The Milk Trials Pt. 00

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We have acquired enough subjects to do an objective study of hyperlactation syndrome. We hope to find a common factor that causes such prodigious levels of lactation in these women. They all have no tumors or other medical abnormalities save for extremely high prolactin levels Lab work from each participant’s respective physician will be arriving shortly and I hope I can find similarities with my patient Cassandra Ali so I can devise a treatment to lessen their suffering in addition to treatments to help women produce more if they suffer from an underproduction of milk.

We have 52 participants but only 7 are of particular note. They are:

Elana Cui

Race: Asian

Height: 161cm

Weight: 77kg

Age: 26

Bust Size: 40C (US)

Average Daily Milk Production: 7.4L

Average Daily Number of Pumps: 10


Cassandra Ali

Race: Black/African American

Height: 170cm

Weight: 63kg

Age: 31

Bust Size: 30J (US)

Average Daily Milk Production: 9.6L

Average Daily Number of Pumps: 5


Mary Walsh

Race: Caucasian

Height: 186cm

Weight: 73kg

Age: 37

Bust Size: 42DD (US)

Average Daily Milk Production: 8.3L

Average Daily Number of Pumps: 6


Olivia Brown

Race: Black/African American

Height: 162cm

Weight: 77kg

Age: 27

Bust Size: 34DD (US)

Average Daily Milk Production: 12L

Average Daily Number of Pumps: 4


Rebecca Shaw

Race: Caucasian

Height: 168cm

Weight: 49kg

Age: 23

Bust Size: 28G bursa escort (US)

Average Daily Milk Production: 7.5L

Average Daily Number of Pumps: 5


Fatemeh Iravani

Race: Caucasian

Height: 155cm

Weight: 61kg

Age: 25

Bust Size: 28W (US)

Average Daily Milk Production: 5.2L

Average Daily Number of Pumps: 6


Aki Ide

Race: Asian

Height: 149cm

Weight: 41kg

Age: 34

Bust Size: 30AA (US)

Average Daily Milk Production: 8.5L

Average Daily Number of Pumps: 20

These women are of note for the various reasons which I will explain below.

Ms. Cui is of particular interest due to her nipples. They are 5cm long and 2.5cm wide. Beyond producing 8 times the normal amount of breastmilk her nipples are some of the largest on record and have an astonishing 53 different pores on the left and 51 on the right. She had to have special flanges designed for her pumps so she could relieve herself of her milk.

Ms. Ali is notable as a sort of jack of all trades. She makes the 3rd highest amount of milk daily of all participants. She has relatively large breasts that are relatively dense and are mostly made of glandular tissue rather than actual fat which lends itself to giving her the second highest storage capacity of all the participants. She has relatively massive nipples at 2.5cm large and 2cm wide with 30 pores on each. Her let-down reflex is very strong with a peak of 100ml/min and an average of 72ml/min. Though she is relatively slow to become engorged being able to go around six hours before needing to g├Âr├╝kle escort relieve herself. That and her milk has been tested to be four times more nutritious and fatty than average.

Ms. Walsh is unique in that her let down reflex is the strongest we have ever seen. Not only can her milk flow at an astonishing 150ml/min but the force at which her milk comes out has been officially measured as high as 331KPa. This makes for major complications in pumping as many pumps aren’t designed to handle such high rates of flow or such high amounts of force, let alone both. We will be working with her to design a better pump for women who have high flow rates and lots of force.

Ms. Brown has the highest supply we’ve ever seen. For a woman who is quite average for an adult woman in the United States, she makes enough milk to feed 12 babies a day. Not only that but she has the highest storage capacity managing to hold upwards of 5L in her breasts at one time and going upwards of 8 hours without pumping. Her milk is about 2.5 times as fatty as a normal woman’s and 3 times as nutrient dense. She has a flow rate of 70ml/min which is quite high but not extreme for a woman with an oversupply, especially one who has hyperlactation syndrome.

Ms. Shaw is unique in that she has the fattiest and most nutrient dense milk we’ve ever seen at 6.5 times as nutrient dense and 8 times as fatty as that of an average woman. Her milk is so fatty that her hindmilk is approaching the consistency of cream and her foremilk has more fat than most womens’ hindmilk. As a result, she battles clogs and mastitis frequently escort bayan given that her milk will just coat her milk ducts like plaque on an artery and she has had a concentrated form of sunflower lecithin developed just to counteract her extreme milk. Also, she’s been put on an extremely high calorie diet because her milk places such high nutrition and caloric demands on her body with her expending 6,292kcal on her milk.

Ms. Iravani is unique because she suffers from macromastia and developed hyperlactation as a result. Her milk is actually fairly light on nutrients and is quite watery even by normal womens’ standards and the only really interesting part about her hyperlactation is that it’s spontaneous given that she has no children and has never been pregnant. She also produces the least amount of milk of all the highlighted participants which begs the question of how much she could make and how her condition would be exacerbated by pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding. She has a gland count close to that of Ms. Brown though her breasts are orders of magnitude larger.

Ms. Ide is unique in that she has such a low storage capacity that she has to pump very often in order to not become painfully engorged. This is compounded by the fact that she doesn’t leak milk when overly full or stimulated by anything other than suction from a pump or human mouth. As such her breasts will just continue to fill until she pumps and she will very quickly suffer from discomfort and pain if she goes more than 3 hours without pumping which even includes overnight. We suspect that she has a fairly high production rate given that she can produce upwards of 0.9 liters in as little as 90 minutes which is quite rapid.

I will be overseeing these 7 women and documenting them. I will provide updates as they happen.


Dr. Chun-Hua Li

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