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The Mysterious Aunt

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They were all surprised that Celia and her husband came to the party. No-one in the family had seen her for twenty years, but Joyce — her sister — felt she should at least be invited, that she should invite her younger sister by two years to her fiftieth birthday party. Joyce and her sister had kept in touch through Christmas cards and the occasional brief phone call. Arthur, at only 18, had never met his aunt, although had heard about this “Aunt Celia” whose name was always mentioned in a voice of disapproval. He had asked about her, but no-one would say much about her. None of the family had met her Husband Guy: they had been married fourteen years; no-one from the family had been invited to the wedding. But then Celia and Guy had come to the party, staying in a local hotel…….

Partly the twenty years apart was caused by distance — they lived at opposite ends of the country, 300 miles apart. But the real reason had been the newspaper article. Front page of a national tabloid. “Perversion in Suburbia.”

The story was very “unsalubrious!” Celia, not married at the time, had ended up working as a professional domme. Of course no-one in the family knew, or ever found out how she had “learnt” the role — but she had found it more lucrative than working in the bank, and it suited her strong character. She had a couple of rooms in her suburban detached house kitted out appropriately. She had developed a good clientele of professional men, and even the odd woman. A journalist had investigated. Apart from Celia, no-one was named, but her clientele had melted away very quickly. The journalist had been good, writing a good story for the paper, covering 4 pages of the Sunday edition, with interviews from the neighbours (“Nothing like that goes on around here……”) and other local people.

The article had caused a huge rift between Celia and her family, particularly as her conservative mother who lived near Joyce was utterly horrified at what had happened, and refused to speak to her daughter ever again. Celia had not come to the funeral 16 years later. It was only after their mother’s death that Joyce thought she should try to repair the relationship.

The newspaper article, however, was not good for anyone. The reporter who had investigated had “purchased” a session from Celia to create his article. Unfortunately for him, Celia had videoed the event. After the article was published she sent copies of the video to rival papers, showing the reporter tied to a bed, begging to be spanked, screaming for more as Celia used the strap-on on him, and begging to be allowed to cum, needing to shoot his load. His language was not gentlemanly as he begged for her services! Sadly for him, he had got caught up in the moment, and his own desires were not orthodox!

Although the reporter had become a laughing stock, it also changed the family, torn apart for 20 years.

The party went well. Joyce and Celia enjoyed being together again and catching up over the weekend. The family had liked Guy, Celia’s husband, who was a smart, friendly, laid back man. Some commented at how Joyce and Celia couldn’t possible be sisters — Joyce small, cheerful and “round,” whereas Celia was tall and slim with a quiet confidence. Truth was Joyce took after their father, Celia after their mother. Arthur and his older sister Jenny had liked both Celia and Guy, and very much appreciated the interest they showed in them, in their hopes, and careers, and education. Jenny was four years older than Arthur and was already living away with her boyfriend, although had come home for the weekend.

The family also enjoyed meeting Celia, although the events of 20 years before were studiously avoided. They discovered that Celia had moved to a new town 20 years before, and stayed at a small hotel to look for a flat in that new town. Guy owned the hotel, and they had clicked and Celia had simply stayed, between them developing the hotel and the services it provided. Guy had been divorced, but now he and Celia were clearly in love and continuing the work of the hotel.

Overall the weekend went well, the meal and party went well. Joyce had enjoyed being reconciled to her sister, Arthur had loved meeting this “mysterious” aunt who wasn’t as mysterious as her reputation.

Two weeks later Arthur walked into the kitchen where his parents seemed to be heatedly discussing a letter his mother was holding. The conversation stopped the instant he walked in the room, and there was an awkward silence. At last his father Brian spoke. “Well, he is here. Let’s ask him.”

There was a pause. “Arthur — we’ve had a letter from Guy and Celia. Apparently they learnt you were looking for work for the summer before you go off to college. They are suggesting you go and work for them for the summer. They say go for a few days first. If you like it you can stay on working at the hotel till the end of August. Do you fancy it?”

One late Friday afternoon Arthur was about to get off the train at the resort where bursa escort his Aunt had her hotel. He was nervous, and knew he could leave if things weren’t right, but it was an amazing chance to get away from home, have a new experience, make some money, in a “safe” way before going to college in the autumn. He knew his mother didn’t want him to go, although he wasn’t quite sure why. In the end he heard her say doubtfully to his father “I suppose things are different now, especially that she’s married. Guy seems a nice man.” She had said to Arthur: “any problems, given me a ring instantly.” Arthur wasn’t quite sure why she said things, and the way she said them — he was just too excited to go — he had really liked Aunt Celia, as strong a character as she obviously was, and had really liked “Uncle Guy” who was friendly, treating Arthur as another man, rather than as a “youngster.”

