The “New” Normal: Quarantine Ch. 01

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This story is inspired by the setup of a story by MountainDewMan called ‘The Home Fires’ I started to read his story and BAM!!! I had to write this now! This will be my first story, and for me I think it will be a shorter one. I have several more in the works, but for those that write you understand when the mood strikes you, you have to take it. All Characters engaging in sex are 18 or older. This story will contain incest, group, anal, cum play, piss play, pegging, romance, pregnancy and light fetish play. If any of these bothers you, try another story. As I said before this is my First published story, so Vote, Comment and if you like it, look forward too many more.


Authors note: I envision this as someone telling someone else this story. So, if you see a word capitalized in a sentence it’s emphasized (“I don’t just love you, I’m IN love with you). And if a word is ‘quoted’ think of the story teller using ‘air-quotes’. Finally, I’ve been told there may be some present and past tense mix-ups, I believe I found them all, but no one is perfect. Now, please ENJOY!

The “New” Normal: Quarantine

I just finished unpacking. I couldn’t believe I was back home again so soon. At 19 I wanted to be on my own. College, while intimidating, was also freeing. I set my own schedule, did my own laundry, studied, partied, hangout with new friends. I wasn’t exactly king of the campus or anything, but I was fitting in well and taking full advantage of the college experience.

Then COVID-19 showed up. Living in the Mid-West, it took a while to truly affect our area. To truly understand, let me tell you about my Family. My family has always been close. All nine of us.

Going Oldest to youngest. First is My Maternal Grandmother, Beth (Grandma Betty, to me) she’s 56. Next is my Paternal Grandmother Julianne (Grandma Jules) is 54. My father and his twin sister Jim and Gene are 37. My mother, Kathy is 35 and her sister, Aunt Shelby, will be 31 in about 2 months. Then my cousin, Gene’s daughter, Amanda is 20. Next, me, James Jr. (James or Jay), 19 and a freshman in college. Finally, Anna my 18-year-old sister, and a senior in High School.

Both my grandfathers were friends since kindergarten and Marines, Both KIA in Iraq sometime between Desert Storm and the War on Terror still currently going on in the region. Amanda’s father skipped town when Gene told him she was pregnant at 17. Shelby never married and has always been a bit of a wild child as far as relationships go, but she’s also one hell of a business woman.

When she turned 25, she and her brother-in-law (my Father) combined their inheritances and bought a small subdivision. It included three, 10-unit condos, eight tracs of four townhouses, a park, a pool, a Club House, and a Lake, big enough for paddle boats and kayaking, when it was seized for non-payment of taxes. I believe the ‘Accountant’ still has a warrant for his arrest, and has not been seen in 6 years. Together they turned the whole thing into to a retirement community. Shadybrooke. All residents are at least 50, Most are single, either divorced or widowed.

Health wise it’s 50/50 and that’s where Aunt Shelby’s genius comes in, one unit in each condo was turned into Clinic/therapy units, and a trac of the Townhouses were converted as well. So, the residents have easy access to a Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor, Psychologist, Physical Therapist, and even a Beauty Parlor/Spa. Aunt Shelby manages Shadybrooke, everything from rent of the residents, leases of the businesses, maintenance of the units and grounds, even its security as of two years ago when they made it a gated community. My Grandma Betty already lived in one of the condos when my father and aunt bought it.

She is a retired nurse due to a back injury. Grandma Jules moved into the condo across the hall 6 months later, when the company she worked for, for 30-plus years was bought out and shutdown her location. Dad is a certified physical therapist and a licensed masseuse. Aunt Gene is an interior designer of both commercial, and residential. She helped redesign Shadybrooke. Cousin Amanda, never went to college, instead at 16 she became Shadybrooke’s Community Director. She organizes, parties, mixers, group activities, even fund raisers there.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started to make its way across the country, Aunt Shelby was quick to act. She had a meeting of residents and businesses in Shadybrooke. As a result, a few of the residents decided to leave their homes to live with family elsewhere, temporarily freeing up space so the doctors and other businesses could use the units as bunk-houses, some residents even doubled up to share supplies and company.

What this meant to my family was we were split into two places. At Shadybrooke, Grandma Jules moved in with Grandma Betty. My dad moved into Grandma Jules’ condo with my cousin Amanda. Aunt Shelby decided to stay home bursa escort (two doors down from our home) and run Shadybrooke from there, acting as an outside liaison between Shadybrooke and the rest of the world. Then there was the rest of us.

