The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 03

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David Campbell sat quietly; he was still in a mild state of shock. His sister Leah sat next to him at the kitchen table, her knee almost touching his … they were naked. After several minutes passed, she reached out softly laying her hand on his knee, “David, is it alright if I touch you?” she asked.

Her words helped him focus and he said, “Sure, of course … Leah, did Mom just jack me off?” there was the sound of awe in his voice. “You know … our Mother, really …”

Leah looked him directly in the eye and said, “Yes Sir she did and I watched, and David … I frigged myself watching her do it. God it felt so good and it was so, so nasty; really wrong, right?”

Leah turned her head like a curious dog saying, “She was totally naked, right?” David just nodded his head and then he smiled a faraway smile.

“Davey, you know it seems like we fight all the time, right?” Leah said in her quiet soft voice.

David looked are her for a moment, “Yeah, but I honestly I don’t know why, do you?”

“Yes, I’m thinking that maybe I do … in fact, I’m sure of it,” she said and then lapsed in to silence again.

After a few minutes David stirred himself and took her hand, “OK sweetheart, why do we fight?”

She took deep breath and said, “Because there is so much sexual tension in the air you can cut it with a dull knife. Me, mom, even you … we want to have sex bad. So I see you looking so great and being the super guy you are, I’m sure deep down I want you to pop my cherry. And mom, she hasn’t had sex since dad died, that’s been 4 years Davey … and you, I don’t know but for sure, you’re jacking off everyday around here … right?”

David nodded and then smiled quietly.

“So tonight with mom telling us all that stuff and seeing your big gnarly cock dripping and throbbing, then watching Mom jack you off. I just knew I wanted to be the one doing that. Do you know how long I’ve dreamed about you kissing me, touching me all over, making love to me?” she asked.

David’s face was a mask of surprise, “I had no idea you felt that way. I mean, you look so fantastic naked and when I look at you I want to bury my face in your gorgeous pussy and after you cum I want to fuck you so hard …” he said.

Her eyes grew wide and she took his face in her hands saying, “God damn it Davey, why didn’t you say something … what the hell …”

Taking her hands in his he said, “We can’t you’re my sister, it would be incest.”

“Davey you dumb bastard, I don’t want to have your babies, I just want somebody I love and trust to pop my cherry and have some fun without the county finding out that I’m a skanky slut who loves to fuck. Dam it; I don’t want to marry you, I just want to have sex with you … jeez!”

“Leah, pay attention now, it’s a crime in California to fuck your sister … we go to jail, both of us …” and he lapsed in to silence again. They sat together for a while when Linda walked back in with a towel around her hair.

“You guys OK in here, working stuff out?” she asked, her voice was soft and loving.

David looked up at her and said, “Yeah Mom, everything is OK, we’ve just been talking about stuff. You going to bed?”

She leaned down kissing Leah on the cheek; David could not take his eyes off her hard nipples and her breasts as they swung beneath her. Then she turned and kissed him too, “Good night my loves, sleep well, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

He watched her carefully as she turned and walked down the long hallway to her bedroom at the far end.

Leah suddenly leaned forward and softly slapped his cheek, “You fucker, you sly fuck!”

“Crap, what now, what did I do?”

“You want to fuck Mom don’t you? Don’t deny it, I watched you look at her, you watched her ass like a dog watches a hamburger … shit, you damn near drooled,” she said in a near whisper. “Look at your face you sorry bastard, you look just like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar …”

David was quiet for a moment and then said in the same quiet voice, “OK, OK, you’re probably right. All I could think about when she was jacking me off was how her pussy would feel wrapped around my cock and what she would taste like …” He leaned back and his fully hard cock throbbed in the air.

Then he said, “Look at that, I think about fucking Mom and I’m hard as a rock … I think about your pretty pussy and how it will taste and look … My cock is drooling,” sure enough a small trail of pre-cum was slipping down his hard shaft.

“Come here,” he said and Leah spread her legs and straddled his lap. He kissed her in that soft gentle way a lover begins. Soon their tongues began to twist and tangle; she could feel his hard cock pulsing against her belly as he pulled her closer. He could feel her pussy leaking onto his leg, their kiss continued to grow in güvenilir bahis intensity … suddenly she pulled back.

Looking deeply into his eyes she asked, “Right here?”

