The Mom-Daughter Lovers Club Ch. 03

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“I’ve left some bathrobes out here, if you want to take a shower,” Ellie called. She could hear Dawn and Julie giggling the other side of the door, confirming that the Mom/daughter couple were up and, by the sounds of it, probably going down as well. She didn’t wait for a reply, leaving her friends to it, she knew what it was like waking up horny next to a really hot Milf and she too had indulged in early morning lickathons.

The object of her own cunnilingus extravaganza was downstairs in the kitchen, washing the dishes. Like her daughter Amber was clad in a bathrobe, her hair still damp from the shower. Ellie crept behind her and slipped her arms suddenly round her Mom, moving her lips forward to gently nuzzle the Milf’s neck before moving up to kiss an earlobe. “Morning sexy,” she drawled.

“You’ve already said morning,” her Mom said, which was strictly accurate if unromantic. “Remember I stuck my head up from under the covers when I finished licking you and you said, ‘morning Mom’.”

“Couldn’t forget,” grinned Ellie, “but that was a pre-morning shower morning, this is a ‘I’m now fully awake and have a sexy Mom in front of me morning’.”

“You had a sexy Mom in front of you earlier, who had just given you a ten minute alarm call with her tongue, I hope that woke you,” Amber replied, but she was smiling.

“It was an okay start,” grinned Ellie and let go off her Mom, before giving her a cheeky slap on the rear, “but I’m expecting more later.”

“Well I shall see what I can do, little Miss Pussy Perfection,” said Amber with a laugh.

“I left some clean bathrobes outside Dawn and Julie’s room, and I’ve put some fresh towels out in the bathroom,” Ellie sat down, “Are you making breakfast?”

“I’m just finishing up some of the dishes from last night, I’m not sure how we went through so many wine glasses, do you?” Amber raised an eyebrow.

“I think my Mom is a hot alcoholic — good thing is when she’s drunk she lets me take advantage of her.”

“Not only when she’s drunk,” grinned Amber, lifting one side of the bathrobe to reveal a round buttock, which she briefly twerked towards her daughter. She quickly became serious again “Getting back to breakfast, did you ask Julie or Dawn what they wanted?”

“I didn’t ask — they sounded like they might be otherwise engaged,” Ellie responded dryly.

Her Mom grinned knowing exactly what her daughter meant. “I’ll do a bit of a selection, I’m sure they’ll be hungry.”

“Ravenous,” agreed Ellie.

Being a teen she didn’t exactly jump up to volunteer her help as her Mom started to make breakfast, and being the Mom of a teen, Amber knew it would be less hassle to not bother asking.

She had just begun to serve it when the kitchen door opened again and in came Julie and Dawn, both wearing the robes and with their hair still wet from the shower. Ellie did jump up to get them both a coffee as her Mom invited them to take a seat for breakfast. “We decided to shower together to save water,” grinned Julie in explanation of why they’d both come down from the bathroom together.

“We’ve tried that as well, though we spent so long soaping each other down, we probably used up twice as much,” grinned Ellie.

“We often have that problem as well, but we could smell the breakfast,” said Dawn, tucking into a pancake which had been placed in front of her. “MMnmnn delicious.”

“Not as nice as what I’ve eaten this morning,” her Mom said.

“Me too,” agreed Amber, “This my second breakfast, the first was much yummier, if perhaps less nutritious.”

“I don’t know, I could live on a diet of pussy juice,” replied Ellie, though proving the probable untruth of that by biting into a waffle immediately the words left her mouth.

The others grinned and nodded, knowing if the teen wasn’t being literal, it was something they all agreed with.

“You’re not in any hurry are you?” asked Amber as they ate up, “I’ll put on some fresh coffee.”

Julie looked at Dawn, who nodded, “We’re not doing anything.”

The four of them finished the breakfast, chatting happily, the Norman’s saying how much they’d enjoyed the last night and the Carter’s saying how much they’d liked having their friends over. “You and Mom were such hot dancers as well,” teased Ellie.

“Cheek to cheek dancing is so fun, when your partner is so sexy,” her Mom said with a smile.

“I’m not sure I was as graceful as you or Dawn,” replied Julie.

“Dawn was hot as well,” added Ellie, “but you and Mom were super hot.”

“That’s why we had to finger fuck you,” grinned Dawn.

“Well, I for one, enjoyed that,” said Amber. She looked at Julie and gave a smile, “It was even hotter doing it knowing you were getting fingered beside me.”

“Same,” admitted Julie, “hearing you cum was really sexy.”

