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The Master Swim Team Vol. 02 Ch. 04

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The Master Swim Team, Volume II

Chapter Four: One Beer…

Bill circled the block again.

What am I doing? he wondered, as he pulled out of the parking lot of Maverick’s and drove up the road. It was almost half-past seven and the sun was setting out over the water, casting a warm glow on its shimmering surface. He had already passed the restaurant three times.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see Geoff again–quite the contrary–but when John had broken things off with him the first time, he had thought he had put the whole cheating on Mary thing behind him.

But then came summer, and like a stranger riding into town at sunset, John walked back into his life. Just like that, all those emotions he had thought he’d let go forever came rushing back. Only this time, Dennis was involved, complicating the already complex feelings he had toward the man. Bill knew that walking down that path again was a mistake, but it was one he had no choice but to make. And now, just as it had the first time, it had ended. This time, it was his own doing, but that didn’t make it any easier.

Go home, a voice said inside his head. It was the voice of the man that still loved his wife. He knew he should listen to it. Breaking things off with John was a good place to stop all of this cheating nonsense before his infidelity caught up with him. But that feeling deep in his gut reminded him that the last time he had tried to be intimate with that woman he loved so much, she had shut him down.

He pulled back into the lot for the fourth time as the memory of that night played in his mind. They had just gotten into bed–Bill had been naked, as he always was when he slept, while Mary had decided to be modest, as she often was those days. They lay there as they always did, exchanging their final thoughts of the day. He liked those moments next to her; they helped him unwind before he drifted off. For some reason, on that night, he wasn’t tired, and the vision of his imperfect wife–Mary wasn’t as skinny as she had been when they’d met in high school, and her body hadn’t seen a proper summer sun in decades–before him stirred something in him. He reached forward, his finger sliding into her waistband, and began to run his finger through her pubic hair. She didn’t pull away immediately, as she had done the last few times, so he allowed himself to grow, anticipating he might finally get some relief. He slid his hips toward her and gave her panties a little tug. As he did so, Mary retreated. Without a word, she rolled over and faced the other way, shutting him off. Frustrated, Bill slid his cock into the gap in her thighs and thrust until he came. Mary hadn’t made a sound, and Bill wasn’t entirely convinced she hadn’t slept through the whole thing.

Somewhere along the line, the relationship had grown stale, which in many ways was more depressing to Bill than his failed affair with John. They’d been together since high school, after all, and even if there was a part of him that Mary could never fulfill, he still wanted things to work out between them.

As he reminisced, a knock came on his window. Bill jumped a bit, startled by the sound. He turned away from his unhappy memory and saw Geoff looking in the window at him. He took his hand off the wheel and pressed the button to lower the window.

“They don’t allow beer out here,” Geoff said casually, as if they were old friends.

Nerves swelled up in Bill, and he muttered, “Right.” It was too late to bail now. He pressed the other end of the button and rolled the window back up. He turned the car off, opened the door, and stepped out. “Sorry, I’m late,” he said, apologizing nervously as he walked alongside the other man. “It’s just, I don’t do this very often… well, never really. Just the once with John.”

“What?” Geoff asked, turning toward Bill. “Drink? Life’s a lot more fun with a drink.”

Geoff had the most piercing blue eyes, Bill noticed. They were worn but kind, as if he too had known his fair share of disappointments, and they looked at him through a pair of oversized glasses that were far too ordinary for the cool-guy façade Bill knew the man to present. He liked this everyman look better.

“No,” he replied, smiling, cooling off a bit. “Well, you know what I mean.”

“John told me all you wanted was a beer. Said you could use a break.”

“I thought…”

Geoff reached for the door. “You thought what?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “That we were going to have sex? I’m a married man.”

Bill stopped in the open door. Even just hearing the word sex out loud in public was awkward enough for him, but to hear it said directly too him was too much to bear. His face flushed red, and he began to second guess himself again. “I’m sorry. I… maybe I shouldn’t have come.” He took a step back. “I’ll just go.”

“Relax,” Geoff said, stepping toward him and grabbing his shoulder. “It’s just a beer. If you’ve had enough of me after that, you’re free to go home to your sexless marriage.”

Bill’s jaw Escort Yakacık dropped and he started to protest. “I–” He stopped. The grin on Geoff’s face spread from ear to ear, and suddenly he was falling into those eyes again. “You’re joking. Of course, you are.”