“Absolutely not,” he said as he stood holding her tightly against his body. Her feet did not touch the ground, she wrapped her arms around his neck as he turned, snapped the light switch off and carried her to his bedroom.

With his free hand he swept back the covers, laying her gently down. Pushing her sideways he pulled her bottom to the edge of the bed spreading her legs in a wide V. Leah didn’t know what to expect but she trusted him, whatever he wanted her to do she was determined to do it.

He pulled a pillow off the bed and knelt on it as he pushed her legs up high opening her pussy wide. She heard him chuckle in satisfaction as he put his open mouth on her gaping puss. She shivered in anticipation until he gently licked her from asshole to clit and back, repeatedly. It was a shock and she loved it. “Oh my God Davey, that feels so good!”

He began to plunder her gash with his tongue, her fluids were abundant, he rubbed his face back and forth smearing her juices over himself. Suddenly he moved up and began to softly suck on her jutting clitoris. It hit her like a lightning bolt, the sudden explosion of sensation caused her back to bow and her legs to slam shut around his head. He pushed his arms between her legs near his head loosening her grip and sucked even harder on her clit.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God,” she said and then, “Fuuuuuck, Oh Fuuuuuuu …”

Her body convulsed and twisted, it was all he could do to stay glued to her clit as her juices gushed and she bucked up and down. After a while she began to relax and he released her clit, softly licking her crotch from top to bottom over and over.

Finally, she pulled at his head, forcing him up and then down as she kissed his face repeatedly. “Oh Davey that was absolutely wonderful, it’s so much better than firgging off … thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“We’re not done baby sister, there’s a lot more …” just as he stopped talking she locked him in a powerful embrace, “Oh I do love you Davey!” and there was a tear at the corner of her eye.

He kissed her very gently on the lips and said quietly, “Do you want to stop honey?”

“No, but can we rest for just a little bit?”

“You bet little girl, come here,” with that he repositioned them both to the middle of the bed with her securely nestled in his arms. He hugged her to his body and they drifted off together – it had been an exciting day.


Opening her eyes she looked up at the white stucco ceiling, it was the same ceiling she’d seen every day for the last 25 years, but somehow it seemed different. ‘It must be that I’m naked like I’ve always loved being naked, he loved me naked, so easy to get to …’ she smiled and felt warmed by the memory of her big man.

“Well shit,” she said out loud, “Linda, get your butt up and wake the kids.” She stretched and slid to the edge of the big bed taking a moment to rub her breasts, ‘damn that feels good, maybe there’s time for a little puss action’ she thought to herself.

Leaning back she let her hands wander down her body, one rubbing her belly and the other toying with her nipples. The sensations caused her to shiver in the very best way, and then she slid her heels up binging each leg into a high V and then allowed the knees to fall outward naturally spreading her pussy nice and wide.

Using the fingers on her right hand she began to caress and softly rub the length of her puss; she loved the soft feel of her own fingers and realized she was becoming very wet. In her mind’s eye she could see Davey’s big cock throbbing just like it did last night, it seemed identical to Pete’s. So familiar and yet, not to be used; after all Davey is the firstborn … incest is not allowed she thought with a sigh.

As her fingers busied themselves with her warm, wet hole, she thought, ‘he’s just down the hall and it would feel so good to be plowed again … oh so good.’ Her mind brought back memories of Pete pushing her legs up to her shoulders, spreading her far apart and then pounding her pussy until she screamed and screamed with pleasure. Just then a morning orgasm swept over her body and her legs trapped two fingers inside her until the spasm passed.

“Damn that was good,” she said aloud to the room and then slowly licked her fingers savoring the sweet flavor of her puss. ‘Fuck,’ she thought, ‘maybe I should have been a lesbian’ and then she shook her head and laughed out loud.

Stopping in the bathroom for a morning pee and quick face wash, she toweled her face and ran a comb through her thick hair … “Not bad for an old lady,” she said to the mirror. Down the hall to Davey’s room she stopped in the doorway and looked at both her children soundly sleeping.

Very carefully she stepped to the edge of the bed and gently pulled the sheet off their bodies. türkçe bahis They did not stir as she looked them over. David’s body had formed a loose C shape and Leah was tucked into the center with his arms holding her securely. Her face was the picture of contentment and David looked to be equally at peace. Looking more closely she could see that David had a full morning hard-on that had nestled itself into Leah’s butt crack. She thought that they looked beautiful.