“So, just out of interest,” Ellie asked, seeing a sudden opening and taking from the nod Dawn gave her that her friend had also seen how the conversation was going and was happy for it to move further in that direction, “Have any of you ever mamak escort had a proper foursome before?”

“That was as far as we’ve ever gone,” said Julie. “Before it’s always been too risky — what if Dawn screamed out ‘Mom’ as she came?”

“We’ve fantasised about it a lot and watched movies on it,” said Dawn, giving her a Mom a sidelong glance.

“Porn movies, lesbian ones,” her Mom added the explanation unnecessarily.

“I’ve had a few,” Amber said. She blushed a little as her daughter and friends all looked at her, “I was a college cheerleader, we experiment,” she said, a little lamely.

“We’re not judging,” grinned Ellie. “Personally I find it hot thinking about you going at with three other hot girls,” she gave Dawn a quick glance, trying to put words into her expression as telepathy wasn’t an option. Dawn gave a faint smile, nodded and ran her tongue seductively over her lower lip, which Ellie translated as ‘carry on and let’s see if we can get your Mom and mine out of their robes and fuck them together’. At least that’s what Ellie hoped her friend was messaging. “What about we take our coffees into the main room?” she suggested, it was both more comfortable for seating and also if things did get more heated.

The others nodded and stood up, Dawn standing a little back to speak to Ellie as there Mom’s left the kitchen first. She waited for a moment, before turning to Ellie “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” she asked, sounding like a politician making a dodgy racist comment.

“Fourway fuckfest?” Ellie grinned, if there was one thing her burgeoning friendship with Dawn was teaching her, sometimes it was best to get straight to the point where Mom fucking was concerned.

“Yes, I was going to phrase it as seeing if we could get further with them than last night, but fourway fuckfest kinda describes my overall ambition,” Dawn nodded.

“You think they’re up for it then? Ellie asked.

“You heard your Mom, she’s tried it before and I know mine would love to give it a go. You okay with swapping Moms’, ‘specially as you’re new together I don’t want to get into between you and her.”

“I thought swapping Moms and getting between us was the whole point of a fourway,” grinned Ellie, “but I’m up for it as well. I want mine and Mom’s relationship to be open and adventurous, not just being a couple of stay-at-homes and having an orgy with our best lesbian friends seems like a way to get that kink started.”

“Okay let’s do this,” grinned Dawn and she and Ellie quickly high-fived before joining their Mom’s in the main room.

Interestingly enough the two Mom’s had chosen the same couch, sitting on either end of it with a gap in the middle where the two daughter’s could squeeze in. Ellie did so, sitting deliberately next to Julie, allowing her friend to take the space next to her own Mom. She realised as she sat down that neither her nor Dawn had brought their coffees in, it didn’t matter, with any luck there soon be plenty of hot stuff being drunk. “So tell us how you were the centre of your first college orgy, Mom,” she said.

Her Mom gave a modest laugh, “I wouldn’t say I was the centre, it was just four close friends getting together.”

“So how did it start?” asked Julie, with a smile. Ellie noticed that the older woman’s hand had gently slipped onto her thigh, just above where the bathrobe ended and the flesh was visible. She grinned and stretched, pulling the robe just a little further to see if Julie’s fingers moved further; they did.

“How did it start? The first one was we all sat on a sofa like this,” the words sounded innocent, but Ellie knew then that it wasn’t just she and Dawn who’d had a quick conversation on going further. She waited for her Mom to continue, “We were all in tiny shorts and vests, talking about girls we’d fucked. Anyway I noticed one of my friends had her hand on my leg and was rubbing it sexually.” Ellie quickly glanced across to see that her Mom’s hand was on Dawn’s thigh. Even as she looked her friend reached out her hands as well, placing one on Amber and one on Ellie’s. With both Norman’s gently rubbing her legs Ellie didn’t want to be left out and slipped her own hands onto their naked thighs. Her Mom seemed to be waiting for that to happen because as soon as Ellie had moved her hands she continued with her tale, “For a few minutes we continued like that, just talking as we slipped our hands against each other’s naked skin.”

“Sounds hot,” said Dawn, her hand moving up and under Ellie’s robe to glide against the teen’s upper thigh. Ellie gave a small gulp of excited anticipation, as she returned the favour to both daughter and her Mom. “So had you all fucked lots of women? Or was it a short conversation.”

Amber giggled, “That would be telling…”

“Go on, we don’t mind,” Ellie urged her Mom, the thought of her fucking other women was a bit of a turn on, especially when talking about it was likely to lead to it happening again.

