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The Janitor Pt. 04: Virgin Cheer Girl

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The Janitor pt. 4 The Virgin Cheerleader

Disclaimers: Everyone having sex is over eighteen. No COVID, STD’s, men from Mars or other Sci-Fi stuff occurs.

Mike was in a good mood. He was ahead of time on all his tasks for the evening. In fact, he was going to take a study break and eat his lunch. He had three classrooms to do on first floor then the locker rooms. He couldn’t do those until the baseball team got back from their away game. It was the last game of the year and the cheerleaders had gotten permission to ride the team bus. Normally there were two busses and the girls always got back first so he usually did theirs first.

Mike had just finished his next to last classroom and came out into the hall. It was next to the boy’s locker room, he could hear them yelling and slamming locker doors. Mike smiled to himself, they must have won. This is perfect, by the time I finish this last room they will all be gone.

As he predicted it was quiet as he went into the boy’s locker room. As usual after a win the place was a mess. He soon had it in shape, his last task was pushing the soiled towel carts into the back hall. He used the other back door to enter the girl’s locker room. He yelled janitor as soon as he opened the door and got no response, which he expected. The first thing inside this entrance was the shower room so he tackled it first. The two offices and equipment room were next. The last thing was the locker area itself. He found the lights were off, half stumbling he made his way across the room finally finding the panel he snapped them on.

He turned and then gasped and jumped back. A cheerleader, still in her uniform, had been quietly sitting in the dark.

“Jesus H. Christ, what are you doing here? Didn’t you hear me call out?” he asked her.

“I-I heard you, I’ve been waiting for you,” she answered.

“Waiting for me? What the hell for? On second thought, I don’t want to know, I think you better leave now,” he told the girl.

“Please, hear me out, ok? Then if you don’t want to help, I’ll leave,” she said.

“I’m not sure how you think I can help you. Why were you sitting in the dark?” he wanted to know.

“I was sitting here thinking and it seemed less, I don’t know, hard, difficult, hopeless in the dark,” she explained.

“Look miss, I’m not a teacher or a counselor or anything, I’m the janitor, you probably need to find someone else to talk to. What about your parents, or a friend?”

“If you’re the janitor then I think you are the one to help me. I can’t go to my folks and my friends would laugh at me,”

“Ok, I have a feeling I’m going to regret this but, what can I help you with?” he asked warily.

“This may not sound like a problem to you, but the thing is, I’m a virgin.”

“Is the problem that you are and want to stay that way or that you are and don’t want to stay that way?” he asked.

“Both I guess.”

Mike laughed out loud, “You can’t have it both ways kid.”

She blushed and lowered her head, “I know that, I’m not stupid you know.”

“I am a little confused. Why would you want to talk to me about this?”

“I don’t want to be a virgin anymore. But I don’t want to give it up to some highschooler who would brag to all his friends about the cheerleader slut he banged. I’ve heard them, that’s how they talk you know.”

“Yes, unfortunately most of them do brag and exaggerate about girls,” Mike said softly.

“So, you understand what I want from you, right?”

“No, no not really. Why don’t you spell it out for me,” Mike told her.

“Three weeks ago, I overheard two girls on the volleyball team talking to each other about how much fun they were having after practice with a guy named Mike. I thought they were lesbians, so this surprised me. Then they left by the back door, which was odd, so I followed them. They went into the laundry, after a couple of minutes I went in also. They were lying on the floor on a pile of towels in the back by the dryers locked in a 69. I watched for a minute then quietly left. I went back into the locker room thinking I should just leave when I heard a noise in the hall. I peeked out and saw you heading into the laundry. I snuck in behind you and watched the girls suck your thingy. You shot your stuff on their faces and they seemed happy about it.

“I got out of there and went home. It excited me a lot and I had to rub myself when I got home. I thought about it since then. You three just looked so natural together.

“My boyfriend has been bugging me to have sex with him. I know he’s not ‘the one’ and I don’t really want to do it with him. We have had a few arguments about it lately. It came to a head tonight. Last game of the season the coach let us ride the team bus. It started getting hot and heavy in the back of the bus. I was in the back making out with Stan when I looked across the aisle at my friend Misty, her skirt was off, her panties were pulled to the side and her boyfriend Dale had his penis inside her.

