Ağu 31

The Mystery Man

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I was sitting how alone in the dark just listening to the rain outside. It hit the roof and windows of my small but modest house full force. I had had a bad day at work and I really didn’t feel like doing anything but pout. Don’t know why, usually I come home and get myself all sassed up and go out every night after work and try to see if I can have some guy, a good looking hunk come up to me and buy me drinks and ask me to dance with them. But for some particular reason I just couldn’t get myself out of the funk I was in. Nothing would even assuage my blues away, or so I thought!

I had been home for a few hours. I made myself something to eat, but I didn’t even touch it. It was still sitting on the coffee table where I left it, uneaten, and cold as and iceberg. I pretty much just sat there listening and staring out at the storm, thinking about the events of the day that led up what I was feeling now. I was feeling pretty stormy at the moment myself that I felt I was the storm. Worst of all I was totally frustrated and unfulfilled as well.

When I had gotten to work, as usual I had tons of messages to go through and sort out. Then I had files to look over and make short notes so that I could brief my boss one who needs this or that, as well as making sure that the clients I take care of are happy with the work being done on their behalf. I had a client knock on my office door later on that morning after my secretary paged me to tell me that I had someone waiting to see me.

He knocked and I motioned for him to come in and have a seat while I finished a proposal I was working on. I didn’t even bother to look up. I only had a few little things to change but it only took me a minute, but after I finished I put it into the outbox for Mandy to take to my boss for approval.

I stood up to greet the new client, held out my hand and looked him straight in the face. I was dumbstruck! My mouth just fell open and my heart began beating faster as my eyes roamed up and down his entire person, taking in the hard muscular build, enhanced with a deep dark golden tan that accentuated his hard but handsome features and extremely attractive rugged face. I swallowed hard and forced myself to be professional, but it was all I could do to keep my cool and hope that he didn’t notice I was staring and eyeballing his person. If he did he gave no indication other than a little chuckle of amusement. But things went on as if they were normal and we got down to business.

I was so attracted to him but I couldn’t do anything about it. After about an hour he left, satisfied that I would do a good job with what he Afyon Escort needed done.

As the day wore on, things just started to go down hill and I felt like I hit bottom. My boss, who is an attractive man himself, but a letch from the word go, had tried once again to hit on me, when he came into my office and shut the door like we were having a meeting. I tore him down and he did not like that, so he fired me because I would not accept any of his advances.

I took my things and ran out the door, got down to the lobby and ran outside into a barrage of rain. I had forgotten my raincoat, but I kept running anyway, I didn’t care. And the day just kept getting worse.

Anyway, when I finally got home, I cried for a while, and then when the tears were no more, I made something to eat but left it on the coffee table. Now I am just sitting here and thinking about the man who came to my office with his rugged looks and sexy body! MMMMmmm! I wonder what he will do when he finds out I am not working at the office any longer.

I sat for hours until it was too dark and rainy to see anything outside the window. I was daydreaming of the mysterious man who came to my office that morning and of all the things I wanted him to do to my body. I was getting so very wet, that my juices began leaking down my inner thighs. I began touching myself I was so wet. My nipples were hard as pebble in the sand, just waiting to be nibbled on by someone. Him!

I was so enthralled by my imagination that I didn’t hear the doorbell, or anyone come in for that matter. I had forgotten to lock the door when I came home. I was so wrapped up in what I was doing to myself, imagining that he was doing things to me that I never experienced before, that I thought I was dreaming when I felt him touch me. My eyes were closed and I was filled with desire and so very hot and wet that I was dribbling juices from my pussy onto my fingers and on the couch.

I felt lips and tongue touch my lips and face, trailing soft but rough wet kisses down to my neck and shoulders. Sometimes lingering for a moment to savors the flesh at the base of my neck and nibble at it like it was food from the gods. Hands were touching and probing my mouth and commanding that I suck on them. All the while my eyes were still closed. His fingers left my mouth and trailed down my body slowly and ever so softly that I was quivering with animal delight and wanting. They stopped at my breasts and they began to knead and pinch at my nipples and squeeze my breast hard and soft at the same time, bringing a myriad of sensations and pleasures. Then as he Afyon Escort Bayan caressed them I felt his lips and tongue lap at my nipples gently at first but then hard and rough making my back arch into his mouth so I can fully feel his whole mouth take my breasts, one at a time into his mouth.

