Eki 18

The Message

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The message read:

– – I will be home just after 6. You will be dressed in your white lingerie, blindfolded and I want you handcuffed to the bed. You can do that unaided. I have a surprise for you.

– Any hints?

– – Just do as you are told

– 🤐

I showered and shaved, paying attention to her favourite areas. Once showered I moisturised and got the required lingerie laid out on the bed. I was totally unaware that she had invited a friend to join us.

She had been discussing our sex life with her best friend and had encountered a touch of scepticism, she had decided to demonstrate my total trust, and quite possibly a touch of dominance.

At 6 on the dot I lay down on our marital bed and placed the handcuffs where I could reach them, one final glance over my body to check everything was acceptable.

White lace panties, check.

Balcony corset, check.

Smooth legs covered in white hold ups, check.

Now for the blindfold and to click the handcuffs in place. I heard the door opening and clicked the handcuffs. The anticipation was straining my white lace panties.

The sounds of bags being dropped, outdoor coats being hung up and the unmistakable sound of shoes being kicked off had me holding my breath. Feet on the stairs were hardly noticeable but the odd creak of the odd stair was a dead giveaway.

As the bedroom door opened I heard the catch of breath. Then I heard the click of a phone camera app. Unconcerned, I smiled and relaxed.

“Oh wow!” I heard, but from whom? Certainly not my wife.


The blindfold was instantly lifted.

There stood my wife and her friend, the friend was agog! The friend was also very attractive.

“Not cool” I said “let me loose and pass me that phone!”

“Please let me explain” she asked looking truly scared.

“Delete any pics and I will listen!” There was barely controlled fury in my voice.

They made a display of holding the phone in front of me and deleting two pics.

“Now empty the deleted items folder” I growled.

This done, I allowed the explanation to begin.

“She didn’t believe we had such a high level of trust, I was just showing her how deep our love and trust was.”

“By humiliating me?” The disbelief was inescapable.

The friend asked to speak, I nodded my consent.

“I’ve never been so shocked, impressed and frankly turned on in my life, with permission from you both I’d like to help make it up to you.”

We looked at each other, the fear and fury made the atmosphere electric.

I asked the friend to step outside the bedroom.

“This is a huge step you are suggesting!”

“I’m sorry but not sorry” she said “please let us make it right “.

“What were you thinking would happen?”

“Exactly what is about to happen, if you agree” she said quietly.

She sat beside me stroking my now less than noticeable erection, there was interest there but a great deal of worry at the moment.

Leaning forward she whispered “her pussy tastes so sweet!”

“How the fuck do you know?”

“From way before we met” she said with a naughty smile.

I admit I took an absolute age to make my mind up.

“Ok, but don’t leave me out!” My smile was a very nervous one.

“Give us a few minutes to get ready” she said as she hurried over to the TV and put one of my favourite porn DVDs on.

She replaced the restraints and then rushed out slamming the bedroom door behind her.

A few minutes were enough for me to watch the lesbian porn they had enjoyed so much together. I had once played the part of a lesbian and had delivered multiple orgasms for her, I had thoroughly enjoyed the gender role change.

The door opened to a sight that actually made me drool.

They Escort İstanbul had taken thirty minutes to get ready and it was worth it. My wife was dressed in black versions of my outfit but her friend had squeezed into the leather underwear I had bought for my wife earlier in the year. She was roughly the same size as my wife but her breasts had quite a job to stay in the leather basque.

“Sorry to be so long but we had to make sure we were both very clean” my wife smiled suggestively.

“I said don’t leave me out!”

Pure disappointment emanated from me.

“All we did was wash each other” pouted the friend “she wouldn’t allow anything else.”

“Lie back and enjoy this” his wife breathed “stop us at any time you want.”

The women kissed, tentatively at first but then with a familiarity and hunger that was so very arousing. Hands stroked bodies with so much gentleness it was erotic beyond measure. They kissed for a long, long time. They didn’t seem to want it to end, to be honest neither did I. To my relief they kept on kissing but their hands began to explore more of each other’s bodies. A finger inside the leg of panties, legs moved to allow easy access. The one thing that pleased me so much was the eye contact between my wife and I, it was almost constant when her eyes were open.

