The Morrisons Ch. 20

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Thanks to Fat_Dad for editing The Morrisons!

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**Author’s Note: The Morrisons is a continuing story where each chapter builds on previous chapters. If this is your first encounter with The Morrisons, I’d like to suggest you read the previous chapters prior to reading this one. There’s a complete list of story characters on the last page. Please enjoy!

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**Before you read this chapter, be advised that it contains very graphic depictions of raw sex and/or love-making between two or more consenting people. IF such depictions upset you or make you lose sleep, PLEASE don’t read any further. You may not enjoy reading a particular portion of the story; that doesn’t mean other readers will dislike that same portion of the story. It’s a different-strokes-for-different-folks kind of story. I appreciate hearing from readers, and I want to thank all those who took time to send me a message. However, please don’t leave a derogatory comment, if you willingly overlook THIS WARNING.

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For the record: All characters engaging in sexual activities are of legal aged!

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From – Chapter 19

All three women were standing in the bathroom when Joanna said, “I think I want to clean up before I go to sleep. I get to use the bidet first.”

Patty said, “I’ll start the shower while both of you use the bidet, then I’ll use it so I can be fresh and clean too.”

They took turns on the bidet and then all of them stood under the spray of the shower. Patty rubbed her soapy hands up and down Joanna’s body while Joanna used her hands to clean Beth’s body. When they were almost done, Joanna and Beth turned and washed Patty’s body. All three of them dried the each other’s body.

As they strolled out of the bathroom, Joanna turned off the light. All three crawled up on the bed with Joanna in the middle. Joanna reached over Beth and picked up the control for the monitor and turned it off. They pulled down the top sheet and all three of them lay down. They moved together and spooned up against each other in the center of the bed. Joanna reached up and clicked off the light. They talked softly expressing their thankfulness to each other for the evening’s activities. Little by little, there was less talk until all three of them drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


Chapter 20

I woke up long before the alarm clock sounded. I looked over and saw Beth and Kim still cuddling, as I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a leak. I was peeing when I heard a soft moan behind me so I turned my head to see Kim in the doorway, stretching up on her tiptoes, with her arms extended above her head. “Wow, you certainly look beautiful this morning, my love.” I said as I finished peeing and shook my cock.

Kim said, “Thank you dear. I always love to hear compliments from you. Don’t flush it, I’ve got to pee.”

I watched Kim sit down then I reached for a piece of toilet paper and squatted down in front of her and watched as she peed. When she was finished I reached between her legs and wiped her pussy then dropped the paper. I stood up then reached out and helped Kim stand up. Both of us washed our hands then Kim said, “I’m going to order some coffee and Danish. Do you want anything else?”

I said, “No go ahead and order. Do you mind if I invite Klaudia up to have coffee with us?”

Kim looked at me and said, “Oh honey, you don’t have to ask me a question like that.”

“I didn’t know if you wanted to do something before the others woke up, that’s why I asked.” I said quietly.

Kim giggled and said, “If I want some of your cock, it won’t matter who’s in the room, I’m going to get what I want.”

I texted Klaudia an invitation and received an immediate reply saying she’d love to join us for coffee and Danish.

Suddenly my phone buzzed and I read Klaudia’s message asking what should she wear?

I texted her back telling her to bring her clothes and she could get dressed in our suite.

My phone buzzed again and I read, “I’m ready, open your door.”

I walked over to the door and opened it. I looked down the hall towards Klaudia’s suite and saw her turn and try the handle to make sure it was locked. She walked towards me with a huge smile on her face, naked as a jaybird. I stepped out into the hall and just as she reached our room the elevator bell dinged signaling it had stopped at our floor. Klaudia hurriedly stepped into our suite and I said, “Please put your clothes in our bedroom so they won’t get messed up.”

Klaudia looked at my naked body and walked into the bedroom. When she came out Kim had already let the room service person into the room and was watching him set up the table and the coffee urn.

When he was finished Kim signed the bill and handed him a tip. He spoke German to her then turned and pushed his cart out the door. When he was bahis firmalar─▒ gone Klaudia looked up at my face after looking at my cock and asked, “I know you told me your family and friends are nudists but does that mean everyone here, stays nude all the time?”