For a little while he continued to tease me, with his mouth and fingers. Then he stopped sucking on my breasts but continued to play with them while his hot wet tongue trailed lazily down my chest to my belly where he drove his tongue into my navel making me want more of what he had to offer. He moved his hands down my body caressing and pinching while licking my belly button and drawing circles around it. He continued downward to my wet, ready pussy, and when he got to the top of my pussy just at the top of the nub, he began rubbing it and teasing it with his talented fingers and hand.

He moved his mouth from my navel slowly down to where his fingers were playing, as, tasting every inch of me, probing with his tongue until I was writhing under his touch. I was on the verge of exploding when he placed one finger inside of my pussy and began to stroke in and out. Then, he licked my clitoris with his sure tongue flicking at it like he couldn’t get enough of it and me. I was pushing up into his tongue and fingers trying so hard to hold onto the sensations he was giving me when he placed the second finger inside me with the first now beginning to push in and out rapidly and harder than before. He just kept teasing my clit with his tongue not giving me anymore than he wanted me to have. With my eyes closed I still see him but it is a dream to me. He places a third then a fourth finger deep into me making me want to cum all over his hand. But he won’t let me, I am so wet but he won’t let me. He commands me in his roughened voice not to cum until he says so, by this time he is about ready to explode himself and I hear it in his voice.

Still bombarding me with his fingers deep in my cavernous pussy, he clamps his mouth down on my whole pussy and begins to suck hard and lick every inch of me until even more juices flow from my honey box. He removes his fingers from me and spreads my legs as wide as they go taking his mouth from me leaving me wanting him not to stop. I feel something being wrapped around my ankles not too tight but just tight enough to feel pressure when he ties what I believe are silk scarves to the legs of the couch. Then he ties my wrists above my head to the other end of the couch so I can’t do a single thing. I am helpless, legs spread as wide as they are able to go, juices Escort Afyon literally pouring from my pussy all over the couch, waiting for him to return to his assault on my pussy with his skilled mouth and tongue. I am not disappointed. He clamps his hot mouth hard down onto my pussy and begins the assault over from the beginning, making sure that he can lick, suck, and swallow every drop of my dew that comes out of me. He is roughly holding me to his mouth with his hands so I cannot squirm or move.

I have to have release but he still tells me “NO” but soon. As I am getting closer to climaxing I try hard not to let myself do it because I want to please him. I want to do as he wishes me to do. But as I get closer to cumming he knows it and stops again. Only this time when I begin to calm down, he introduces something very hard and solid into me. Slowly he pushes it inside me. It’s cold and hard, not warm and fleshy. And as he proceeds to push his way into my pussy lips with it, he begins eating and licking and sucking on me again. He strokes the object hard in and out of me while he eats my pussy at the same time. I realized that it is a Glass dildo and he is ramming in and out of me as his mouth completely covers me. I am ready to explode, and he gives me permission to let go. All the while he is breathing hard himself. He was also playing with himself after he tied me up. I did not feel one of his hands on me only his mouth and the hand with the dildo ramming me and taking me to heights I have never been to before. He is ready to cum but he waits while I do, I know he wants release also but he holds back, he wants to swallow everything I let out and more. I can’t stand it anymore, and when he tells me I can cum I let everything I have to give him, all my juices and honey flowing freely out of me while he laps it up like he can’t get enough of it or me.

I hear him grunting and groaning wanting his release, he holds it just a bit longer, and while I am still cumming in his mouth, he pulls away an stands between my widely spread legs and proceeds to push is huge thick cock into my ass, he is still fucking me with the dildo in my pussy hard, but his cock is ramming my ass but good, I am still cumming and screaming loudly as he stabs my ass with his huge member until he lets go and pushes hard enough to feel like he is going to break through to the barriers between my ass and my pussy. He cums hard and begins to release his load into my ass, but as he does, he pull it out and pours the rest over my face and body, he has so much to give!

After it is all over and he collapses atop me, he stokes my gently and says that I was a good little girl and that he will do even more the next time. I slowly open my eyes and realize that it was the man who came to my office this morning. Apparently he “wanted me” for more than just someone to take care of his business.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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