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The Loving Wives Pt. 02

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Nick spent the next month shadowing his boss Phil and getting to know the more finer points of his new job. That meant spending time at his boss’s desk and having to work much more closely with Miss Jones.

Miss Jones was loving Nick being in such close proximity as she deliberately went out of her way to tease him but very subtly so as not to arouse suspicion with anyone else although enough to create a bulge in Nick’s suit trousers from time to time.

‘Nick, why don’t you take Miss Jones out for lunch? We usually go out once a month to the nice little bistro pub around the corner. It will give you a chance to get to know one another and it can be unusually quiet around this time of day.’

Nick reluctantly agreed and was surprised when Miss Jones told Phil that it was a lovely idea.

As Phil had said the pub wasn’t very busy and Miss Jones found a table in a quiet corner of the pub after asking Nick to bring her a lime and soda with ice.

Nick brought over the menu along with the drinks and they both ordered chicken salads,

Nick thought he better start the conversation going.

‘So how have you liked working for Phil?’

‘Oh he is such a sweet, lovely man. We get on very well. Especially if he does as he is told,’ she replied in her plummy accent.

Nick looked at her and saw that she wasn’t joking.

‘So Nick. Tell me about yourself?’

Nick gave her the broad brush version of his life, telling her he was divorced, that he had one son, where he lived and where he was brought up.

‘Tell me about your childhood!’

He told her about his father and that he was a Chartered Accountant but only now on a part time basis. He mentioned his mother was an ex headmistress.

‘Oh,’ she cut him off. ‘Was she very strict with you as a child?’

Nick tried to skirt around the subject and told Miss Jones what a loving mother she was and that it was down to her that he stuck in at school and how she encouraged him all through university.

‘So did you have a very messy divorce?’

Nick smiled and told her it went quite smoothly. He never mentioned her cheating or in fact went in to any detail about Cindy.

‘Did your mother like her?’

Nick thought that it was a strange question and paused to think how to answer it.

‘Don’t worry I think I get what you are not telling me. I take it your ex wasn’t very much like your mother?’

Nick told her that his ex wife was nothing like his mother. This seemed to please Miss Jones.

Nick fired some questions to Miss Jones. He found ou that she didn’t live too far away from him but more out in the country and that she drove to Edgware where she caught the Underground train on the Northern Line into the city.

She told him that she still lived in her parents old home, that it was far too big for her but she could never get rid of it for sentimental reasons.

‘Tell me more about your childhood. What was it like?’

Nick told her his Dad worked long hours and also had private clients that he saw in the evening and basically it was his mother that guided him through his formative years. He went on to say how much he appreciated his mother’s guidance.

‘Guidance. What a strange word.’ thought Miss Jones.

After lunch they went back to the office and their work mode took over.

Nick arrived home to find that Toby had laid the table, put out a bottle of red wine and a couple of glasses.

‘Hi Dad, we’re having steaks tonight and you’re cooking them.’

Nick looked at the wine and glasses and laughed.

‘Nice try kid but no wine for you.’

‘Oh come on Dad, I’m seventeen. I’m old enough to drive, I’m old enough to have sex and I’m old enough to fight for my country. And,’ he said with some authority. ‘I’m old enough to drink wine with a meal!’

Nick shook his head and smiled.

‘You’re smart Toby, I’ll give you that. OK you can have a glass of wine, maybe two if you help me tidy up.

The meal was delicious. Both of them cleared their plates and then had a couple more glasses of wine.

By nine o’clock Nick was feeling tired and said goodnight to Toby.

He was lying in bed and began to think about Miss Jones. He wondered what it was about her that he was so attracted to.

He then began to think of his mother and the old feelings resurfaced.

Mrs Jordan was a tall woman, not beautiful but severe and handsome looking with short dark hair, a large chest, long legs and a well padded bottom. A direct contrast to her husband who was tall, skinny and quite boring.

She was strict with Nick, often spanking him when she thought his grades were not as good as they should be.

He remembered the bare bottom spankings.

He would have to drop his shorts or trousers and bend over his mother’s knee. This usually happened just after she had arrived home from work and she was dressed in her headmistress uniform of a dark grey or blue suit consisting of jacket, silk blouse of various colours, her matching skirt that came down to her knees and her silky nylons.