I smiled and said, “Yes, we are always nude when we are here or even when we are at home.”

All three of us were fixing our coffee when Ted and Marion came into our suite. I looked up and said, “Hey, Good morning. How are you two this morning?”

As both of them picked up a cup and saucer Ted looked at Klaudia and said, “Hi, I’m Ted and this is my wife Marion.”

I spoke up saying, “Ted, Marion, I’d like you to meet Klaudia, she’s the company representative to help Beth and me.”

Ted looked at Klaudia’s face and smiled before his eyes wandered down her naked body to her pink colored areola of her “C” cup breasts, then his eyes moseyed down and lingered a few seconds while he looked at her cute little slit at the apex of her upper thighs. With a huge grin on his face he looked up at Klaudia’s face again and said, “WOW! You sure are a very beautiful representative. May I go to work with you?”

Klaudia blushed deeply as her eyes looked down and saw Ted’s cock begin to rise. After a few seconds of watching his cock twitch she looked at Ted and said, “Thank you.”

Marion came to Klaudia’s rescue by saying, “Hi Klaudia, don’t worry about him, he’s just a man.”

Klaudia made a nervous giggle and said, “I’m not used to all this openness. We are very liberal here in Germany but …..”

I interrupted Klaudia by saying, “Our other friends will be coming in here shortly and all of them will be nude. I hope you won’t be embarrassed.”

Klaudia looked at me and said, “Dan, since yesterday morning, I’ve experienced many things I haven’t done before. I will get used to seeing everyone nude and I guess they will see all of me as well.”

We sat down to enjoy our coffee and Ted immediately asked Klaudia about her interests and her hobbies. That kept an interesting conversation going until Mary and Shelly followed by Kathy and Jake entered the suite. About the same time Beth came out of our bedroom. Beth walked over and gave her mom and dad a hug and a kiss then turned and said, “Klaudia, this young couple is my mother, her name is Kathy and my father whose name is Jake.”

Klaudia stood up and took a few steps over to them and started to shake hands with Jake but he said, “A morning hug is better than a hand shake, any day.”

Klaudia opened her arms and stepped into Jake’s outstretched arms and they hugged each other. After a few seconds she stepped back and immediately Kathy held out her arms and hugged Klaudia followed by Beth giving Klaudia a hug which lasted more than a few seconds. When Beth and Klaudia hugged, their bodies were pressed tightly together all the way down to their bald pubic mounds.

Klaudia stepped back and looked at Beth for a few moments before Beth continued by saying, “Over here are our friends Mary and Shelly.”

Once again, Klaudia was met with open arms and she stepped forward to each one and received a hug. When she went back to her seat she no sooner sat down when Terri and Hanna entered the room. This time I stood up and asked the girls to come over to us so I could introduce them to Klaudia. Klaudia stood and I made the introductions and this time Klaudia opened her arms for a hug from each of them first.

Klaudia and I sat down again while the newcomers were fixing their coffee and I leaned forward and said to her, “The only one we’re missing in our group of family and friends is my daughter Jenna. Apparently she stayed in another room last night.”

Klaudia looked around the room and said, “It is my privilege to meet all of you. This is the first time I’ve experienced this. I love how all of you are nude and you look so relaxed.”

We started a conversation and everyone joined in. Eventually the conversation moved around to what everyone had seen and that’s when Klaudia smiled and said, “I will make a list of some interesting places that you can give your bus driver. There are some beautiful places outside our city which I think you will enjoy. They aren’t the proverbial tourist traps so you won’t be going to some place where there are large crowds.”

Jake was the first one to say, “Now that’s why your company selected you to represent them. We are looking for places like you’ve described. We want to visit the real Germany not just the places where tourists gather.” Everyone around the table agreed with Jake.

Klaudia looked at her watch saying, “As much fun as I’m having, I have to be the party pooper and say, we have to get ready for work. Our driver will be here in a little while.”

I stood up and said, “I have to take a quick shower first, is there anyone here interested in getting clean with me?”

“I have to clean up also, so I’ll be glad to assist you.” Beth replied

From the other side of the table ka├žak iddaa I heard, “Why not make it a mother/daughter event and both of us will make sure he’s clean and ready to work?” Kathy said with a huge grin on her face.

