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The Knight and the Acolyte Book 3, Chapter 4: Passion’s Cure

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The Knight and the Acolyte
Book Three: Barbaric Passion
Chapter Four: Passion’s Cure
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Thrak – Red Eye Tribal Lands, Larg Federation

The clear stars burned overhead. I stared up at them, my thoughts drifting. The summer solstice was upon the world. The time to hunt, gather, and war had come to the orc lands. I studied the stars’ patterns as they drifted across the night sky. Serisia’s spirit lay beside me, cold with her unlife.

She was a phantom and had a corporeal presence now. I had fed her my seed, anchoring her to the world with my life. Would she become a murderous spirit like the legends spoke of? Or would she guide me to my destiny? To my new woman that would heal my heart?

Her hand rested on my reddish-brown chest, idly playing with my coarse hairs. I waited beside her grave. I had abandoned my duty to my tribe to stay with her. My people’s destiny lay in the hands of my brother. He would lead them. I was dead inside. I couldn’t protect Serisia. How could I protect the rest of my tribe?

The wind shifted. The acrid tang of bird dung filled my nose. Ghost Wolves.

I sat up and reached for my double-headed greataxe. Each crescent blade gleamed in the starlight as I rose to a crouch, peering across the dark tundra. Grass moved, little more than dark silhouettes in the night sky.

“What?” Serisia asked.

“Ghost Wolves,” I growled.

She gasped. Her spirit didn’t remember much of the brutalization she had experienced before her death. She had been struck from behind, a single blow delivering darkness. When she gained consciousness, her rape had already begun. She was dazed and did not remember much.

I did not blame her for wanting to ignore the trauma.

My hands tightened on my ax as the figures crept closer. The Ghost Wolves had always been rivals to the Red-Eye Orcs. They bordered our lands to the north and always raided us, jealous of our wealth and prowess. They painted their faces white, the paint made from the droppings of seagulls.

It was the distinctive scent I smelled. Every Red Eye orc recognized it.

These were the orcs that brutalized my wife. I had killed thirty after finding her savaged corpse. I had let the berserker rage consume me. There were those of my kind who could become rage distilled to its most pure. I had learned much of the human theories on berserkers when I attended the University of Allenoth. The scholars called it a fugue state. When I berserked, my mind disassociated from my body and only my pure, primal emotions were allowed to control my body.

My rage.

I hated the bloodlust, and yet it called to me. My hand tightened on the leather wrapped handle of my ax. It begged to kill these orcs. The ones who had despoiled and murdered my wife were dead, but their kin remained.

And they crept towards the graveyard of my people. The cowards were here to despoil while my tribe moved to the summer pastures.

“Why do you skulk like dogs in the night?” I bellowed, rising atop the hill. I let the starry night sky illuminate my silhouette. I lifted my ax high. “Why do you cowards trespass on Red Eye lands?”

“Vengeance,” a rumbling voice growled. “The blood of our kin cries for your death, Thrak.”

I laughed. They wanted vengeance? “It was your cowardly kin that took her from me. Your kin deserved to be dismembered and slaughtered. You all deserve it.”

The rage spoke. I hated these words, but seeing the white-painted faces rise out of the grass around me sparked the darkness. I despised them all, glaring from one orc adorned by gray wolf pelts to another. I sneered at the crude weapons clutched in their hands. I had human-forged steel, while they carried pitted iron.

“She was a human,” one laughed. “Weak. An orc woman would have survived our kin’s embrace.”

“What a whore she was,” another growled. “I bet she left you and came panting after them, her cunt dewy with her slattern excitement.”

“The slut couldn’t handle a Ghost Wolves’ cock,” another laughed. “Ours are mighty. Not like your puny Red Eye cocks. Real orcs tear human cunts apart.”

The rage seized me. The world became red.

I sat in the calm center of my mind as my body moved on its own. Wordless rage burst from my mouth as I charged down the hill. An arrow buzzed past my head. Other bows were raised. The rage didn’t care.

I would feel no pain.

One grazed my shoulder. Blood dribbled. The rage howled.

And then the ax swung. Silver flashed. The first Ghost Wolf died, his head parted from his body in a fountain of life. The corpse thudded to the ground as my berserked body leaped at the next cowardly orc.

I hated it. Blood painted me. The rage savored every kill, every agonizing scream.

They were recorded in my mind. I wanted to stop the slaughter. There were a dozen Ghost Wolves. They tried to fight. They tried to be true orcs, but none had faced a berserker before. They did not know the savagery I was capable of inflicting.

I threw my ax, braining an orc, the weapon’s weight carrying his corpse to the ground. I pivoted and, with my bare hands, seized another. I raised his squirming, screaming body over my head and then slammed his back down on my knee. Bones cracked. I dropped the limp orc while the rage laughed.