She would give him a dozen swats on his covered bottom with the beyoğlu escort palm of her hand then she would slowly ease his underwear down to his ankles and proceed to smack his bottom hard for a few more minutes until he was sobbing and he promised to work harder.

As he got older he would find that he was getting an erection as his cock rubbed over her stockings while he was being punished.

As he was remembering all this he realised he had an erection again.

He once wondered if it turned his mother on as well when she spanked him. His question was answered when one afternoon after a punishment he went to his bedroom to change and heard grunts coming from his mother’s room.

This carried on until he left to go to university. He remembered once near the end of term when he had just turned eighteen years of age being put over his mother’s knee for another spanking she told him to strip completely. He was shocked but the look she gave him withered any hope of arguing.

He duly disrobed and they both noticed his sizable young cock was making its way to a full erection.

His mother took off her jacket and sat down on their special punishment chair, however this time she hiked up her skirt to reveal white suspenders holding up her dark grey stockings.

Nick groaned when he saw them which wasn’t missed by his mother.

The spanking started as normal as his cock rubbed against her shiny stocking clad thighs and his cock became even harder.

Suddenly she sat back and opened her thighs which caused Nick’s erection to drop between them but before he could do anything about it his mother quickly closed her thighs effectively trapping his rampant cock.

The spanking resumed with Nick’s cock now rubbing alternatively between silk stocking and her bare thighs.

Nick could feel his balls tingling as he realised he was about to cum.

‘Oh God, please Mum. No more. Please.’

His mother just kept on spanking then suddenly stopped and began playing with his little hole with the middle finger of her right hand.

Nick was moaning and humping his mother’s thighs when she suddenly pushed her finger deep inside his arse.

He gargled something unintelligible as his cock erupted and he spurted his cum all over his mother’s thighs and stockings.

She kept her finger deep inside him until she’d milked him completely then removed it and told him to shower and get dressed for dinner which would be ready when his father returned from work.

At dinner nothing was said which was a relief to Nick.

Nick also remembered when he had finally left school and thought that his spankings had finished.

One night he felt particularly horny so he thought he would have a cold shower. He undressed in the bathroom and as he opened the lid on the wash basket to throw in his underwear he spotted a pair of his mother’s used black silk panties.

He couldn’t help himself and as he lifted then to his nose his cock was almost at full mast. By the time he’d tugged it once or twice and had a real good smell of his mother’s wet pussy juices. He was harder than he had ever been.

Her pungent smell was too much for him, he had to taste her. As soon as he licked the gusset he knew he was about to shoot.

He quickly pushed the knickers over his cock and caught all the spurts in the shiny silk underwear.

Once he’d finished he pushed the panties down to the bottom of the basket and climbed into the shower.

The next morning was a Saturday so he thought he would have a lie in. His mother would be doing the chores and his father would be out on the golf course as usual.

He was lying under his covers, naked, and playing with his cock when his mother barged into his room.

He was so startled to see his mother come into his room without knocking then standing by his bed with her hands on her hips that it took a while to notice that she was wearing a knee length black leather skirt, a red shiny blouse and red high heel shoes.

She stood glaring at him still with her hands on her hips.

Nick just laid in bed, not moving but waiting to see what the problem was with his mother.

Mrs Jordan lifted one hand away from her hip and dangled her cum covered knickers at him.

‘Get into my bedroom right now. I want you in there naked!’

‘Shit!’ thought Nick as he jumped out of bed and followed his mother to her room.

She sat down on a hard backed chair and motioned for her son to drape himself over her lap.

Nick gasped as his cock and balls came into contact with the cool leather of his mother’s skirt.

This time there were no niceties, the spanks were hard and fast.

She berated her son, calling him a pervert, a deviant, a degenerate and anything else that came into her furious mind.

Nick couldn’t believe how painful it was and also how hard his cock had become.

Suddenly his mother stopped while she reached over to grab a bottle of lube from the nearby dresser.

She poured a dollop into her left hand before reaching under her son and grabbing his erect cock.

Nick merter escort gasped as it was the first time his mother had touched him that way.

Once she was sure his cock was coated with the lube she let it go placing the flat of her hand on it as she held it to her thigh over her shiny skirt.

She started spanking him again, not as hard and more sensual, using her right hand to alternated between playing with his hole and scraping her long manicured nails over his taught balls.