“We, Beth and I, have a car coming for us in a little while so we won’t have time to do anything except get clean.” I said with a wink at Kathy.

She jumped up from her chair and said, “Ok, let’s go.”

The next thing I knew I heard, “I’ll help wash him too!”

I looked over and saw Marion stand up and walk around the table. Beth, Kathy, Marion and I walked into the bathroom. I stopped at the sink to shave and the three women walked over to the shower and turned it on. I quickly shaved my face then joined the three females in the shower. Marion and Kathy finished washing Beth’s body as I got my body wet and then they turned their attention to me and their soapy hands roamed all over my body. As Kathy and Marion’s hands moved down to my cock and balls, suddenly someone yelled, “LOOK THIS WAY!”

Each of us turned our heads in the direction of the voice and there were several flashes of light. I smiled at Marion and Kathy saying, “Ladies, it looks like you’ve been caught with your hands in the cookie jar. Or should I say, on the cookie jar, I love it.”

I looked back towards the bathroom door and saw Kim and Klaudia standing there talking and watching us. I allowed my hands to roam over Kathy and Marion’s body and when I moved down between their legs each one of them automatically spread their legs giving me access to their pussy. I circled their clit before I dipped my middle finger inside each of them. Both of them moaned and pressed their body against mine. I looked at each of them and said, “I’ll make some time for both of you if you want me to.”

Marion held my cock and stroked it a few times before saying, “I want this wonderful piece of meat to fill my pussy soon.”

Kathy reached down and cupped my balls in her hand and said, “I want what you have in here to squirt inside my pussy sometime soon too.”

Beth was beside me and said, “Ladies, I’m his executive secretary, please see me for any scheduling of his time.”

All of us burst out laughing and Marion said to Kathy, “Let’s tie her up in a corner someplace and then we can have Dan all to ourselves.”

“Don’t threaten me with that, I might like it and then I’ll take more of Dan’s time when I want him to tie me up on his own.” Beth said with a giggle.

We finished our shower and everyone got out and dried each other. I received kisses from Marion and Kathy and then they went out to rejoin the others. Beth and I finished our personal grooming in the bathroom and when I walked into the bedroom, Kim and Klaudia were talking.

I selected my suit and when Beth came out of the bathroom she asked me to help her select the suit she was going to wear. I walked into the closet and selected her suit and a pink silk blouse for her. I looked directly at Beth and said, “I don’t want you to wear a bra or panties today. Wear your black thigh high stockings and those shoes.”

Beth collected her clothes and brought them out and laid them on the bed. I watched Beth get dressed as I was getting dressed. She put her thigh high stockings on first and pulled them up until they were adjusted just right. Then she picked up her blouse and slipped it down over her arms without putting a bra on first, Klaudia stared at her but Kim was the one who spoke up saying, “Oh Beth, you are going to be a little daring today. In that case don’t button your jacket. That way, anyone standing to the side of you, will see a side of your lovely breast.”

Beth smiled and said, “I won’t mind if they see my whole breast. Kim, you know I will do anything our man asks me to do.”

Klaudia sighed and said, “I wish I had a man to fall in love with like both of you have. I can see the love for each other, in all of your faces.”

“Yes, we have a unique love for each other that is going to last over the years.” Kim replied with a huge smile.

As Beth was finishing buttoning her blouse, Kathy walked into the bedroom to ask Kim a question and she stopped and watched her daughter pull up her skirt, then button and zip up the zipper. She watched her daughter slip on her suit jacket and leave it unbuttoned. Kathy walked over and hugged her daughter and said, “You are a beautiful young lady dear, I am so proud to be your mother.”

Beth hugged her mother’s nude body to her and said, “Thank you mom for all you’ve done for me and taught me. I hope I’ll be just like you when I am older. You’ve set an excellent example for me to follow.”

Klaudia audibly sniffed and everyone looked at her. She pulled a tissue from her pocket and dabbed her eyes. She looked around the room and said, “You people are something else. I really like all of you. I miss my mother and the moments I used to have with her.”

Both Kim and Kathy rushed over to Klaudia and they hugged her from each side and Kathy ka├žak bahis said, “I understand what you mean, I miss my mother too.”