My foot came down on the paralyzed orc’s head. His skull popped like an over-ripe melon.

The last few tried to flee. I retrieved my ax and ran them down, the rage giving me more speed than their fear. I loped off the first’s leg, leaving him squirming on the ground as I went for the second. He was young, just entering his orchood.

My rage savored his scream.

I strode back to the maimed orc clutching the bleeding stump of his leg. “Weak!”
I ended his life. He gurgled as he died. They were all dead, but the rage still held me. I needed to kill more. I had to keep fighting. Nothing could stop me. I raced back up to the hill, searching for more to hurt.

To the west, the Red Eye lands awaited. My brother was there. Bruk. He had called Serisia a whore. I could run through the night and—

“Thrak,” a woman’s voice turned.

My rage spun and sighted Serisia in all her pale beauty. She cupped her round breasts as she lay on the ground, her legs spread wide. Her fingers slid up to her pink nipples, pulling on the bone pierced through her nubs.

“Mmm, you were so wonderful, Thrak.”

My cock hardened. I was still in the fugue, but lust began replacing rage.

There was only three ways for a berserker to stop killing: death, exhaustion, or sex.

The lust threw down my ax into the grass. I ripped off my kilt, baring my thick cock, the end pierced by bone like a proper orc—pain was to be endured. I throbbed for her as she pinched her nipples and moaned, drawing me to her.


“Yes,” she groaned as I threw myself on her.

I wasn’t gentle—the lust didn’t allow for that—as I squeezed her cold breast. My wife shuddered, still able to feel pleasure as a phantom. She had always enjoyed rough sex. It was what had drawn us together in the university. She had been a rich man’s daughter then, studying while searching to find another rich, boring man to marry. And then she met me. She burned to experience an orc’s passion. When I had taken her the first time, I wasn’t gentle. I hadn’t learned to love her body.

I rutted with her. And she loved it.

“Thrak,” Serisia groaned as I slammed my thick cock into her tight pussy. She shuddered beneath me, so small compared to my hulking frame. She looked so fragile, but she never broke. “Oh, yes. Satiate your lust. Let go of your emotions. I love you.”

My hips hammered hard. My cock ached in the depths of her hot pussy. Her hard nipples and piercings rubbed into my lower chest while her lips kissed and sucked at my shoulders. Her fingernails clawed my back as her hips bucked to meet my thrusts.

“Mine!” growled my lust. “Cum!”

“Yes,” she shuddered, her hot pussy clenching down on my cock. The rest of her body was cool, but not her silky sheath. “Cum in me. Give it to me. Mmm, you know I love it. Come back and remember your love.”

With every stroke, the lust weakened and I began to return to my body. The barriers between my flesh and my rationale mind faded. My strokes grew more purposeful. I no longer rutted in Serisia’s body, I made love to my wife.

“Serisia,” I growled as she humped beneath me.

“Yes, Thrak,” she moaned in delight. Her body shudder. “Oh, yes. I love your cock. Hammer me. Make me cum.”

My heavy balls smacked into her flesh as I savored her tight grip. My fingers tore at the ground as she shuddered beneath me. My wife came, her body convulsing and her pussy milking my shaft. I thrust slow. Powerful strokes that buried into her depth and savored our union.

I savored her cumming pussy. The pleasure radiated to my balls, building the pleasure. I groaned as the rapture built. Her bucking slowed beneath me as her orgasm died. She moaned in delight as her hips moved again, matching my thrusts.

“Cum in me,” she groaned. “Love me, Thrak.”

“I do,” I growled. “My wife. No woman can replace you.”

“She won’t,” gasped Serisia. “But you’ll love her all the same. You’ll find happiness.”

“This is my happiness,” I growled. I thrust into her. My balls tensed. “Only here.”

My cum erupted. I growled atop her as my pleasure pulsed out of her body. Every blast sent shudders of ecstasy flooding through my body to my brain. My back arched as the pleasure reached its peak.

And then I collapsed on her.

“This happiness can’t last forever. I’m dead, Thrak.”

“Let me have this dream,” I whispered, savoring her beneath me. “Let me hold onto you as long as I can.”

“You will,” she whispered. “But she’ll be here soon. She’ll complete you.”

“How much longer?”

“I don’t know. Time is…different for me. It all blurs together. Soon.”

I rolled off my wife and stared up at the first sky of summer. How could any woman give me happiness? Serisia was my happiness. I didn’t want to give her up, even if she was only a spirit, a phantom feeding off my cum.

It was better than life without her.