Geoff nodded. “You’ll get used to it soon enough.” He wrapped his arm fully around Bill’s shoulder and ushered him inside.

* * * * *

“I don’t think I knew you were married,” Bill said. He was sitting across from Geoff in a booth at the back of the restaurant. Televisions and sports memorabilia lined the walls, covering every inch so thoroughly that the hodgepodge of clutter almost seemed tidy. Leggy blondes in thin strips of tight fabric that barely constituted clothes carried platters of beer and wings to men who could be their fathers; the men gawked as they came and went. It was a sight that made Bill uncomfortable, even if he thought them pleasant. “That is,” he continued, “before John mentioned you were having some difficulty.”

Geoff took a sip of his beer, not at all bothered by the atmosphere. “He told you about that?” he asked, his eyes wandering as one of the waitresses walked by.

“Not really,” Bill gushed. He feared he had said something he shouldn’t have. “Only enough to get me to agree to come out with you.”

“Needed a little convincing, did you?” Geoff said slyly. “Our time together on my boat wasn’t enough to do the trick?”

“Oh, it was great,” Bill assured him, the memory of his back on the table, the blue sky above, Geoff gazing down upon him as he took him for the first time. “I just… I have this thing about cheating on my wife. It seems–“

“Wrong? I know what you mean. You’ll get used to that, too.”

Bill swallowed and stopped picking at the label on his beer bottle to look once more in Geoff’s eyes. “What if I don’t want to? Get used to it, that is. What if I just wished everything was the way it had been in the beginning?”

“When you were trapped in a sexless marriage sneaking peeks at dicks in restrooms?” Geoff offered.

“He told you about that?” Bill gasped.

Geoff shrugged.

Bill let out a sigh. “I need to stop telling John things.”

“You really should,” Geoff agreed.

“What I meant was, I want things to be the way they were when we first fell in love.”

“Don’t we all? Nobody would ever cheat if things stayed that way forever.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Bill responded, taking another sip of his beer. He pondered the thought a moment in silence. “What’s the point then? If we’re all destined to grow apart while simultaneously being stuck together, how do we possibly ever find some semblance of happiness?”

“By cheating on your wife,” Geoff said directly.

“That’s easy for you to say. Your wife does her fair share of it from what I hear.”

“She does,” he admitted. “But it wasn’t always like that. It took years before we were both comfortable doing our own thing, but we got there because we talked about it.”

Bill knew Mary would never go for anything like that. “Mary’s not that kind of girl,” he said. “Maybe when we were younger, but never today. Nothing I do seems to excite her anymore.” He looked down at himself. “I can’t say I blame her.”

A smirk crossed Geoff’s face. “Nonsense.”

“It’s true,” he insisted. “I haven’t stirred anything in her in years. The only thing that seems to get her worked up anymore is when John comes over.”

Geoff’s ears perked up. “Your wife is into John?”

“It seems the whole family is. Except for Maddie, my daughter. She’s studying abroad at the moment. She’s always been the good one, focusing on school, not one to get too interested in men.”

Given what he knew about the family, Geoff highly doubted that. “Your family is a little f’ed up,” he said.

Bill sighed knowingly. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed. I think back to when the kids were younger, and I wonder how we ever got to this point.”

“You don’t approve of Dennis and John, do you?”

Before Bill could answer, the waitress arrived. Perfect timing, he thought. He wasn’t sure how to answer such a question.

“Are we ready?” she asked with a distinct southern drawl that Bill could tell excited Geoff. She was just as scantily clad as any of the other waitresses, and Bill couldn’t help but see Maddie in them. He knew it was terrible of him to think it, but he was so glad she had gone down a different path and hadn’t ended up using her body to make ends meet.

“Sure thing, Sweetheart,” Geoff replied. He glanced down at the menu. “Let’s do two orders of wings and another round of beers,” he said. He looked up at Bill, who turned his head to the waitress and gave his approval of the order.

“I’ll have it right up,” she said, before traipsing away to the kitchen.

Once she was gone, Bill started back in. “It’s not that I don’t approve of them, I just… I find the whole thing a little weird, don’t you?”