Aunt Gene moved in with Aunt Shelby, again to share supplies and company. I was brought home from college and would live with my mother, Kathy and sister, Anna. Mom is a high school science teacher. With the education system currently forced to online classes only, the three of us would be basically homebound. My Aunt’s would visit daily after dealing with what business they could from home.

As I was saying, I just finished unpacking and I was sitting on my bed when my mother rapt on my door jam. “Hey James, You OK? I know this is not how you thought your college life would be. But, I’m glad your home, not only to help out around here and your Aunt’s place, but even if you weren’t homesick, I missed my baby!” She enthused.

“MOOOM! I’m not a baby, I’m 19!” I playfully whined, a common repartee between us. She smirked, knowing that with my giving her this response I was, in fact, OK. She came in as I stood and we hugged.

“It’s good to have you home James.” She said into my chest, squeezing me tightly.

“I love you mom.” I said into the top of her blonde head.

“Dinner will be in about an hour and then we will Skype with Jim and the rest about 7pm.” She concluded as she released me.

“Sounds good to me, are the Aunts joining us for dinner tonight?” I asked as I finished setting up my laptop to game till dinner.

“Yes, Aunt Gene is bringing a lasagna.” Mom allowed.

“Great! I love her lasagna.” I replied cheerfully and my stomach growled in anticipation. Mom just chuckled as she headed out of my room.

Dinner that night was fun, vibrant and delicious. The five of us, ate, laughed, teased, and generally tried to forget about what was happening across the country and the world. At 7pm we gathered in front of our living room TV and had a Skype call with my dad, cousin and Grandmothers. First was business Aunt Shelby getting info from dad and cousin Amanda about Shadybrooke.

Amanda had become the inside liaison and morale officer for the residents and dad was the business liaison. After the business was concluded the nine of us spent two hours chatting, laughing, having a great time. Finally, after our goodbyes our Shadybrooke family went about their evening and my Aunts returned home.

I went back to my room. Anna, went to hers and my mother went to the kitchen to clean up. Things went like this for the first couple of weeks. I was surprised how quickly everyone settled in to our new normal routines. Being a 19-year-old guy, it was easy for me to hole up in my room playing video games and watching movies or porn, when I wasn’t doing online classes, mowing lawns (ours and my aunts’) cleaning our pool and hot tub.

Anna spent most of her time in her room on all her social media or in the pool. Mom would do mom stuff in between a couple online classes. My aunts would do what they could as far as their work went and then join us for dinner and a Skype chat with the rest of us in Shadybrooke. Dad would work most the day and make sure that all the doctors and what not had what they needed. Amanda would do the same for the residents, then they both would join the grandmas for dinner and Skype with us.

The start of the 3rd week things started to change. Subtly at first, I almost didn’t even notice. I was sitting at my laptop killing some zombies with some friends online, thinking about our Skype that night. Amanda was quieter than usual, given her usual bubbly personality it was hard to ignore. Then at one point my mom and dad almost got into a fight in front of us all. Even Aunt Gene was a little curt tonight. I didn’t know what to make of it. I figured everyone was just getting a little cabin fever, and tried to put it out of my mind.

Two days later, I’d just come in after mowing our lawn, and heading upstairs to shower when I passed Anna’s room. “…need to get laid Sally! It’s been almost three weeks since I last saw Mike. I’m climbing the walls here!” I heard my sister say. She was talking to her best friend. I should have kept going but hearing her cemented my feet in place outside her door.

“I know, I know we all have to deal with this quarantine stuff, and no one wants to take a chance of catching and spreading this virus, but I’m running out of batteries and even if I wasn’t it’s not the same as flesh and blood and cum!” She told her friend not knowing I was just outside her door.

Immediately, my cock began to swell. Anna was an 18-year-old high school senior, cheerleader, senior class treasurer. She’s 5’5″ 110lbs blonde haired, blue eyed, 34b (I have seen her bras when doing laundry) she’s sweet, fit, and if she wasn’t my sister, I’d say sexy as hell. Shaking myself out of my revelry I forced myself to quit eavesdropping and take my shower.

