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The Lancaster Twins Pt. 05

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If you haven’t read the first 4 parts of the Lancaster Twins saga, I suggest that you read them first, in order to get the context.


Bill’s visit was coming to a close. He planned on staying two or three more days before going back to his farm. What started out to be just a long-overdue visit with his daughter, Shana, and her family had turned into a life-changing experience. He had accidentally witnessed his beautiful granddaughter, Jenny, giving oral sex to her twin brother, Jackson. Then his gorgeous daughter, Shana, had seduced him.

He contemplated both of these incidents as he lay in bed, trying to go to sleep. As horrible as he knew it was, he was aching to see his naked granddaughter again, and if she were doing something sexual with his well-hung grandson, all the better. He couldn’t get the thought of Jenny’s magnificent body, nor her enthusiastic oral ministrations of Jackson’s young cock out of his head. Even worse was what he and his daughter had done – she had committed adultery with her own father. Incest was bad enough, but adultery, cheating on her husband, was worse. Yet he knew that, if she offered herself to him again, he would be powerless to resist. She was just too sexy – and he loved her so much.

Jennifer had now been on birth control the required amount of time for it to take effect. Her period was over and, as her brother well knew, that meant that they could resume having sex. She had sneaked into his room a couple of times and given him a blow job, but both of them were a little afraid of having sex when their parents and grandfather were all in the house. Jennifer, especially, could not control her cries of ecstasy when she had an orgasm. They weren’t so worried about their parents, because they never came upstairs at night, but they knew that their grandfather didn’t sleep well and had been known to come upstairs to use the bathroom to keep from disturbing Shana and Tom.

The twins were eager for sex. They had not had intercourse in well over 2 weeks. Jackson thought about his sister, and what he wanted to do with her, constantly. Jennifer couldn’t wait to feel Jackson inside her again. Feeling his thick young cock stretching her eager teen cunt was the best feeling she had ever had. She was addicted to it.

Shana had to attend a teachers’ workshop a few days before her dad was to go home. Tom had to get a load of feed at the Co-op and told them he would be back in a few hours. He liked to eat at the diner in town, so he would take longer than usual. Bill, who was very handy with carpentry, was repairing a door in the barn. The twins saw an opportunity. They decided that it wouldn’t be wise to do anything in the house because their grandfather might decide to come inside to eat a sandwich or use the bathroom. So a walk to their special place was in order.

Jennifer packed the big picnic basket with sandwiches, chips, drinks, and a blanket. As they passed by the barn, they told Bill that they were going on a picnic.

Bill wiped the sweat from his face and looked at them suspiciously. “This is a farm. Y’all going on a picnic in the middle of the day? Didn’t your dad leave you any chores?”

Jennifer hugged her grandfather, knowing that she had him wrapped around her little finger. Bill couldn’t help but notice how short and tight her blue jean shorts were and how tight her tee shirt was around her bountiful breasts.

“You can’t have a picnic at night, Papa,” she said and kissed him on the cheek. She was aware that her breasts mashed up against him as she hugged him.

“Besides, we are starting to college soon,” Jackson chipped in. “We won’t have time for picnics or anything fun.”

Bill regarded him. “Well, run on. Have a good time. Don’t even think about your old grandpa working like a slave while you have a picnic.”

The twins walked toward the woods. Bill watched them go, marveling at how his Jenny’s hips swayed and how perfect her young ass was. Just like her mom’s was and, if anything, even more shapely. He was suspicious, of course. He had witnessed what the twins were doing on Jackson’s bed. Jenny had slurped on Jackson’s cock like an all-day sucker and, from what he could hear of their conversation, they had been fucking.

Bill was conflicted. He thought what the twins were doing was a horrible thing – but was it as bad as what he had done with Shana? Neither of the twins were married. They hadn’t sworn fidelity to a marriage partner. What they were doing was incest, but it wasn’t adultery. He realized that his cock was hardening from thinking about what the twins were probably up to. He watched until they got to the woods, and slowly followed.

As soon as Jennifer and Jackson got out of sight, they held hands. They stopped to kiss and rub their hands on each other’s bodies. Jennifer took her bra off and put it in the picnic basket. Then they proceeded through the woods, toward the big hill that they had to climb to get to their secret spot.