Knight-Errant Angela – Allenoth, The Magery of Thosi

“I am going to enjoy the festival,” Sultangazi Escort Faoril said, stretching as she stood. “I’m glad you’re better, Angela.”

I nodded as I pushed aside the second bowl of savory stew the acolyte had brought me. I hadn’t eaten in two days because of the karabasan that had possessed me. I shuddered, remembering how horrible it had been to be trapped in my mind.

I was such a strong warrior, but how could I fight against something insubstantial. The spirit had slipped into my body through my dreams, tricking me and then claiming me. And what it forced me to do to Sophia threatened to make me weep.

“I hope they can restore Sophia,” I muttered to Xera.

The elf nodded. She sat across the table from me.

“They will,” Faoril said as she slipped out of her red robes. She left them on the table.

“Are you really going out there, Madam Mage?” the attending novice asked. She was young, her exposed right breast a little more than a puffy mound.

“Of course. It’s the Summer Solstice. So many men to enjoy.” Faoril smiled at the novice’s wrinkled nose.

“Enjoy,” I said. I almost wanted to join, but I needed to see Sophia. I turned to the novice. “How much longer until Sophia is restored?”

“Acolyte Sophia has already been restored,” the novice answered. “I believe she is in a guest room recovering.”

Hurt stabbed my heart. She didn’t come to see me. I couldn’t blame her. The karabasan spirit had formed a cock out of spiritual energy and forced my body to fuck her. It was such a violation for a woman that had sworn to never let a man touch her.

To always be a virgin.

Did she hate me? Did she fear me? I swallowed. That…made my heart ache. I wasn’t sure what I felt for Sophia, but there was affection for the girl. I did enjoy dominating her. I enjoyed her supportive presence.

Maybe I loved her.

I wasn’t sure. The last person I loved, I gave up, allowing the Lesbius Oracle to steal my memories of him in exchange for a prophecy to defeat the dragon Dominari. How much could I really love someone if I was willing to give up every bit of my love?

Maybe I couldn’t love. Maybe I just lusted. Sophia and Lady Delilah both made my heart race.

I hadn’t thought much of Lady Delilah. My hand went down to the garnet-studded amulet she had given me. I clenched my fingers around it. I treasured the amulet. I had a crush on the beautiful knight since I was a girl. She was the first to awaken my body to pleasure. I had masturbated for the first time to her.

I still fondly desired her. It was her encouragement that kept me from losing all hope when I was given the quest to slay the Dragon Dominari.

If she were here, she would know how I could help Sophia. She would be strong and bold. She would march into the room and show Sophia that I wasn’t the karabasan any longer, that I was the woman Sophia loved.

Her mistress.

“Novice,” I said. “Fetch me a dildo and a harness for it.”

“Yes, Lady Knight,” the novice nodded, a smile on her lips.

Xera gave me a questioning look.

“It’s time I talked to Sophia,” I answered.

The elf nodded with approval.


Acolyte Sophia

“That’s it,” I purred as the two novices suckled at my breasts.

The first thing I did after being restored to Saphique was make sure I had my magic. My milk filled my small breasts, and I ached to nurse someone. So I found a pair of novices—Gressi and Tholia—and dragged them to my guest bedroom.

“Oh, you are so delightful,” I purred, my hand sliding down to cup their round asses. They were both so cute. Their hands slid down my body, reaching for my pussy while their hot cunts humped against my thighs.

I shuddered as their fingers ran through my bare pussy. Their slim fingers caressed my folds while their cheeks hollowed, mouths sucking hard to drink down my milk. They loved it, noisily suckling and moaning in delight around my aching nipples.

“Mmm, I love Novices,” I groaned. They were both new, only eighteen, and oh, so cute.

My fingers dipped between the cracks of their asses. Gressi squealed on my left nipple as my finger penetrated her tight asshole. Tholia humped harder, her asshole clenching around my finger as she worked against my thigh.

“You like my finger in your ass, don’t you, sluts?”

“Yes, Acolyte Sophia,” gasped Gressi. Her red lips were stained with my milk. Her light-brown hair fell in waves around her porcelain face. “You are so amazing. On a Quest with a Knight, an Elf, and a Mage.”

“I know,” I said, trying to ignore the strange fear that flushed through me at the mention of knight. Flashes of Angela on top of me, fucking the spectral cock into my pussy shuddered through me. I seized Gressi and pulled her back to my nipple. “Keep suckling.”

Help me forget.

I worked my fingers deeper into their tight asses. Their hot cunts smeared faster on my thighs. They were so silky smooth, their pussies bare. Both had mastered the art of controlling whether they had pubic hair, a simple trick.

