Ağu 21

The Night It All Changed

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When I turned 18, I was so excited that I could finally go to work for an older man I sometimes did odd jobs for when I was 14; he lived just down the road from my house.

He told me when I turned 18. I could work full time for him as his assistant, gathering up old choker cables and checking that companies left abandoned logging areas safe after logging was done.

Some were in very remote places, and we would have to camp sometimes as it was a long way from anything. I will call my boss Mike; he was 59 and a very kind person; he was married to one of the evilest and most abusive drunks I have ever seen. And very patient as I learned so many things about nature from him.

One day in July, we had hiked a long way. It was scorching hot, And we came across a lake in the middle of nowhere.

Mike said, let’s break here and go for a swim, but I was a little hesitant as I could not swim, and Mike said, let’s go naked.

He said no one ever comes around here. I felt a little hesitant as I was a tranquil, shy person, and I had never been naked around anyone other than when I was a little kid.

As I turned around to pick something up, I had dropped and turned back; Mike was already getting naked And as he pulled off his boxers, I could not stop staring at his shaved large penis. He had no body hair.

Mike came over to me and said, come on, let us go in; he said he would help me get naked if I wanted.

Before I could speak, he lifted my t-shirt off and pulled down my pants; he lightly swatted my bare bum and said, let’s go.

We swam around for a bit; at least he did as I could not swim. Mike came to the shallow part and pulled me out in deeper water; he was a big man, and I was much smaller.

When he saw I was getting nervous, he picked me up and got me to put my legs around Görükle Escort his waist. It felt strange to feel my semihard penis against his stomach. Mike carried me back to shore, and as he lowered me down, I felt his hard penis quickly touch between my legs that sparked all kinds of emotions.

Mike said we best get going to the camp spot before dark, and then Mike suggested that we hike naked just put our boots on.

I thought, what an adventure and thought it would be a great idea as I was so hard it would hurt to put my shorts back on, but the more I could see Mike’s very sexy shaved penis, the hornier I was getting as it bounced around.

After a three-hour hike, we finally reached camp and started to set up the tent, made a fire-cooked dinner, and went for a dip in the river before we had a few beers and smoked a joint. I was feeling very tipsy, and as the mosquitos were getting worse, Mike suggested we go into the tent.

That’s when everything changed; after we chatted for a bit and had another beer and two more joints, Mike asked if I would mind if he slept in the nude As I was feeling very relaxed, I said not at all, and I asked If he would mind if I did the same. He was swift to answer not at all, and that’s when he said we could share the queen-size blow-up mattress If I wanted, and we could open the sleeping bags and make one big bed. Without thinking about what might happen, I said sure, as it was hot in the day and cooled at night, and we could stay warm that way.

Mike turned off the light, and it was so dark I could hardly see my hand in front of me.

After about half an hour, Mike asked if I was still awake. I didn’t answer him right away, and I suddenly felt Mike’s hand on my upper leg tapping to see if I was awake. I whispered yes, and he asked Görükle Escort Bayan me if I was ok with what happened earlier.

I said sure I was.

Then I explained I was a little shy as his penis was the first penis other than mine I had ever seen, and his penis was much bigger.

He said never be ashamed of what you have, and he said I like to call it a joystick and asked if we could call each other penis that I said sure.

Suddenly his hand started moving slowly up my thigh; a part of me wanted to stop him, but between the weed and the beer, I was inquisitive, and before I could say anything, his big hand was between my legs.

It was like I was paralyzed, but I was hard with a hundred things going through my head within seconds.

Things like what if we get caught, How far should we go and should I touch his joystick, plus much more.

Mike cuddled closer and started kissing my neck, and we started kissing, and then Mike took my hand and placed it on his joystick between that and mike kissing me and slowly stroking my joystick. I felt I was willing to let him do whatever he wanted.

That’s when mike pulled the sleeping bags off me and moved his body between my legs; he moved his head right down and began licking everywhere. After a while, mike reached over to get something out of his backpack and spread my legs way apart, and then I felt the warmth of his mouth over my joystick and his well-lubricated fingers slide inside me.

I felt myself losing all control as he sucked harder and faster while inserting two fingers into me.

Suddenly Mike stopped; he leaned over me and asked how far I was comfortable going. I was speechless, not knowing what he meant.

So I asked him whatever we do or don’t do will it affect our friendship? and if Bursa Escort Bayan this is a one-time thing. He said he hopes we will be secretly dating after this.

We stopped for a drink, and he lit up another joint after a while, we started kissing and touching each other.

Things really started to heat up, and when he positioned himself between my legs this time, he grabbed the tube of lubrication and put lots inside me with his fingers and on the shaft of his joystick.

As it was so dark, everything was just by sensation, and then Mike asked me to put my legs up on his shoulders, and suddenly I felt him lean forward, and the head of Mike’s joystick slowly started sliding inside me.

My first reaction was to try to push him back as it hurt, but when he stopped pushing and the pain was gone, I felt myself thrusting my hips up. Mike said we must do this slowly as he did not want to hurt me; each time he pushed in and pulled out, he went deeper until I could feel his balls prest against me as he was all the way inside me.

I had so many mixed feelings about having his joystick inside me and loving it so much I had no control over my feeling or emotions.

Mike asked if we could try a different position. I said sure, but I don’t know any, so he wanted to do doggie, he said.

But instead of being on my knees, he asked me to lay on my tummy, but the pillows under my lower tummy and spread my legs way apart.

I felt vulnerable this way, but he used lots of lube, and as he slowly slid inside, It felt like he was going deeper this way and very pleasurable.

Mike’s breathing was hefty, and he asked me if he should pull out. I didn’t understand what he meant, and he started thrusting deeper, and everything was very slippery.

After mike came, he slowly pulled out; he rolled me over on my back and started sucking me until I came in his mouth; he then came up, kissed me, and put my cum in my mouth. I loved it.

This was the begging of much fun time, even some threesomes. I was so happy to have this time with him for two years before moving away.

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