“Stan said we should do the same thing. There was no way Maltepe Escort I was going to lose my virginity in the back of a bus with people all around. I told him not only no, but hell no. He got mad and shouted for everyone to hear that I was the only virgin cheerleader in the history of the school.

“I slapped his face and moved to the front of the bus. He didn’t even try to come up and talk to me. So, we are so done, not that I care,” she finally finished.

“Wow, that was a lot without taking a breath. You still have not explained what you want from me,” he said.

“I guess I have not been direct enough. I want you to take my virginity,” she said bluntly.

“Ok, but why me specifically?”

“Several reasons, I suppose. One, if you can get two lesbians to suck you and let you come in their mouth and on their faces you must be special. Two, I blackmailed them into telling me that you had also deflowered them both. Three, they are sure you haven’t said a word to anyone. Four, they can’t wait to have sex with you again,” she said, ticking her points off on her fingers.

“You seem to be a nice girl, you don’t need me. There are a lot of nice young respectful guys out there to choose from.,” he said reasonably.

“What with homework, cheering, studying for SAT’s I don’t have time to find one on my own. What if I make a mistake and they act just like all the other boys?” she asked.

“There is also a point number five. I think there is something wrong with me, when I watch porn, it turns me on when the woman is handled roughly,” she said sheepishly.

“How do you mean roughly? Like being spanked, held down or tied up?”

The girl looked at him and nodded.

“How about the spanking part?” he asked.

“No, like the being restrained part, so I can’t stop what is going to happen.”

“You want to be the helpless victim?” Mike asked. “Anything else that gets you going?”

“Stacy said you pinched her nipples and even bit them, when she said that, I nearly had an orgasm,” she confessed.

“So you do like a little pain,” he said.

“No, not really, well maybe a little but only my breasts and nipples. I have incredibly sensitive nipples,” she explained, “I can come just from playing with my nipples. In fact, when I masturbate, I can’t come unless I play with my breasts too. I have to put gauze and large band-aids over my nipples when I cheer, otherwise I get so excited I orgasm right there on the field from my uniform rubbing them,” she said.

“So, you want me to tie you up, play with your tits, make you come numerous times then fuck you, right?” he asked teasingly.

“Wow, yeah that just about covers it,” she said in a whisper.

“Vaginal, anal or both?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

She sat and stared at him with a stunned look on her pretty face.

“I-I never considered anal, I’ve never thought about it. I’ve never even watched anal porn. I would have to get back to you on that,” she said thoughtfully.

“It’s your fantasy, you get to decide what happens,” Mike assured her. “I have a few questions, the most important being, how old are you and can you prove it. Number two, if I am going to do all these unspeakable things to a cute cheerleader, what’s your name?”

“Oh gosh I’m sorry. I’m Sabrina,” she said holding out her hand. “I know, real cheerleader name, right?

Mike took her hand, smiling he told her, “That is exactly the name I would have chosen if this was my cheerleader dream.”

Sabrina smiled back, “I was eighteen last September, my license is in my car, so you’ll have to trust me until later.”

Mike nodded, she seemed to be telling the truth, then he asked, “So where and when did you see this great event taking place?”

“Huh, I never really thought about where, I just thought you would be so excited to fuck a cheer girl you would do it right here, like right now.”

“I don’t believe it, you have this great scenario about being used while being tied up and you don’t know where you want it to happen?” he scoffed. “Come on now.”

Sheepishly she looked down at the floor, “Well, in my head I kind of wanted it to take place in the, oh god I’m embarrassed now, I wanted it to be in the principal’s office.”

“You wanted Mrs. Williams to do you?” he asked astonished.

“No, no of course not. In my fantasy it’s a male principal, I don’t know who it is, I’ve never seen him before.”

“Why are you in his office, did you do something wrong?” Mike asked.

“No, just the opposite, he called me in to discuss the good work I’ve been doing on yearbook. I’m a nerd girl, not a cheer girl,”

“Glasses, pigtails and an armload of books?” he asked grinning.

“Yes, perfect, you nailed it. We of course don’t wear uniforms at this school but I’m wearing one then,” she said excitedly.

“Are you Catholic by chance?”

“Yup, I even went to a Catholic school until we moved here four years ago. No Catholic high school in this town so here I am.”