Their hard clits rubbed on me. Their fingers both penetrated my pussy as they moaned louder. They humped faster, their assholes clenching about my fingers. I loved their passion. I stroked their brown hair.

“That’s it,” I cooed. “Cum while sucking my tits. Let me feel your passion coat my thighs.”

Gressi humped faster. Her body shuddered. Her juices flooded my thigh. My nipple tingled in her mouth as she suckled hard and moaned. Her lip popped off as her body thrashed. She let out wordless gasps as her pleasure burned through her.

Tholia groaned. She slid her pussy along my thigh, her asshole so tight on my finger. Her own fingers shoved deep into my pussy. And then she joined Gressi in the delight of her orgasm. She bucked against my body, her hard nipples atop her puffy breasts pressed on my side.

“Mmm, that was wonderful,” I groaned. “Now it’s your turn to make me cum.”

The door banged open. “But I haven’t given you permission to cum.”

My heart leaped in my chest. Fear seized me as a naked Angela stood in the doorway, a white-marble cock, polished to a smooth sheen, thrust from the leather harness strapped about her waist. Her large tits bounced and her red hair swayed as she strolled into the room.

I looked away. “I’m not in the mood to be dominated tonight.”

“When is it your choice, slave?” Angela purred.

“Please.” A shiver ran through me. “I…I can’t…”

“That wasn’t me,” Angela said. “Your Mistress would never hurt you. She would only give you what you want. What you need.”

“I don’t need this.” Tears beaded my eyes.

“I think you do.” Angela was so strong. I didn’t want to be afraid of her. I loved her, and yet…

The spectral cock filled me, snapping my connection to Saphique.

“Just…go away.”

“Novices,” Angela snapped, her voice commanding, “bind her hands and feet to the bed.”

“Lady Knight?” one asked.

“I gave you an order, slut!”

The novices squeaked and jumped to their feet.

“Angela,” I groaned as they pulled off the linen sheets, twirling them into ropes. “Please, just go away. I can’t…do this.”

“You have to,” Angela said. “I’m your mistress. I’m not giving you up because you were attacked by a spirit. You are mine. Right?”

I bit my lip. A strange shudder ran through my body. “I…yes. I am yours. But…”

“And it wasn’t me. It was just at thing that used me. You know that. You know I would never harm you.” Angela paused. “I…love you, Sophia.”

Tears burned in my eyes. “What?”

“I think…I love you. You’ve wormed into my heart. You’ve joined Lady Delilah in there. I’ve been scared to admit it. I mean, I gave up…someone to the oracle.”

“Kevin,” I whispered.

Angela frowned. “Kevin? I loved him?” Then she shook her head. “No, that doesn’t matter. You matter.” Her hand clenched the amulet dangling between her tits. “You matter a lot to me. I won’t promise to only be yours. I have needs you just can’t give me. But that won’t change my feelings.”

“I…” I didn’t know what to say. I had yearned to hear Angela reciprocate my love for weeks. It had been forty-five days since we left Shesax on the quest, and I had fallen in love with her so swiftly.

But the fear held me. What if this was a trick?

Gressi tied the sheet to my right arm and pulled it to the bedpost, securing it. I didn’t fight Tholia as she did the same with my left. My eyes were fixed on the white cock. It wasn’t black and translucent like the karabasan’s had created.

But…it was still thrusting from Angela. My pussy clenched.


Gressi pulled my left leg out as she tied another sheet to my ankle. Tholia matched her. In moments I was spread-eagle and vulnerable before Angela. She could do anything to me. There was nothing I could do to stop her.

My body shuddered in fear.

“Do you trust your mistress?” Angela asked.

I forced my eyes to stare up at her blue eyes. They weren’t the same eyes as they were that night. They weren’t a hungry spirit wanting to ravish my body. They were the eyes of my lover. My mistress. The woman I trusted to bind me up and love me.

“I…do…” I swallowed. “I will submit to you, Mistress.”

It was…empowering. I didn’t have to be afraid of Angela. She wasn’t the one who attacked me. She loved me. She never would hurt me. I loved her. I took a deep breath, my small breasts rising before me as Angela strolled to the bed.

“You can leave, novices,” commanded Angela.

“Yes, Lady Knight,” they both answered. They grabbed their discarded robes, not bothering to put them on, before scampering out of the room.

I took a deep breath and forced myself to say, “Take me, Mistress. Fuck me with your cock.” It grew easier. I didn’t have to be afraid. “Pound my cunt and take your pleasure in my body.”

Angela smiled. She crawled onto the bed, her heavy breasts dangling down, her nipples hard. Her red hair caressed my stomach as she leaned over and suckled at my breast. My breast milk still flowed—I could control it—and I groaned as my Mistress nursed.