In bursa escort bayan the bathroom I realized I was horny too. Using some conditioner, I began to masturbate, just as I was about to blow, a picture of my sister popped into my head. Unable to stop, I sprayed the shower stall with my spend and quietly muttered Anna’s name. I spent a few extra minutes under the hot spray trying to figure out what just happened. I had never thought of any of my family sexually before. I recognized all the females in my family even my grandmothers are beautiful for their ages, but that was only a plutonic observation of their natural beauty, that everyone would see.

Throwing on a clean pair of boxers and shorts and a t-shirt I headed down to the kitchen for a drink. As I neared the Kitchen, again I get stopped in my tracks. “…got to find a way home by the weekend Jim, I’ll be at my most fertile. We’ve put off a third child for too long.” Mom said urgently.

“You know I can’t Kath, Mr. Jacobs contracted the virus and Dr. Wail has it too, both are at the hospital now under quarantine, and Mr. Jacobs is on a respirator. It’s too dangerous to leave now, we’ll just have to try later, hun.” Dad said apologetically.

“Damn it, Jim! I know but these hormones I’m taking have me sooo Horny the bedpost is looking good!” Mom pleaded.

“Look we’ll talk about it tonight; I might be able to come up with a solution for us all… let me think on it and I’ll call you before bed.” Dad said.

I didn’t hear any further conversation so I made myself known and then entered the kitchen like I just got there. I made a bee-line for the fridge for a soda and then hightailed it back to my room before my mom even realized I was there. Sitting at my desk waiting for my laptop to boot up. I pondered all I learned today. ‘Well, that explains the odd behavior the last few days. ‘The women folk are getting restless.’ I chuckled at my thoughts.

I was happy masturbation was keeping me on an even keel. I did miss the flesh to flesh of actual sex as well as the intimacy of a lover and all that, but since I’ve been without a girlfriend since last summer before we left to different colleges, I’ve gotten use to ‘taking care of myself’, and the occasional friend with benefits at school when it was really stressful I’d been OK.

These last few weeks have not affected me like the rest. Replaying Anna’s and Mom’s conversations, adding to my bathroom masturbation vision of Anna, I started to swell again. For the first time I really started to think about the females surrounding me as more than just relatives. Putting my teenage boy hat on instead of my familial one. All seven regardless of age are fit, interesting, exciting, and even sexy. If I wasn’t related it’d be easy to see any of them as a potential mate. Two GILFs, three MILFs (even if aunt Shelby isn’t a mother) and two peers, that could make any man happy forever. ‘Dad’s a lucky man, and so is Mike’ I thought. I start looking up my favorite porn instead of loading my game.

Homemade romantic pegging. I am not gay, not that there is anything wrong with it. But early in my masturbatory experimentation I discovered I enjoyed anal penetration and prostate massage. All the Pro porn of this nature all revolves BDSM, and Dom/sub, and pain and degrading language and acts. I have no desire to suck cock, fake or otherwise. But a beautiful woman milking my prostate or using a strap-on, to stimulate the nerves back there, in a caring, loving way excites me like no other. So far only the Homemade Amateur videos satisfy my needs.

The woman I see looks to be in her late 20’s early 30’s, she’s a brunette and while not fat she’s not as tight and fit as my family. She has a ‘Mom Bod’. Soft and curvy. The guy looks like a string bean. Both have masks and she’s wearing a strap-on that looks about 8 inches long and probably 3 inches thick tapered at the tip and the base, slightly curved to reach the prostate.

I can feel my anus flex, imagining the feel of it in me. I loosen my shorts and reach in grabbing my rod as I hit play. They’re in the missionary position with her on top of him. Plenty of lube, slow forceful motions, caresses, kisses, and playful touches. I start stroking and I can’t help but fantasize about the women in my family doing this to me.

First, I see Aunt Gene, thrusting into me her strawberry blonde hair wrapping around her face as she saws back and forth. Her D cup (guess) breast swaying with the motion. “Uhn!” I moan as my vision changes to Grandma Jules, her brunette (bottle) pixie haircut starts matting to her forehead from the exertion. Her tits are slightly smaller than Aunt Gene’s so I guess they are C’s. I visualize her with long nipples, every time I see her, I can always see her nipple bumps like she’s always excited.

The Lady in the video extracts the strap-on so they can change positions, doggie style now. She grabs his narrow hips and rams it in his gaping butt, then start a faster more forceful escort bursa rhythm. Reaching back with my left hand I start to tease my ass. “Oh! Aunt Shelby!” I cry out, just a little louder than I meant to. I feel my nuts start to draw up as my climax nears. Just as I’m about to cum, I hear my sister say “Hey Jay, you talking to…” as she opens my unlocked door. (I was just going to kill zombies, no reason to lock it) I rip my hands out of my shorts and close the website.

