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The Limo Driver Ch. 04

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“You were right you know.” She told him when he returned from dropping her husband off at the airport. “I do fancy a bit of that sexy chubby wee thing you fucked the day of the party.”

“I knew it.” he said smiling. “You had that look in your eye.”

“Was it that obvious?”

“You looked as if you could already taste her pussy.” He told her.

“Was it a nice one?” she asked.

“Fuck yes!” he replied, his mind wandering back to him tasting and fucking it.

“What if I set it up for the three of us to have a bit of fun together?”

“Sounds good.” He said, picturing her licking that chubby pussy, maybe as he fucked her from behind. Shit, he was making himself hard.

“Let me see if I can set it up. Meantime, you go upstairs and get comfortable. I have plans for that big cock of yours.” She told him.

He climbed the stairs, stripped off and climbed into her bed to wait. Already half erect, he couldn’t get the images of that delicious chubby body out of his mind. He was sorely tempted to stroke himself but decided against it. His employer was a very demanding woman and would want every bit of his endurance.

“Hello?” sounded the voice at the end of the phone line.

“Hello dear. It’s me. I was thinking of having a little fun with my driver tomorrow and wondered if you would care to join us?”

“What, the three of us together?” She was a bit hesitant about being with another woman, but the thought of being fucked by the driver again had her tingling between the legs.

“Yes, what do you think?”

“Um, er, ok. What time?” Oh fuck it she thought. In for a penny, it might be fun.

“Let’s say around two. Is that okay?”

“That’ll be fine.”

“Good, I’ll send him to pick you up. See you then.”

The woman on the other end of the line was breathing heavy, her pussy becoming wet by the time she hung up the phone. The thought of that big cock back inside her had her pussy throbbing. Even the thought of having sex with his female boss had her intrigued and slightly aroused. Alone in the house, she made straight for the bedroom. Lying on the bed, she pulled her panties down and opened her legs. With the thought of him between her legs thrusting inside her, she began stroking her wet aching pussy. Oh fuck she moaned, rubbing hard at her aroused clit, the fingers of her free hand pushed up inside her. Fuck me she cried, pushing her fingers in hard and frantically rubbing herself. With a loud groan she came, her hips bucking up against her hands and her legs opening and closing, trapping them between her thighs. As she lay panting on the bed, she wondered how many more times she would make herself cum waiting for tomorrow to arrive.

“It’s all arranged.” She told him as she entered the bedroom, shedding her clothes as she walked towards the bed. As she reached the edge, he pulled aside the covers for her and she climbed in, her hand going immediately to his engorged member.

“Are you excited about fucking two nice pussies?” she asked, stroking his cock slowly. He didn’t need to answer; as soon as she had put the image in his mind his cock had gone rigid in her grasp. Aroused, his mouth went to her breast and his hand slid between her legs. Sucking her hard nipple, his fingers parted her wet pussy lips to get to the already aroused swampy cunt between them. His finger slid into her flooded opening and then dragged her wetness up and over her hard throbbing clit. Starting to moan with pleasure, her hand on his cock pulled faster with her growing excitement. Abandoning her clit, he pushed two fingers up inside her, fucking her hard and fast with them.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned, gripping his cock tight as his fingers aroused her insides making her want to cum badly. Incited by her moans, he thrust them into her even faster and harder.

Fuck me! Stick your cock in me! She yelled, desperate, needing to cum. He pushed her onto her back, forced her legs wide and climbed between them. Guiding his cock with his hand, he pushed his hard cock inside her.

“Oh yes!” she cried out, drawing her legs up and stretching them wide as he pushed deep into her wet aching cunt.

“Fuck me!” she panted as he thrust hard between her legs, driving himself into her, his thick shaft glistening with her wetness sliding in and out between her parted lips.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum.” she cried out. So was he, his straining cock rubbing inside her had him on the edge. Frantically he fucked her, ramming himself against her pussy, every inch of him buried in her cunt.

“Oh God!” she cried, her whole body quivering and her pussy squirting hard as she came. With a roar; cum rushed from his balls and he froze inside her, his jerking cock pumping out thick squirts of his cum deep inside her belly. He lay on top of her, both of them panting, his cock softening inside her. The mood had been set for the rest of the afternoon and she was not letting him out of her grasp until she had sated the hungry beast between her legs.

