The Music Is Calling

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Big Tits

Laura woke up to the sound of music playing. There was a muffled curse, and the piece started over. Still half-asleep, she ruffled her hair and rubbed her eyes. Her body had never felt like this before, there was a dull ache between her legs, reminding her of all Jack had done hours earlier. She smiled at the memory, understanding why so many become addicted to sex. The way his hands had caressed her body, touching her in places only she had visited. The way he stared intensely into her eyes as he broke through her barrier for the very first time. The way she had been unable to restrain herself from calling out. Oh yes, Laura was smiling as she remembered the sensation that felt like fireworks going off at every nerve ending, her leg muscles contracting, toes pointing as she had her first intense orgasm.

The piano music broke her out of her reverie. The melody was morose, but eerily beautiful. It gave her shivers. She gathered the rumpled sheet around her still-naked body and sleepily ventured out into the living room, if you could call it such. It was an excessively opulent, yet industrially minimalist, area, of which the central attraction was the grand piano framed by floor-to-ceiling glass panes overlooking the Chicago skyline.

Hunched over the piano was Jack, still naked from their prior engagement. He was lost in the music, focusing on the ivory keys in front of güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri him. As Laura padded across the cold tiled floor towards him, he did not look up once. Approaching from behind, she encircled his neck and shoulders with her arms. He jumped and the music stopped. Emboldened, Laura dropped the sheet and straddled his lap. Despite their vigorous session earlier, she felt his reaction to this act against her upper thigh. The feeling of skin on skin was electrifying, and she started to whisper that she had missed him, but he silenced her with his own mouth.

Undulating upon Jack’s lap, feeling his increasing arousal, Laura was surprised to feel the dull ache between her legs had become more insistent and there was a tightness in her lower stomach indicating her own wetness was not far away. She was distracted from these thoughts by Jack’s attention to her earlobe, biting and nibbling before grabbing her hair and pulling her head back, exposing her neck. Taking advantage of the bare skin laid in front of him, he attacked with his mouth, trailing his tongue from the base of Laura’s ear down her vein towards her clavicle. She let out an involuntary moan, and he pulled her hair back further. In response, she shifted against his raging erection showing him just how wet he was making her.

Laura was completely at Jack’s will. His roaming hands güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri grabbed her bare cheeks and lifted her from his lap, and in one rough motion, slammed her ass down on top of the piano. He was firmly in control, her dripping pussy at the perfect angle to show it the attention it deserved. Leaning down slightly, using one hand to restrain Laura across her stomach, the other traced the top of her thighs, and around the point where they joined her pelvis. He trailed his finger tips across her lips, feeling her clit already erect for his forthcoming ministrations.

Bending down, he let his tongue copy the route his fingers had just taken, while Laura squirmed atop the piano. The pressure from his restraining hand increased, moving slightly so the palm was above her bladder. This new pressure coupled with the attention of his tongue left Laura gasping for air. But licking was not sufficient. Jack grabbed her clit with his teeth, pulling gently, while simultaneously inserting two fingers into her soaking cunt. Laura screamed with the sudden penetration and pain, she had never felt anything like this before.

Jack was thoroughly enjoying Laura’s response to his attention, but was growing impatient with her inability to remain still without restraints. His erection was demanding it got it’s own attention, but there was no way he güvenilir bahis şirketleri was relinquishing control. Instead, he leant over Laura, pinning her hands above her head, pulled her to the edge of the piano and, using the footstall for height, thrust into her pussy. He had not felt a woman be this wet ever, and let out an accompanying groan.

Her tits bounced with each thrust and added to her feeling Jack was not just fucking her pussy, he was fucking every inch of her. The hands detaining her own shifted, one remaining as a restraint the other moving to her neck. From here Jack was controlling everything, including the air that she breathed. She was close to cumming, and lifted her legs, propping them on his shoulders. The change in angle meant his cock was hitting deep inside her, the pressure building like a shaken champagne bottle.

Whimpering, Laura came. Every part of her tensed, her pussy spasming around Jack’s erection. Her back arched, head thrown back, each breath gasping for oxygen, seeing fireworks behind closed eyelids. Throughout it all, Jack continued fucking her senseless. He knew he wasn’t far away but wanted her to watch him cum all over her face. Holding out, he thrust until her eyes opened and she begged him to stop. Then, and only then, he pulled out of her, Laura feeling both relief and emptiness at the motion, and released, his seed spurting over her face, tits and hair.

Laura lay there spent, completely drained of all energy and emotion except post-orgasmic bliss. Looking up she saw Jack wiping up the mess they’d made on the piano. She smiled contently and thought that what she had experienced tonight would be hard to best for quite some time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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