“Yes, drink my milk,” I groaned as I undulated, my hands pulling against my bonds. They weren’t tight enough. Those novices didn’t know anything about proper bondage.

Angela nipped Escort Sultangazi my nipple hard with her teeth between suckles. The pleasure shot down to my aching, wet pussy. I clenched and groaned, my body shuddering against my bonds. I loved the pain. I drank it in.

Her hand swept across my stomach and reached for my other breast. She squeezed my tit, letting her fingernails bite into my flesh. I shuddered and savored the ache. Her fingers slid up and found my nipples and pinched.

“Mistress,” I bucked as the pain shot through me. One nipple buzzed with pleasure as she suckled and the other screamed in pain as she pinched.

Angela lifted her lips. “Mmm, those are the sounds I want to hear from your lips, slut.” She pinched again, letting out a purring moan as I gasped. “Such sweet music.”

Angela’s tits dragged across my stomach as her lips moved to mine. Her nipples were hard, massaging my flesh as she claimed my lips. I moaned into her kiss, loving the creamy flavor of my breast milk. Her tongue shot into my mouth, dominating me as her fingernails pinched my nipple.

My pussy burned as I writhed beneath her.

Angela’s hand abandoned my breast, her fingernails lightly scraping as she slid down across my stomach. My pussy clenched as she reached lower. I moaned into her kiss, bucking as her fingernails caressed my bare pudenda right above my clit.

Her fingers pressed into my folds. She found my aching nub. Her fingernails pressed on it. She pinched.

I bucked beneath her. My orgasm threatened to devour me. But I hadn’t been given permission to cum. I held it in. I fought against the pleasure. I would not be weak. I would not break the command of my lover.

It was so hard. If her lips weren’t pressed on mine, I would beg her to let me cum.

Don’t cum.

Her fingers pinched harder. The rapturous pain flooded my body.

I couldn’t cum. I couldn’t be weak.

Her fingers twisted, abusing my poor clit. My pussy clenched. My hips bucked. The pleasure called to me. Sang to me. My body begged me to surrender to the sweet release of my orgasm. It was so hard to fight, to resist.

But I was a servant of Saphique. My body had been trained. I could make myself cum without even touching my pussy.

And I could keep myself from cumming no matter how great the stimuli.

Angela broke the kiss, a grin on her face. “Good,” she purred. “Do you want to cum?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I gasped, undulating beneath her torturous bliss. “May I please cum, Mistress?”

Angela pursed her lips, her blue eyes flashing. She teased me, delaying her answer while her fingers continued to pinch and twist my clit. My toes curled. My body bucked. The knot on my right ankle came free.

I kept my legs spread anyways.

“I don’t think so, slut. You do not have my permission to cum.” Angela licked her lush lips. “Yet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I gasped. “Use my body until I please you.”

“You hope to earn your orgasm, slut?”

“Yes, Mistress. I want to please you. I want to make you so happy that you will reward me.”
Her fingers left my clit. I groaned, the urge to cum fading while Mistress moved between my thighs, her hand on her marble dildo. She stroked it like it were real, pressing the base into her clit and sending small flutters of pleasure through her.

I was trained to observe and know when a woman experience any pleasure. I could read Angela’s body. I could predict the precise moment she would cum. I knew how to manipulate her body and give her whatever pleasure I wanted.

But she wanted to fuck me. To please her, I only had to lie here and let her pound me.

“Fuck my slutty pussy, Mistress,” I purred. “Shove your dildo into me and make me yours again. Wash away that terrible memory.”

Angela ran her hands up my inner thighs to my wet pussy. I shuddered and my toes curled. Her touch was so sweet now. She leaned over me, her breasts dangling above as she moved into position. Her right hand guided her dildo to my wet pussy as she settled her weight on me, her pillowy tits pressing against my small breasts.

Her dildo sank into my pussy.

“Yes,” I gasped as the slick, marble shaft spread my pussy apart. It was cold and shocking my pussy. I savored the sensation as my flesh gripped it and warmed up the shaft. “Thank you for fucking my cunt, Mistress.”

“You’re welcome, slut,” Angela purred, her hips undulating, drawing the dildo out and slamming it back in.

I stared into her eyes as she fucked me. They were such deep thrusts. My pussy drank in the pleasure of her slow, strong strokes. Her nipples rubbed into mine as she moved on me. My free, right leg wrapped around her hip, gripping her as she made love to me.

“Those novices don’t know how to tie knots,” she grinned.

“Nope. You should spank them, Mistress,” I giggled.

“Maybe I should. After I’ve used my little slut for my pleasure.”