Guy met Arthur off the train, and in ten minutes were at the small hotel, a place in a stunning setting overlooking a beautiful beach. Within seconds Arthur was in his room, linked to the wifi, sending his parents a message to say he had arrived safely, and within half an hour he was sitting with Aunt Celia and Guy eating lasagne. It was the same as the guests were eating, but the guests were being served by the evening staff — Celia and Guy dealt with the “check-ins” on a Friday, but it was a busy time and they had staff to do the cooking and serving on the Friday evening. They had all agreed that Celia, Guy and Arthur would have a settling-in evening before Arthur started tasks on the Saturday. Arthur was looking forward to it. He knew it would include cleaning as well as any other work that needed doing, from helping in the kitchen, to serving, to portering. He found that Aunt Celia and Guy generally were there by themselves, but got in casual staff if they ever needed them, particularly on the weekend. The only person they employed permanently was their part-time cleaner.

All this Arthur discovered as they ate. It was as they ate some ice cream at the end of their meal that the conversation had wandered, wandered to family particularly. It was with hindsight that Arthur realised Aunt Celia had led things that way. The conversation moved to heights! Aunt Celia proclaimed that in their family there was two sets of genes — the tall genes and the short genes, and nothing in between. Celia was tall and slim; Joyce, Arthur’s Mother, Celia’s sister, was small and round! Arthur was tall and slim, Jenny his sister was small and “round:” not round, shapely, commented Guy.

As they cleared up the tea, and sat on the settee for the evening, the conversation continued, Celia talking about the wider family, often talking about people Arthur had never met, some he had never even heard of.

“Let’s all sit as a real family……..” Celia said, and the three ended up on the settee facing the fire, with Arthur in the middle, Guy on his right, Aunt Celia on his left.

The conversation continued for a bit, and all were getting warm and comfortable. It was Aunt Celia who changed the subject…….. “The thing is, from what I have seen of them, the guys with the tall thin genes also have big cocks, while the smaller genes give the men small cocks.”

Arthur was stunned. He wasn’t even sure he had heard correctly. But he had gone bright red in teenage embarrassment. Celia paused, then continued naturally. “So Arthur, how about you — how big is your cock, you know, when it’s hard? Is it big or small?”

Arthur was struck dumb, but his cock he thought was large, and was getting large very quickly simply with Aunt Celia sitting next to him and asking the questions. She continued: “Sorry Arthur, it is an odd question to expect a lad like you to answer. Tell you what — why don’t you get it out and show us, Guy likes to see cocks as much as I do.”

Arthur was still stunned, and was paralysed in his seat. Aunt Celia seemed like she wasn’t for stopping…… “Tell you what, I know you are embarrassed. Let me help you.” Aunt Celia reached over. Before Arthur could think about it, Aunt Celia was undoing his trousers, Guy was lifting him up so she could pull his trousers and boxers down, then set him down on the settee again. Arthur didn’t know what to do. He was horrified. Yet a woman. And a man. His cock was rock hard. He tried to hide his cock with his hands, but Aunt Celia pulled them away.

It was Guy who spoke. “Wow, that is a nice big cock. Almost makes me jealous….”

Arthur had his eyes closed in embarrassment, but felt Aunt Celia’s fingers tickling his cock, like she was inspecting it. He felt her fingers squeezing his balls, making approving noises.

Celia spoke again. “Hey, Guy, why don’t you get yours out so we can compare them.” Arthur felt Guy moving about, and opened his eyes. Guy sat down very close to him, leaning towards him. Arthur had never seen another cock this close up. He was transfixed. It was big.

Guy turned Arthur towards him, and turned in escort bursa to him. Suddenly Arthur felt Guy’s cock touching his. It was electric. Arthur’s cock developed a throbbing twitching life of it’s own. He thought his balls were going to explode. Guy was rubbing his cock gently on Arthur’s, causing Arthur to fight to keep control. He was distracted by Aunt Celia speaking. “Wow, he likes other cocks. I bet he likes pussy just as much. Do you, Arthur?”

