The Lady , the Stallion

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She rifled through the foliage, turning over the autumnal leaves two at a time, the sharp edged twigs causing red lines to appear on her delicate white hands. Small drips of sweat started to appear on her forehead clinging errant blonde curls to her skin.

Further and further she rustled away, her white cloak billowing behind her as her knees dented into the dampened lawn. The wind picked up the pace as she bent deep over the ground, frantically continuing her search.

It was then that she saw it, a triumphant smile came over her tired face. She reached towards it when suddenly she felt a light caress on her rear. Or did she imagine it? It was hard to tell, but before she could turn to see, she felt a forceful slap on her rear end and she yelped in shock, eyes widening.

Her breaths quickened their pace. She tried to turn around but the firm hand held her in position, holding her hips still as she was pushed slowly down, the strong fingers massaging gently as her head moved further towards the ground, positioning her. All she could hear was her pounding heart and the slow, confident breaths from her persecutor.

No movement.

After what seemed like an age, she cautiously turned her head to look behind and her eyes locked with the glinting amusement of a pair of deep blue eyes. Her heart fluctuated and she choked back a gasp. This man was sin personified. Long dark tresses windblown around high cheekbones and a determined full mouth. His left eyebrow raised as she assessed him, if in a challenge, and she gulped.

It was g├╝venilir bahis then that she noticed his clothing…or lack thereof. Her gaze probed the taut muscles of his bare chest, trailing his tight stomach as her eyes lowered to the sorry excuse for trousers she had ever seen. They were rested so low, it seemed unnecessary to wear them and really didn’t hide anything. The outline of his arousal was quite clear through the thin material.

A low chuckle brought her out of her perusal and her head snapped up to his amused eyes, a blush stained her cheeks and she looked away, mortified to be caught so obviously enjoying her view.

She tried to move away from him, but his hold was fast. She suddenly felt the very same taut body lay over her back cocooning her from the elements, but possessing her in his embrace. She felt his hard arousal probe her behind and she arched into him, unable to control the affect his presence and body was having on her senses.

His hands lowered and rested over hers, caressing her fingers as they trembled at this soft touch. He trailed his fingers up along her arms and down her sides brushing over the curve of her breast and along her side. Moving down her thighs back and forth back and forth, building up a tense frustration inside her.

Her breathing became hitched and she felt warm, she ached for his touch and wished for more.

As he moved his hands towards her thighs, he slowly gathered her skirts upwards, the soft material soothing her thighs as he revealed her creamy ass. His hand caressed her t├╝rk├že bahis curves and he sighed with pleasure, “You feel so good. Your skin is so soft.” He murmured into her ear, nipping the tips as she gasped in pleasure…and pain.

His hand probed even further clutching her mound. Her eyes closed in desire and she sighed as he gently caressed her folds. At the same time his tongue began to probe her ear, his teeth nipping her neck as her back arched with the rhythm of his caress.

He continued the slow torture of his touch until the pressure hardened and first one and then 2 fingers dipped inside her. She cried out in pleasure as his fingers continued their dance.

Her body felt as if it was on fire and she moved with his pace, eager for release.

He could feel she was near completion and with a jolt, he stopped. Her cry of frustration made him chuckle mischievously. Her eyes opened and she made an attempt to turn around but then she felt something hard probe where his fingers had been. She slowly turned around and could see his hard shaft at her entrance, dripping in anticipation of the pleasure which was yet to come. He looked straight into her eyes, his expression hardened, as he pushed hard and deep inside her. Gripping her sides so hard he left bruises as he held her in place and he rode her hard. He pumped into her slowly, teasing her with his leisurely pace. Her head twisted in desire as she wanted to see him. He quickly grabbed her hair and pulled the golden strands tight, keeping her still as he thrust into her dripping g├╝venilir bahis siteleri core.

His head flung back in ecstasy he rode her as a stallion until with a cry his release came with one final thrust. He shuddered on top of her back her billowed skirts bunched at her waist creating a pillow for his aching muscles. He breathed heavily in her ear, “mmmm…have I tamed you little mare?”

She didn’t know what to say. She was frustrated without a release which had been so close. He chuckled low, “I see, are you troubled little mare” he began to caress her inner thighs, “do you need me to ease your pain…hmmm?” with his cock still burrowed deep inside her, he stroked her folds again only this time he didn’t stop. His pace quickened and drew out cries from her until his thumb pressed hard at her nub and she screamed out her release, her cries mingling with the blowing wind.

He leaned over her one last time and breathed into her ear “that’s it little mare…now you’re fully broken in”.

She felt a sudden whoosh of cold as he abruptly moved away from her, leaving her free of him, but also a sense of emptiness. She gathered herself and managed to push her skirts down with trembling fingers before she turned towards him.

But he had gone! Only the feeling of release and contentment gave any evidence he had ever been there?

She shook her head, what was going on? She looked around her for any sign of him. Nothing.

She turned back to where she has been digging frantically, the search now seemed irrelevant and unimportant to finding out who this man was. She picked up the necklace which had been hiding itself amongst the foliage and tucked it inside her pocket. Standing slowly, her legs felt wobbly from the exertion, she walked slowly back to the house.

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