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The Monster Ch. 08

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I stepped out of the shower and wiped my tired body, I looked in the mirror and I looked damn good. My chest was very defined and the muscles were cut very distinctly, I was ripped. My dick was exhausted and it hung peacefully, but when I though of last night and this morning it started to get hard.

I was brushing my teeth and the door opened and mom came in, her arms wrapped around me and her mouth kissed the back of my neck and her tits were pressed into my back. Her hand found my cock and it sprang to life. She took a long stroke and kissed me again, then she turned me around and my cock was between her legs and she was squeezing it with her thighs. She kissed me and got a mouth full of toothpaste, she took the brush out of my hand and put them on her breast.

“Are you tired honey?”

“Not really mom, Why?”

“I want to feel you in me again, rinse your mouth and then come fuck me again.”

I rinsed my mouth and all the while she was holding on to my shaft, she led me to her bedroom by my cock. She pushed me on the bed and stroked my meat and I was rock hard, then she straddled me and I gripped her hips and pulled her down hard and really started fucking the living shit out of her. She was going up and down on my cock like she was on a pogo stick. I was really pounding her pussy; then I made her get on all fours and fucker her from behind, while I was holding her tits and she was squealing like a little pig, she was cuming. I could feel the friction my cock was creating with each stoke into her. She was looking over her shoulder and thrusting back into my cock hard. I could tell by her moans and noises that she was in a series of orgasms. She was almost growling like an animal when I shot my first stream of cum into her ravenous man eating pussy. I could feel her hole pulsing as I was streaming shot after shot deep into her vagina, she let out a loud scream that shattered the silence as we were both climaxing at the same time. I kept stroking in and out of her velvet tunnel and it felt so tight and glorious.

“Don’t stop honey, just keep going please, Ummmmmmm yeah, that’s it honey. Why don’t you get on your back, sweetie.”

I rolled on my back and she impaled her glorious lava flowing volcano on my cock and was riding to the top of the mushroom and back down to my balls, my hands were massaging her tits as she rode for dear life. It felt like she fucked me for an hour as hard as she could. I could feel my nuts start to tighten and they exploded through my cock into her insatiable pussy. I was frozen and she kept riding and I was actually in pain, but did not want her to stop. She finally started to slow down and she laid on my body and with my cock in her and she was feeding me her nipples.

“I love it when you fill my body with that monster, it feels like a baseball bat its so big. Oh, I love it when you fuck me, every time is like the first time”

My cock was soft and she was sucking the head trying to get it hard again so I could fuck her again. I was dead and so was my cock, so she got up and put on her robe and left the room. I was actually glad she left me alone.

I was down stairs and the phone ran and it was Marie, wanting to know why I did not run this morning. I told her I just took the day off, a day of rest. She asked if I would like to drive to the university she attended to give her friend Maggie a ride back to Marie’s. She was taking the convertible and wanted me to drive. So I was going to meet one of her school friends.

She was taking her mothers car, which was a Chrysler convertible, it was silver with a black top. Marie was wearing yellow shorts and a yellow blouse and white tennis shoes. He hair was hanging lose just past her shoulders. She drove into the drive and got out of the car and kissed me long and hard, which included her warm tongue. The top was down and it was a good day for it.

The day was nice and Marie was her usual sweet, loving, beautiful, doll that she always was.

“Did you talk to your dad last night, Jack?”

“Yeah I talked to him, he wanted to know how I was doing with my weight and how much running I was doing. He was wondering if the coaches had talked to me. You know, he was curious about what was going on.”

“Was he satisfied with the progress that you’re making?”

“He sure was, especially when I told him you had the cutest ass and boobs in town!”

“Jack you big tease, you did not tell him that!” she hit me on the shoulder in a teasing manner.

“So what going on with your aunt, is she still asking questions?”

“Yes she’s still bugging me about watching us make love, I know she wants to screw you. All she talks about is what a hunk you are. My mother even thinks you’re a hunk.”

“Does your mom want to screw me too?”

“Jack, that’s not even funny, how could you say that about my mom.”

“I’m sorry, I was just joking around Marie.”

I was thinking that she would fuck my brains out if she got the chance; she was a great piece of ass.

