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The Martin’s Family Sire Ch. 04

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Thanksgiving Weekend at Doheny Beach- Nancy is still nursing her newborn; Rachel is 5 months pregnant; the twins are still in heat:

It was early in the morning when Sam awoke and heard the sounds of waves crashing in the distance. He could hear the faint sounds of seagulls flying over the beach and the hushed voices of holiday vacationers as they came out of their own tents and campers. Sam rubbed his eyes and slowly remembered what had transpired the night before. He had made love to his twin sisters and it had been one of the best nights of his life.

Sam shifted in the small bed and felt their warm bodies still draped over him. Sometime during the night they had managed to kick all the blankets off the bed leaving all three of them completely exposed. Sam looked down and saw his balls and cock nestled warmly between the two smooth legs that each girl had slipped between his own. His morning wood looked impressive but his urge to pee reminded him it was time to get up. Sam carefully untangled himself, trying not to wake his sisters. He was almost out of the incestous love nest when he heard his mother’s voice call out to him.

“Looks like someone had a big night…”

Sam glanced over to the opposite side of the trailer. His mom was sitting up in her bed, bare breasted and with an iPad on her lap.

“Oh! Good morning mom. Didn’t think you would be up,” Sam replied slightly embarrassed at his disheveled state.

“I got up early to feed the baby,” she informed him as he hobbled over to the small bathroom to pee.

When Sam came back out, he cautiously walked over to his mother and kissed her on the cheek. She didn’t seem angry or jealous but Sam tread carefully nonetheless.

Nancy appraised her son and wondered what she was going to do now that Sam had taken all three of her daughters to bed.

“So… how was it?” she finally asked him curiously.

Sam turned his head to see if his sisters were still sleeping. Nancy followed his gaze and saw that both girls were still fast asleep. They both had their hair strewn all over the bed and their naked bodies were splayed across each other.

“It was incredible mom. They are something else…” Sam said quietly while reminiscing how tight and sweet his sisters’ pussies had felt.

“Well it looks like you gave as good as you got. Poor things…”

Nancy said contemplatively as she gazed upon the freshly fucked bodies belonging to her daughters.

“…they’re probably not getting up anytime soon.”

Sam turned towards his mother and sighed. A ray of sunlight was shining through one of the trailer’s small windows, landing directly on Nancy’s succulent breasts.

“We should probably get dressed so we can make break…fassst…”

Nancy hissed in pleasure, unable to finish what she was saying. Sam had swooped down and cupped one of her juicy tits and was now forcefully sucking on it.

“Oh God… Sam…” Nancy said breathlessly. She was not expecting him to latch on to her so suddenly.

“I got my breakfast right here,” he mumbled. His mouth now full of motherly flesh. Unlike their baby, who only suckled on her nipple, Sam swallowed the entire circle surrounding her warm buttons. He knelt down beside her bed and continued suckling until a steady stream of warm milk hit his tongue.

Nancy closed her eyes and tilted her head back. The sensation of her children sucking on her breasts had become addictive the last few weeks. Nancy couldn’t help but recall how her late husband, Jim, had admonished her for not weaning Sam when he had first started to walk. Now, here she was breastfeeding him again, now fully grown.

“If only you could see me now…” she thought to herself as the memory of her husband faded out.

She placed a hand on the back of Sam’s head and continued feeding him.

After a few minutes however Nancy felt Rachel stir next to her.

“ok ok… that’s enough young man. We really should be getting dressed… your sisters will be up soon,” she said looking down at him, though not really wanting the pleasure to stop.

He was still busy feeding on her, his eyes closed. She watched as a bead of her breast milk ran down the side of his mouth until it dripped off his chin. At that same moment however, something else caught her eye. Nancy looked up and saw the twins were now awake and were looking right at her with stunned faces.

“Sam… Sam!” Nancy said a little more urgently. She practically had to pry Sam off her nipple as it popped out of his mouth.

“The girls are awake,” she informed him while hiding away her breasts.

Sam wiped his mouth and turned to face them. Their eyes were open wide in surprise. They didn’t expect to see Sam on his knees, naked and above all, breastfeeding off their mother. Sam couldn’t help but think of how cute and delicious they looked in their bewilder states. The girls squirmed in their bed as his bare cock pulsed and rose slightly between his legs. It wasn’t until his eyes traveled down bursa escort their bodies that they realized how naked they themselves were. They quickly pulled the bed sheet up to cover their nudity. Sam smiled at them.