Still it was getting late, nearly 8:00 am. She leaned over and patted David soundly on his bare bottom, “OK Mister, time to rise and shine; things to do!”

Davey yawned and stretched and rolled o n his back, his large cock bobbing and dancing as though to celebrate his erection, “OK Mom, I’m getting up.” He slid to the side of the bed and stretched then stood on wobbly feet, “Shit, I gotta’ piss,” and off he went down the hall to the bathroom.

It was all she could do not to push him back down and suck his lovely dick until he blew oceans of cum in her mouth; and then suck him up good and hard again. He could take his hard cock and fuck her for a very, very long time until she screamed and screamed, ‘Whoowee, oh Lordy,’ she thought.

From the sound she knew he didn’t close the door because it sounded like he was using a hose to fill the water trough outside. Leah blinked and stared up at her mother, “Hey Mom …”

“Time to get up sweetie; need to get your chores done so we can get to church … you OK now?”

Leah stretched and stood saying, “Sure Mom, I gotta’ hit the bathroom and then I’m out to the barn to help with the lambs.”

“Great, tell your brother to give the horses some extra hay. Breakfast will be ready soon,” and off she went.

Leah moved to the doorway and was turning toward the bathroom when she saw David standing in the hall watching his naked mother walk to the kitchen. His eyes were fixed on her bottom as it flexed, moved and danced down the hall. Watching her he softly stroked his swollen cock.

“Hey fuckhead; so you really want to fuck Mom up the ass, you know that, right?”

“Oh jeez Leah, not this morning,” he moaned.

She laughed and quickly stepped in front of him. “Stand still big brother,” she said as she dropped to her knees and took his swollen cockhead in her mouth. She was inexperienced and her teeth got in the way; but, he loved her enthusiasm and he soon reached down and held her head firmly as he gushed in her mouth. When he finished, her pulled her to her feet and quickly kissed her on the lips.

“Leah is it still in your mouth?” he asked.

She looked at him and said in a strange way, “Are you supposed to swallow it?

“Yes baby sister, boys love girls who swallow … but, if you don’t want to, you never have to, OK?”

She nodded her head and gulped it down as he pulled her to him, kissing her and gently tonguing her mouth. She looked at him with adoring eyes, “You don’t mind that there was cum in my mouth?”

“No darlin’ … I love you … and besides, what’s a little cum between the two of us??”

She kissed him again and laughed out loud with pleasure as she hurried to the bathroom.


The drive to church was peaceful, they’d all dressed appropriately despite Leah’s suggestion that they go naked and see how the congregation reacted. Linda simply smiled and slapped her on the butt saying, “If you don’t hurry up I may take you naked. How’d you like to show that pretty pussy to some of those old men?”

“Oh Lord No,” Leah cried and laughing she quickly finished dressing.

As they were parking David said, “Mom, can I ask you a favor?”

“What is it son?” it was a typical mother response, waiting for whatever.

“OK then, Monica called me last night and ask if she and Mary Ann Davis could come over Tuesday evening and go to school with me Wednesday. Would that be OK?”

Linda stopped, turned off the motor and turned in her seat to look directly at him, “It’s alright with me, BUT, first of all why and secondly, do they understand that we will be naked?”

David turned his head slightly and looked off in the distance thoughtfully, “I think the why is pretty straight forward. Both their parents are totally opposed to the naked thing. Monica thinks her dad would have a stoke and force her to leave school and Mary Ann’s parents are worse, like crazy worse.”

Linda raised her hand silencing him, “David, I will not lie to their parents. I live here, I’m not ashamed of my decisions and I WILL NOT lie about any of it; do you understand?”

David looked a little embarrassed and agitated, “MOM, I would never ask you to lie, period. Let’s be clear on that and secondly, yes I told Monica if they come over that they must be naked. Anyway, we’d be naked Wednesday anyway, so it’s no big deal … and I told them we were all going to be naked. She seemed pretty cool about.”

“Alright then, they’re welcome; but if anybody asks and güvenilir bahis siteleri I mean anybody, there will be no lies!”