A wicked shudder ran through me. Her cock was wonderful in me. I didn’t have to fear her. I didn’t have to be afraid that I would lose my connection to my Goddess. Angela’s dildo was in me, loving me, and I was still pure.

Angela’s strokes grew harder as her pleasure increased. Small shudders ran through her body when she slammed into me, the base of the dildo pressing on her clit. But she also got off on fucking me, dominating me.

It was a powerful emotion.

My hands pulled at my bonds as the pleasure built inside of me. As her strokes grew faster, her dildo sent more and more flutters of delight through me. I groaned, fighting off my orgasm. The bed rocked as her strokes grew more powerful.

My clit ached every time she buried into me. Our flesh slapped together, making that wonderful sound. I groaned and shuddered beneath her. I bucked into her hard strokes. My body drank in the pleasure, my war against my orgasm growing harder.

“That’s it, slut,” hissed Angela as her own pleasure swelled. “Take my cock like a good whore.”

“Your whore, Mistress,” I purred.

Her pleasure built at my words. She loved to hear them. Her body trembled as her orgasm swelled faster and faster. Her strokes grew more urgent. Her breathing heavier. I undulated beneath her, gasping in delight.

The air filled with our shared musk. I knew her pussy juices leaked out of her and trickled down her dildo, mixing with mine. The thought almost made me lose control. I grit my teeth as I fought against the pressure to cum.

“Oh, you are so close,” groaned Angela. “You want to cum so badly.”

“I do, Mistress. I love it when you fuck your slut. Please, may I cum?”

“Not yet,” she groaned and shuddered. “I’m not there yet.”

“Then please cum, Mistress,” I moaned, my words the trigger for her pleasure. “Cum from fucking my naughty, slutty pussy.”

“Sophia,” Angela gasped as her orgasm spasmed through her. “Oh, yes. You’re my slut.”

“I am,” I panted as she slammed the dildo deep into me.

“You may cum, slut,” she gasped, her back arching, pressing her pillowy tits against me.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I groaned as I surrendered to the bliss building inside of me.

We gasped and moaned together. Our lips met in a wonderful kiss. I loved my mistress. And she loved me. I didn’t have to be afraid of her. I could let myself surrender to her passion all the time. It was wonderful.

She collapsed on me. We still kissed, but they were gentle. I savored her weight on me. She was strong and soft all at the same time. Her lips nibbled on mine and then she finally rolled off of me. She slipped off her harness and cuddled up to me.

“Good night,” she whispered, resting her head on my small breasts.

I smiled and closed my eyes, three of my limbs still bound, and drifted off into the first easy sleep I had in days.


Journeyman Mage Faoril

“You cannot enter the holy temple of Saphique dripping in cum,” the novice guarding the door gasped, her eyes wide in shock and disgust.

I glanced down at my body. I had gotten myself carried away enjoying the Solstice Festival. I had fucked so many men last night while I caroused before I passed out in a strange bed. When I woke up at the dawn, I staggered back to the temple where I left all my belongings.

“But my companions and I are staying here,” I protested.

The novice shook her head. “You are covered in the filthy stuff. It’s even in your hair.”

I groaned and touched my short, light-brown hair. Dried cum matted my tresses. I reeked of it. My pussy still tingled with the delight of last night. “But I need a bath to clean myself before I leave.”

“I suggest an inn,” the novice said.

“But…” My money was in my robes. I sighed. I needed to think. “Could you send a message to either Xerathalasia, Knight-Errant Angela, or Acolyte Sophia that their companion, Faoril, is outside and in need of her robes.”

“I…can.” She said. “But you must not step one foot on our marble steps.”

I nodded and shifted my hips. Cum leaked down my thighs. I really needed a bath. Last night had been fun, but it had also been excessive. The temple square was practically empty of anyone conscious, though many did slumber around the fountains.

I frowned. Maybe I could wash off in it. I did enjoy being fucked over and over, but I was so messy. I needed to be cleaned.

I crossed the square to a fountain of the Goddess Rithi straddling and riding the God of War, Gewin. In legends, the Goddess of Art had discovered that Gewin had the most perfect cock. She seduced the warrior god so she could sculpt an anatomically correct statue of Gewin. Their union had birthed the Phoenix, the strange demigoddess that was born over and over, the twin sister and lover of mighty heroes.

I could use a rebirth.

Xera found me in the fountain washing the last of the cum off my body. She held my robes over one arm, an amused look on her face and her pointed ears twitching. “Did you enjoy the festival?”

“I did,” I answered, taking the robes as I climbed out. “Very invigorating. I could perform such feats of magic right now.”

It was a pity the energy would fade out of me by nightfall.

“Shall we break our fast and continue on.”