“I’m going to take a shower,” he announced.

“If anyone cares to join me to save water and shower tokens let me know.”

The twins looked at one another unsure of what to say or do. There was a warm tingling sensation between their legs that still lingered from being fucked only a few hours earlier. It wasn’t until they caught their mother staring at them that they became aware of how guilty they must have appeared. They were both still clutching onto the bed sheet trying to hide their indiscretion.

“I’ll join you Sam,” they suddenly heard.

Rachel was finally up and was stretching beside her mother. The pair of swollen breasts made the small trailer feel even more cramped.

“I could use a nice warm shower. Let me just get my things before we go,” she finished.

Sam wrapped a towel around his body and waited for her outside the trailer. Rachel was busy looking for her shower kit when Nancy finally broke the silence and began questioning the girls.

“Alright you two. Out with it. What happened last night?” she asked them sternly.

They tried to hide their shame by turning away from her but Nancy continued, well aware of what they were hiding.

“Did Sam get a little handsy last night or what?” she asked provocatively.

Ali stiffened at her question. Tiffany on the other shook her head. At this point Rachel finished grabbing her stuff and headed out the door. She figured it would be easier for her mother to deal with the situation on her own.

“Ok… So do you girls mind explaining to me why you are naked under there?” Nancy asked with raised eyebrows.


“You guys know you can talk to me right?”

Nancy let the question hang in the air. After a few moments Tiffany finally peered her eyes towards her mother and whispered,

“Mom we ah… we did it. With Sam I mean…”

Nancy noticed the shame in her voice but pretended not to know what she was talking about.

“What do you mean IT?”

Ali answered for both of them sparing her sister from having to answer.

“We had sex mom OK! We got a little carried away and before we knew it Sam was naked and then we were naked… and well… we ended up having sex…”

Both girls recoiled now that the truth was out in the open. Nancy considered them silently for short while before replying.

“I see…”

Both girls became even more uneasy as Nancy stepped out of bed. She hadn’t disciplined them since they were kids but the guilt they felt convinced them that some form of punishment was about to happen. The girls watched nervously as Nancy searched the ground for something. It wasn’t until she pulled out a fresh bra that they breathed a sigh of relief. They watched her cautiously as she clasped her new maternity bra behind her back. She was still wearing her white lacy panties that had Sam reeling the night before. She was in the middle of squeezing her plump bottom into a pair of jeans when she spoke again.

“Well, if that’s the case, I guess we can safely say you two aren’t little girls anymore.”

The twins remained quiet.

“I assume you guys didn’t use any protection?”

Both girls looked at each other as the sudden realization hit them. It had never crossed their mind that they may get pregnant.

“If you guys want to finish your last year of college without looking like Rachel, you’ll have to be more careful next time,” she told them having finally managed to pull her jeans up past her butt.

The twins were still frozen in their bed.

“Did he cum in you both of you?” she asked, her voice now full of curiosity.

The girls didn’t answer, still painfully ashamed. Nancy pressed on.


A few seconds passed before she heard an answer.

“I don’t think he came in me, but I’m not sure,” Tiffany finally said in a small voice.

Nancy looked towards Ali and waited for her response.

“He did cum in me… but he cleaned it up after we were done,” Ali said innocently, causing her mother’s heart to melt.

“Well whatever the case may be, unless you want Sam to knock you girls up the way he did Rachel and I; I suggest you be more careful in the future.”

Nancy was now fully dressed and smiled at them. The last sentence had caught the girls off guard.

“Wait mom… what did you just say?” Ali asked.

“I said… that unless you want Sam to knock you up like he did Rachel and I, I suggest you be more careful in the future.”

Nancy flashed them a devilish smile, relishing the fact that now the whole family was in on her dirty little secret.

“You girls clean up in here while I clean up outside. I’m going to cook up a nice big breakfast for everyone. I’m sure Sam will be starving when he comes back.”

Nancy escort bursa stepped outside leaving the twins wondering what had the hell that had just happened.