“You look very attractive today.” He Ordu Escort said to her, dressed in his suit, holding the rear door of the car open.

“Thank you.” She said, a little uncomfortably as she climbed into the back of the limo, careful not to look at the crotch that had her so aroused. Even as she sat in the back seat she was wet. He climbed into the driver’s seat and they set off.

“Looking forward to the afternoon?” he asked as they drove.

“Sort of.” She replied nervously. She had never had a threesome. Her husband had always kept her for himself. She didn’t know what to expect.

“You look a bit tense.” He said, looking at her through the rear vision mirror.

“I am a bit. I’ve never done this before.” She told him.

“I can cure that.”

“I wish you would.” She said.

Spotting a deserted layby, he pulled off the rod. Turning off the limo, he got out of the car and walked to the back door. Opening it, he climbed in beside her, closing the door behind him. Before she could speak, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his long cock. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. As she started at his thickening shaft, he reached across and slid his hand under her skirt and down inside the front of her panties. Excited, she took his cock in her hand. It was so fucking thick and heavy in herb grasp. He legs parted for his hand and his fingers were soon inside her pussy lips exploring the wetness between them. She moaned aloud when he found her clit, her hand starting to move along his cock. Slowly, he rubbed her clit with his fingertip, stroking and rolling it until she was writhing in the seat aroused and ready to cum.

“Oh fuck.” she moaned when he touched her flooded opening, rubbing it before returning once again to her had throbbing clit.

“You want to cum don’t you.” He told her, stroking her pussy.

“Yessss.” She moaned, her chest heaving and pulling his cock harder. His fingers rubbed faster. Fuck, her pussy was squirting, drenching his fingers with her wetness.

“Oh God!” she cried out with trembling legs, her hips rising off the seat as she came against his hand. He stroked her gently before removing his hand from her saturated panties. Reluctantly, she let go of his cock and he put it back in his pants and zipped up.

“Is that better?” he asked smiling at her.

“Fuck yes.” She panted, looking very relaxed. “Thank you.”

Back in the driver’s seat, they set off again. Sitting in the back, she was now looking forward to the afternoon. The orgasm that was still jerking her belly had done nothing to quell her cunt’s desire for his hard cock inside it. She sat back amazed at what he did to her. No one had ever soaked her panties like that. In the front seat, he sniffed his fingers. Her scent was all over them. Fuck she smelled good. So good it had precum oozing from the eye of his cock inside his pants. It was going to be a very good afternoon. Fifteen minutes later, they pulled up outside the front door of his employer’s house.

“Come in.” she greeted her with a beaming smile. “I hope you are ready for a fun day.”

“I am.” She replied, omitting to tell her the fun day had already started. They all went into the living room and he poured each of them a drink. As they chatted, both women were openly showing their keenness for his cock by giving him glimpses of the panties between their parted thighs. He noted with satisfaction the dark wet patch on the front of their guest’s pair. He was also receiving little shared secret looks from her that didn’t go unnoticed by his employer.

“What’s with you and her?” she asked him in the kitchen as they prepared nibbles.

“She was looking a bit apprehensive so I gave her a little finger action in the car.” He told her.

“Good job, she looks keen as mustard now.” She said before walking out with a tray of `snacks.

After a few drinks and with wet pussies, the women decided it was time for the fun to start. With great anticipation they followed him to his room. Inside, the TV was on, playing a porno on low volume. On the screen, two men were fucking a woman, one at each end, their cocks in her mouth and pussy. Standing by the bed, they all stripped in silence, both women unable to take their eyes off the thick long cock sticking out half hard in front of him, their wet cunts longing to feel it inside them. Taking their guest by the hand, he laid her on her back on the bed. Attached to each corner was a Velcro tie and together, he and his employer tied her down spread eagled.

“You’ll like this.” He told her reassuringly as he placed a blindfold over her eyes.

“You’re right.” She said tying the last of the woman’s wrists. “She has got a lovely cunt.” Spread eagled, the puffy outer lips were just parted with a hint of the inner ones showing. Between them at the top, the woman’s already aroused clit stood out proud. At the base was her dark wet opening just begging to be licked.

