The Naked Cleaning Company Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

“Cummon brother, one more rep! Push it man!”

Tony strained against the bar, muscles screaming in pain. He was flat on the bench, feet firmly planted on the floor, pushing 100 kilos above his chest and close to full extension. But after seven reps, this last one just wasn’t going to make it. His training partner, Mike, cupped the middle of the bar with one hand and gave him just a fraction of support. ‘Spotting’ they call it. Just enough assistance to get that final extension and work the muscles to the max. Tony pushed it out and dropped the bar back into the rack behind his head. It clanked into place.

“Yes!” Tony shouted, shaking out his arms.

“You’re on fire today, brother,” grunted Mike. “Totally pumped.”

Tony grinned and Mike spotted a glint in his eyes.

“I’m guessing you’re getting a bit of action elsewhere?” he enquired knowingly. Tony simply grinned.

They grabbed their towels and lounged by the water cooler, sipping protein shakes.

“Got a question for you,” said Tony tentatively.

“Fire away.”

“Are you still at that club? You know…dancing?”

Mike laughed. It was a bit more than just dancing. He had a regular gig at ‘Torrid’, the local night club, as a stripper. As a tall, black, ripped young man, he was perfect for the part. A horny housewife’s wet dream.

“You should come over. Don’t know what you’re missing,” grunted Mike. “Ladies night is pretty brutal, but a lotta fun. And very lucrative, if you know what I mean.”

“I can imagine,” said Tony, forming a picture of Mike swaying his hips, jockstrap fully loaded, dozens of tipsy females gazing hungrily at his body.

“And do you ever… you know?” he continued hesitantly.

“Fuck the clientelle?” snorted Mike. “Hell yea! Those bitches are crazy for it. It’s a kind of hypnosis. I shake. I swivel. I pump.” He helpfully demonstrated his shaking, swivelling and pumping. One of the ladies over on the stationary bikes moaned a little bit louder than she meant to, quickly averting her gaze as Mike looked up. He thought he saw her drool slightly.

Tony continued, trying to put the image of Mike in a jockstrap out of his head. “And how much do they, er, pay for that?”

“No fixed amount. Notes stuffed in your jock. That kinda thing. You need cash? They’re always looking for new talent. You’ve got the body.”

“Hell, no. Firstly I can’t dance, and secondly, Rachel would slice it off, man,” said Tony and they laughed.

The guys at the gym had been pretty supportive alsancak escort bayan of Tony’s new business, although they teased him about the name. Naked Cleaning? What the fuck! Tony tried to convince them it was all metaphorical, but they weren’t having any of it. The owner, Gus, chipped in when he heard about it.

“Need an office?” he chirped. He was in his 50s but fit as a fiddle. The gym had been his whole life and he seemed to pretty much live there. Tony couldn’t remember a session when Gus wasn’t around.

“I have a spare room at the back. I can do you a great deal on rent?” he continued. It seemed perfect, Tony thought. Somewhere to store my cleaning materials, and right next door to my second home! Haha!


Tony knocked at number 23. The slip of paper said ‘Clare Anderson’. ‘I really need to get some kind of filing system,’ he thought as he waited. Paperwork was definitely not his strong point!

The door opened and Clare smiled out at him. She was short, with wispy hair and freckles. Girl-next-door kind of look.

“Tony,” said Tony. “For the cleaning?”

There was a pause while she eyed him up and down. ‘So this is the guy Tammy recommended,’ she thought appreciatively. ‘Very nice.’

“Come on in,” she said meekly and showed him through to the living room, getting a good look at his arse on the way. As she showed him around he noticed she was blushing a little. Nervous maybe?

“So…” she said hesitantly. “Tammy tells me you offer, er, some unconventional services.”

“What are you looking for?” asked Tony. He still hadn’t quite figured out how to discuss his ‘special’ services with new clients.

Clare paused, gazing at him. “I’m not quite sure. Do you do it topless?”

“Absolutely!” he grinned and pulled off his t-shirt. Clare’s eyes glazed over as she took in his chest, arms and stomach. She moaned slightly and bit her lip.

“Gosh,” she whispered, unsure of exactly what to do next. Tammy had said ‘don’t be shy’ but the fact was, she’d never contemplated anything like this before. She’d been single for several years and rarely invited men back to her place. She wasn’t sure if this was simply a kinky cleaning service, a kind of ‘date’, or amounted to prostitution.

Tony sensed her uncertainty. “How about I start in the living room,” he said, keeping it business-like. “You’re welcome to watch.”

