The Office

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While we stood there talking, I found it rather difficult to not imagine me wedging myself between you and the partition of Angela’s cube and going for a wild round of tonsil hockey while I grinded myself into you …… and then thought … Why not? If you weren’t interested I’m sure you’d let me know, and all the other signs and hints I’ve been getting were reading as a resounding YES in my book. So I did. I positioned myself in front of you with my back to the partition, and while trying to give you my sluttish/ sexy ‘come hither’ look, I reached my hand up, brushed your cheek and continued my hand around to the back of your neck and pulled your face down, closer to me. I looked you straight in the eye, and smiling ÔÇô said “I hope you don’t mind” and I leaned in to kiss you. I don’t know which threw me at first … the electric jolt I felt as our lips touched or how warm-closer to hot, your lips were. For a moment there was just that. Then I felt you kiss me back, felt your lips press into me harder and knew I wasn’t reading you wrong. With the hand that was around your neck I played with your hair. I let my tongue run between your lips and felt your mouth open under mine, accepting my intrusion — my search for what I’ve been imagining for so long. As your tongue snaked into my mouth I felt possessed. As we played with each other’s tongues I could feel myself getting hotter, wetter and grinded myself against your cock feeling the heat come off of you as you got harder. God, I wanted more. I sucked your tongue into my mouth wondering if you understood how far I was planning on taking this. Wondering if you understood that this – sucking your tongue — was just a warm up for things to come.

After I had my fill of your sweet tasting mouth and dueling with that wonderful tongue I slowly nibble my way down and across your neck, leaving a warm, wet trail as I go. Gently but firmly biting into the soft bahis firmalar─▒ part of your neck by your collarbone. Feeling you grind against me, as our bodies make contact in multiple places … feeling that power … and knowing there is only a zipper separating me from what I truly want … imagining me wrapping my lips around you, licking you, feeling the warmth and hardness …..

I move you over and have you lean back so you’re sort of sitting on Angela’s desk and lean back into you, my leg between yours, my hip rubbing into you while again I nibble and suck on your neck while my hands make a lazy trail across your chest, stopping to caress and gently pinch your nipples. I pull your shirt out of your pants as I assault your mouth with my tongue again and hear and feel you sigh into my mouth. I run both my hands under your shirt but try to not touch your skin. Not yet…. I want to savor the moment, build the anticipation. Your skin is so warm ….. I lay my palms against you, cupping your breasts and catching your nipples in between my fingers, pulling on them. Whether you know it or not I am so completely turned on. Wanting with everything thing I do to you — for you to understand how much I enjoy the same. Feeling with every fiber of my being that making love to someone is something that shouldn’t be rushed

(though every now and then you just want, just need to get fucked). I stop kissing you, but only long enough so I can pull your shirt up over your head. I decide that I need to feel your skin against mine so I unbutton my shirt too, reveling not only my white lace bra, but my hard nipples – evidence of how turned on I am. You smile down at me as you run your finger over the top of my breast, touching my skin and softly say “So pretty”. I smile back at you and lean in to kiss you again as your hand cups my breast. You pinch my nipple between your thumb and forefinger and I moan into ka├žak iddaa your mouth as a jolt runs between my nipple and pussy. I vaguely wonder how you know my triggers as I grind myself into you again. So hard. So hot. As we continue kissing I leave my left hand to continue to play with your chest and let my right hand wander down to your crotch taking delight in how hard you are. I pull away from you and smile, saying “Oh, how nice!” I look to where my hand is, watching as my fingers trace the outline of you. I feel you shiver as my hand closes over your hard cock, my grip leaving no doubt as to my intentions or desires.

Not being able to wait any longer I start to undo your pants. I open the button and move my hand across your belly just above the top of your jeans. As I run my fingers across your stomach I hear you sharply take in a breath between your teeth. I unzip your fly, trying to be careful not to touch you, not yet. I make you wait a moment before I trace the outline of your cock thru your underwear. I lean up to bite your neck and chuckle softly into your ear as I feel your cock jump, as if to reach out to my hand to be grabbed. I pull away from you again and sit myself in Angela’s chair so my face is now at your crotch level. I pull your jeans and boxers down, again being careful to not touch you. Once I have them off I sit there a moment and admire your beautiful throbbing cock as it twitches in front of me … teasing me to capture it in my lips.

Instead I start to kiss your belly, sometimes dragging my tongue across your skin. I stand and work my way up your chest and lick at your nipples again. They are rock hard and I can’t help but to suck on them, drawing my tongue in circles around them. As I kiss along your jaw line again I can’t contain myself any longer and run my fingers very lightly over your now exposed cock. Again I hear you take in a breath as well as let out a soft ka├žak bahis moan. I run my index finger over the tip which is now wet with pre-cum and draw circles around the full tip of your cock. I kiss my way to your ear, take your earlobe in between my teeth and flick it back and forth with my tongue. I say to you “What I’m doing to your ear … this is what I want to do to your cock with my tongue”. You moan your approval. I then wrap my hand around your full cock and tell you “this is what I want to do with my mouth”. Again you moan and push your cock into my hand. Then I run my fingers lightly from the base up to the tip and tell you “This is what I want to do with my teeth” and again you moan as you push yourself against me.

I can’t wait any longer and sit in the chair once again. I reach for you with my mouth only, savoring the first feel of you with my lips. I run my tongue across the tip of your cock, tasting your pre-cum. I cup both of my breasts and pinch my nipples for a moment and feel myself getting wetter. I run my tongue up your shaft like I’m licking a lolly- pop and enjoying how satiny smooth you feel. I finally take you into my mouth getting totally turned on by how you are making little noises, trying not to be to loud. I wrap my mouth around you and slowly take you in a little at a time, enjoying how I’m tormenting you. Once I have all of you in my mouth I start running my tongue up and down your shaft, pressing against your veins. I alternate between massaging you with my tongue and carefully scrapping you with my teeth. I wrap my hand around your cock while I suck on you, rubbing my thumb on the base. You push yourself harder into me, now holding the back of my head giving me direction ÔÇô deeper, quicker, slower. When I think your close I pull away from you and gently take your balls into my mouth softly sucking on them, running my tongue over them enjoying the weight of them and how they feel on my tongue.

I look up at you. Your eyes are closed … you are just letting the sensations run through you. I stand up with my hand wrapped around your cock and tell you “I want you to fuck me” ……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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