The Maid Pt. 10

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She should have seen it coming, the idle island lifestyle, his massive sexual appetite and the nubile attractive native girls with their casual attitude to sex were a recipe for disaster. Coming home early, she had heard the sounds of sex, opened their bedroom door to find one of the islands maidens moaning loudly as she drove her stretched open tight wet cunt hard down on his thick long hard cock. She watched unbelieving as the island girl rode him, sliding her glistening eager pussy up and down his hard shaft, faster and faster, driving it deeper and deeper inside herself. She could tell the girl wanted desperately to cum with a cunt full of hard cock and feel his cum running down the inside of her legs.

Silently, she closed the door, picked up her handbag and walked out the front door forever, Their bank account reduced by fifty percent, she bought a ticket, walked across the tarmac and boarded the plane for home. It wasn’t until then that the tears came. He could have had any one of them, as long as she was part of it. Never mind, keep your little island cunt, I’m going home.

Arriving back home and with a sense of irony, she checked herself into the very hotel she used to work at. Ensconced in a suite, she fell naked into bed and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning, purged of her emotions, she took stock of her situation. Well off as she was she would still need to work…what to do?

Unknown to her, her question was about to be answered for her. As she crossed the lobby of the hotel on her way out, she heard a voice calling to her from behind. Turning, she was surprised to see the couple from her previous employers dinner party.

“Hello.” said the elderly man, rushing up to her with a beaming smile, his wife in tow. “Do you remember us?” he asked eagerly.

“Yes, I do.” she replied, pictures of him between her open legs, licking her wet pussy and then fucking her hard on the dining room table flashing through her mind.

“What brings you here?” he asked.

“I’m just back from living abroad.” she told them both.

“Are you working?”

“No, I’m in between jobs right now.” she replied. “Just figuring out what to do.”

“We could do with some help, isn’t that right dear.” he said eagerly, turning to his wife for verification.

“Yes, we could do with an extra pair of hands around the house.” she told the maid. It was obvious that he was lying about needing a maid and what the job would really entail, but the wife backed up his story regardless. Ever since that dinner party, he had been sexually recharged and she was reaping the benefits. Having the maid around was going to ensure his fire stayed lit and some nice hard cock between her legs.

“When could you start?” he asked with almost boyish enthusiasm, his eagerness to be inside her again so transparent that she was almost tempted to tell him a week just to see his look of disappointment.

“I could start Monday.” she told them both. His face lit up and the maid could swear she noticed the front of his trousers swelling.

“Eight o’clock then Monday morning then dear.” said the wife, handing the maid a card with their address bahis firmaları on it.

“Come on, let’s get you home.” she said to her husband, taking him by the arm and leading him towards the door. She was smiling too, in his excited state she was definitely going to get some tonight and most probably all weekend too.

The maid was at her new job, promptly at eight o’clock Monday morning. In a lather of excitement, the husband showed her into his study shutting the door behind them.

“It’s so nice to have you working here.” he told her and went on to explain how she would just be doing menial tasks for him and his wife. The maid knew better.

Deciding to take the lead, she asked if he approved of her new uniform that she had purchased over the weekend, twirling around, giving him a good look at her rear.

“I even bought new underwear. Would you like to see them?” she asked, knowing full well what his response was going to be.

“Yes.” he croaked, his head nodding and his heart beating fast in arousal at the thought.

Pulling up the front of her dress she showed him her new pristine white silky panties.

“They are so smooth.” she said sliding her hand over them between her legs, watching him gulp hard, knowing she was arousing his old cock.

“Is there anything I can do for you in the meantime?” she asked, gripping the leg of her panties and pulling them aside to reveal half of her perfect shaved pussy.

“Come here.” he croaked, frantically wrestling with his belt and zip.

No sooner had he released his swelling cock from his pants, she was on him, pushing him back into his chair and straddling him, Reaching down, she grabbed his manhood and with her panties pulled aside, rubbed the swollen head, oozing with precum over her rigid aching clit. Pressing the head of his cock to her dripping opening she lunged down on him. His rigid cock was just as she remembered it, not long in length but lovely and thick and filled her hungry cunt so nicely.

He gasped at the feel of his cock sliding up inside her clenched wet cunt, rubbing hard against the walls of her eager pussy that gripped his cock hard as she forced every inch inside her.

Relentlessly, she thrust down hard onto him until he had no choice but to cum, which he did, in hard squirts deep inside her body. He lay slumped in his chair shattered, unable to speak. The deal was done, he was hers. She was throbbing, her pussy demanding to cum, but business was business, her aching hard clit would just have to wait. Slowly she rose up and felt his spent cock slip out from inside her. Holding her dress up and her panties aside, she let him watch his cum run out of her glistening drenched slit.

Replacing her panties and straightening her dress she stood looking down at him.

“Now a few rules of my own.” she said.

“You can have me whenever you like during the day and at night whenever I’m staying here, and I, in turn expect to be paid very well for it. If you intend to use me for entertainment for guests like my previous employer, then that will be extra on top of my wages. Do we have a deal?”

Eagerly, he nodded his agreement.

“Then kaçak iddaa I think you should put that thing away and show me to my room.” she said with a smile looking down at the thick flaccid cock laying in his lap.