He picked up what looked like a paint brush but was in fact a feather masturbator Ordu Escort Bayan with a triangular shaped feather at one end. Standing by then bed, he brushed the feather around one nipple and then the other, being careful not to touch the nipple itself. She shivered at the touch, unable to see where the next one would come. Slowly, he worked around each nipple and finally stroked each hard one. The feather touched her just below her nose and brushed down over her lips and chin, down her neck and over her stomach stopping just above her pussy. He softly dragged it down one leg and up the other and then softly up the inside of each thigh stopping once again just short of her pussy. She was breathing hard with excitement and anticipation. Across the room watching on , she had her hand between her legs, imagining what the woman on the bed was feeling. The feather brushed across the mound above her pussy, then up each side of it, not touching her lips. Over and over, he lightly stroked around her pussy until she was pushing it up, aching to be touched.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned with the agony of it being so close but not touching her throbbing cunt. As he continued the torture, his boss walked to the bed and bent, licking each of her hard nipples once.

“Oh God!” she cried, aching for some relief. So aroused but unable to reach orgasm. He brushed one stroke of the feather up the middle of her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled, jolting at the touch, waiting for the next one. He let seconds tick by and then did it again.

“Oh please, make by cunt cum>” she begged, pushing it up hard, trying to tempt them into touching it again. One more stroke up her lips and over her clit.

“Fuck! Fuck!” she sobbed, thrusting up hard, so close to the orgasm that was just out of reach.

Knowing what would please them both, he silently summoned his boss and whispered to her. She slid onto the bed between her legs and started to softly lick her pussy. Her own legs were spread wide giving him a lovely look at her wet parted pussy from behind.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck! Lick me!” she cried with pleasure, the tongue on her pussy rocketing her towards orgasm. The tongue licking her delved deeper between her lips and scraped over her hard clit faster.

“Oh God, Fuck!” she screamed, writhing and shaking violently on the bed, her body wracked by a massive orgasm as her pussy gushed hard into the mouth licking her.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped, trying hard to breathe with her chest heaving and her belly jerking in spasms.

When he took off her blindfold, the first thing she saw was his employer between her legs smiling with her wetness dripping off her chin and her big round breasts dangling in front of her. She was surprised it wasn’t him licking her, but who cared; she really fucking knew how to lick pussy. As she watched, the woman between her legs rose up and straddling her, slid up until she was sat, her ass on her breasts and her pussy just inches from her face, so close she could smell her arousal. At the same time, he released the ankle binds and took her place between the spread legs on the bed. Bending her legs and pushing them wide apart, he guided his cock to her pussy and pushed inside.

“Oh God.” she cried out as his thick hard cock slid deep inside her. Blocked from her sight by the woman sitting on her chest he began to thrust into her wet yearning pussy.

“Oh yes, fuck me!” she moaned, feeling his hardness plumbing the depths of her aching cunt. The woman on top slid forward, pressing her wet pussy to her mouth. Aroused by cock up her cunt and the smell of pussy, she lapped at it hungrily, licking into the wet opening and over the excited hard clit. Both women were now moaning, his boss rubbing her cunt over the others face. The legs either side of him were started to quiver.

“Oh God!” came the cry from the other end of the bed as she came again.

Desperate to cum herself, his boss quickly slid back down the body under her and raised her cunt into the air. With the women locked mouth to mouth, their breasts pressed together, he knelt up and slid his cock into his boss and started fucking her from behind. Ramming against her ass, he drove his cock as deep inside her as he could. From underneath, the lovely chubby reached up and started rubbing her clit. She started to cum pushing back hard onto him, his rigid cock and the rubbing fingers cunt flood and her legs shake. Her squeezing cunt brought on his own numbness and he slammed against her as his cock erupted in her drenched pussy. Still hard, he tore his cock from her contracting cunt and pushed back into the one below it. Consumed with a need to cum again, he feverously thrust into it until he groaned out loud, his cum rushing from his balls for a second time. Slipping out of her his cock spent, he sat back on his haunches and admired his handiwork as the two wet pussies in front of him started to leak cum with every contraction inside them.