Nick was totally lost in lust as he humped his mother’s shiny skirt, his cock sliding backwards and forwards over the slick leather.

Soon he felt the familiar tingles run from his balls to his cock.

‘Oh god Mum I’m going to…’

She never let him finish as she once again slipped her finger deep into his arse.

‘Aaarrrggghh!’ he cried as rope after rope spurted onto her leather skirt.

He slumped over her thighs, his breathing was ragged.

His mother pushed him to the floor and ordered him out of her room.

When his father was out his mother would often excuse herself then reappear wearing her leather skirt. Nick knew what that meant. Often she wouldn’t spank him but make him stand next to her as she undid his shorts and dragged them and his underwear to the floor.

She would then take hold of his cock and while she slowly stroked it she would tell him that boys of his age needed regular milkings. He would soon groan and as his spunk erupted from his cock she would point it down so it splattered onto her leather skirt.

This even happened when Nick came home from university, she would resume his milking whenever his father was away from home.

This only briefly stopped when he and Cindy set up house together.

One time his mother had arrived at his house sometime after eight o’clock one Friday night. Toby had gone straight from school to a friends house for a sleepover and Cindy was on her night out with her girlfriends.

Nick had just poured himself a measure of single malt whisky when he heard his doorbell ring.

‘Mum, what are you doing here?’

‘Oh I just thought I would come and see how you are.’

She sat on the sofa as Nick went into the kitchen to get her a glass of wine.

‘Oh don’t sit there Nick, come and sit beside me.’

Nick was just about to drop into his armchair so he sighed, stood back up and went to sit beside his mother.

‘Is this what all successful oil executives wear around the house?’ she said as she looked at her son in an old thin t-shirt and light jogging bottoms.

‘Actually Mother they are very comfortable and very cool, plus I wasn’t expecting visitors. If you had rung I would have wore something more appropriate.’

‘No you look fine. Is she looking after you? You look like you’ve lost a little weight.’

As she said that she placed her drink on the coffee table and ran her hand over his chest.

Nick shuddered. His mother smiled as she could see his nipples sticking through his t-shirt. She used to taunt him about his sensitive nipples and now she knew he was becoming aroused.

‘Well, is she? Is she taking good care of you?’

Nick thought she had sounded as if she was asking if his wife was taking care of his needs. In fact they hadn’t had sex for weeks.

Not waiting for an answer she sought out one of his nipples and gently squeezed it eliciting a groan from her son.

‘It looks like Mummy may have to take things in her own hands and make sure her son is fully satisfied!’

As she said that she squeezed his nipple harder.

‘Mum! Please no. We can’t.’

Even as he said that his mother was undoing the drawstring of his joggers. In a few seconds she had then to his knees freeing his semi hard cock.

‘Oh! I’ve never seen it that soft for a very long time.’ she stated. ‘I know, maybe you need something to help you.’

With that she stood up and unzipped her skirt then took it off to reveal her black satin open bottom girdle that had four straps on each thigh holding up her dark grey stockings. She then reached between her thighs and removed her black satin panties.

‘We’re going to need something to catch that dirty sperm of yours in now aren’t we?’ she said as she sat back down again.

She took Nick’s cock in her right hand and started to stroke him again.

‘Fuck, that feels so good.’ thought Nick. He looked down at his mother’s legs but couldn’t see anything higher than the black satin girdle.

‘Fuck! Her legs look so fucking sexy,’ thought Nick

By now his cock was rock hard and he was panting.

‘Mum, please. We shouldn’t. Oh God!’

His mother wanked him faster and harder as she knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

‘Cum for Mummy baby. Give Mummy your yummy cum.’

‘Oh fuck!’ he cried as his cock swelled and his mother got her knickers over its head just in time to catch the eruption.

She milked his cock into the gusset of her panties and when she was sure she had it all she stood up and put her knickers back on before pulling on her skirt and fastening bağcılar escort it.

Nick was stunned, satisfied but stunned.

‘Er..Mum, is there anything I can do for you?’ he asked his fifty seven year old mother.

‘Good God no darling. Your father will have his head between my thighs getting me off when I get home. Oh course he doesn’t know it yet.’ she giggled.

By now Nick was lying in bed stroking his hard cock when a thought hit him.