“I nişantaşı eskort wish we could have gone to the apartment last night, I was so horny for you. All I could think about last night was making love with you.” She was leaning across the seat and rubbing my thigh and teasing me with taunts.

“Where is that big boy, I can’t find him? Maybe he shrunk down to a tooth pick.” She was laughing and poking at me.”

“Keep it up and I going to pull over and showed you just how wrong you are little girl.”

“Promises, promises, that’s all I get are promises.”

I reached and grabbed her arm and she was hollering to be careful, while I was driving and she sat next to me and snuggled.

“I’m sorry I teased you honey,” and she kissed my neck and I had electricity shoot through my body. She smelled so sweet and I wanted to stop and eat her up like a cupcake.

You’re going to love Maggie, she is so sweet, and she is one of the nicest people I know.

We were just approaching the campus and Marie gave me directions to the dorm and she jumped out of the car and disappeared into the building. I waited for fifteen minutes and I say Marie with a small girl. She was about 5’2” and had black hair that reached her shoulders. She had big black eyes and her face was very delicate with pouty lips and a small nose. Her breasts were unbelievably large for her body and her waist was small, she had a perfect ass, what I could see of it. She was hot and I mean hot, shit what a dish.

After the introductions we headed back for home and I was undressing her in my mind. I heard Maggie say to Marie quietly, what happened to Jeff I thought you guys were getting engaged? Marie was squirming in her seat and telling Maggie, later they would talk.

“Yeah, Marie what did happen to Jeff, I would like to know since I’m the guy that knocked him out of the box?” She was really squirming now and not really sure of what to say.

“I though I was in love with Jeff, until you and I went out. Then I realized that I was in love with you and had been for years, but just never realized it till now.”

When we got back home it was hot and the girl were going for a swim and so I went home to get into my trunks. Mom was not home and I changed and headed back to Marie’s. Her and Maggie were sitting by the pool and Maggie was in a black bikini and bong was she hot, her tits were enormous for her small body, they were fighting to get out of that top she was wearing.

As I was approaching I could see her gazing at my body and when she got down to my crotch her eyes were glued to that spot. I sat in the open chair, which was next to Maggie and her eyes searching to see the outline of my cock that was getting aroused. Marie dove into the pool and swam to the other side.

“I didn’t realize just how big you are Jack.”

“Really you didn’t know that I was big, ah I mean muscular,” I smiled at her and she smiled back.” I guess we’re talking about two different kinds of big, or are we?”

“Oh by the way, are you big Jack, or just muscular?”

“Well, Maggie I’m very big and muscular, maybe some time I’ll show you. Speaking of big Maggie, you’re not small and I don’t mean your body. If you show me yours I’ll show you mine.”

“I just might take you up on that Jack, don’t be shocked if I do.”

“Oh Maggie I guarantee you’ll be shocked and delighted.”

As Marie came back Maggie said, “We’ll finish this discussion later stud!”

Marie asked if we were hungry and of course I’m always hungry and Maggie was too so Marie went to make us something to eat. When Marie had gone Maggie turned over on her back and her tits were almost out of her top.

“Those babies look lethal Maggie, a guy could get hurt trying to lift one.”

“Well, yes he could get hurt but he could also have a lot of fun, if you know what I mean. I understand that your hung like a horse, I’d love to see that.”

“Like, I said Maggie show me yours and I’ll show you mine. I might even let you touch if you behave yourself”

“That is so big hearted of you to let me touch, I just can’t wait, ha, ha, ha. I hate to tell you this but I think your bulge is growing, I hope that’s not my fault.

We had our early dinner and Marie and Maggie were headed for the house and I told her I them I would see her in the morning. I headed for the house and I could see that mom was home. I hollered mom I’m home and she was in laundry room the ironing clothes and said she would be right out.

“Have you had dinner yet?

“Yes, I ate at Marie’s.”

“Well, sweetie I have desert for you, all you can eat. Would you like that sweetie? I missed you this afternoon I would have liked to given you a snack. I can see by that bulge in your trunks that you want desert. Oh, by the way take another of your dads vitamin pills.”

I went upstairs and there was a Viagra on the sink and I took it, when I got back downstairs the phone rang and mom answered it, she talked and hung up.