They turned to me in a move that could have been synchronised and moved either side of me on the bed. I was barely able to contain myself and the handcuffs bit into my wrists, adding a touch of spice to my lust. My wife placed her fingers in my mouth and allowed me to experience the taste for her friend’s pussy. “Told you so” she whispered.

Four hands then roamed my body as they kissed above me.

“Who would have thought a man in lingerie was such a turn on!” The friend’s eyes greedily took in the body before her as my wife lowered her head to lick the cock protruding from the lacy edge of my panties.

“Oh I would” she smiled then continued licking.

“Can I sit on his face?” Her friend asked.

“I am still here” I managed to gasp as my wife took the skin of my cock in her teeth and bit down. She then shook her head which was quite effective.

“Yes you may” answered my wife “and you, shush” she ordered me.

My arms were pinned by two nylon clad knees and I was face to face with a bare, hairless pussy, when had she removed the leather panties?

She leaned into me until my tongue was able to reach her very wet vagina lips and I made the most of the access. My years of experience of licking my wife came to play as I gorged on the pussy before me, delving deep at times and paying more than enough attention to her clit. Being ordered to shush was a total waste of time as I couldn’t have spoken if I’d tried.

As I was licking I felt my wife release my cock from her mouth and slide down on it, her arms encircled her friend and she played with her nipples.

“Oh fuck!”

The orgasm shuddered through the friend as she almost smothered me by pushing harder against my mouth.

“I take it all back, he is as good as you said” she gasped.

I was being slowly, very slowly, ridden by my wife and didn’t know what I wanted next, it was far too early for me to cum and she knew it.

“Show me what he did,” she instructed her friend who lay beside us breathing heavily and licking her lips.

My wife knelt on her and pinned her arms with her nylon clad knees. I looked into my wife’s eyes and she was being licked by another woman and I couldn’t move!

“Yes, he does it just like that, no not too soon, now is good, there yes, oh there is good too…” She was commentating on her friend’s performance. When the orgasm hit her she dug her nails into my chest and whispered my name.

Not once during İstanbul Escort Bayan our sex life has my wife been satisfied with one orgasm, not once!

I was far from surprised when she sat on me and offered her pussy. I was eager to prove a point, a cunnilingus point and decided to simply enjoy what was happening. I felt a mouth seek out my hard cock and slurp away with enthusiasm.

“He tastes of you, this is like a double scoop!”

I was so interested in the pussy before him that I was almost taken by surprise and came too early. Pushing the friend back I redoubled my licking efforts. Then I felt my panties being pushed aside and a finger, a well lubed finger, being pushed into my bum hole and a hand started stroking my cock.

“Mmmmph” my groan reverberated through her pussy and produced some extra moisture.

“Oh he does like that, you were right” I could almost hear her smile!

“Do you have any toys?”

His wife directed her to our goodie bag and returned to enjoying my tongue.

“Ooh!” Squealed the friend as she rummaged around the bag.

At that point my wife’s second orgasm arrived, shortly followed by a few more as there was only one point of concentration.

Flopping to the side my wife smiled that post orgasm smile that he loves so much.

“Ah ha!”

The friend disturbed the look that passed between us as she brandished a lifelike vibrating dildo.

“That’s nothing” said his wife “look under the bed!”

After a brief rummage the prize of a strap on was held aloft like a trophy.

“I’ve never even seen one of these, can I try?” The eagerness was almost juvenile.

“On whom?” Asked the wife naughtily. I could see the possibilities running through her friend’s mind.

“You first” said my wife applying lubrication to my arse as the friend slipped into the harness. Passing the bottle over she instructed the friend to lubricate the strap on.

The pleasure with which she spread the lube on was almost indecent. She stroked and fondled, added more then stroked some more.

“Kneel up, darling,” my wife said.

“What does this do?” Asked the friend as she started the strap on vibrating. “Oh shit, that’s good!”

“He needs to be prepared,” said his wife, “you can’t just slam that in!”

“Wanna bet?” Said the friend, she was soon put right by my wife, “I will punish you later for that” she said with a steely glare.

On my hands and knees I had a succession of different sized items introduced into my bum preparing for the entrance of the bigger one. In an effort to atone for her eagerness the friend slid under me and took my cock in her mouth. It did help!

My wife left a butt plug in me as she said, “I want to do a test run” as she lay down and beckoned to her friend.