“It depends on how you look at it,” Geoff responded. Atalar escort “Do I think it’s a little strange that you and your son both happened to find your way to John on your own? Yes. Do I find it odd that you two seem to have some sort of competition going for who can outdo the other in your sexual exploits? Absolutely. But if you’re asking if I see any issue with Dennis and John falling in love with one another, I do not. We don’t choose who we fall in love with, Bill; we only choose which of those loves are worth fighting for.”

As much as he thought he had come to terms with the whole situation, it wasn’t until he heard those words that it all came together. “I suppose you’re right. I can see why John thought we should meet up.”

“That’s one of the reasons. I’ve had relations with a lot of people–some good, some bad–and Maggie has been there for all of it. It would have been easy for us to call it quits, just as it would have been easy for John to hide his feelings from you. It took a lot of guts for him to come clean about that, especially given how you reacted when you first found out about them.”

“Not my finest moment,” Bill admitted. “But I see your point. That’s why I broke it off with him.”

“You did what?” Geoff asked, looking curiously at Bill.

Bill nodded. “Finally, something he didn’t tell you. I’m surprised. It just wasn’t fair to Dennis. I mean, you can at least admit it’s weird we were both fucking the same guy, right?”

“One-hundred percent.” He hesitated, then, “But, the way our little group interacts with one another, I’m kind of surprised you and Dennis never–“

“He’s my son!” Bill interjected, a disgusted look on his face.

“So you wouldn’t–?”

“Absolutely not!”

Geoff held his hands up defensively, “Okay, okay. Some people are into that sort of thing.”

“I could never,” Bill said definitively. “It’s weird enough seeing him do the things he’s done with some of you guys. Besides, I don’t think I’m much into the young, skinny ones.”

“To each his own,” Geoff conceded. “You’re missing out, but as long as you’re into the old, tubby ones, we’ll get along just fine.”

Bill couldn’t help but laugh. “If that’s all it takes, I think we’ll manage.”

The two men smiled at each other and, for the first time that night, Bill’s nerves faded away. He could’ve looked into those blue eyes and that smile all night, but it wasn’t long before the waitress pushed her way into his view and set two steaming plates of chicken wings on the table. She plunked the beers down next and then scurried away once more.

Geoff was still smiling at him, rather than watching her go. But when their eyes connected once more, he turned them down toward the wings and picked them up. “These are the best wings in town,” he said, “so don’t waste them.”

Bill grabbed one for himself and dug right in.

Both men talked relatively little as they ate. Geoff had been right about the wings; they really were the best Bill had had in town. Then again, he wasn’t quite the chicken wing guy that Geoff seemed to be. Nevertheless, they hit the spot.

“Good, right?” Geoff asked, as he came to the end of his plate.

Bill glanced up and saw the other man lick the remaining sauce from his fingertips before cracking open his moist towelette and cleaning up. “They were,” he said. “I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve driven by this place and never stopped.”

“I come here all the time when Maggie is out of town. She doesn’t care for spicy foods or the waitresses, so I never bring it up when she’s around.”

Looking around the room, Bill supposed Mary wouldn’t be too keen on the girls either.

“So anyway,” Geoff continued, his eyes growing wide. “Have you had enough of me or are you up for more?”

“What did you have in mind?” Bill asked, knowing full-well what kinds of imaginative things a twisted mind like Geoff’s could think up.

Geoff gave a little shrug. “If you want, we can head back to my place for a few more drinks by the pool.”

Without thinking, Bill said a little naïvely, “I haven’t brought my suit.”

And Geoff had to laugh. He kept forgetting how unlike the rest of the group Bill was. Anybody else would have assumed there would be no suits at the pool–or at least nothing close to what Bill was imagining–but Bill was different. He was so firmly placed in that other world, his mind couldn’t fathom going swimming without a pair of overly-long swimming trunks. Geoff liked that about Bill. It would be fun to break him of that. “I’m sure we can figure something out.”

* * * * *

Mary never crossed Bill’s mind once as he followed the little red Corvette through the back roads of town. She probably should have, but Bill was dreaming, still lost somewhere in the blue-eyed man he’d met at the restaurant.

