Ağu 31

The Neutralizer Pt. 06

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Nourished as a Child

“There, there.” Ina cooed. “Everything’s alllllll better. How was that ride to the cosmos? You got drained, baby, all the way to the very last drop! Ooooooh—let’s look at your eyes now!”

She turned and gasped. “D-doctor! They’re completely white! There’s no color at all except for his pupils!”

Ow! What in the—? A tingling sensation of pins and needles caused her to look down. Small patches of wetness were forming across her chest. Oh, Goddess. Time to go home.

* * * * *

From across her bedroom, Ina cast a loving smile towards Zhertiko Joberi as he lay in her bed, having been freshly deposited there by the InterGalactica Delivery Unit. It had been a long journey to get him to this point, but his eyes were no longer black, proving his soul had been emptied of the toxic negative matter.

Instead, they were completely white, other than the black of his pupils, with no hint of their original green color. Upon seeing this, Dr. Daru had announced this was a rather interesting development and it most likely meant the color would return with the proper dosage of positive matter and yes, you’re free to take Joberi home with you, just keep me posted with any changes.

The Wsidu had been somewhat reluctant to let go of his phallus. She shuddered, remembering how the translucent flower had increased the voltage of its shocks on his shaft when the scientists tried to detach it. And the stalk that had been inside his cock? Ooooooooh…it had refused to let go, requiring the scientists to forcefully yank until it cleared his slit with an audible pop while Joberi frantically howled. His body had shaken with the aftershocks, cock bobbing up and down as if in the throes of orgasm, but no fluid emerged. The negative matter had been completely and thoroughly extracted. The engorged flower had been sated with the nutrients from his cock.

In the time it had taken Dr. Daru and his assistants to clean Joberi and get him prepped for travel to Ina’s domicile, the slight aching she had felt earlier had crept to a persistent throbbing. Her breasts hadn’t changed much in size, really; the change had manifested itself in the feelings of heaviness and fullness. And the wetness.

Goddess, the wetness. That had been embarrassing. She had just stood there, shifting from one foot to the other, hands awkwardly cupped over herself and not knowing at all what to do. People in the scientific field certainly had a bad reputation for being unerringly focused on whatever task they were currently doing, but thankfully one of the female assistants noticed her dilemma and passed her some gauze to stuff in her uniform and soak up the excess liquid.

She shook her head to clear the memories. Finally, she had him Afyon Escort all to herself. Her body was more than ready to give him the antidote, the positive matter that her breasts and genitalia were producing just for him.

The entire situation was mind boggling to Ina. She was about to disrobe, let a fully grown male place his lips around her nipples and areola, and—most confusing to her—fluid from inside her body was going to leave her body and nourish him!

He was nothing like before, though. No more growls, no more hisses. No more aggression.

No, now Joberi lay under the covers in a pair of briefs, just as docile as could be, taking in his surroundings with his completely white eyes. There wasn’t much to look at, really…just her bed (thank the Goddess she had saved her leflip and splurged to get the bigger size), a wall-mounted holovid, and a nightstand. Like the other domiciles provided to the Zhertum, she had a cooking area, living area, and refresher in addition to her room.

“The doctor said you’ll need to get your first dose as soon as possible.” Ina slid out of her uniform and undergarments, tossing them and the soaked gauze to the floor with a sigh of relief. “Ahhhh… And not a moment too soon—I think I’m starting to leak again.”

Joberi angled his head toward her but didn’t say anything. Climbing into the bed with him, she propped up on an elbow, ensuring her achy breasts aligned with his mouth. “Open up, sweetie. Time for your medicine.”

His mouth stayed firmly shut.

Ina sighed and scooted closer, caressing his face and running her fingers through his thick black mane. “Come on,” she cajoled. “You know you want it…” She teased his closed lips with a pale rose nipple, painting them with positive matter.

His lips parted slightly, so she arched her chest out and slipped her nipple and areola into his mouth. “Goddessssssss…you’re so warmmmmmm. Go on, baby, and drink your medicine.”

His body must have recognized the positive matter for what it was, because his mouth immediately latched on, furiously pulling on her tit to imbibe more of its life-giving substance.

She thought she was prepared for it, but the sudden, almost harsh suction combined with the liquid rush as the positive matter let down was too much for her. Reflexively flinching away before settling back, she offered him her breast again. “Sorry, baby.”

“Argh!” Joberi choked on the stream at first, but quickly settled into a pattern of rhythmic gulps.

“Ouch! Watch the teeth!” Ina grimaced. “Okay, this is so not comfortable, Joberi. Mommy’s got to change positions. Let me sit back against the headboard and you lie across my lap. Can you let go long enough for me to”—he grabbed her breast with both of Afyon Escort Bayan his big hands and sucked even harder, his eyebrows drawing together in a frown—”okay, okay, you can keep it in your mouth.”