Arthur was too overwhelmed by it all. Too overwhelmed to lie. “Yes.” was all he could force out.

“Enough!” Celia said commandingly. “I think he will do well working here. Just a bit more training tomorrow. Time for bed!”

It was strange. Within moments they were all dressed properly. Arthur had cleaned his teeth. Was lying in bed. His hand was playing with his cock. In seconds he was shooting his cum all over his stomach and chest……..

Next morning………

Arthur slept well, but woke with his cock as hard as he could ever remember. He could also smell bacon and eggs cooking. He remembered that Aunt Celia had told him breakfast would be ready at about 8 o’clock. Arthur looked at his watch — twenty to eight — he rushed to the shower, washed quickly, and got dressed. He was very nervous going down to breakfast after the previous evening, but realised he had no choice.

As Arthur entered the kitchen, Aunt Celia welcomed him warmly, asked him how he had slept, and pointed to a chair, and to the cereal. Breakfast was pleasant, with Aunt Celia saying that there were some guests coming that evening, and that Arthur could begin work helping with luggage and helping with serving dinner. That she would take some time that morning explaining what he had to do. She also mentioned that Guy was out getting supplies from the cash and carry and would be back in a bit.

As Arthur finished his breakfast, there was a pause in the conversation, before Aunt Celia changed the subject. “Arthur — I wanted to say sorry for yesterday evening, I think we got a bit carried away. Guy told me off after.”

Arthur mumbled that it was okay, but Aunt Celia continued. “No, Guy said I was unfair, that I should have made you cum, or let him do it somehow, rather than leaving you high and dry. Thing was, I was so excited I wanted Guy to fuck me.”

There was a pause. Arthur felt horribly embarrassed with his Aunt talking so brazenly, and it was having an effect on him. Aunt Celia continued, knowing exactly what she was doing and the effect she was having, talking as if it was the most ordinary conversation an aunt and nephew could have. “I hope you managed to wank off okay, you know, play with your cock and shoot your cum. Did you manage it? How many times did you wank off last night?”

Arthur was struck dumb. He stumbled over his words, not sure what to say. He felt he had to answer. “Um……, twice, Aunt Celia.”

Aunt Celia was pressing on. “Oh, and you are hard now as well. You are just what we need. A fit boy.” Arthur was desperately hoping this conversation was going to end, but Aunt Celia was unstoppable. “What did you think about when you were playing with your cock? My fingers playing on your cock? Did you wonder what it was going to be like when you get the chance to fuck me? To get your cock in my pussy?”

“Yes, but, um………” Arthur stammered over an answer.

Aunt Celia smiled. “But? Tell me it is, Arthur.”

“Please……….” Arthur was all tongue-tied.

“Yes, Arthur, tell me anything, I won’t be offended.”

Suddenly Arthur gained his tongue and launched in. “Please Aunt Celia, I want to have woman, and dreamt of having you, but I read on the internet about what men do to other men, and after seeing Uncle Guy’s…….. um, I dreamt of him doing it to me, and thought of it over and over…………”

Aunt Celia smiled. Partly because she realised Arthur would be of great help this summer, and partly because she was enjoying the conversation, enjoying dragging the confessions out of him, and was feeling turned on by this young boy she was talking to. She couldn’t stop. “So, Arthur, you’re saying to me that you really like women, but you enjoy men just as much. You want Uncle Guy to put his cock in your man pussy?” Arthur looked puzzled, as Aunt Celia continued. “That’s what we like to call your asshole, honey. Did you play with your man pussy as well as your cock when you were wanking last night?”

Arthur was even more mortified. “Yes……………”

“Did you push your finger through your tight ring?”

It was too much for Arthur, he couldn’t speak.

Aunt Celia smiled. “Arthur, you are gorgeous. We’ll arrange for Guy to do it for real later this morning. He likes to put his cock into nice virgin man-pussy as well.” Aunt Celia laughed, then they heard a car horn blare. “That’ll be Guy — lets go and help him unload the car.”

Arthur was hugely relieved to escape this conversation. He had arrived at Aunt Celia’s the night bursa escort bayan before, innocent, and now it seemed already arranged that Uncle Guy was going to put his cock in his ass, that before lunch he was going to be fucked. He wanted it, and was terrified of it…………………

It took them an hour or so to sort out the shopping and do a few chores around the hotel. Aunt Celia also spent some time explaining to Arthur what he would have to do, and how the job would work out. She also gave him a tour of the hotel, but when they reached a door with a sign which said “exotica” on the door Aunt Celia said they would show him that later as they wouldn’t be using it over the weekend. They didn’t have anyone using it until Monday.