The two men didn’t even know each other; not really, anyway. He had never been to Geoff’s house before. Other than that afternoon on the boat, they really hadn’t even Kadıköy escort bayan spent any time together. And before their dinner at the restaurant, they hadn’t even ever really talked. It had just been sex, which was only good for so much. Bill needed more than that if he were going to go down this path again. Thankfully, after their conversation at dinner, his mind was totally at ease.

After twenty minutes or so, they pulled into a driveway at the edge of the trees. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the stone house were striking, mood-lighting glowing from behind the curtains. It was sleek, modern, sexy. It was of another world entirely than the down-to-earth guy he had met at the bar. This was the life of cool Geoff, the guy with the shades, the sports car, and the yacht.

Doubt crept back in his mind. There was no way a boring, old accountant could ever keep up with a guy like that. But as he stood in the driveway, gawking at the house before him, Geoff called to him, snapping him back to reality.

“You coming?” the other man asked him.

Bill nodded and followed him inside.

The entryway was a narrow hall lined with photos of all the trips Geoff, his wife, and their friends had taken together. In every one of them, the people looked happy. Bill couldn’t remember the last time he and Mary had travelled together.

Geoff led him into an open kitchen that was nicer than any kitchen he had ever stood in before. The whole back of the house was nothing but glass, and he could see out into the backyard, where low lanterns lit up the pool and the trees.

“This is your house?” Bill gasped.

“The one and only,” Geoff replied. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Something strong,” he said, looking around. “Very strong.”

Geoff shot him a smile. “I can do strong. I seem to recall you’re a bourbon guy, right?”

“That’s right. Good memory.”

“Let’s just say you made a good first impression.”

It seemed Bill wasn’t the only one who looked back on their first encounter fondly.

“While I get these ready,” Geoff continued, “why don’t you head out back and get comfortable.”

Bill glanced around, hoping to find the bathroom. He didn’t even have a suit yet. “Do you have somewhere I could change? And what about a suit?”

“You can change on the pool deck. Start by taking your clothes off and forget the suit.”

Bill nodded in agreement before realizing what he was doing. His mouth opened as if to protest, but the other man was looking back at him with sincere amusement. “You’re not joking this time, are you?”

All he received in response was a shrug, as if Geoff was telling him to figure out whether it was a joke or not.

He closed his mouth and turned for the French door. Turning back, he glanced at Geoff, who was still standing there smiling. This was no joke. Bill would just have to go with it, though he wished he had that bourbon first.

The night was quiet; only crickets sang out from the trees around him. The lanterns glowed before him, and the water in the pool sat still. Bill stood on the edge of the pool, contemplating what he was about to do. Inside, he yearned to be with Geoff again. He had replayed their encounter in his head many times over the weeks since, but he couldn’t shake the nagging feeling in the back of his mind. He closed his eyes tightly, desperately trying to come to a decision.

He thought of Mary and knew he should turn back. What would she think of what he was about to do? What would she think about the things he’d done in the past? How he’d gone behind her back and cheated on her–not with another woman, either, with another man!

But then he thought of Dennis, too, and John’s words echoed through his head, “I think you’re regretting your own path in life. Don’t punish him for doing something you couldn’t.”

His hands reached for his belt, and he was sure. For once in his miserable life, he was going to do something he wanted. Undoing the button, he untucked his shirt and let his shorts fall to the ground. Then, he yanked his polo over his head and tossed it aside. He bent over, removed his sandals and stood back up. Standing there in nothing but his white briefs, he breathed in the clean night air. It was as cool as any fall night in Seaside–which is to say, not very–and the air on his skin felt good, exhilarating. It was now or never. With one deep breath, he dropped his briefs and dove in.

“Well, well, well,” Geoff said as Bill resurfaced. “You’ve certainly made yourself comfortable.” He leaned down slightly and handed Bill a glass of bourbon. “Mind if I join you?”

The question was rhetorical, and Geoff didn’t wait for any response before he set his glasses and bourbon down and removed his own clothes. He dove in after Bill and came up right in front of the man.

“I lost my glasses,” Bill said. “They fell off when I jumped in.”

“Can you still see?”

“Not really. I’m blind without them.”

Geoff gave him a devilish grin he couldn’t quite make out. “So, you can’t see when I do this?” he asked, reaching his hand forward until it wrapped itself around Bill’s weighty sack.

A tingle ran through Bill’s body and a warmth washed over him. It felt good to be touched again. “I can still feel,” he said.

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