“Release me, now!” I demanded and was quickly released.

My wife was once again kissing her friend as she was preparing to enter her with the strap on. Hands caressing backs, gripping butts and nails scratching gave me a perfect view of everything that was happening. Then she slid into my wife!

I was entranced by the sight and was moving closer to see better when the idea of licking her clit occurred to me, so I moved close still. I was enjoying her reaction when she grabbed my hair and pulled me away, “fuck his mouth” she gasped. The shock was swift as was the reaction as she pulled out of my wife and hit the target first time.

I was disturbed by the action and really did try to engage but it didn’t last long as the thrusting was far too over enthusiastic.

“He’s upset it’s not a real one” said the friend as she re entered and I returned to clit licking.

“Oh he’s done that” cooed his wife as she reached for his cock. I hadn’t but why spoil a good story!

My Anadolu Yakası Escort wife then decided it was time and choreographed the next stage. She lay under me in a 69 position and helped to remove the butt plug, add extra lube and guide the girl cock in place.

“Take it nice and easy, that’s a good size for anyone” she cautioned as she began to suck me as the pegging began. It was a natural reaction for me to bury my face in her pussy which took my mind off what was happening to my backside, which was painful and lacking sympathy. Then suddenly it wasn’t! I had relaxed into it and was on the end of an anal pounding and a 69.

“Don’t you dare cum” my wife demanded as she squeezed my cock “there’s only one place you are doing that!”

More choreography had me on my back as my wife lowered herself on me and the friend resumed her pegging.

“I’m not going to last long” I groaned as the onslaught continued. I came very quickly as my wife ground into me and reached a very intense orgasm herself. She quickly moved to sit astride my face and demanded further orgasms. Delving into her pussy I tasted their mixture and revelled in the pleasure I was giving, I really like doing it. The pegging had stopped and the friend was sucking me with almost as much pleasure.

“I want orgasms” demanded the friend as she cleansed the strap-on and handed it to the wife. Barely able to function I rolled aside and watched my wife fit the harness to herself and begin to lasciviously apply lube.

“You don’t need lube, I’m soaking wet!”

“It’s not going there,” said my beautiful wife with an evil smile as she added lube to her friend’s arse. “We are going to bring his cock back to life and you are getting the fucking of your life!”

“Plus I owe you one for threatening my man, you get to experience what you suggested” she almost whispered the promise of retribution, as husband and wife we had shared a lot, nobody was going to threaten that.

They both worked on me, stripping me, sponging me down and coaxing me back to an impressive erection. She loved looking at my erect penis, she said it gave her a sense of power and pride. Watching another woman sucking me was an astonishing sight.

“Arse first or pussy?”

A look of shock was replaced by intrigue and lust.

“Arse I think, but be gentle I’m not sure I can take it!”

“Wanna bet?” My wife answered, reminding her of her earlier lack of sympathy.

She straddled me and bent forward lying flat against my body with my wife lubing her up from behind.

“Oh good grief ” she gasped as the strap-on entered her bum hole. She bit my chest, marking me but we were all beyond caring.

A slow steady rhythm steadily introduced more of the length as my wife pegged a woman for the first time.

“Put your cock in me” groaned the friend as she responded to the movement from behind. Her pussy was swimming in a combination of her juices and lubricant. I managed to slide in and felt the fake cock against mine.

“Just hold it there, please don’t move,” the friend pleaded, “I’m so full.”

I didn’t mind at all, the feeling was mind blowing. A loud slap punctuated the sounds of heavy breathing and the sensually erotic sounds of lubricant and a tight fit.

“Bitches don’t threaten my man, violence really is the answer sometimes!”

The red hand mark on the friend’s arse had three more added. A loud animalistic scream heralded the friend’s orgasm. As the orgasm rocked her body the two cocks found a rhythm that rolled it on and on and was enhanced by me thrusting hard and exploding inside her. We fell apart with many liquid sounds and gasps of pleasure and pain.

“To ease your pain I’m going to lick you to orgasm and and clean his cum from you,” my wife said as she knelt between her friend’s legs and used her old skills.

She lay beside me and kissed me deeply before allowing her friend to lie on the other side and give me a deep tongue kiss also. Hands roamed and stroked and scratched us all into a blissful, well fucked sleep

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