Leah listened quietly and was not surprised, she and David were well aware that the absolute worst thing they could do is tell a lie. For some reason her mother detested lies, she thought she could murder people in the living room and it would be OK by comparison. The only time her mother ever struck her was when she was 6 and she told a child’s lie. She vividly remembered her mother’s fury.

She remembered that it was so bad that her father had to intervene. She was afraid to be alone with her mother for the rest of the day; finally, Linda came into her room and apologized with tears in her eyes and even though she was a child Leah understood that this was never to be repeated.

Neither she nor David ever told their parents a lie again – even when the truth was embarrassing or painful, it was always the truth. That’s not to say that they didn’t always do their very best to avoid it.

“OK Mom I’ll let them know and if they agree, they’ll be over. I’m sure we’ll see them both.”

After the service they stood outside talking with friends and neighbors, it was not unusual in the country not to see your neighbors for weeks at a time; so church was a great place to catch-up and visit. No sooner than they’d taken up position at the edge of the crowd did the new pastor Tim McDonald walk over. “Mrs. Campbell, I’m Tim McDonald, I’ve not had the opportunity to meet you.”

His smile was genuine and his face was pleasant. He appeared to be near Linda’s age in his early or middle forties. He looked to be 5’10” or 5’11” and appeared quite fit. On this day his wardrobe was a dark blue sport coat, light blue shirt and matching tie with dark grey slacks. Linda thought he looked very nice, and she made note of the simple gold wedding ring.

“Nice to meet you to Pastor; these are my children David and Leah,” she said pointing to them with her hand. The Pastor smiled and shook hands with each of the children, “Nice to meet you both. You guys usually get away pretty fast so I thought I’d better catch you today.” and he laughed in open friendly way.

After a short exchange with the family he took Linda’s elbow and turned her slightly away from the children, saying softly, “I understand David is attending the community college, is that right?”

Linda turned to face him directly and said, “Yes, that’s right, why do you ask?”

“Well … a couple of the parents have spoken to me about a, ah, a special assignment that some of the young people have undertaken and I wondered if David had mentioned it to you,” he said, keeping his voice low and private.

Looking him directly in the eye, Linda said, “Do you mean the Nude Day assignment, is that what you’re asking me … and if it is, what do you want to know,” her voice was low and direct.

Pastor Tim quickly took her hand in his and said, “I’m not trying to interfere in your family business, I’m simply curious about your thoughts on the matter – there is no judgement here.”

Linda stepped closer and said, “Tim, I hope you don’t mind if I call you Tim … I think nudity in the right context is next to godliness; so I don’t have a problem with it at all. We’re having a few friends over Tuesday evening before the big day, why don’t you drop by … if the thought of naked people doesn’t scare you off.”

Pastor Time took a breath and stepped back just a little then said, “I say, you speak your mind don’t you?”

Linda smiled and said, “I do my best and I value my privacy and the privacy of my family and friends; yet the invitation still stands.”

He smiled, the corners of his green eyes crinkling, “I just may …”

“Feel free to bring you wife as well,” Linda said.

“Oh, I’m sorry if I mislead you. My wife passed away 3 years ago now, I just can’t bring myself to take the ring off … I suppose it’s a bit of false advertising,” he said with a sad smile.

Instead of apologizing or mouthing platitudes, Linda leaned in and said, “Well bring yourself; we’ll have lots of food and some good California wine – that is if you eat and drink.”

He laughed saying, “I do both, and I know where you live.” With that he stepped away and began talking with other parishioners.

Tencia Ortega immediately stepped over putting her hand on Linda’s shoulder she said quietly, “So what are you doing about the school thing?”

Linda’s eyes sparkled and she said, “We’re all going naked until Thursday.”

Tencia’s eye’s grew wide and she said in a gush, “No fuckin g way; all of you?”

Linda simply smiled and nodded.

Tencia paused for a moment then said, “Monica says that she and Mary Ann Davis are going over to your house Tuesday to work on their paper with David. Are they gonna’ be naked too? Will they see David naked?”

“As I understand it, the answer to both questions would be yes. Do you want me to tell David that they can’t come over; it’s up to you?” Linda eyes sparkled with mischief.

Tencia seemed to sag just a little and then she smiled softly as though to herself, “Well, both of the girls are 20, they’re young women really. I suppose they’ll see a dick anyway … could I come too?”

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