“Taking advantage of a barely eighteen high Cevizli Escort schooler in uniform has been a kink of mine for as long as I can remember. Never got to do it until maybe now.”

“Why the maybe? After I gave up my innermost secrets you say maybe?” her voice rising as she spit out the words.

Mike held up his hands as if he were afraid she might physically attack him.

“Calm down Sabrina, I’m not saying it isn’t going to happen, but it’s not going to happen tonight.”

Still angry she asked, “Why the hell not?”

“Because we need time to prepare, I need to buy a few things. So, a few questions, when you say tied up do you mean, like handcuffs and duct tape? Or maybe a more, I don’t know, formal, intimate, traditional type of restraint?”

“I don’t want it to seem like I am being kidnapped and raped, that would scare me, put me off,” she said quickly. “What did you mean by formal? How can restraining someone be formal?”

“The Japanese have a very stylized way of applying ropes, it is called Shibari, sometimes Kinbaku. The ropes are made of hemp, they are thirty feet long and you double them up and tie very precisely formed and placed knots,” Mike explained.

“That sounds very interesting,” she said. “Where did you learn about that stuff?”

“I had a Japanese friend in college, she liked being tied. She was teaching me technique and knots. She flunked out and went back to Chicago. I never really got much out of it except it was a new experience.”

“So why do you want to do that to me if you don’t like it?” she wondered.

Mike laughed, “That’s easy, for her it was exciting, she got off on it. She never let me touch her except to tie the rope. With you I will definitely get to touch you.”

“I can see where that would make a difference,” she giggled. “So, what do I need to do to prepare for this?”

“You need to find a school uniform,” he told her. “Like I said, I need to get stuff too.”

“I still have my old school uniforms, they will probably still fit me but be tight in all the right places.”

“You’re killing me here,” Mike moaned.

“That sounds nice, but we really could do it here and now.”

“You can only give it up one time, sweetheart. I want it to be as perfect as I can make it for you,” he gently told her.

“Thank you, I am grateful even if I sounded like Attila the Hun just now. Ok, so now we need a day and time. We don’t have practice on Wednesdays. We don’t have a game next Wednesday so if you are free, that would be amazing. I can tell my parents I’m going to a friend’s house to study so no problem there. Anything else?”

“No, I guess not. Come to the admin door at 6pm, the place will be empty by then. Ah yes, one more thing. I have always found that a kiss can tell a person a great deal about how the other person will respond to other activities.”

Smiling Sabrina said, “I don’t usually use bad language but are you trying to say that kissing is an indication of whether your future partner will be a good fuck?”

Laughing he said, “That is exactly what I was saying, smartass.”

She stood and held her arms open. Instead of standing he pulled her over and sat her down on his lap.

“Holy cow, how much do you weigh?”

“What, am I too heavy for you?” she asked, a little puzzled.

“No, you don’t hardly weigh anything. How tall are you?” he asked.

“I don’t know why it matters but I am five foot nothing and weigh 98 pounds,” she said primly, “any other statistics you need?”

“No, no those are the pertinent ones, I am kind of wondering if I will break you, or if it will fit inside you,” he said truthfully.

“I am tougher than you think, I have broken eight bones learning cheers and in gymnastics. As for the other I have a few toys I use, a couple of them are fairly large. I don’t foresee any problems there.”

“Well, if you say so,” he said, “now pucker those lips.”

Neither were tentative from the beginning. After a long two minutes they came up for air, both were panting.

“Holy shit,” Sabrina exclaimed, “you sure you don’t want to do it right here, right now?”

“You nearly have me convinced, let’s try this one more time,” he gasped out.

They locked lips together again, after another minute Mike reached up and ran his hand over her breast until he found her nipple poking up. He pinched and rolled it between thumb and forefinger. It had an immediate and volatile reaction, Sabrina came right off his lap winding up on her butt on the floor with her legs spread open, Mike saw her yellow uniform shorts turn dark with fluids instantly.

Mike tried to help her to her feet, but she waved his arm off.

“Not now, rest, later, cum, more cum, yes, good,” she babbled.

Mike laughed which caused Brittany to giggle. Soon Mike was on the floor next to her. They were holding each other giggling and trying to kiss at the same time. They finally stopped kissing and helped each other up.