Bill crept quietly through the woods, stopping occasionally, trying to hear the Manisa Escort twins. He certainly did not want them to be aware that he was there. He began to worry that he had lost them – that he wasn’t going to be able to locate them. He considered just going back. Then he heard them talking, in the distance. He couldn’t see them yet, nor could he understand what they were saying, but he could hear their voices. He went a few hundred yards further and came to a clearing. He hadn’t been back here in many years, but remembered now that there was a big hill at the back of the place. On the other side of the hill, he knew, was more woods and a creek. It was very secluded. That would certainly be a great place for a picnic. He saw the twins in the distance, just as they crested the hill. He was careful to stay behind some trees until they were out of sight again.

What was he doing? He was over 60 years old and was going to all this effort to spy on his grandchildren? He was going to climb that hill? The answer was yes. He began to trudge up the hill, staying close to a fence row that might possibly hide him should they come back over the hill for some reason. He knew he was in great shape for his age, but this hill was pretty steep. He needed a good workout, he thought. He had not been exercising regularly during his visit.

When the twins got near the creek, they veered off into the woods where Jackson had first shown Jennifer how to play with his cock. So much had happened since then, even though it had only been a few short weeks. Whereas the large rock in the creek, where they would sit together, used to be their “spot”, they now thought of this secluded place, near the creek and surrounded by giant sycamore, cedar, oak, and cottonwood trees, as their special place. They reached the exact spot and Jennifer eagerly opened the picnic basket and took the blanket out. Jackson spread it out for them to lay on. Eating would half to wait. There were other matters to attend to, first. Matters that could not wait.

Bill had reached the top of the hill. As he began walking down the steep incline toward the creek, he spotted the twins in the distance, going from the clearing into a thicket of tall trees. He worried that, if they looked back, they might spot him, so he stayed as close to the woods as he could as he made his way down. He detoured away from the creek, so as to get nearer to them from the opposite side. As he got nearer, he stopped to listen. He could hear voices, perhaps 50 yards away. He very gingerly walked toward the sound of voices, peering through the undergrowth in search of his twin grandchildren.

The twins lay on the blanket on their sides, looking in each other’s eyes. Jackson stroked his sister’s face. “I love you so much, Jenny,” he said as he kissed her gently.

“I love you, Jackie. I can’t imagine ever being away from you. Please don’t ever leave me,” she begged as he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. “What was that?” Startled, she looked around, but didn’t see anything. “I thought I heard something. Think it was a bear?” she laughed.

“I doubt if it was a bear. There haven’t been bears around here in a hundred years. Probably a dragon,” he laughed, tickling her, causing her to roll on top of him.

Bill crouched in the undergrowth, not 10 yards from the twins. He hadn’t meant to get this close and was startled when he finally spotted them. They were kissing like lovers! He could feel his cock hardening already, the very sight of brother and sister kissing each other passionately arousing him. Then he saw Jenny, sitting astride her brother, lift her arms and remove her shirt. Her breasts were astounding. It had been worth the walk to just see them. Bill had never, personally, seen such a rack on a young girl. Even his daughter, Shana, had not been blessed with such a wealth of tit-flesh, in her youth. They seemed to defy gravity. They were big and round and sat proudly on her chest with absolutely so sag, whatsoever. Her nipples were small and pink, obviously swollen with excitement, and pointed upward, as if they were reaching out for whomever might lick or suckle them.

“Suck them, Big Brother,” she heard his sweet granddaughter beg her twin brother. Jackson reached for them and began to do as his sister asked. “Ohhhh, yesssss. That’s so good! You’re so good to your little sister,” she groaned.

Bill had always thought it was funny how they called each other “Big Brother” and “Little Sister”, since Jackson was only a few minutes older than Jennifer, but now it sounded extremely erotic in a taboo way, and he was sure that they twins thought of it that way as well.

Jackson held his sister’s sumptuous mounds in his hands as he began to kiss and lick at them. He would tweak a nipple on one while licking and sucking the other one. Jennifer loved it. She was mashing them into his face and moaning and encouraging him to continue. He knew that his sister’s breasts were the key to her sexuality. She had always loved him touching them – even Mavişehir Escort when she didn’t admit it – and since the first time she had allowed him to kiss and suck them, she had not been able to get enough.