“No time,” Angela said, marching across the square in her armor. The Knight once again looked robust and beautiful, her stamina fully recovered from her possession. Sultangazi Escort Bayan “Here.”

I was tossed a piroshki—a steaming bun stuffed with cabbage, cheese, and egg. I bit in hungrily, savoring the warm delight as Sophia slipped up in her traveling robes, looking happy as she paused by the knight.

“Another day riding a horse,” I groaned. It grew easier, but I do not think I would ever learn to love it.

“Yep,” Sophia nodded. “Another beautiful day.”

Angela smiled and I groaned as a trio of novices led out our horses from around the back of the temple. Angela went to her large, black charger Midnight, stroking his nose before she mounted him with ease. Sophia gracefully mounted Purity.

I sighed and hauled myself onto Buttercup’s back. My legs were already sore and we hadn’t even left Allenoth. Xera walked beside us as we rode through the recovering city. Naked men and women were everywhere, sleeping off their drunken celebrations while their more sober neighbors began cleaning up.

We passed the University of Allenoth on the north side of the city. The university was second only to the Collegiate Tower in Esh-Esh for scholarship, though never say that near an Allenoth student—they would fight even a mage. The campus was built upon the shores of the River Morg that boarded the northern edge of Allenoth.

We crossed the river and set out north on the highway to Norv. I pulled out Fireeyes’s disgusting book and sank into his research into life and death. What had caused the strange spiritual turbulence that only ended a few days ago?

I hoped the answers were in here.


King Edward IV – Shesax, The Kingdom of Secare

My wife, Lavinia, spooned her bowl of porridge seasoned with blueberries into her mouth, her free hand rubbing at her swollen belly beneath her dressing gown as she broke her fast. I sat nearby, a report on the state of the royal coffers spread out before me.

I regretted giving High Virgin Vivian and her temple seven more years of relief from their taxes. The Temples of Saphique owned valuable estates. The Summer Solstice celebration yesterday required such a large expenditure of of coin for the various balls and feasts custom dictated I throw. Entertainers, servants, food, housing, and more all had to be paid for.

I tried to study the reports, they were important, but my eyes flicked to the bowl.

Fireeyes left it. Every few minutes, my eyes would flick to it, seeing if the water shade turned red, announcing Angela’s death. My son’s birth loomed ever closer. The court physician predicted he would be born in the fortnight.

My son would follow me as ruler of Secare. Angela would never succeed at restoring her ancestor’s High Kingdom.

The curtains at the windows rustled. Lavinia smiled and turned. “Lady Delilah.”

The beautiful knight strode in, her hair glowing like fire, lit from behind by the rising sun. Her eyes were hard as she strolled across the room, her armor clinking. I swallowed as her gaze locked on me.

I refused to show my fear. I was the king here.

“Would you care to explain why you hired a warlock to kill Angela?” Lady Delilah demanded. “What happened to our plan of letting the dragon Dominari kill her? She would die like every other knight for the last two hundred years that dared tried to slay the beast.”

I fixed her gaze. How did she even know about Fireeyes? How did she come and go from my balcony? What strange magics did the knight possess? She should have none. Knights were a martial order, eschewing the divine magics of paladins and priests or the arcane arts of the mages of Thosi.

“She received a prophecy from the Lesbius Oracle,” I answered. “She seeks to restore the High King’s sword so she can kill the dragon.”

“So?” Lady Delilah asked. “She now knows she is being hunted. Fireeyes is dead. He has bungled everything.”

My stomach turned. “I had to hire him. The Oracle told Angela she would be successful if she gained the sword.”

“What were the words exactly?” Lady Delilah asked.

“I do not know. We did not write them down. But the end, I remember that clearly. ‘Wield the Hero’s Blade, Daughter of Lilies. In the Dragon’s lair, truth shall slay betrayal’s lies.” I squirmed. “We betrayed her. And she’ll be victorious when she kills the dragon. She’ll know we set her up. She’ll come for us.”

Lady Delilah nodded her head. “I see why you reacted the way you did. From now on, consult with me.”

“We must send other assassins,” gasped my queen. “If Fireeyes failed, we must keep trying.”

Lady Delilah paused. “Let me send out inquiries. I will find the perfect assassin.”


Xerathalasia – Norv, The Magery of Thosi

With Fireeyes dead, our journey from Allenoth to the lands of the Larg Federation, the dangerous orc tribes that prowl the northern tundras, passed without incident. We were not attacked by monsters, no strange spells tried set fire to our inns, and no strange spirits sought to possess us.

The weather was fair and the days growing warmer as we walked. Faoril spent her time buried in Fireeyes foul journal as she rode on her horse, hardly paying attention to the passing sights.