“Well, I think we have a very interesting Wednesday evening ahead Atalar Escort of us my lovely, I’m just sorry today’s only Friday.”

“That’s for sure, I think I have a few interesting evenings alone in bed before then,” she candidly told him.

The next morning Mike took the city bus out to his storage unit. He picked the correct box he wanted first try. In it were eight hemp ropes. He slowly ran his hands over each of them to see if they were as soft and supple as he remembered. Their condition was perfect. He retrieved the knot book that Riko had given him along with a large ball of cotton butcher’s string. He put his goodies in his knapsack and locked up.

That night he practiced his knots on his full-length body pillow. The knots and placement came back quickly. He had to work, as he always did, on slowing down and getting the timing correct.

After two hours he was satisfied. He tumbled into bed, falling asleep within a minute. His dreams were pleasant, mostly involving a cute girl that kept trying to get away. Every time he dragged her back with the rope around her middle.

Brittany’s dreams were pleasant also but highly erotic. She was tied up lying on her side on a table. A stranger kept asking her if she wanted to fuck. When she said no, he approached either her open vagina or open mouth and used them as hard as he could. It felt wonderful but he would always stop before she reached orgasm. After a great number of penetrations, he finally went too far and shot his stuff all over her breasts. After that she fell into a deep sleep.

Wednesday finally arrived. Brittany was so excited she hardly knew where she was. She went through the school day in a daze. After school she went to the mall, she had to do something to kill time until 6pm. She sat in the food court thinking about how horny she had been since Friday night. She had found some rope bondage videos online that turned her on tremendously. She had masturbated twelve times watching them. She was also curious about anal sex since Mike had mentioned it. After watching a few she used some hand lotion to get a finger up her butt, it felt funny but she kind of liked the feeling.

Mike had been busy since then also. On Saturday his stressed-out teacher called and asked if he could come over and destress her. He spent the night and ended up destressing Lynette four times before he left her curled up with a smile on her face and a very red bottom.

On Monday after school Stacy tracked him down on her way to practice. She and Marta were breaking in a new girl that night after practice and needed his help. The newbie had never been with a girl before so they thought if he was there to play with her, they could ease her into trying girl stuff. It had all worked as planned, Mike got to have sex with another delightful barely eighteen year old girl, he had all three girls take his load to their faces and he got to watch a three-way girl romp.

On Wednesday Mike barely got to work on time. He shoved his overloaded backpack into his work locker as he talked with the day janitor about what was on his list for tonight. It was a fairly short list and all of it could be rushed through to give him enough time for Brittany.

At 6pm he stuck his head around the corner and saw her outside the admin doors. With a smile he went down the hall and let her in.

“So,” she said anxiously, “you ready for this?”

“I thought today would never get here,” he said.

“Everyone is gone, I need to get my stuff from my office. I will be back in a sec, wait by the principal’s office,” he told her.

When he came back down, he led them into the secretary’s office and told her to change into her uniform then knock on the door when she was ready. She nodded and gave him a nervous little smile. Mike went into the office and quickly stripped then put on the clothes he had brought.

He was sitting behind the desk in a business suit when the knock came.

“Come in,” he called, “Ah Miss Carter, hello, have a seat.” He tried not to stare at her. She was wearing a red plaid skirt, white blouse, plaid tie and black Mary Janes with white anklets. The blouse was a little tight stretching over what looked like C or even D cup breasts.

“Hello Principal West, thank you,” she replied. If she was startled by his clothes, she didn’t show it.

“So, the reason I called you in here was to compliment you on your excellent work on yearbook. You seem to have found two or three reporters that can write a coherent paragraph. The photographer is first rate, looking at Rick Iverson, you wouldn’t think it.”

Sabrina sat slowly rolling her neck as if it hurt.

“Are you all right Miss Carter?”

“I hurt my back and neck carrying a typewriter down from the library to the yearbook office.”

“I hope it’s nothing serious,” he said frowning.

“Oh no, I think a little massage would cure me.”

“I know I am not supposed to touch a student, but I am also a licensed masseuse, the product of a misspent summer in college.”

“Well, if you are a professional, I think it would be ok, sort of like going to the doctor.”

Mike came around the desk and went behind Sabrina, “I will start with your neck and shoulders. If anything causes you pain or you get uncomfortable in any way please tell me, ok?”

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