Sam and Rachel fucked eagerly during their morning shower. Sam wasn’t lacking any vigor now that he had tasted new pussy. On the contrary he felt more energized than ever. Sam washed his sister’s back but not before cupping her breasts and rubbing his cock between her taut butt cheeks. It wasn’t long before Sam had his pregnant sister pressed against the shower wall as he fucked her from behind. Rachel’s body ached from their last copulation but the pleasure she felt now, far exceed any aches she had. After wasting about five dollars in the shower, Sam finally came inside his sister causing her shudder on his spurting cock. She pushed out the creamy deposit and cleaned herself off before they headed out.On the way back to their site they found themselves awkwardly walking by a family that occupied the site nearest to the showers. They had heard Rachel’s throws of passion as her brother came deep inside her. The married couple looked at them curiously as they walked by. The man nodded at Sam as if giving him a thumbs up, the wife on the other hand smiled at Rachel. Sam and Rachel laughed all the way back to their site.

Back at camp the family settled down for breakfast. They tried their best to maintain a state of normalcy but things were far from normal. Sam had made love to his mother and all three of his sisters. The dynamics of the family were quickly changing.

Sam noticed that twins were tense and quiet during their meal. He managed to bring levity to the situation by recounting the stares Rachel and him had received while coming back from the shower. They all had a good laugh about it.

As soon as they were done eating Sam got up to help his mother clean up. As he walked by her he slapped her ass hard making her yelp in surprise. All three of her daughters looked in her direction.

“That was delicious mom. Thanks for breakfast,” he said before kissing her and squeezing her butt.

“You are very welcome young man,” she said coyly.

Rachel was unfazed by the brazen smacking of her mother’s bottom. The twins however were once again hit with the realization that what their mother had told them earlier was actually true. Sam was having a sexual relationship with their mother and Rachel. They were still uneasy at the thought it but as the day moved on, Sam made it more and more obvious that things were going to change. He blatantly fondled their mother and kissed Rachel on the lips whenever he felt the urge. They soon came to accept that they were now part of Sam’s harem and they warmed to the idea of being with Sam again. Sam intentionally gave them space for the most part of the day but by that evening both girls were teasing Sam with their own antics. Tiffany began to stand closer to Sam whenever she could and would actually rub against him like a young lioness in heat. This caused Sam to palm her ass on several occasions and even tuck his hand under her shorts to feel her butt cheek’s smooth skin.

Ali in turn decided to sit on his lap when they sat around the campfire. She wiggled her butt on him until she could feel his hard on growing and shifting underneath her. Nancy and Rachel mused at the sudden change in both girls.

After the fire died down and temperature dropped, the Martin family proceeded back inside the trailer. Sam brought up the rear and made sure all his girls were inside before closing and locking the door behind them.

He walked around the trailer and closed all the windows and blinds. He couldn’t risk a park ranger or any of their neighbors peeking in. Sam then walked over to his mother and pulled her blouse over her head. Rachel, Tiffany and Ali on the other hand, settled in on the opposite bed. The twins were somewhat timid at first but as they watched their mother being undressed they couldn’t help but to feel their pussies begin to moisten in anticipation. A pin drop could be heard as Sam unclasped his mother’s bra. The cups were slightly damp on the inside from her heavy tits leaking milk earlier in the evening. Sam squeezed them and sucked on her nipples. Nancy fumbled to undo his belt and a collective gasp escaped the girls’ mouths, as their mother pulled back Sam’s waistband. His cock was thick and harder than ever. Nancy could feel heat radiating from it.

Sam kissed and gently bit into the side of her neck. Nancy stole a glance in her daughters’ direction and locked eyes with them. She smiled at them and turned Sam towards them so that they could see her hand stroking his meaty cock. All three girls gulped in unison as she squeezed the angry snake in her hand. It was long, thick and more potent than ever, with a bit of precum already oozing out of it’s tip.

After a few strokes, Nancy knelt down and took Sam into her mouth. He grunted in pleasure as his mother’s warm mouth enveloped him. She swallowed him whole and throated him lovingly. bursa escort bayan She then pulled it out of her hungry mouth and ran her tongue up and down it’s length. She loved feeling every single groove and curve of his veiny manhood. The musky aroma was intoxicating and it made her want to kiss and caress his swollen balls even more. The girls looked on as their mother lost herself with Sam.