At the end of our third day from Allenoth, we reached the border city of Norv. In the morning, we crossed the Tingul. The mighty river’s headwaters flowed out of the Rehyn Mountains north of my home forests. The river coursed far to the south and emptied into the Nimborgoth.

“When it empties into the sea,” Faoril said as we crossed the bridge, “it is so wide you cannot see the other side.”

I did not know a river could grow so wide.

Across the river we entered the Princedom of Nevtoth, one of the states that made up the Princedoms of Zeutch, a federation of princedoms titularly ruled by their elected council, but many of the princedoms guided themselves. The Zeutchians were fair-skinned, like the Thosi, but many had hair the color of straw or even lighter. The humans called the shade blonde. Their women were buxom and often wore low-cut dresses so others could admire their prodigious mounds.

I enjoyed a pair of Zeutchian maids when we reached the princedom’s capital of Lythen at the end of our day. The princedom was so small, we had crossed half of it in a single day. The next morning, we headed north. Soldiers became more common, marching on the roads on columns that jingled with iron. Fortified towers dotted the hills with even stronger castles situated between every fourth one.

“The border forts,” Faoril said, “ to guard against orc raids. In lean years, they raid the Princedoms for food and supplies.”

That night, we camped at a border fort. The Zeutchian soldiers were honored to host a Knight on a quest. Though the commander, a man with a chiseled face and flowing, golden locks, thought our quest was ill-advised. “I understand, Lady Knight, that you are a skilled fighter, but the orcs are brutal. You will never make it to Murathi.”

“We will make it,” Sophia said. “Prophecy is on our side.”

The look of awe in the soldiers faces made me uncomfortable. With those words, Sophia had transformed Angela from something respectful and strong to something almost worshipful. The soldiers stared at her the way a man might stare at the statue of a god.

I climbed up onto the battlements to escape the men’s gazes and peered out at the vast, rolling plains of the northern tundra. Trees were sparse. In winter, these lands would be strangled by the snow and ice.

I stared at a lone, scraggly pine struggling to live on a hill. There was little vegetation beyond grass, but the lands were untamed. Wild. The orcs, at least, didn’t mold the world to suite them. They existed with it.


Fireeyes – Allenoth-Norv Highway, Magery of Thosi

I studied the image in the amulet. Angela spent the night in a Zeutchian border fort. Tomorrow ,she would enter the dangerous lands of the orc. I hated the idea that one of the orcs would kill her before I had a chance to deliver my vengeance upon her.

And on the elf.

Even though I had a new body, I remembered the pain of the arrows piercing my flesh. The elf-bitch had killed me. I would make her howl for so long. For so long. I clenched my fist. My new body was so strong.

That provided such interesting opportunities for study.

“How shall you try to kill Angela, Master?” the simulacrum asked as I peered into the fire.

“I do not know,” I admitted. “The orc lands are full of many dangers and beasts. I’m sure I’ll find something for her.”

But I couldn’t attack too soon. Angela and her companions thought I was dead. I had regained the element of surprise.


Journeyman Mage Faoril – Red Eye Tribal Lands, Larg Federation

Our first day through the tundra went by without seeing any orcs. I was tense, unable to read my book as we rode through the dark-green grass. Herds of caribou and elk wandered the plain, eating the spring growths, building up their reserves for the long, lean winter. Sophia rode close to Angela, clutching at her robe while the knight kept her gaze moving. Xera was in the lead, her bow strung for the first time. Being strung for too long weakened the waxed string, but the elf had chosen prudence.

The day was warm as the sun climbed. Flies buzzed through the air. I forced my own eyes to keep moving, though I doubted I would spot anything the elf missed. I wanted to read Fireeyes’s journal. I was close to something important.

He was researching ways to survive death. That concerned me.

“We are being watched,” Xera said suddenly.

“Where?” Angela asked.

“The hill ahead. A lone orc stands upon it.” Xera hesitated. “I smell death on the wind. Blood. Not fresh, but days old. There are corpses around the hill. Not animals. Orcs.”

I stared at the hill. Something thrust from the top. It could be a person or a rock. Knowing Xera, it was an orc like she claimed.

Angela swallowed and drew her sword. “Let’s proceed with caution. Is he doing anything else but watch us.”

Xera shook her head. “It’s almost like he is waiting for us. His arms are crossed about his swarthy chest. He is a large, imposing male. Bone piercings adorn his face. His arms are scarred. The orc has known many battles.”

I reached into my robe and pulled out a vial of preserved human cum. “Let’s go. If he proves troublesome, I can wrap him up in air.”

“Be ready for anything,” Angela nodded and heeled her charger forward.

We followed the knight.

To be continued…

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