Klaudia took a few moments to recover but when she did, she looked at her watch and said, “We have about ten minutes before our car arrives, may I use your bathroom to touch up my face?”

Kim said, “Klaudia, when you are here with us, you don’t have to ask. We are one giant happy family.”

The rest of us walked out in the living room and stood around talking to the others when Jenna and Bob McGrath walked into the room wearing a hotel white terrycloth robe. Bob stopped dead in his tracks and his jaw dropped open when he saw everyone was nude. I said, “Good morning Bob, I see you’ve been properly introduced to Jenna, my mini-me.”

Bob finally looked at me while trying to focus on me only but I know he was stealing glances at Kim and he finally said, “Dan, I really tried to tell your daughter we shouldn’t have any contact with each other since you were my boss, but she had to have it her way.”

Jenna took off her robe and said, “Bob, take off your robe and join the others.”

When he didn’t move, Jenna stepped in front of him and untied the belt and pulled the robe open and off his shoulders before he really knew what was happening. Jenna said, “Dad, Bob and I are going to be spending more time together. Did you know he’s an expert on females? I want to learn all I can from him.”

Everyone broke out laughing and poor Bob stood there with a perplexed look in his face. I decided to let Bob off the hook by saying, “Bob, whatever happens between you and my daughter is between the two of you. Since you’ve seen my family and friends in our normal au natural state, I will tell you we are nudists and none of us wear clothes when we are in our suites or when we are at home. Of course Bob, none of what I just said is for publication and I will have to ask you to sign a confidentiality statement for me. I’ll have Beth print one for you today and have it ready for your signature later today.”

Bob said, “Dan, are you sure it’s ok for Jenna and me to ……?”

I interrupted Bob by saying, “Bob listen to me, whatever you do with my daughter or anyone else is between you that person. While you are here this morning, I’m sure everyone here will help you understand our chosen lifestyle. When you are flying my plane I will hold you responsible for the safety of everyone on board, but anything past that has nothing to do with our company.”

“See Bob, I told you daddy won’t do anything to you for having sex with his daughter.” Jenna said while she hugged Bob and pressed her body against him. By the time she stepped back from the hug, Bob’s cock wasn’t flaccid anymore.

Klaudia stood beside me looking around at everyone then she said, “We need to go down to the lobby, our car will be here soon.”

Jenna ran over to me and threw her arms around my neck and hugged me followed by several kisses. Kim was next, she hugged and kissed me before saying, “I’m going to stay here and walk around to the stores nearby so they won’t have to bring me back to the hotel early. I’ll have my cell phone so call me when you know what’s going on.”

Jenna and Kim hugged and kissed Beth and suddenly everyone lined up for a hug and kiss from all the females and the males just shook my hand. Beth and I picked up our computer bags and everyone wished us luck as we headed towards the door.

As we were walking down the hall towards the elevator, Klaudia reached out her hand towards me and said, “Here you go.”

I reached out and Klaudia dropped her panties in my hand. She smiled at me and said, “I took off my panties for you. If you want to see my pussy I will show it to you.”

I turned the white gusset up and I held her panties to my nose and breathed deeply. Klaudia looked at me and smiled. We stepped on the elevator and I simply said, “Show me.”

Both Klaudia and Beth reached down and lifted their skirts until I could see their pussy. I stood back and I continued to smell Klaudia’s panties. We felt the elevator slow down however both of them held their skirts up until I said, “Thank you.”

Just as their skirts fell back in place the doors to the elevator opened and the three of us walked out. Our driver was standing by the door and when he saw us he opened the door. I stood back and waited for both ladies to enter the car first and then I got in. This time, both Klaudia and Beth were sitting in the same seat facing the back seat. When I looked, both of them simultaneously opened their legs as if they had planned their moves. I was treated to the view of two very lovely pussies. Both ladies wore huge smiles.

The trip seemed to pass very quickly and we arrived at the company. Klaudia reminded me just before the driver opened the door, “Dan, I meant what I said. I will show you my pussy any time you ask me to.”

I nodded my head and said, “I will ask sometime today.”

I waited for the ladies to get out and then I followed them. As we did the morning before, Klaudia stepped in front of Beth and me and we walked into the building, around the security system and Klaudia presented her ID before she led us to the elevator.

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