“Sorry, sorry Jay my bad!” Anna says as she closes the door back and then I hear her door close across the hall.

Damage done and orgasm averted, I slump back down in my chair. Breathing deeply trying to calm both my embarrassment and my horniness, I try to think of what she might have seen and heard. Anna knew I was masturbating and watching porn, embarrassing and even slightly humiliating but not the ‘End of the World’. My main concerns are, did she see the kind of porn clearly enough? Did she see me playing with my ass? Did she hear me say ‘Aunt’ Shelby? I knew from her half-asked question she thought of her, but maybe I could play it off as a misunderstanding and I was thinking of a porn star not my aunt.

Couple hours later, Mom calls us down for dinner. I wait a few extra minutes, not wanting to run into Anna in the hallway. I walk into the kitchen to get my food and a drink, and I see Aunt Shelby bent over head in the fridge her yoga pants covered ass, apple shaped tight and luscious, right in front of me. Giggling behind me breaks me out of my stupor. I see my sister blush so hard it reaches her ears and even goes below the neck of her t-shirt. She quickly backs up and rushes out of the room. Mentally smacking my forehead, I turn towards the island and fix my plate.

Dinner was tense but manageable. Anna kept trying to contain herself, I could tell, but by the end everyone knew something was ‘not right’. I think I did a pretty good job of deflecting suspicion, but may have erred by beating a hasty retreat after eating. I returned downstairs when it was time for our Skype call. I noticed everyone in the living room looking at me at times, but nothing overt enough that I wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination due to my guilt. Dad told us about Mr. Jacobs and Dr. Wail contracting the virus and the mayor issuing a two-week quarantine of Shadybrooke. No one in and No one out! I notice mom flush with anger at the news.

Dad has a sheepish look of contrition as he delivers this news. Looking around at my family I see they all, my dad included have various stages of lusty and horny expressions. I see Amanda and Anna are both fidgety and this time my sweet grandma Jules is short with dad. I’ve never seen her be even a little irritated let alone angry. After the call ends, I again start to make a hasty retreat only to get snapped at by my mother to do the kitchen clean up. Shocked I make my way to the kitchen and start to put away the leftovers and stack the dishes. A few minutes later Anna comes in and offers to help.

“I’m sorry about earlier Jay, I should have knocked.” She says as she opens the dishwasher.

“It’s my own fault I should have locked the door, I wasn’t planning on doing anything other than killing zombies.” I offered as I started running water in the sink to rinse the dishes.

“I understand, this virus stuff has us all crawling the walls, Grammy (Jules) never gets mad, and Mom snapping at you like that is just weird.” Anna commiserated.

“I know Mom didn’t mean anything by it. I heard her talking to Dad earlier today, she’s just frustrated and I’m closer.” I explained as I start to hand the rinsed dished to Anna to load in the dishwasher.

“Well, all I know is, IF something doesn’t change soon… We might end up like another Jamestown or even Roanoke Island!” After a short pause, and a quick look over her shoulder Anna continued conspiratorially, “You’re not the only one to have impure familial thoughts.”

“Anna, It’s not like…” I tried to explain but was cut off.

“Hey, I’m not a lesbian, but Aunt Shelby has a great ass, and those yoga pants only highlight that fact.” She offered.

Not knowing what else to say and seeing the dishes stacked in the washer I bolted, leaving Anna to start it. Half hour later, Mom tapped on my door jam and apologized for the way she snapped at me and thanked me for cleaning up. I told her Anna helped and that I accepted her apology, telling her we are all under extra stress with this quarantine stuff. She paused drinking in body. She was not being subtle either. After a minute she shook her head and walked across the hall. I heard her knock, on Anna’s door and I returned to my game.

About midnight my eyes started to cross. I decided I killed enough computer-generated creatures, so I shutdown my laptop, stripped to my boxers and went to the bathroom before going to bed. As I was making my way back to my room, I thought I heard a scream of “what!” and a sound of complete exasperation. Silently, I creeped down to the door to the master suite and listened.

“Are you sure about this Jim? I know I’m desperate and everyone’s on edge but this… is extreme!” I heard my mom say to my dad presumably on the phone.

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