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The Life of Jason Miller Ch. 01

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Jason Miller loved to daydream. He was always sitting in class, as his teachers would ramble on about hypotenuses, mixtures and suspensions or Greek mythology. While most of the teachers liked him, he never seemed to apply himself properly to his homework, choosing to blow it off until the last second when he scribbled in answers one minute before the bell rang on the due date. Surprisingly enough, he passed most of his classes with flying colors, getting A’s and B’s on his final exams and graduating high school without a problem. He had always been an outcast from the rest of the students, choosing not to go to the ceremony (at the disappointment of his parents) and jumping straight into work, stocking shelves on the graveyard shift at a grocery store.

After a while of living with his dad and saving money, he bought a used car and moved away more suddenly than anybody expected. The prospect of starting a new life was just too great. Women were always on his mind, taunting him with their low cut blouses and mini skirts, flashing off their beautiful legs. It was horrible knowing that the small town he lived in had nothing to offer him, or anybody who liked him. He wasn’t bad looking at all, merely different. An even 6’0″, a somewhat pale and scrawny boy who looked young but had eyes with a few more years in them than he had actually lived. Other teenagers didn’t tune into this and brushed him off as a loser, separating him further from the contact with girls he so desired.

Moving from the Midwest to the sunny state of Florida, he quickly found a cheap apartment and found the same job he had before at a new store, using his nights off to take walks around town and get used to his new surroundings. He felt freer than he had ever felt before, as if he were coming out of his shell and out into the world for the first time.

However, his problem with daydreaming never stopped. Several times his boss would catch him staring at a woman, completely unmoving, only to pull him aside and scream at him. Every single time, he would respond with, “I’m sorry, sir. I wasn’t paying attention.” only to be thrust back into his aisle with a very loud verbal warning.

On the last night he worked one particular week in May, he was midway through his shift when a group of rather noisy females came in. His attention drifting, he examined them from his aisle. Two blondes, a brunette and a redhead, all dressed up as if they were ready to go clubbing. For one brief moment, the redhead locked eyes with him and he stopped moving, lost in the green orbs of one particular woman that directed them his way. She flashed him the brightest, most seductive smile he had ever seen. All of a sudden, a hand gripped the back of his t-shirt and yanked him up. Of course, his boss.

“Time and time again, I come in here and what do I see?! You’re like a goddamn rock, staring at some woman with your tongue hanging out of your mouth, not working!”

Jason could only stutter, “I’m sorry, sir, I was…”

“Wasn’t paying attention! You never pay attention and I’m sick of it! Get the hell out of my sight and find another job, you little bastard!”

With a shove, he was propelled out of the aisle and pushed towards the door, customers stopping in their tracks as they watched the former employee left outside. Jason could only curse inwardly, walking toward his car. Slipping inside, he slammed the door shut as he put the key in and turned. Nothing. Frantically, he began to turn the key, muttering the whole while.

“Oh no, you’ve got to be kidding me. Come on, come on…”

After a moment, he gave up, popping the hood and getting out of his car. After a quick examination, he attributed it to a faulty starter and slammed the hood shut. Out of nowhere, a female voice spoke behind him.

“Need some help?”

Whirling around, he came to find that it was the girl he had just been staring at in the store. He was finally able to get a good look at her. She was somewhat tall, coming up to his nose and had wavy red hair flowing to her shoulders, smooth olive skin and a killer body being shown off nicely by a red halter-top and black micro mini with matching spike heels. After the initial period of shock, he managed to stutter.

“M…my car isn’t starting.”

She laughed as he slowly shifted his stance, the growing hard-on in his loose-fitting jeans sending warning that he had better act fast to keep the embarrassment away. The one thought Alanya Escort escort in his head didn’t have anything to do with a car or job, but rather:

‘What I wouldn’t give to get you on your back.’

His thought ended just in time to allow him to listen to her.

“Well…I’m out of minutes on my cell phone and I doubt you want to go back inside, seeing as you just got fired and all. My friends and I am on the way to the Lion’s Den, the club down on 2nd St. Your house on the way?”

Jason could only stare in wonderment, knowing full well his house was on the way. He’d get the opportunity to ride with her? Quickly, he nodded in confirmation.

“Yes, yes it is. That’s very kind. Thank you.”

She held out a slender hand to him, long red nails pointing devilishly.

“My name’s Traci.”

He took her hand gently and shook it awkwardly.

“Jason. Don’t you have some friends with you?”

“Oh, yeah. I came out to get some fresh air while they picked up some condoms. It’s pretty obvious they’re planning on going home with a guy tonight. If you want, you can get in and wait with me for them to come back.”

Jason swallowed nervously as he nodded, following her to a rather new-looking car. He got inside, feeling quite out of place as she slid in next to him, her skirt riding up somewhat to reveal more of her tan legs and part of her ass to him. He fought himself not to look, fidgeting in his seat even more as he tried to adjust himself stealthily. The look of amusement on her face went unnoticed, the rest of the girls coming out seconds afterwards. While Traci got many curious looks, they said nothing as they all scooted into the back with each other.

