tasted them, sucking the nectar from them…”Mmm,” I moaned, and she looked up to see them in my mouth! Her eyes got wider, and I saw her squeeze her knees together.

“OH,” she said. And as I took them out of my mouth: I leaned in to kiss her…”Mmm,” she moaned, as she tried to devour my mouth with hers.

“As much as I would like to continue…you must return to work,” I told her. And as she stood to turn towards the door, I slid my hand up her skirt and under it…two fingers penetrated her as she gasped!

She walked out the door blushing, a look on her face as if I had scolded her…now I need to find a way to have her. Here: on my desk! I want to take her the first time in my office…the thrill of possibly getting caught…How that will feel, being able to hear her moans, and remember they way she looks, as I am sitting at my desk everyday…

There she is…making a cup of coffee! I walk up behind her and place my hand on her tight little butt. She turns quickly; Escort Afyon as if she was going to say something and she saw who it was… she smiled! She looked around like someone might have caught us, but she new better.

“Are you wet?” I asked as I pressed up against her.

“Yes,” she said.

“Good!” I told her…”Do you think you could stay after, to work on a couple of things for me?”

“Yes,” she smiled…”What things?” Laughing quietly…

“Oh I have this feeling that something is going to pop up that needs your attention!” I saw a slight shudder. Again she smiled…this time a slight blush crossing her cheeks. “I will need your help this afternoon.” I told her as someone came into the room.

“Yes sir!” she said and she walked out going back to her desk!

“Boy would I ever like to try a roll in the hay with her!” John, my foreman said. “Hot!” “That is what she is!” He exclaimed.

“You know you can get fired for making comments like that in the office!” I told him…all the while thinking to myself how wonderful it will be…

“Yes but she would be worth it…I know it!” And he fixed his coffee and left.

“Mrs. Barnes, can you work over today?” I asked as I walked by her desk.

“Yes sir!” She said…her eyes locked on mine.

“Good,” “I promise I won’t keep you long,” and I saw a slight look of sadness in her eyes…I winked! She smiled and blushed again…

At the end of the day as everyone was leaving I walked through the office and set a stack of paperwork on her desk…”Please take care of these for me,” as I walked out the door. “I turned and said, “I need them first thing!” And walked out the door…

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