After a bit of maneuvering, she found herself sitting against the headboard, her left knee propped up, her right leg tangled between Joberi’s as he lay diagonally atop her, and his head cradled in the crook of her left elbow.

She looked down at Joberi’s closed eyes. He seemed so content now, just taking his medicine like a good boy. Reaching out with her right hand, she traced his features, trailing gently over his dark eyebrows. I’m so jealous of those long eyelashes. It’s unfair.

Ina had never been intimately touched by anyone before due to the oath all Zhertum swore, and now here she was, naked as could be, with a heavy and mostly naked male on top of her as he fed from her. Liquid trickled slowly and steadily into his mouth, following the ebb and flow of his demands, and from her other breast in an even slower manner.

It was arousing, for sure, but not at an overwhelming level. The sensations were odd, too, if not a bit disconcerting. The hot, wet warmth of his mouth and tongue. The hints of teeth accidentally scraping her every now and again. The chill his exhalations left after the heat dissipated. The powerful suction and release against her breast. The caress of his tongue underneath her areola as it coaxed the milk out. The heat of his hands as he squeezed in rhythm with his sucks. It caused her exposed nipple to feel outright cold in comparison.

Moving her hand to balance out the sensations, she brushed her fingers over her wet nipple. A giggle left her as Joberi stopped sucking and grumpily looked at her fingers before pulling them down to his own nipple with a stern, “No.”

“Okay, baby. I’ll keep my fingers on yours.”

True to her word, she idly played with his nipples. Well, really just the one since the other was smooshed against her stomach. But round and round she traced it for long minutes until he lifted his head off of her breast. “Are you done, sweetie? Ready for the other one?”

He nodded and rotated so he could nurse from her other side. Drinking in long pulls, he grabbed her free hand and put it on top of his briefs.

“Here, too?” At another assenting nod between sucks, Ina lazily extended and retracted her fingers over his bulging briefs while awkwardly trailing her nails over his scalp with her bent arm. Was this how a mother felt as she nourished her child? Well, aside from the sexual bits.

They were completely relaxed, just basking in the peaceful mood. Joberi never hardened under her gentle strokes, staying soft and limp in both body and cock as he greedily Escort Afyon nursed.

After long moments of this tranquility, his pulls lessened in intensity and in suction as his eyes drifted shut. A few seconds more, and he stopped sucking entirely, his lips drooping and releasing her shiny saliva-covered bud.

Ina cautiously inched away, but froze the instant his eyes flew open. His mouth sleepily snatched her rosy tip, pulsing lightly before falling off again as his eyelids slowly sagged.

“Poor baby,” she whispered as she wiped his lips and chin with the bedsheet. “I know you’re exhausted—you had such a big day today. Don’t go to sleep yet; you need to go potty.”

Dragging a half-asleep man to the refresher was no easy task when he steadfastly refused to help her. Finally, he swayed in front of the recycler unit in the refresher. “Pull your briefs down, baby.”

He managed to drag them down, but in his sleepy state, his hands tangled in the fabric. His cock, however, thought the sudden cool air was the signal to start spraying.

“Joberi—what—hold it dow—” Ina grabbed his cock in between chuckles and angled the stream down. “Goddess, this is so weird. Oof—you didn’t seem so tall laying on that table. Good boy. Let’s shake the last drops out and wipe you down right quick before we go to bed. There we go. Such a long day for my sweet boy. Go on, back to bed with you. And turn on the lamp, please.”

After using the recycler for herself and taking her hair down from her bun, Ina dimmed the main lights and crawled into bed. Seeing he was turned on his side, Ina did the same, staring into his otherworldly white eyes that were now flecked with green.

“Hi,” she spoke in a muted tone.

“Hi,” he rumbled back softly.

“You ready for some sleep, big guy?”


“Come here, baby. You took your medicine like such a good boy.” Ina snuggled him close to her. He squirmed around until he got comfortable, then reached for her hand, directing it under the covers and around his soft, naked cock.

She reared back in surprise. “You took your briefs off?”

He shyly grinned at her and nodded.

“You cheeky, cheeky boy. Let’s get some sleep now. Can you turn off the lamp for me, please? Good boy. Wha—again?”

In the sudden darkness, Ina felt Joberi latch onto her breast again, gently sucking. A small smile graced her lips as she tenderly played with his foreskin and glans, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Early the next morning…

There was a warm, wet, and insistent pressure on her clit. Mhmmm. That feels so good.

Her sleepy stretch came to a halt when her hands refused to move. What in the galaxies…why are my hands stuck to my headboard?

“Wake up, baby.”

What? Those words hadn’t come from her. They had come from between her legs.

Ina’s eyes flew open and stared down directly into Joberi’s fully green irises as he held her knees apart. Knees that had restraints dangling from them.

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