Her Mom laughed, “For some mamak escort bayan it was a longer conversation than others, I was about in the middle.”

Ellie made a quick note to herself to ask her Mom at a later date about her previous lesbian lovers, it’d be a horny conversation to have in bed one night. But at the moment her Mom obviously didn’t want to risk putting off her daughter with a list of previous conquests, obviously not knowing that Ellie didn’t mind. Her Mom continued, “Anyway the girl I was sitting next to and me started kissing –shall I show you, Dawn?”

“Yes,” grinned Dawn, giving Ellie’s thigh a squeeze before she took her hand off it to place it beside her other on Amber’s thighs. Ellie watched as her friend and Mom made out, hungrily, sexily, stroking each other legs and attacking each other’s mouths. Ellie briefly worried that she should be jealous, but as she wasn’t (knowing Dawn was committed to Julie) she gave a mental shrug and decided to enjoy the show. Perhaps Julie was a little jealous as she squeezed Ellie’s thigh a little tighter as she watched her daughter make out with Amber, but Ellie continued to lightly glide over the other Milf’s naked flesh, which seemed to relax her after a few moments.

Breaking the kiss, Amber grinned at Dawn before looking again at Ellie and Julie, “Anyway when I broke the kiss my other two friends were going at it.”

“We should give that a go ourselves, see what it’s like,” Julie quickly said to Dawn, with a touch of nervousness in her voice.

“Oh, definitely,” agreed Ellie enthusiastically. She didn’t give the older woman an opportunity to back down before she launched her lips at her. The Milf seemed slow to react at first, but as Ellie’s hands started to move up her thigh and under her robe she seemed to forget her nervous reservations and responded more eagerly to the teen’s tongue ministration. It was only the second time Ellie had kissed a woman, at least properly, pecks on cheeks didn’t count — her first being her Mom. It was the same, but different, much softer lips than the guys she’d made out with, but the way that other woman moved wasn’t like her Mom, a little more slow, but with more pressure behind, her tongue exploring less quickly, but with more depth. It certainly wasn’t better than her Mom, but it was different. Taking a risk Ellie moved her hands higher, taking the older woman’s baps in her hand, squeezing them under the robe. She wouldn’t have said her own Mom’s were small, but Julie’s were, without doubt, both larger and more free, jiggling defiantly under the woollen material as Ellie played with them

Taking a break for air, Ellie turned back to her Mom and Dawn. For a moment they continued making out, but as if she’d been waiting for her daughter to take a breath before she did, Amber finished the make out and carried on with her story. “Well at that stage we were still all dressed, so we decided it would be more fun nude.” She stood up and undid the belt on her robe. It fell open, exposing her sexy body to the other three, before she quickly shrugged it off and showed them even more.

“I’m enjoying this story,” grinned Dawn, standing up and quickly divesting herself off the robe.

Her Mom and Ellie were following her in moments, quickly removing their own gowns, though Ellie had to also rid herself off some panties and t-shirt that she’d also put on, not realising that there was going to be a morning orgy after breakfast. The others waited for Ellie to finish getting naked, before Amber continued with the story. “Once we were naked we found ourselves switching partners, I went for my best friend…” she walked across to Julie and put her arms round the other woman’s waist before pulling her closer, “…and started to make out.”

“God, that’s hot,” breathed Dawn to Ellie as their Mom’s leaned into the kiss, their naked bodies rubbing against each other. For a few moments the two daughter’s watched before Dawn grinned at her friend, “It’s supposed to be a foursome, we’re probably supposed to kiss as well.”

“I’m up for that,” Ellie smiled back and went into her friend. Given she’d already kissed her Mom and Julie, Dawn was the third person she’d made out with today, which was beat her previous record of making out with one footballer before a big game and one of his buddies at a party later that night. Nor had she’d been naked for either of them, the most she’d done was allow one of them to paw her bosom through her sweater. With Dawn she was totally naked, and whilst her Mom hadn’t mentioned it as part of the story, Ellie was sure that they would have been fondling each other’s pussies as they kissed and so slid her hands down to take Dawn’s mound in her hand and massage it. The other young woman grinned and kissed her friend back harder, her own hand reaching down to play with Ellie’s rapidly dampening cunt.

“Mmnnn, mmnnnn,” the Moms kissed. Ellie guided her friend nearer so that they were right beside the two Milf’s, the older woman’s escort mamak noisy slurps and moans a turn on to the teen as she kissed her friend sexily and deep. In her peripheral vision she could see her Mom’s mouth latched deeply to Julie’s, both women squeezing each other’s tits. Ellie didn’t want to stop feeling her friend’s juicy pussy, it was so smooth and hot, but she had a spare hand and it went up to grasp a boob, her fingers gripping it and making it pop. There was a satisfied moan from Dawn, though her lips quickly returned to the teen’s, as she slipped a finger down the younger woman’s slit.