‘Oh shit. Me and Cindy never had a chance. My mother saw to that. It was as much my fault we split. I never paid her the attention she needed. No wonder she went with other men. I was as bad as she was.’

The next day during his lunch break he phoned his ex wife’s parents house and her mother answered.

‘Oh hi Mrs James, it’s Nick. You don’t have Cindy’s address do you?’

He was told that Cindy had moved back home just after the baby had died. Apparently the baby had had breathing complications when she was eight weeks old and had to go into hospital where unfortunately the doctors weren’t able to save her. Cindy was devastated and had pleaded with her parents to go back home.

‘Is she there now? Could I have word with her?’

‘Oh sorry Nick but she’s at work. She has a job in a local bakery as the manager. She lives in a flat above the shop now. Can I help you with anything?’

Nick thanked his ex mother in law and said he’d be in touch.

He looked at the balance of his savings account on his phone and that night he wrote out a cheque for ten thousand pounds made payable to Cindy Jordan.

He posted it to her parents house the next day with a covering note to ask them to deliver the smaller envelope to Cindy as soon as they could..

The following Sunday, Toby was out playing football and Nick was doing some housework when his doorbell rang. He was shocked and surprised to see Cindy standing there. She looked angry.

‘What the fuck is this?’ she shouted brandishing the cheque. ‘I’m not some fucking charity case!’

Nick’s smile disarmed her a little.

‘Hello Cindy. Nice to see you too. Please come in.’

Cindy huffed then stormed past him and into the lounge.

‘Glass of white OK?’

Cindy grunted and Nick went to the kitchen to get them both a glass of wine.

‘Come on then. Why did you send me this money after all this time?’

Nick went on to explain that their split hadn’t been all her fault. He guessed she’d been seeing other men but thought that if she didn’t rub his nose in it he would let it go.

‘I’ve had time to reflect you see. We were thrown together because you became pregnant with Toby. We never really had time to fall in love. We enjoyed our lifestyle but I worked longer hours than I should have, not just for the money but because deep down I knew neither of us were totally fulfilled with each other. That money is a halfhearted apology that I hope will let us be friends again.’

‘Does that mean you want us to…’

‘Hah! No, we both know that would never work. We are and always were two different people that got caught up with ‘doing the right thing.’

Cindy agreed and took a sip of her drink.

Nick had a good look at her. She’d put on weight, her boobs sagged a little more and her luscious blond hair was now not as luscious.

‘When did you suddenly realise all of this?’ she asked.

‘It was something that my secretary said that got me thinking about my life.’

‘Hah, I bet she’s young, cute and with a drop dead gorgeous body, is she?’

Nick laughed.

‘Actually she’s fifty three and a Miss,’ he chortled.

Cindy smiled.

‘What about you? Have you got a new man to look after you?’

Cindy looked down and took another gulp of her wine before answering.

‘I am seeing a guy. His name is Alesandro but everyone calls him Alex. He owns the bakery I work for. The family are Greek but he was born in England. He’s thirty eight, a widow with two teenage kids. We don’t live together because of his children but we see a lot of each other.’

Nick smiled a kind smile. He was happy for her.

‘How’s Toby?’ she asked.

‘He’s just the same. When did you last see him?’

‘I saw him a few times at my Mum and Dads when I, well, you know, but after that I became a bit of a recluse until I got my job.’

‘Hey, have you still got the car?’

‘Ah, no. Sorry. I had to sell it when I moved to Watford as I needed the money to live on.’

Nick felt a pull on his heart strings.

‘Can I get you a new one. I could lease one for you?’

Cindy giggled. ‘No thanks. My company vehicle gets me where I need to go.’

Nick stood up and looked out of the window to see a bright red van with Apollo Bakeries written on the side.

They both broke down in fits of laughter.

Cindy refused another glass of wine saying she had to get back to her parents as they were making a late Sunday lunch.

‘Tell Toby Hi from me huh?’

‘I’ll tell him to ring you. What’s your mobile number?’

When she had gone Nick sat back down and thought he was glad that that had happened.

The month flew by and Phil had retired leaving just Nick and Miss Jones. Miss Jones had the small office outside Nick’s larger one. If she needed anything signing she would knock on his door and wait to be called in and if he wanted her for any reason he would press the intercom on his phone and summon her.

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