“That escort bayan şişli was Betty Anderson she would like to talk to you about some yard work and other chores she needs done. She out by the fence and she wants to talk to you now.”

I walked out the back door and saw Mrs. Anderson by the fence waiting for me. She had a big smile on her face; she looked pretty good. It had been a long time since I screwed her and I bet she was horny as hell.

“Hi Jack, I sure missed you, we need to get together Jack! Please, I need you sweet boy.

“It’s kind of hard with Marie around all the time and I don’t want her to find out.” “I know Jack, but I miss being with you, I miss your ah, well I miss you.”

I looked her straight in the eyes and replied, “You miss my cock fucking you Mrs. Anderson, that’s what you miss.”

She flushed a bright color of red, “Yes, Jack I do miss that very much. I heard Marie and Maggie talking about getting together with some of their girlfriends tomorrow. If that happens you can come over, I need to have you desperately.”

“If they meet their friends I will come over and scratch your itch.”

As she headed to the house she had a big smile, Marie came out with Maggie. She asked what her mom wanted; I explained to her she needed yard work and chores done. She told me that they were meeting some school friends tomorrow and did not now when they would be home. Then on Friday she needed me to take Maggie back to school, she could not go because there was a mother daughter tea at the club.

Maggie looked at me and smiled and I knew I was going to get into her panties, she knew it too just by the look in her eyes.

I agreed to take Maggie back to school. I was told that she had to be back by noontime for a class. She again smiled a sweet smile, but I could see the lust in her eyes. I told them to have a good time because I would be working in the yard and what ever other chores her mother had for me.

My mom was in the kitchen and she had a roast in the oven, she had started dinner early, I snuck up behind her and reached around her and cupped her breast and squeezed them. She leaned back and rubbed her ass on my bulging cock, which was trying to get out of my shorts. She turned and grabbed my cock with both hands, and I was squeezing her ass cheeks. She kissed me and her tongue was sliding around in my mouth, try to suck my tongue out of my head. I found the button to her shorts and after fumbling with it got it undone, unzipped her and pulled them down. I cupped her pussy and her panties were damp I got down on my knees and kiss her panties and then pulled them down and kissed her labia which were swollen and wet. She shutter and groaned and her hands pushed my head into her mound. I stood and dropped my shorts and kicked them off, then my boxers.

My cock was rock hard and it was hungry for, her beautiful tunnel of love. I pushed her over the counter and her ass was looking at me and her pussy was open waiting to be ravished.

She reached and grasped my tool in her hand and brought it to her hole, I positioned it right between the lips and pushed a little, the head entered her cauldron of burning velvet. It caressed the head with it’s intensive heat. I pushed and watched it length travel into her and disappear. I had her pinned to the counter and I started moving in and out, she was thrusting back meeting my meat, I was being completely devoured by her pussy. I could feel my pole hitting the end of her cannel. She was moaning and sighing and her ass was flying as I pounded her pussy. She was cumming I could feel her discharging cum on my cock. I kept ramming my hammer harder into her probing her as deep as I could reach, She was cuming again.

“OH GOD, baby don’t stop Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes harder oh, oh, OH, yesssssssssss.”

She was really moving her ass into me and I could feel my balls start to strain and I exploded, a massive stream of my cream and when it hit her womb, she exploded and exploded and was begging me to fuck her harder. I just stood behind her with my rod still embedded in her cream flowing tunnel. I looked at her ass and it was beautiful, I slowly pulled my cock out and watched her pussy and it was still gapping open and it was pulsing. Then I saw her little rose and I touched it and she jumped, my cock was dripping cum and was well lubricated, I rubbed some cum from her pussy to her asshole and placed the head on her bud and pushed. I took her by surprise, she was relaxed and the head of my cock popped into her ass.

“OH GOD JACK, don’t move, oh it hurts,” I stayed still afraid to move and was breathing hard. She move back and I slid in her almost half way, I never felt anything so tight and I exploded and she started cumming, the orgasm was amazing and it lasted forever. I slowly pulled out and she collapsed to her knees on the floor and I was sitting next to her.

I don’t know what made me enter her ass but it was unbelievable. She was breathing hard and her kağıthane eskort breast was heaving and she was trying to catch her wind. She was almost back to normal and the phone rang. She took the phone off the receiver and answered the phone; I say her face turn white and she gasped. My hands were on her nipples squeezing them between my fingers. Her fingers were playing with the mushroom and squeezing my rod tenderly.