It was Ellie’s turn to groan, her head going back and her long hair flowing down her back, as she shivered in sexual pleasure. She swiftly returned to Dawn’s mouth, her tongue slipping out to slither at her friend’s. The sounds of their kissing competed with their Mom’s and the Milfs weren’t being quiet about it.

“Anyway…” Amber broke the kiss, but still held herself close to Julie. The two daughters, semi-reluctantly, also stopped their making out, to listen to what Amber was going to happen next. The older woman grinned, evidently enjoying keeping the others in suspense for a few seconds, “We were getting so hot, even whilst naked, that me and my friend decided to lie down and do a sixty nine.” She gave Julie a gentle push on the chest and the other woman took the hint and got down on her back. Amber turned and followed her, saying as she did so, “The other two watched as we licked.”

Ellie and Dawn turned so that they could see the show. Dawn’s hand, which had been rubbing the teen’s pussy, moved round the back to slowly stroke her ass and Ellie reciprocated. The two older woman were giggling as they properly positioned themselves, Amber on top her soaking cunt over her friend’s face, as she in turn lowered her lips towards Julie’s fabulous looking fuckhole. It didn’t take long for the two women to start tonguing the twats, swinging up and down and in the sweet and sexy slits. It was so hot to watch, that Ellie’s spare hand moved to her own pussy to gently rub at her clit as she looked down. There was a small groan from Dawn, as she too appreciated the tableau in front of them.

Both the older women were going at, slurping and tittering as their tongues worked speedily at each other. Ellie was amazed at how much they were into it, though she wasn’t displeased. The sight of her Mom pleasuring another woman ought to make her jealous, but she found it didn’t so much make her green-eyed with envy as red-eyed with lust. Her finger stroked her snatch harder, wishing she’d had the foresight to set up a camera to record the scene for posterity.

“Mmmnn, urrrrh,” her Mom moaned as she enjoyed the taste of Julie and then equally enjoyed the pleasure of Julie tasting her. For a moment she raised her head, licking her lips before going down again. Ellie could see her Mom’s spreading Julie’s thighs wider so she could get herself deeper, her own legs opening more as well so that the other woman’s tongue could shoot up. Both women trembled and gasped, as they made each other cum.

“So sexy isn’t it?” breathed Dawn, as entranced as Ellie.

“Oh fucking yes, I can’t believe I’m enjoying watching my Mom with yours so much.”

“I always thought I would, I’m glad I’m able to share her, it was a fantasy until we met you both,” Dawn grinned and squeezed the teen’s ass. That made Ellie break from watching long enough to turn around and reward her older friend with a long drawn out kiss, her tongue slipping and sliding over Dawn’s as she again slipped her finger over her friend’s soaked mound. The kiss was long and seductive, only broken when they needed to breathe in. Dawn grinned, “It’s such a turn on watching them.”

“Yep, it is,” agreed Ellie, turning back to watch the Mom’s sixty-nine passionately. She continued to stroke Dawn’s sexy slit, as Dawn reciprocated, the two of them stroking each other in time to their Mom’s slurps and moans.

“MMMmnn, urrrhhh,” Amber raised her head for a quick breath of air, as she had several times previously. This time instead of lowering it down, she turned it towards the two daughters, “The next part of the story involves toys…” she said in a strangled tone, before shuddering and returning to lapping Julie.

“You could have told me before,” grumbled Ellie, before turning to Dawn, “Wait here, I’ll just be a moment.”

Leaving the others she quickly went upstairs, first to her own room where she opened the drawer which contained her toys. They were sitting when they’d been left, nestling in a sweater, though from the squeals and gasps she’d been hearing the night before she’d have been surprised if Dawn hadn’t taken her up on her invite and borrowed a few for her night’s enjoyment with Julie. If she had, she had thoughtfully cleaned them and placed them back. Julie considered which ones to take, her Mom hadn’t been too specific on what sex toys were involved — there were a couple of smallish dildos that Ellie had owned before (albeit she had previously kept them more hidden), another couple (including a double-ender) which her Mom had owned (and kept secret from Ellie) and yet more the two of them had bought together on a mid-week spending spree at a local sex shop. With no instructions, she decided to take them all, shovelling them into her small rucksack.

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