“Girls, this is Jason. He was the one inside that got fired. His car is dead so I’m going to give him a ride home. Jason, the blonde on the end is Kara, the other is Michelle and the brunette is Trish.”

He bit his lip some, taken aback at the blunt hammering of his newfound unemployment back in his face, but he quickly removed his teeth from it, as the introduction was finished, casual greetings given to each other. The looks on their faces were that of amusement, though if there was an inside joke, he wasn’t about to be let in on it. The car rolled out of the parking lot and down the street.

“Alright, Jason, where am I heading?”

“You know the apartment complex by the big church on Charlotte Drive? I live there.”

“Ohh…really? I have a friend that lives in there! Which apartment is yours?”

“Apartment seven.”

The two continued to make conversation, the girls chatting quietly in the back, shooting quick glances at him that he could easily see in the rear view mirror. It seemed as if something suspicious were going on but Jason couldn’t pin it down. Shrugging it off as tricks on his mind, they pulled up to the front of the complex. Jason inwardly sighed, smiling at the girls.

“Thank you for the ride, ladies. I hope you have a good time tonight.”

Traci put her hand on his inner thigh, rubbing it gently with a big smile on her face.

“It was my pleasure, Jason. Good luck in finding another job.”

He hesitated for a moment, his eyes moving to the hand on his thigh. A few inches closer and she’d brush along his dick, which felt like a burning steel rod. He snapped out of the daze he was in, smiling and nodding as he opened the door, stepping onto the pavement. One of the girls, Kara he remembered, slid out of the backseat and got up front. He heard lots of giggles before the door closed, the car speeding off into the night and leaving him alone. With a sigh, he adjusted his pants now that nobody was around to see him and walked into the complex. Such a good opportunity but his shyness that he had tried so hard to abandon in the country came back and bit him in the ass.

‘Well…looks like another night with me and my hand.’

It took only a few minutes to enter his apartment, instantly taking off his shirt, shoes and socks and throwing them across the room onto his couch. The place wasn’t too bad for the pay he made, having the necessities he needed. He always had his savings to fall back on while he found another job. Things were going to be tight, but not THAT tight. He grabbed a root beer from the fridge before falling on the couch in the living room and turning the TV on, watching some rather entertaining infomercials before falling asleep Alanya Escort bayan from exhaustion.

A couple hours later, he awoke with a start. His eyes stayed half closed as he looked around tiredly, wondering what it was that woke him up. Immediately, he heard knocks on the front door. Having no friends or family in the city, he slid off the couch and moved to his door, pulling it open cautiously and peeking through the crack. His eyes widened and he quickly threw the door open, standing shirtless before Traci. After a period of silence, he spoke up, the confusion on his face apparent.

“Uh…is something wrong?”

Traci seemed quite disturbed as she slipped by him, moving into his apartment without asking. Jason closed the door out of habit, not quite knowing why she would come at this ungodly hour, or why she would come at all. She turned to him suddenly, speaking rather strangely.

“I just…. all my friends left the club without me, all drunk and drooling over their guys. I left alone and when I was driving I realized how badly I felt that you lost your job because of me.”

“Oh, no. That was completely my fau…”

Traci cut him off, moving close to him and putting a hand on his shoulder. As uncomfortable as the situation was for him, he could feel the blood rushing to his dick again, slowly making it swell larger as she spoke.

“No, don’t say that. It was because of me and I just wanted to come back to say I was sorry and if there’s anything I can do to make it up to you, just say the word.”

Jason had several words he wanted to say at that moment but he shook his head, not wanting to be the deadbeat to try and worm his way into her panties.

“Don’t worry about it. You gave me a ride home. That’s all the repayment I need.”

Traci watched his eyes for a moment and finally nodded, her head tilting some. It was then that she glanced down, directly at his crotch. Instantly, he felt the blood flow change and go directly to his cheeks, turning them bright red. He began to stammer in embarrassment.

“I’m so…”

She put her index finger to his lips, shaking her head. The silence filled the air as the hand on his shoulder slowly began to move down along his chest, over his somewhat pudgy stomach and down to the waistband of his pants. Her warm fingers slid inside and slowly wrapped themselves around his hard dick, giving it a light squeeze that sent shivers up his spine.

“No… it’s alright. The ride home was all the repayment you “needed” but are you sure there’s no repayment that you “want” from me?”

Jason opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. His throat felt like the Sahara Desert and there was nothing he could do about it. She suddenly grinned at him, pulling him closer with a small tug and wrapping her free arm around his shoulders. She stood up on the tips of her toes and pressed her lips against his; giving him the most spine-tingling kiss he’d ever receive in his lifetime. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, wrestling with his as he got the nerve to put his hands on her hips and participate, his own tongue exploring her mouth for the first time. She soon moved her head away, licking her lips some as she removed her hand from his pants (to his disappointment). She took his hands and slid them up her skirt to rest firmly on her ass. Sensing what she wanted, he squeezed gently, feeling quite possibly the most luscious ass he would ever feel.