“Hi honey, yes he’s here with me right now. Yes, we just had dinner.” She was nodding her head as she listened to him talk; all the while I was fingering her pussy and playing with her nipples. She was grinding on my fingers as she talked to him; I was pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy. It was a turn on to be finger fucking her just fucked cunt; while she was on the phone with dad. She was holding the phone in one hand and stroking my cock with the other. She hung up the phone and lay on the floor asking me to fuck her and I got between her legs and hammer my cock in her as deep as it would go and she was cuming. I hammered and hammered her pussy and she was sliding on the floor. Her head was against the cabinet and it stopped her from sliding and I fucked her unmercifully. She kept thrusting her pussy into my cock like a jackhammer, we both came and she was wild screaming and mumbling about loving to be fucked hard. I don’t remember when we stopped fucking, I just remember her sitting up her back against the door of a cabinet, and my cock still embedded in her soaking tunnel. She looked at me and kissed my nose then said your father will be home Friday!

We both went upstairs and lay on the bed, I was completely exhausted and we both fell asleep.

I woke up and it was pitch black, I could feel her presence and hear her breathing deeply. As my eyes became accustomed to the dark I was able to see her lying on her back. The silhouettes of her mountains were very visible; they were sticking straight up majestically, capped with her soft nipple. She was lying with her head tilted toward me her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open, her mountains were heaving with every breath she took. Her legs were opened with one of her feet touching my leg and her other foot hanging over the other side of the bed and her arms were by her sides.

I lay there watching her sleep; she was sleeping so peacefully I didn’t have the heart to wake her. I lay there and just watched her as she slept, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her magnificent mountains. Those beautiful nipples fascinated me, I loved to watch them riding on the crest of her breast. She moved and her legs opened wide and I could see her mound. I was hard as rock watching her sleep. I could take no more and I leaned over and took her nipple into my mouth and sucked gently and I moved to the other nipple and sucked. I moved from one nipple to the other and she started to move and her eyes opened wide, she smiled and sighed and just enjoyed the attention her nipples were getting.

I slip my hand by her side and on her hips as I sucked like a baby, my finger was tracing up and down her crack. Her hips were moving soft and slow and my finger entered her hot velvet tunnel. She was so hot and her lips wet soaking with her juices.

“Oh, baby that feels soooooooo good, I love your slow hands Ummmmmmm yes.”

I continued to suck her nipples and now had two fingers in her pussy plunging them in and out.

“Oh yes, fuck me slow baby, nice and slow, tender, yes very tender, because mama is kind of sore.

I moved between her thighs and was suckling her nipples, she reach down and had my meat in her hands trying to stuff it in her hole. I moved the mushroom between her lips and slid just the head in she was trembling and moaning.

“Oh baby, that feels so big and hot, I love what you do to me, Mmmmmmmnnnn baby love me tender!”

I lifted my self up on my arms and looked down at her, she was moving her head from side to side moaning. I looked down between us and could see my cock surrounded by her labia holding my cock in place, I pushed and watched my cock slide into her and pulling her labia in with my cock. I was into her fully and I could feel the end of her tunnel as my cock hit it. I stayed buried deep into her just flexing and probing her insides.

She hissed, oh baby, I’m cuming, oh baby, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee.

She was floating and her hips were trying to get me in further and she started cuming again and I exploded a tidal wave of cream into her, she wrapped her legs around my ass and started fucking me faster and I kept on shooting. She was slowly gyrating her hips up and down my meat and I kept a steady pace, stroking in and out of her cauldron of liquid fire after fifteen or twenty minutes we both, sky rocketed to the stars, it felt like fire was cuming out of the pee hole.

I rolled off and lay on my back and I was still hard as hell, she kissed the mushroom and sucked it nice and slow. The she squatted by me and lifted her leg across my body and put her pussy lips on my telephone pole and planted it as deep as it would go; she sat there with my pole impaling her and she was cuming again.

“OH GOD, I can’t believe how big and wonderful that monster cock of yours is. Oh my, it feels so big in me and as it slides in it touches me everywhere.

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