Her maid quarters were more like a guest apartment on the ground floor. She couldn’t believe how luxurious it was as she walked around it.

“Will this do?” he asked and she nodded smiling.

“One more thing.” he continued, taking a folded piece of paper from his pocket, handing it to her.

“This is your first weeks wages. I hope it is adequate.” She opened the cheque and was stunned, it was for $3,500.

“Very adequate.” she said, unable to stop staring at the numbers on it.

As she bent over to put it in her handbag laying on the bed, he moved in behind her, pressing himself against her rear.

“Ooh, someone is a randy boy.” she said reaching behind and rubbing her hand up and down the front of his trousers, feeling the vertical hardness trapped within them. Turning around to face him, she grasped the rigid shaft of his cock through the material and squeezed it. His own hand reached out and slid up under her dress and she felt eager fingers rub hard between her legs, pressing her sheer panties into her already wet slit.

“Take off your clothes.” she said in a husky aroused voice. By the time she had removed her panties and slipped her dress over her head he was naked, all except for a ring he had placed on his cock and behind his balls. Engorged with blood it was massive, even his balls were swollen, the sac pulled tight over them.

“Fucking hell.” was all that she could say, staring at the thickest hard cock she had ever seen, her pussy dampening and tingling at the thought of it inside her. Dropping to her knees, she ran her hands over it, feeling its hardness, caressing the rigid upright shaft and swollen balls. Bending forward, she could only just get the head in her mouth. Her hand clenched tight around him, she drove her mouth up and down over the head, fucking him with it, saliva dripping from between her lips as she tried to get his enormous cock into her throat. Pulling herself away, she moved up and laid on the bed, her legs in the air and spread wide.

“Stick it in.” she pleaded, never wanting a cock inside her so badly. Leaning over her, he pressed the giant head to her opening and lunged into her

“Fuck!” she cried out with a gasp, the pain and pleasure of his thick cock filling her taking her breath away. Incensed with the feel of her warm wet cunt and inflamed with desire, he ignored her cries, thrusting into her hard, his arms under her knees, forcing her legs, back and apart as his hips drove his cock relentlessly in and out of her like a stag in mating season, his only thought to implant his seed deep in her body. Her own animal lust aroused, she urged him on.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she yelled. “Cum in my pussy.” He drove into her even harder, his cock exciting every nerve ending in her pussy.

“Oh shit!” she cried out and her pussy squirted, gushing out over his cock, a fountain of wetness spraying them both every time he thrust into her. Reaching kaçak bahis down, she rubbed her clit frantically. Her hips started pushing up, jerking hard against him and then she came, her legs shaking uncontrollably and her body in spasms as she lay skewered on the glorious fat cock inside her.

Looking down at her parted pussy with his hard shaft buried inside it, he licked his thumb, reached down and touched her clit. She jerked with sensitivity but then as he massaged it she wanted more. Slowly sliding in and out of her and with his thumb rubbing her clit she responded, moaning and grinding her hips, craving to be fucked. Suddenly, she grabbed his arms. Oh fuck! She was going to cum again. He felt a warm gush of wetness as her back arched and she went rigid on his cock before falling back onto the bed, spent like a rag doll, gasping of air.

Quickly. He pulled out of her and with his chest heaving and aching to cum, “Turn over.” he ordered her. Obediently with her aching cunt aroused and nowhere near sated, she raised herself up onto all fours, her head on the bed and her legs spread wide, her desperate soaked pussy open and waiting. He was on her in a second, pressing the bloated head of his rigid cock into her saturated opening, stretching her open as he pushed deep inside her. With his hands on her hips, he slammed against her ass like a man possessed, making her groan in pleasure each time his hard flesh filled her. Grunting with every hard thrust, he drove his cock into her frantically until she was once again frozen with his cock deep inside, her legs quivering as her insides erupted in hard body shaking contractions. Flinging herself off him, she turned on the bed and grasped his throbbing cock, pulling it fast and thrusting her mouth hard down over its throbbing head. She felt him about to cum and released him. On the verge of climax and with no friction, he stood there groaning, his cock jerking upwards until after what seemed a lifetime he came with a loud roar, hard jets of cum spraying her face and glistening sweat covered breasts.

Like a rag doll she layed on the bed, his cum running off her breasts, wallowing in the warm afterglow of her massive orgasm and the satisfied feeling between her legs of a cunt well fucked. With her legs stretched open, she gently stroked her contented pussy as she watched him dress, every now and then slipping a finger inside herself.

Sitting on the bed to tie his shoelaces, he turned to her and said. “My wife is away today and tonight, I was hoping you might give me the pleasure of your company.”

“Only if you promise to lick me and stick that big cock in here.” she replied with a mischievous smile, sliding her other hand down between her legs and using both to part her pussy lips and show him her moist pink opening.”

“I’ll get cook to rustle up something special for dinner for us.” he said, the sight of her parted pussy filling him with lustful expectation of the night ahead.

When he had gone, she lay there, sleepy from the hard fucking she had just received. How long since she had felt so satisfied she wondered, and it took an old man to do it. Old he might be she thought, but he knew how to use that wonderful cock of his.

She fell asleep smiling, looking forward to their evening alone and that lovely hard cock of his buried deep between her legs making her cum once again.

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