“I’m still fucking horny.” Said their guest, reaching down Escort Ordu and slipping a finger in between her puffy outer lips as they lay, sprawled on the bed. Keen for more of her delicious pussy, his boss knelt beside her legs, coaxed them apart and slipped two fingers inside her. Slowly, she started fucking her with them. He watched as her fingers slid in and out of her wet cunt, covered in thick globs of his cum and wetness. Not wanting to be left out, he slid across to the other side and removing the fingers on her clit, replaced them with his own. Both of them started to rub and finger fuck her aching horny cunt and soon she was moaning, stretching her legs wide and pushing her pussy up against their fingers. They both stared at her delightful cunt as they rubbed and fucked her faster; lost in how fucking good it looked.

“Oh my God!” she moaned, her cunt on fire, her orgasm building fast. Caught up in her excitement, they both rubbed and pulled themselves, wanting to cum with her.

“Do my cunt! Fuck me!” she yelled at them, her orgasm so close, desperate to cum.

“Fuck it! Fuck it!” she implored them, squeezing her own nipples, twisting them in total arousal.

“Fucking hell, oh fuck!” Her hips pushed up hard, jerking as her cunt squirted over the fingers inserted in her. Her legs quivered as she thrust up against them up again and again, trying to fuck them, wanting them deep in her cunt. Still pulling his hard cock, he was desperate to cum again. In a frenzy, he looked for the best place to put is cock. Scrambling over the guests legs, he pushed his boss onto her side and thrust his quivering cock inside her. She squealed with pleasure as his thick long manhood took her deeply, fucking her hard. Again and again he rammed his cock into her until, his body shaking with excitement, he pulled out and with a roar of release, squirted his cum all over her pussy. In an instant, the woman on the bed was right there, licking up all his cum and lapping at the pussy it was dripping off. She came again with the warm rhythmic tongue cleaning between her legs. Kneeling on the bed, their guest looked at him smiling with cum all over her mouth and chin while his boss lay on the bed recovering from another hard orgasm. Fuck! They were done for now. Time for a well-earned drink they decided.

Sprawled out in the living room, the women with their legs open and him with his soft long cock dangling between his legs, they sipped at their fresh cooling drinks. The two women were together on the sofa and he watched as they gently stroked and fondled each other, every now and then kissing. They seem to have hit it off he thought. It’s a shame it took so long. One had obviously lusted after the other for a long time and the other had no idea how much she would enjoy a woman’s body. I think they may be firm friends to come he thought to himself.

“Excuse me ladies, there is a cock here too you know.” He said pretending to sulk.

“Awwwwww.” They replied laughing. “Don’t worry; it’ll be top of the list later when it’s hard.” They told him. As much as they loved girl-on-girl, they loved thick long hard cock more.

“Oh, and you better give him a nice big tip.” She told her guest.

“Only if he gives me a nice big tip first.” She replied laughing. Nice big tip of his cock.

Suddenly, the petting on the couch became more intense, the two women rubbing harder between each other’s legs, free hands grabbing at breasts as they kissed. They were both moaning, arousing each other, feeding off each other’s excitement. He looked on, the sight of them making out arousing his flaccid cock. He gripped his cock as the rubbing and finger fucking became more urgent, both women needing to cum. His hand stroked the length of his cock, precum leaking from its tip. His pulse was racing, his breathing labored as he pulled his straining cock. Without warning their guest slid off the couch and moved between the others legs. His boss slid to the edge of the cushion opening her legs wide, giving her total access to the wet aching pussy between them. On her knees, the guest bent forward pressing her face between the open thighs. Hungrily she licked at the parted pussy, sliding her tongue from opening to clit, lapping at the wetness, greedy for every drop.

“Oh God.” She moaned, the tongue between her legs driving her insane with pleasure. The kneeling woman had a hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy, just as excited as the cunt she was licking.

“Oh fuck!” she cried, reaching down and crushing the head between her legs to her pussy. Both women were cumming together, one gushing into the others mouth and the other, bouncing up and down, humping the two fingers inserted inside wet cunt. It was all he could do to stop himself cumming. Right on the edge he released his cock, straining to fight off the orgasm that was starting. Even though he managed to stop it, two huge drops of cum spilt from the eye of his cock. Still on her knees, the guest was now finger fucking his boss and lapping at her clit again. His cock jerking with excitement, he watched as his boss came again quickly. Holy fuck it was exciting watching them. He had wanted so badly to pull his cock and just cum all over them. Noticing his straining hard cock his boss looked at the woman between her legs.

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