Rachel, unable to cope with the sultry scene, pulled off her shirt causing her bare breasts to jiggle free.. Before long all three girls were topless and running their hands between their legs.

Nancy smiled at them with her eyes. It made her horny watching the three light colored panties turn darker and darker as they dampened . She pushed herself to swallow Sam all over again. A part of her wanted to educate her daughters. To show them how an experienced woman sucked cock. Another part however, wanted to remind them that she was and always would be the primary owner of Sam’s love and attention. Although she could claim that she had been the first to take his seed and born him a child, it was the fact that she had given birth to him that gave her sole ownership of his heavenly manhood. In other words, she didn’t mind sharing… as long as she went first.

Slurping and gagging sounds permeated the small trailer. At one point Sam grabbed a handful of his mother’s hair and practically faced fucked her against the kitchen cabinet. The drawers could be heard rattling as Sam held his mother’s head and forced fed her his cock. The twins were a little taken aback but Rachel and Nancy knew all too well how Sam sometimes liked to have fun with their mouths. Finally after about 10 mins of slobbering and gagging, Nancy pulled away from him. Her eyes were watery and hair was a mess but she beamed proudly at her handy work. Sam’s cock was glistening in her hand. It was primed, throbbing and ready for deep pussy penetration.

Sam helped his mother up and laid her down on the empty bed. The girls watched intently as Sam spread her legs and positioned himself between them. Sam entered his mother easily and smoothly. He slowly began running his hot rod in and out of her. After a few strokes Sam remembered they had an audience and decided to give them a better view. He scooted his mother further up on the bed and climbed on top of her. The girls now had a clear view of their mother’s mature pussy being invaded by Sam’s girthy man meat.

“Oh sweeeet mother of God!” she cried out as Sam sunk into her once again, filling her like only he could.

The young stud’s ass flexed and pumped away above his mother’s soft luscious body. Ali couldn’t take it anymore and pulled her panties to the side and began fingering her pussy hungrily. Rachel was sitting beside and found herself compelled to feel her sister’s pussy. Ali gasped in surprise as she felt her sister’s hand on her throbbing clit but was soon lost to the tingling sensation coursing through her body. She had never had another girl play with her sexually, let alone her sister.

Meanwhile the slapping sounds of mother and son flesh echoed lewdly throughout the small trailer. Tiffany got up quietly and turned on the main lights inside the camper. This gave them a better view of the love knot between Sam and Nancy. She crept over to where her mother was being pummeled and pulled off her soaked panties. She knelt beside the bed and watched Sam’s creamy cock plunge in and out their mother as she rubbed the nub of her clit. She licked her lips wantonly wanting to be next.

Sam pushed deeper and deeper inside his mother. His balls were ready to dump another batch of baby batter inside his lovely mother but he was reminded that his sisters were watching and paced himself. He settled himself in a full mating press on top of her and didn’t move. He was balls deep inside her and dared not move out of the fear he might cum earlier than he wanted. Nancy sensed his apprehension and knew all too well what Sam’s tense body meant.

“Wait baby, I have something for you,” she said while squeezing his arms.

Nancy reached back to the far side of the bed where her purse lay. She searched through its contents and felt Sam pulsate inside her. Finally, after having rummaged through all her belongings, she pulled out a small black box.

“I ordered these off Amazon a few days ago. I thought they might come in handy.”

Sam watched curiously as his mother opened the box revealing three black rubber rings inside.

“Condoms?” He asked in surprise. They hadn’t used a single condom since they embarked on their incestuous journey and wondered why his mother would put one on him now.

“No silly,” Nancy giggled inadvertently squeezing Sam’s cock inside her.

“These are cock rings… I read that they’ll help you last longer,” she informed him.

Sam pulled out of his mother making Nancy feel oddly empty. Sam watched silently as Nancy tried fitting the first ring around him. It couldn’t stretch around his fat mushroom head.

“Let me try this one,” she said as she tried the second ring.

This time the ring did make it around the fat tip of his cock but Sam winced at how tight it squeezed him.

“Is it too tight?” His mother asked in a concerned tone.

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