“You’ve never been with a woman before, have you, stud?”

Jason could only shake his head no, turning red again at the obvious lack of experience. Traci only chuckled and pinched his cheek as if she were his aunt.

“Then carry me to your bed and I’ll do the work.”

His eyes widened somewhat more. She was really going to do this? He lifted her off the floor before he could have any second thoughts and carried her to his bedroom, her slender, tanned legs wrapping around his waist. As he neared the end of his full sized bed, she dropped to the floor and pushed him down onto it, her hands lunging for his belt. She unbuckled it and yanked it out, tossing it on the floor, hands working the button off and his zipper down. The pants and his boxers came off at the same time, leaving him nude and exposed in front of her. His dick, just less than 7″ in length and 2″ wide, stood up in the air like a flagpole for her hungry eyes.

She crawled onto the bed beside him, hands Escort alanya on his thighs and working their way slowly up to his penis, leaving him twitching in anticipation as he watched. Finally, she took a hold of its length and gave it two test pumps, his fingers tightly hanging onto the blanket and bunching it up as his face contorted in pleasure. She gave him a smile and slowly lowered her face, her mouth at the base of his shaft. Her tongue darted out and pressed against it, a long, sensuous lick to the very head of dick. He gasped as she suddenly plunged onto it, the wetness of her mouth covering half of his length when he least expected. She gently ran her tongue on the underside of his cock while she bobbed her head, her hand pumping him all the while. It took no more than ten seconds before his hips moved up on their own, jets of cum painting the back of her throat accompanied by a long groan of pleasure. She kept up with him, swallowing his load with what seemed like practiced ease, her mouth continued to work on him as he shrank back into a half-flaccid state.

Jason lay there breathing deeply, staring at the ceiling for seconds that seemed like hours. He had just received his first blowjob and it was the most mind-blowing experience of his life. Just as he was about to lift his head, Traci’s face hovered into view, a seductive smile on her face as she straddled him, her calves rubbing against the side of his legs.

“Oh, that’s just the beginning, stud…”

He tilted his head up and watched as she stood up on his bed, her skirt gliding down her legs and falling on his bare cock. No panties. He stared at her in disbelief while tossing aside the article of clothing on his groin, her halter top off in but a moment, revealing her respectably-sized breasts. They were a large B-cup (he never could judge by looking) and complimented the rest of her body quite well. He was already hard again, transfixed on her body when his thoughts were interuppted.

“Keep staring and you might go blind.”

His eyes snapped up and met hers, clearly a hint of amusement shown to him as she once again lowered herself on him, pushing herself back to engulf his dick between the cheeks of her ass teasingly.

“O..oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to doooooooooooHHH!”

His words were cut short as she lifted her hips, hand gripping his shaft and directing the head into her wet pussy lips, letting him slide in halfway all while he was talking. She giggled, leaning forward to kiss him on the tip of his nose and whisper in his ear.

“Stare all you want. I don’t mind.”

She pushed herself down, engulfing him in her hot tunnel and sitting upright. He breathed deeply, struggling with himself not to cum so quickly again. It wasn’t going to happen, at least, not for very long. He opened his eyes and stared at her, giving her all the explanation she needed with just one look. Without hesitation, she began to rise and fall slowly, his eyes clenching shut once more as his body shivered. This was the greatest gift given to mankind, to have sex. He began thrusting his hips upward without realizing it, hands moving to her waist to yank her down to him each time. Without a widely open mouth, he perched on the edge of climax and finally grunted, spewing the small amount of cum still left in his body inside of her. He fell onto the bed, basking in the afterglow of his entrance into sexual pleasure. He barely felt the movement of her body off of his, instead, drifting into a deep slumber.

He awoke several hours later with a start, riveted onto the wall across the room. Sweat poured from his forehead, the sudden soreness from his dick hitting him as the memories of the early morning hit him all at once. Looking around, he did not find Traci anywhere. With a pang of dismay, he walked into the kitchen, trying to recollect all his thoughts when he found a note on his refrigerator held in place by a magnet, addressed to “Jason.”

“Jason, last night was just a way of repaying the debt I felt I owed you. You’re a great guy, one of the last nice ones out there. I’m just a girl trying to have fun before I get tied down to one guy. That’s why I left while you were asleep. I probably won’t see you again. I wish the best for you and whoever you find love with in the future.


Jason read over the letter several times before putting it down on the counter with a blank look on his face. After several minutes of contemplation he smiled, taking the note and leaving it on the refrigerator once more, to reside for years to come as one of the many memories he’d gather.


(I hope you enjoyed this story and I’d love to hear feedback from anybody out there who’s willing to give it. Thank you for reading.)

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