After the tour and instructions, they returned to the sitting room, where Guy was sitting reading a newspaper. Arthur noticed there was a difference from earlier — there was a padded stool in the middle of the room, quite a high one. It was Aunt Celia who spoke, as if what she said was the most normal thing in the world to say. “Okay Arthur, take all your clothes off.”

Arthur hesitated, processing the order. He was suddenly afraid — he knew this was the moment…… Aunt Celia was in charge and spoke in a voice not to be refused. “Now Arthur. Strip. Everything. We want you completely naked and over that stool. I will not speak again. Do it! Now!”

The final words had been snapped, and Arthur obeyed. He quickly removed his t-shirt. His shoes, his socks. He slowly removed his jeans, then slowly removed his boxers, standing completely naked, his cock standing to attention. He took no notice of what the other two were doing, as he carefully manoeuvred himself over the stool, his ass high in the air, his cock between his legs, being forced gently backwards, the top of his cock resting against the side of the stool.

Aunt Celia spoke again, this time in a voice that she might use to a young child. “That’s a good boy, Arthur. I think Uncle Guy can’t wait to play with his new toy. He’s already ready and hard………”

Arthur was both terrified and excited, expecting “it” to hurt as Guy moved towards him, expecting Guy’s hard cock to pierce his tight man pussy. It didn’t. He felt a very gentle fluttering around his asshole, which felt amazing. Arthur was confused, till he realised it was Uncle Guy’s tongue, licking him softly.

Arthur felt the tongue moving downwards, licking the underside of his balls, then gently caressing along his cock to the sensitive underside. Guy had taken a couple of minutes, and Arthur was moaning with pleasure, feeling he might shoot his load any moment.

Guy was an expert — he had taken Arthur to the edge of coming before removing his tongue quickly and returning to Arthur’s asshole, this time thrusting as far in as he could into Arthur’s ring. Guy did this for a couple of moments, then suddenly Arthur felt nothing. Guy had moved away. He wanted him back. He even cried out “Please, do it more…………..”

It was only a few seconds but suddenly Arthur felt something else pushing into his asshole, something hard. He felt pressure as Guy pushed his cock through the ring, Arthur realising Guy had lubricated him with his tongue. It hurt. It was so tight. He was so full, yet slowly the cock was being pushed further into him. Guy had two inches, three inches, five inches, when he stopped pushing for a few moment. It hurt. It was tight.

Guy was waiting, then whispered into Arthur’s ear: “Relax honey, relax, then I’ll take you fully. I know you want that……”

Arthur did relax, and it did feel better. Suddenly he felt Guy ease out a couple of inches, but then thrust his cock fully into Arthur. It hurt, but Arthur wasn’t going to cry out. He was going to take it. He heard Guy speaking to him: “wow, you ass feels so amazing, so tight, so sweet. There is nothing better than virgin ass, and yours is the best.”

Imperceptibly at first Arthur felt Guy move his cock out and back in, then again. Then again. Arthur felt his asshole accepting Guy more easily. Suddenly Guy had pulled out a couple of inches then thrust back in. Soon Guy was fucking him, sliding his cock in and out, quicker and quicker, making Arthur’s cock throb. Guy was fucking him almost out of control, and Arthur loved it, loved being taken, owned by this hot man.

Suddenly Arthur heard Guy cry out, then thrust hard and deep, pulsing in Arthur’s ass. Arthur knew — Guy was pumping his cum deep into Arthur’s guts, deep into Arthur’s ass. Guy almost felt like he was never going to stop, but at last slowed down, then removed his cock from Arthur, still lying over the stool.

Arthur felt his hand taken, and felt himself pulled to his feet. He heard Aunt Celia’s voice. “Baby, that was wonderful. Stand up.”

Arthur struggled to his feet, and immediately felt a woman’s hand grasp his cock, stroking up and down. It was so amazing. Aunt Celia was wanking him off, and it would be only seconds…….

NNNNAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG — Arthur couldn’t help crying out as he shot his cum high in the air, then later strands pouring down over Aunt Celia’s hand. For Arthur he had never experienced anything like it, it was so hot, even if his ass felt sore.

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