Suddenly Jennifer stood, her feet straddling her reclining brother. She unfastened her shorts and let them fall to the ground as her brother removed them from her feet as she stepped out of them. Bill could see from his vantage that the crotch of her tiny blue panties were soaked. He longed to taste her. As he watched, his grandson reached around Jennifer, grasping her ass-cheeks and pulled her pubis to his face. He kissed her pussy through her panties, opening his mouth and pulling his sister’s panty-covered sex into his mouth.

Jennifer held to the back of Jackson’s head as he sucked at her wet panties. “Ohhh yessss, that feels so fucking good!” she screamed.

Jackson stopped long enough to pull her panties down and off of her. She now stood totally naked before him. He once again grasped her ass and pulled her into his mouth. He sucked at her clit, then inserted his tongue into his sister’s drooling hole, fucking it in and out, swallowing her delicious juices.

Jennifer’s legs became too wobbly to be able to stand, so she disengaged from her brother’s mouth and kneeled before him, reaching to pull at the elastic on his athletic shorts. As she pulled his shorts and underwear down, revealing his massive, wet phallus to her lustful eyes, he removed his shirt.

Seeing his hard cock and muscular chest revealed all at once was sensory overload to Jennifer. Hot darts of pure lust shot through her entire body. She pushed him down, flat on his back, as she climbed up over him to lick at his nipples and suck at his chest and six-pack abs. She was crazed with lust, biting at his firm stomach as she grasped his swollen penis and shucked it, feeling how wet and ready it was for her. In her lust-filled haze she still recognized that he was as excited as she was, so she should not stimulate his cock too much. She wanted his first load of fresh man-seed to be in her pussy, not wasted on his stomach and on the ground. She was thirsty for a warm drink of her brother’s sperm, as she always was, but she needed his load coating the insides of her hungry cunt!

Her actions were almost more than Bill could bear. He had never seen, nor experienced, nor even heard of anyone so ultra-sexy and wanton as his little Jenny. He carefully unzipped his pants and fished out his thick cock, amazed at how much pre-cum was coating it. As he looked down at it, he had an unexpected thrill at how virile and manly his cock still was, even at his age. He ached to show his sweet little granddaughter just how manly old Papa could be.

Jennifer lay on her back, spread her legs wide, and drew her knees up to her chest. “Fuck me now! I can’t wait!” she keened.

Jackson quickly rolled on top of his sister. He rubbed the head of his swollen organ on her clit, then down her wet gash. She was so wet! Her juices were glistening and running down her legs. Jackson had to taste her again. He kneeled and licked at her open hole, starving for the wonderful, aromatic juices that his sister offered.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” she screamed. “Ohhh, Jackie, that’s so fucking good! Fuck me! Put your cock in me! I can’t wait!”

Jackson fitted the head of his tumescent cock into her opening and pushed forward. It was as if he were being sucked into his sister’s body as his cock slid into her warm, viscous, tight, cunt. He could feel himself hit bottom as his sister wrapped her gloriously long legs around his body.

Jennifer screamed in delight. “Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, Jackie, I love it!!”

His sister’s reaction almost sent Jackson over the edge. Just the sight of her sexy body was enough to bring him close to orgasm. After kissing his sister, sucking her eager breasts, tasting her drooling pussy, and hearing her moans and groans of desire, he was in sensory overload. He knew that he no longer had any control over his urge to cum and that it would only be seconds before he unloaded inside his sister. She had her legs wrapped around his body and was thrusting herself at him, her beautiful face a mask of lust. It was just too much!

Jackson suddenly withdrew his cock and rolled off of his sister. “I’m going to cum, Jen. I’m sorry. Give me a minute,” he said.

“No! Put it back, put it back!” she gasped, desperately, as she sat up. Jackson lay on his back, realizing that he had waited too late. Jennifer saw his cock twitch and a jet of cum spew out, some landing above Jackson’s head, on the ground, the rest falling on his face, chest, and stomach. She moved quickly to grasp his cock and, as she leaned toward it, received a gob of his cum in her face. Undeterred, she placed her mouth over the head of his cock and tried to take the remainder of his prodigious, brotherly, offering in her mouth. She soon realized that there was more than she could handle. She took his cock Menderes Escort out of her mouth and stroked the remainder of his cum out, onto his stomach. She swallowed and leaned over to lick his stomach, eagerly slurping up what had pooled there.