He moved around the room, dusting the shelves, brushing down the furniture alsancak escort bayan and sweeping the floor. Clare had regained her composure a little and sat in an armchair. She gazed at this delightful young man, forming very naughty thoughts in her head. He was a little younger than her normal type, not that she minded younger men. But his eyes! His body! Tony was, well, in her eyes at least, David by Michelangelo! Completely out of her league. She sent a quick text to Tammy and grinned when she replied.

Tony cleared away the broom and stood in front of her. His torso glistened with a little perspiration.

“Where next?” he smiled.

“You look hot,” said Clare. “I mean, temperature-wise.”

“I do get a bit sweaty sometimes, sorry.”

She gazed at him thoughtfully for a second. “You’re welcome to take a shower?” she said, trying to sound sultry, which felt completely ridiculous. She didn’t think for a moment that this gorgeous man would be interested in her. ‘But I am paying?’ she thought, hopefully.

Tony noticed that something had changed. Clare had lost her shyness. Her voice was more assured. And she was staring at him seductively. He grinned.

“I may need some help,” he said calmly, smiling. “With the soap.” Clare felt a growing lust and her vagina flooded.


They stood under the hot shower, kissing. He was soaping her body, hands moving across her skin, rubbing the soap bar into the crack between her buttocks and down between her legs. She moaned as she kissed him, nibbling at his lips. Her shyness had disappeared. One of her hands was wrapped around his stiff pole, the other stroking his bum.

“Tammy was right,” she murmured into his ear. “This is a very special service.”

“It’s a type of cleaning!” said Tony helpfully and they giggled.

Placing the soap back in the dish, Tony let the water cascade down their bodies for a minute. Her hand around his cock was divine. He reached down and felt the slippery wetness of her vulva, more than just water or soap. She leaned back against the wall of the shower and he licked her breasts, flicking his tongue over her nipples. She moaned, eyes closed, head thrown back in pleasure as his hand continued to stroke the folds of her labia.

“I so need this…” she moaned, spreading her legs a little to give him greater access to her pussy.

Tony realised he’d never actually had sex in a shower. A first! It was a little cramped and, of course, escort alsancak there was water splashing down across their bodies and into their faces, but that was the last thing on his mind! He stood up straight and pressed into her and his cock found her slit. She shivered as he slid it backwards and forwards, spreading her legs further, lifting one and placing it on the opposite wall.

“Do you want me to…?” said Tony, just to be sure.

“Are you joking?” she laughed. “I haven’t had a decent shag for months.”

Tony slipped the head of his cock into her opening and she shuddered. He held it there, just inside her, gently moving. She clasped his shoulders and rested her head on his chest, breathing heavily, enjoying the feeling of hard cock inside her. She was twitching from the shaft grazing her clit as he rocked slowly, sending little sparks around her loins. Then he slid into her vagina and she gasped.

They fucked gently against the wall of the shower, water flowing over their heads and down between their bodies. Her cunt was tight and throbbing and Tony took it slowly, not wanting to spoil it by coming too soon. Clare licked and nibbled at his nipples, clawing at his buttocks in delight. She’d never experienced anything like this before. Standing sex? Yes, but just a fumbled knee trembler in a park after a drunken party. This was very different. Waves of pleasure pulsed through her body. The hot water created little patterns of heat on her skin. The feeling of his girth inside her was overwhelming, and he was hardly moving which made the whole experience even more erotic.

Tony grabbed her buttocks and lifted her against the wall, wrapping her legs around his thighs. After a moment of panic, Clare realised he could hold her weight her and relaxed.

“Oh God!” she cried, as he began to pump her more vigorously. She clamped her mouth over his, sucking him in. Her body was on fire. ‘Thank God for the shower,’ she thought deliriously. ‘Something to put out the flames!’

Tony was thrusting into her, enjoying the experience. ‘Moments like this make all that effort in the gym worthwhile,’ he mused, holding her against the shower wall. He felt the walls of her vagina sucking on his cock as it slid in and out. He knew he was close to losing control but desperately wanted her to get there first.

“Oh God yes!” she cried. “Yes! yes! yes!” As she tipped over the edge into orgasm, Tony couldn’t hold back and his cock exploded inside her. They bucked wildly as they came, gasping as wave after wave of their climax ripped through them.

He held her in position for a few moments then gently let her legs down. She could hardly stand and they stumbled a little and dropped onto the floor of the shower. They burst into laughter, totally drained of energy, as the warm water continued to cascade down around their bodies.

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