There were still great wads of her brother’s cum on his chest and he was wiping his face with his bare hand. Jennifer looked at him and laughed, then reached for her discarded shirt and handed it to him.

“Oops!” she giggled as he wiped at his face and chest. “Am I more than you can handle, Big Brother? Are we a bit premature?” She laughed out loud, but Jackson had a look of embarrassment on his face.

“I’m sorry. I can… it won’t take long…,” he muttered.

Jennifer kissed his mouth, stroked his face, and said, “Do you know how much I love you?”

“I love you, too, Jen. I wanted this to be so good for you. I wanted it to be perfect.”

“Shut up!” she said. “It is good, and believe me, I’m nowhere near through with you,” she said as she moved between his legs and took his flaccid cock into her mouth.

Bill was on the verge of losing his own load. He could clearly see what had just happened and completely understood. He remembered when he was young that he had often masturbated an hour or so before he was going to have sex. His wife, though not in the category of Shana or Jennifer as far as her body and looks, was very sexy. She was tall and skinny and was eager for sex – until she decided she wanted variety, he reflected. He had a deep sadness that she had left him, for he had truly loved her. His heart had been broken and, if not for his wonderful daughter, he may have spiraled into depression or drinking, or who knows what else.

Shana, whether she knew it or not, had saved him. She had been the motivation to keep going. She had become the light of his life and her love had sustained him through those critical years after his wife had left him. Part of him wished that he had made love to her back when she was Jenny’s age, but he knew he had done the right thing. He was certain, particularly in view of what happened between them last week that his young daughter had been eager for him to make love to her. He had known it was wrong then, and he knew in his heart that it was wrong now. Shana had committed adultery with him and it bothered him. Wouldn’t it have been better for them to have done it before she got married than to wait until she was nearly 40 years old and happily married? It was wrong, either way, he knew.

As he, almost subconsciously, pondered these things, the lust-provoking sight of his granddaughter, his little Jenny, was just a few yards away from him. She was on her knees with her ass in the air, as if ready to be mounted. From his view he could clearly see her wet, swollen, pussy lips. What he wouldn’t give to fuck her! She had her brother’s cock in her mouth and, from what he could tell, she was relishing every second of it. His grandson was really hung; that was evident. Jenny had successfully gotten him hard in an amazingly short time, but Bill thought she probably could give a corpse a hard-on.

For the thousandth time, he was amazed at her body. It was incredible! Besides that, her face was angelic. She had inherited her mother’s amazing body and her father’s high cheek bones, brown eyes, and dark hair. Bill thought she was the most perfect woman he had ever seen. He couldn’t help but lust for her, despite the fact that she was his granddaughter. He knew that, as wrong as it was, if he ever got half a chance with her, that he would take advantage. He knew he would be much more able to control himself than his grandson. He could fuck her for as long as she needed, without cumming. He told himself that he could satisfy her.

He saw Jennifer heft Jackson’s balls and kiss them. She kept her eyes on her brother’s face as she sucked one of his nuts into her mouth. It was evident that she knew how to do this. Bill wondered how long this had been going on. They seemed to be so comfortable with each other, but the fact that his grandson had not been able to control himself made him wonder if they had been fucking for long. His guess was that they had been playing and doing oral for, perhaps, years, but that intercourse was relatively new to them. He wondered if she was on birth control.

Jackson suddenly sat up and, taking his sister’s hand, pulled her toward him. He roughly rolled her over on her back, eliciting a giggle from Jenny.

She opened her legs in wanton invitation. “Fuck me. Fuck me deep and hard!” she said, enthusiastically.

Jackson grasped his fully-rejuvenated cock and rubbed it on his sister’s wet slit, then, placing the head inside her eager hole, slid into her. Her pussy was wonderfully slick and welcoming. “Jen,” he whispered. “Baby, I love you so much,” he moaned as she wrapped her legs around him again, her feet resting on his ass.

He lay there, his cock fully encased in her deliciously wet and eager pussy, looking in her face, then they kissed. She closed her eyes as he began to slowly saw in and out of her yearning body. She thrust her breasts upward – the nipples were like sunflowers reaching for the sun. Jackson, even as he picked up his pace, leaned over to lick them. She opened her eyes and gasped. Her breath became shallow and her chest heaved as she thrust herself at her brother.

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